How to download Squad Mortar Calc (Unofficial) APK at

Quickly and accurately calculate azimuth and elevation settings for your mortar emplacements for any given target in range.

-Easy to quickly input grid coordinates - no need to pull up a keyboard
-Accurate down to the sub-sub-sub-keypad
-Set new targets quickly - no need to re-enter mortar coordinates
-Works for any sized map - Just scroll to see more grid letters and numbers
-Fast and efficient - No fluff, just open the app and enter coordinates

Mitchell Hodzen is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed or sponsored by Offworld Industries.

How to download Tank volume APK at

В данной версии доступен расчет объема жидкости в следующих емкостях:
-круглая цистерна;
-овальная цистерна;
-прямоугольная цистерна (бак);
-круглая бочка.
Для всех цистерн есть режим расчета в наклоном положении (до 60 градусов),
где, кроме размеров емкости и уровня жидкости, требуется указать угол наклона
и расстояние от начала цистерны до точки замера.
Входные величины можно указать в выбранном формате:
- сантиметры;
- метры;
- дюймы;
- футы.
Расчётные данные выводятся в литрах, или в одном из указанных величин:
- метры куб.;
- баррель (нефть);
- галлон (США);
- галлон (Великобритания);
- галлон (Аргентина).
Кроме расчётных данных, на экран выводится картинка, показывающая исходную емкость и уровень жидкости в ней в соответствующем масштабе.

How to download PoerSmart APK at

The Poersmart app allows you to remotely monitor and manage your heating and security system from anywhere by using your mobile phone. Work with Poer room thermostat, Poer self-powered radiator controller, Poer Gas detector and Poer gateway.

With the Poersmart app you can:

1.Remotely control your devices from any place you are: check and change heating system setting like temperature, schedule, working mode etc.

2.Totally control your numbers of room thermostat, radiator controller in multiple locations.

3.Clearly know the status of your batteries, energy consumptions.

4.View and take local weather forecast for reference when setting the heating system.

5.On time alert about your heating and security system: once there is high or low temperature, gas leak at home, you can be known by app’s pushing alerts and notification.

6.Automatically upgrade to new version once they are available.

Some features require a working internet connection, Wi-Fi, to learn more about our products, please go to

How to download WOLF Service App APK at

The WOLF Service App is the ideal partner for the heating technician.
The app offers a digital spare parts catalog for the heating sector with over 6800 spare parts, more than 4600 associated photos and over 950 clickable exploded views. All selected spare parts can be ordered directly by e-mail from the wholesaler.
A special highlight is the error code inspector. After entering an error code and selecting the device type, the problem description and a manual for the quick troubleshooting is shown.

How to install Fit Tolerance ISO APK at

Limits, fits and tolerances calculator has been developed to calculate engineering tolerances of inner and outer features of journal bearings, linear bearings, thrust bearings, bushings, ball bearings, roller bearings, housings, cylinder bores, drilled holes, linear and precision shafts, pistons, etc.

The calculator works in line with ISO 286-1 (2010), ISO 286-2 (2010) and ANSI B4.2 (1978) standards which are based on metric units. According to the input parameters of nominal size and hole/ shaft tolerances, size limits and deviations for hole/shaft are calculated and fit type is selected among the clearance, transition and interference fits.

The schematic representation of the fit is also drawn. The preferred tolerances and fits advised by ISO and ANSI standards can be found in the "Supplements" section.

How to install FlightLog - Pilot's Logbook APK at

Hello fellow android pilots! FlightLog is a brand new aviation logbook app and you're going to love it! I've worked very hard on it and have provided it completely for free, so please leave a review if you enjoy it.

Check out these high level features:

- FREE! No ads! No in-app purchases! Yes, really!
- Add an unlimited number of your own CUSTOM FIELDS for data entry!
- FREE CLOUD BACKUP through Dropbox!
- Share PRINTABLE reports of your flight time over email, to Dropbox, Evernote, or other services you may use to manage files.
- Track your Certificate Expirations at a glance with the new "Pilot Certs & Expiry" screen.
- Access your data on multiple android devices through Dropbox backup / restore.
- Analyse your flight time with complex queries using the Query Builder. For example, know exactly "How much time (and landings) do I have as PIC, at NIGHT, in the PAST 90 DAYS, etc. Find out fast with FlightLog!
- Export reports of your data in HTML or CSV.
- HH:hh and decimal format for display and entry supported.
- Date formats mm/dd/yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy supported

FlightLog is a brand new app for logging your flight time. It is designed with a simple, yet elegant interface that you'll enjoy using.

FlightLog uses an Aircraft organizational approach to log entries to help get you all kinds of cool stats on your flying at the tap of a screen. It'll all make sense soon, I promise!

FlightLog is still very new and evolving quickly. There is a lot more to come! Please send me feedback, and if you love the app, please rate it and let other know!

How to download Volume Scheduler Pro - Schedule Volume Profiles APK at

Control volume levels and ringer, change ringtone and notification tone on given time.
You need Volume Scheduler, The reasons are numerous to count.

Firstly, it seems to be much irritating when your mobile rings during a meeting, business conference and other sensitive occasions.
You may put your mobile on silence mode but sometimes you forget to do that.

Secondly, in case your mobile is on silence there are many chances that you did not remember to activate the ringtone while an important call is awaiting for you.

Thirdly, assume you are in a crowded place and your mobile constantly rings in your pocket and you are unable to listen to the ringtone.

What can you do in these troublesome situations ?
Install the Volume Scheduler app for android that can easily and automatically change the ringtone volume of your phone from low to high and high to low based on the schedule you provide.

There are plenty of apps that do the same job, but they are very complicated, for such a basic and easy task you should just provide time and volume levels, that's all.
but most of the apps are asking for list of settings to configure, like change profile when gps location is active, selected wifi connection is active and so on. and this cost you more battery loss and also occupies more memory of the phone.

Volume Scheduler is very simple app that do not use any background service neither it uses gps, wifi and such other android services to change the profile, you simply need to specify the time you want to change the profile, most of the time you are well aware of your schedule, still some time things are not as per schedule like you get late to office, or at home, so app provide you the snooze/postponed options, so you can postponed applying the silent / loud profile by just single tap.

try the app and you will find how its very clear and simple app on this category, and how its helps smartly changing volume levels, ringtones and notification tones.

Ringer mode options: Silent mode, Normal mode or Vibrate Mode.

Please visit for more details
If you like this App don't forget to rate 5 star ★★★★★ or review.

How to install BlackBerry Device Search APK at

If you don't have a BlackBerry device:
You can use this app on your Android device absolutely free for 30 days. After that, to continue using the app, subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ from the app or from BlackBerry Hub+ Services.
If you have a BlackBerry device:
BlackBerry smartphones powered by Android get the app for free.
Save time and effort navigating through your device and find information on your smartphone really quickly with BlackBerry Device Search. Easily find a contact, a meeting, a file, an email or a song by searching in one universal search bar.
• Remote search option if the info you are looking for isn’t found on your device
• Select and filter the categories you want to look in before you begin your search
• Use Instant Actions such as, “Call Mike,” “Map home,” or “Email Mary” to quickly perform tasks
• Search universally through your device Contacts, Calendar, BlackBerry Hub email, documents, files and more
• Fully supports Android for Work deployment and, when enabled by your administrator, supports unifying your personal and work views while maintaining strict data storage separation.
• Part of BlackBerry Hub+

How to download Milling Cut Calculator APK at


This is a great tool for milling-operators, CNC-operators, CNC-programmers etc. who work with processes in milling machines.
In a fast and simple way can all milling data be manipulated for a milling cut.
Both of the systems Metric and Imperial are supported.
Observe that this app also works for drilling, turning etc.
For more lathe-specific calculations you can download "Turning Cut Calculator" made by KenKe.


- Calculates the time for a milling cut by using given milling data
- Handles both of the systems Metric and Imperial
- Possible to convert between the two systems
- Possible milling-data to change are tool diameter, number of teeth, cutting length, cutting speed, spindle speed (rpm), feed per tooth, feed per revolution and feed per minute
- Converts between cutting speed and spindle speed
- Converts between feed per tooth, feed per revolution and feed per minute
- The selected value can be changed with absolute input or incremental buttons (perfect for fine-tuning processing data)
- Switching between change methods is made by a long tap on the value to change
- Update of all necessary values immediately
- Possibility to choose the time of showing highlights and buttons
- Possibility to choose the color of highlights and buttons
- The selected system, time for highlight and color of highlight will be stored to the next use of the app
- Possible to continue with the last session when starting the app


When changing a value will other values, dependent on the changed value, immediately be updated. Let's name thoose values "subvalues" for some coming simplicity.

Of course will tool diameter, number of teeth and cutting length never be changed because of a change of an other value.

The subvalues that are to be updated follows this app's rules of priority.
That means that in each "section" will the following have the priority:

Cutting speed (prio)
Spindle speed

Feed per tooth (prio)
Feed per rev.
Feed per min.

So, the subvalues that should be changed are normally thoose that not have the priorities.
The subvalues that have the priority can normaly only be changed by other subvalues in the same section.


This app's rules of priority results in this way of changing the subvalues:

- A change of the tool diameter will also change the spindle speed, the feed/min and the time
- A change of the number of teeth will also change the feed/rev, the feed/min and the time
- A change of the cutting length will also change the time
- A change of the cutting speed will also change the spindle speed, the feed/min and the time
- A change of the spindle speed will also change the cutting speed, the feed/min and the time
- A change of the feed/tooth will also change the feed/rev, the feed/min and the time
- A change of the feed/rev will also change the feed/tooth, the feed/min and the time
- A change of the feed/min will also change the feed/tooth, the feed/rev and the time

The main value to change is highlighted with a light color and the subvalues with a darker one.
Observe that the showed values are rounded and the calculations are using not rounded 32-bits double precision values.

A description like this one is included in the app.

How to download Japanese Emoticons - Kaomoji APK at

The official Japanese Emoticons Android app! With over 2,500 kaomoji, this app has the largest available collection of Japanese emoticons there is!

All emoticons are neatly arranged in 4 major categories and 50 sub categories to make finding the perfect emoji as easy as possible.

Plus save your favorite emoticons in the convenient and editable favorites menu to access your most used emoticons as quickly as possible.

And when you’re done browsing the collection of emoticons create your own or generate them randomly and share them with your friends!

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

How to download APK at është makina e parë kërkimore në Gjuhën Shqipe.
Në aplikacionin mobil mund të gjeni këto shërbime:
- Kërkimi i të gjithë ueb-it shqipëtar
- Lajme nga të gjitha portalet shqip, per Shqipëri, Kosovë, dhe Maqedoni
- Kërkim i avancuar i lajmeve nga të gjitha portalet
- Të gjitha linjat e autobusëve për Kosovë,Shqipëri dhe Maqedoni,
- Kërkimin e të gjitha makinave në shitje në Shqipëri, Kosovë, dhe Maqedoni
- Kërkimin e të gjitha patundshmërive në shitje dhe me qira ne Shqipëri, Kosovë, dhe Maqedoni
- Kërkimin e vendeve të lira të punës ne Shqipëri, Kosovë, dhe Maqedoni
- Kërkimin e të gjithë celularëve në shitje
- Moti për të gjitha qytetet dhe trojet shqipëtare
- Widget ne Gjuhën Shqipe, me motin, lidhje te autobusëve, si dhe top lajmet

* Te gjitha ne Shqip
* Lajme te reja nga te gjitha portalet
* Vetura (makina, automjete) ne shitje nga Shqiperia, Kosova, dhe Maqedonia (Prishtine, Tirane, Prizren, Ferizaj, Durres, Shkup, Tetove, Gostivar, Pejë, Mitrovice, Gjilan, Shkoder, Durres, Fier)
* Celulare te ndryshem ne shitje (te gjitha llojet: iphone, samsung, nokia, htc, etj)
* Moti me i sakte per rajon
* Punime, receta, libra, pdf, filma, e shume te tjera
* Te gjitha ne Shqip

How to install Steam Tables APK at

Steam Tables is an app that calculates water's thermodynamic properties for industrial use. Given a certain pressure, temperature, and in some cases, specific volume, enthalpy, entropy, or internal energy. This app is able to calculate up to 33 properties.

The main properties that can be calculate are temperature, pressure, volume, density, enthalpy, entropy, internal energy, Cp, Cv, sound speed, Gibbs energy and Helmoltz energy.

How to download Learn Namaz in English + Audio APK at

To contribute to salat(prayer)learning namaz process for you.We've introduced the step by step Namaz (salat, prayer)with audio and English translation for you.
learn Namaz (salat , prayer) contain all basics of namaz Durood Sharif, Dua after Durood, Dua-e-Qunoot, methods of Namaz (salat , prayer) with Picture and audio, method of Namaz for ladies, method of Namaz for men, difference between male and female Namaz, important Things of Namaz to remember, how to perform obligatory(fard),Sunnah, Sunnah-e-Mouqda'h, Sunnah-e-Gair Mouqda'h, Nafl(voluntary) and Namaz-e-Witr.

The app contains all the obligatory acts of prayer (namaz)and all 30 essentials of prayer (Waajibaat-e-Namaz).The guidance about How to stand in Prayer, How to recite Quran in Prayer(Salat), How To sit in Tashah-hud, How to recite Du'aa-Qunoot (Invocation of Obeisance) and all Complete acts of Prayer.

There are all instructions about all fives Prayers How to Perform Fajr Prayer, Dhuhr Prayer, Asr Prayer, Maghreb Prayer,Isha Prayer.we have also described Nafl Prayer Because we offer it in our different occasions or Islamic Events Like in Ramadan (Salat / Prayer of Taraweeh) on Eid in Eid Prayer on marriage day Bride and Groom say Nafal, Funeral Prayer, Tasbeeh and Istikhara and in normal days for the sake of Blessings of ALLAH.
Learn Namaz salat(prayer) in English + Audio is a gift app from us for all Muslim Brothers and Sisters Learn Prayer is Offline app Without ads.a complete and Ad-free app to fulfill and saying Prayers Perfectly.

All Steps of Prayer with Photo/Image or visual presentation and audio recitation of all Prayer steps of Arabic Script only for to Learn Namaz Easily.

There are four Scholars of Islam Abu-Hanifah, Maalik, Shafiee, Ahmed-Bin-Hanbel and our app is consist of Method of Salah or Prayer with Abu-Hanifa's teachings.

It is also a good kids education can teach Basic Prayer to your kids at home by using this app.

Our E-Mail Address:
[email protected]

Your Feedback is Important to us.

How to install YHA Travel NZ APK at

Using GPS, the app determines your current location in New Zealand. Using either a map view or a list view, the app then shows you the nearest awesome YHA hostel. Not only that, but you also get access to over 13,000 locations such as toilets, petrol stations, supermarkets, and even real-time road alerts to help you plan your journey and be in the know if there's a major accident, road works or a road closure.

Loads of traveller submitted interesting tips will give you ideas for what to do, no matter where you are in New Zealand. You can also share your unique travel tip!

We are part of a collaborative project called GeoZone which aims to make it easier to travel responsibly by sharing facility locations, so if you find something not on the app, or if you find a location that's no longer there, you can submit it through the app and contribute to this awesome project.

How to install Calculator APK at

This calculator will help you in solving of various tasks. It keeps an accuracy and correctness of calculations. Takes into account mathematical rules.

– Calculation of expressions with percentages, exponents, roots, factorials, trigonometric and logarithmic functions.
– Storage up to 500 records in the history of computing.
– Settings for behavior and interface of the application.

– Setting the trigonometric unit: tap on the label RAD/DEG (radian/degree) in the upper left corner of the calculator.
– Copying an expression or the result of its computation from the history: pull a record to the left so that the icon with the letter "E" or the letter "A", respectively, became highlighted with a round indicator; release the record.
– Deleting a record from the history: pull a record to the right so that the delete icon became highlighted with a round indicator; release the record.
– Clearing history: open the history screen and tap on the button in the upper right corner; confirm action in the dialog box.

How to download PinToMind Go APK at

A PinToMind screen is fantastic to create attention. But what if you don't happen to be by the screen? Inconvenient! With this PinToMind-app you can easily display the PinToMind screen from school, your workplace or sports-club directly on your phone. The content is the same as on the screen, but with a customized design. With PinToMind on your phone you can easily get the updated information wherever you are.

CUSTOMIZED DESIGN FOR MOBILE: On the phone you don't want to sit and wait for the posts to "scroll by" as on a public screen. Here you get the posts served in a reader-friendly list that you can scroll through at your own speed.

EASY TO ADD A SCREEN: Use the sharing-code or link that you have been sent to display the public screen on your mobile phone.

How to install UDP Sender APK at

UDP Sender is a simple application to allow sending UDP packets either directly or, as I use it, by acting as a plugin for Tasker/Locale.

It is completely free, no ads are used. Please do rate/review it if you find it useful.

If you encounter any Issues please log them on Github (via rather than giving poor reviews!

For apps not supporting the Tasker/Locale plugin format you can use an implicit Intent Intent.ACTION_SENDTO with a udp://host:port/data format URI to send packets.

I'm using it to control my lights from Limitless Led ( aka Mi-Light / Easybulb) via the Wi-Fi bridge and have included a couple of screenshots of the custom Tasker Scene I'm using. I use this scene along with gestures in my launcher to provide quick control of my lights.

Source code and more information, including the Tasker project shown, is available on Github:

How to download DD Toolbox APK at

The DD Toolbox includes several useful tools for setting up and analyzing high performance car audio systems. We understand installers have a lot going on while setting up a system, so the DD Toolbox layout was designed with this in mind. A DD Toolbox feature not found in similar apps is the ability to easily swipe between tools allowing fast and convenient use of the multiple tools. This allows you to do things like use the tone generator while punching numbers into the wattage calculator, all the while illuminating your trunk with the flashlight!

DD Toolbox features:

-Wattage/ Ohm's Law Calculator for determining your systems actual output wattage and impedance

-Tone generator that ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz

-DD Box calculator which uses DD's exclusive enclosure design theory to make a recommendation for maximum bass in your given enclosure space

-Flashlight function that's able to be toggled on/off from any screen.

How to download Ham Clock APK at

HamClock is targeted for portable amateur radio operators.
It displays time/date and user notes related to various portable locations on a single screen:
- Local date / time
- GMT date / time
- User notes
- Reminder to transmit callsign every 10 minutes, as required in some countries.

Note can be entered in up to four fields. Use it to record location name, QTH locator, callsign, activation details for SOTA, WCA, WFF or other activities, event info etc.

Multiple notes can be entered and saved for later use.
Note view is scrolled to show longer texts
Hide local clock, leaving even more room for notes

- Large font and contrast for readability in bright daylight.
- Light / dark color scheme
- Configurable date format
- Configurable display timeout.
- Optional popup every 10 minutes to remind you to transmit your callsign.
- Optional ringtone played along with the visual reminder. If you don't want audio alert, select "silent" or "none" ringtone.

- Share note content as a simple text file, formatted as JSONArray (string). Extension is .hctxt (HamClockTxt) but can be edited in any text editor.
Sharing works best via Gmail or GoogleDrive. With Gmail, open/receive directly from an attachment (no need to download the attachment first). If proper JSONArray file format is detected, "save or discard note" is offered.

Sharing via Bluetooth is less reliable on different devices, because android versions and phone vendors vary in trusted file types for BT transfers, and in permissions needed to access bluetooth storage space (received files).
Sharing via other applications is not tested, and it may or may not work.

This app does not collect any personal data or share anything with anyone.
There are NO ads.

How to install SOTA Spotter APK at

SOTA Spotter is a simple application that retrieves spots from and displays them in an easy to read manner.

Summits on the Air (SOTA) is an award scheme for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. You can learn more about it at

Main features:

* Retrieves spots from
* Map of nearby summits
* Spot sending - via internet or via SMS
* Spot filtering (by band, mode, call sign, association, region and summit)
* Notifications (vibrations, ringtone and LED)
* Multiple color themes

How to install Intello X APK at

Unparalleled favorite system for Ingress Intel map makes location switching a breeze!

Intello X presents easy access to Intel map locations in seconds. With access to any location in any zoom level, use Intello X for your Ingress Intel OPs.

=== Features ===
• Launch Intel map at current user location
• Search locations worldwide for easy access
• Search predictions using autocomplete
• Set distance on search predictions (X+ only!)
• Support Ingress URL with drawn links / fields
• Launch Ingress URL via Intent system calls
• Optional Intel quickstart on notification drawer
• Intel tile on Quick Settings (Android 7+ only!)
• Optionally run Intel map in fullscreen mode
• Set preferred Intel display (mobile / fullscreen)
• Switch display to full for easy missions access
• Unlimited search history (device limit only!)
• Add most used locations to favorites
• Filter selected favorites by label (X+ only!)
• Create an unlimited number of labels (X+ only!)
• Set preferred sort order of favorites & history
• Update location & address directly on Intel
• Set preferred map zoom level on locations
• Set preferred default map zoom level
• Add Intel screenshot to location entries
• 3D Touch style "peek" on screenshot & cards
• Optionally set preferred location name
• Add multi-line notes (field OPs) to favorites
• Share Ingress location / notes to anyone
• Calculate distance & elevation to location
• Google Earth / Maps / Street View of location
• Navigate with Google Maps, Sygic, Uber, Waze
• Navigate with any Geo enabled app available
• Set type of transport (Google Maps only!)
• Export one or all locations to KML (X+ only!)
• Easy backup & restore of SQLite database
• Ingress, Enlightened & Resistance themes
• Access to 19 freshly colorful themes (X+ only!)
• DayNight theme based on time of day (X+ only!)
• Android 7+ & Samsung multi-window support
• Extended aspect ratio support for 18:x devices
• Norwegian & Swedish translation

Support multiple localisations, need translators!

=== Development ===
Intello X is using stock code without any modification hence not breaking any TOS :-)

=== Feedback ===
Your feedback is very much welcome!
Do you have any ideas making Intello X a better app? Any nasty bugs to report?
Please get in touch!

You can contact me via email at [email protected]

=== Privacy ===
To make Intello X even better, Google Analytics is used to anonymously track usage data within the app. This includes number of times it is launched, session duration and what features being most used. No personal information is ever collected and or stored!

You may opt out of Analytics at any time via Settings / Privacy

=== Ads ===
This app has no ads!

=== Permissions used ===
• Setup notification shortcut on system boot
• Detect if network exist and are connected
• Access to Internet (for older devices)
• Read Google service configuration data
• Get precise location using the Global Positioning System (GPS) or network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi
• Get updated location while app is running
• Detect whether user is walking, driving, cycling, or stationary
• Backup and restore of database
• Vibrate phone on special events
• Detect phone shaking for change of color theme

=== Copyright ===
Ingress and Niantic Labs are owned by Google. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google or Niantic in any way.

How to download Stopwatch & Timer+ APK at

★ removes ad from free app ★

Beautiful, powerful and simple Stopwatch & Timer+

Perfect for every timing situation from sports, work to cooking!

This is the paid version of the popular Stopwatch & Timer app with additional power features:

★ Up to 99 hours
★ Multiple stopwatches and timers
★ Rename timers & Laps
★ Countdown then up
★ Countdown and repeat (Loop countdowns)
★ Countdown and start next timer (Chain timers)
★ Export times by email
★ Show current lap (optional)
★ 1/100ths (optional)
★ Create groups of timers and control them as a group (swipe between your groups)
★ Rename groups of timers
★ Reorder timers (by long pressing and dragging up or down)
★ Delete timers (by long pressing and swiping to right)
★ Choose your own font and color
★ Optional "compact mode" to fit more timers on the screen

Please support app with a good rating, it helps future development thanks

Online stopwatch
Online timer

How to install Kahu APK at

Kahu helps keep you and your loved ones safe behind the wheel. Get speed, low battery, and GeoFence entry / exit alerts, all from the convenience of your phone. Find and recover your car using real-time GPS tracking.

Key Features
• Real-Time GPS Tracking – Know where your vehicle is at all times
• Stolen Vehicle Recovery – Contact our concierge service 24x7. We will work with law enforcement directly to recover your vehicle.
• Speed Alerts – Set a speed limit and get notified when car exceeds a designated safe speed. Great for helping new drivers be safe.
• Low Battery Alerts – Monitor battery status to proactively avoid being stranded
• GeoFences – Set up a location boundary and receive an alert when the GeoFence is crossed

How to install Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile APK at

Halliburton’s eRedBook® Mobile application is offered as a free download. It is derived from the Halliburton Cementing Tables, the industry-preferred data reference for calculations used in drilling, cementing and/or completing oil and gas wells. eRedBook® Mobile contains volume calculators as well as data from the American Petroleum Institute (API) for Casing, Tubing, Coil Tubing and Drill Pipe. With the Halliburton eRedBook you can:

• Have instant access to key dimensions and strengths for pipe, including collapse pressure, inner diameter and weight.
• Look up specifications for your most frequently used tubulars to quickly calculate capacity and annulus volumes with just a few taps.
• View volume measurements and calculations in Metric or British Imperial units (including custom configurations) represented in character and number format as appropriate.
• Calculate total volumes in a large range of units (barrels, cubic feet, gallons, cubic meters, liters and more)
• Calculate volume per depth in multiple units (barrels per foot, gallons per foot, liters per meter, and more)
• Copy results with a single click. eRedBook® Mobile is simple to use and indispensable for the on the go field engineers, business development, and engineering students.

How to download Concrete & Agg Calculator APK at

Concrete, Aggregate, and Masonry Calculators from Chaney Enterprises.

Each calculator provides an exact amount and a recommended order amount to account for waste, spillage, over-excavation, settlement, spreading of forms, loss of entrained air or any other changes in volume.

Individual calculators for:
• Concrete Slab Calculator
• Concrete Footing Calculator
• Concrete Wall Calculator
• Concrete Steps Calculator
• Concrete Curb Calculator
• Concrete Column / Cylinder Calculator
• Sand, Gravel and Stone Calculator
• Concrete Block Fill Calculator
• Concrete Block and Mortar Calculator
• Roller Compacted Concrete Calculator

Available in English and Spanish.

Chaney Enterprises, LLC, is your One Stop Shop™ for construction materials and supplies. Serving Maryland since 1962, we pride ourselves on outstanding people providing quality products through superior service. At Chaney Enterprises, we strive to provide superior, top-quality products as we employ a combination of land management and environmentally friendly practices unsurpassed in the industry.

How to download MyUsage Mobile APK at

MyUsage Mobile allows you to get information about your electricity, gas, and water consumption anytime, anywhere. It’s fast, easy, and convenient.

If your home, apartment, or business has a smart meter, you can get information 24/7 about how much electricity, gas, or water you’re using – and how much it’s costing you.

• Monitor your energy and water consumption 24/7
• Track how much you’re being charged each day
• View hourly usage data
• If you have a prepaid account, view your balance and daily charges in real time
• Report an Outage

Additional features planned for future releases:
• Ability to post check and credit card payments
• Ability to manage your automatic alerts and user settings via the application
• Push notifications


With accurate information about your electricity, gas, and water consumption, you can reduce your carbon footprint and better manage your budget. MyUsage Mobile gives you the information you need in order to make wise decisions regarding your energy usage.

What are you waiting for? Add MyUsage Mobile today!


Requires Android 2.3 or later
Valid username and password for

How to install Logbook Pro Flight Log APK at

Logbook Pro is the most reliable, trusted, and accurate flight logbook software for pilots used in the aviation community for over 19 years. Logbook Pro enables you to log your Certificates, Ratings, Medicals, Flight Reviews, Historical data, and Flights (actual or sim) and view detailed and extensive reports. Import airline schedules and integrate with your device's calendar for reminder notifications and scheduling deconfliction.


* Efficient user interface with easy to read color scheme
* Log Certificates, Ratings, History Items (Medicals, Flight Reviews, etc.)
* Auto Night in Flight Log Entries and also Schedule Importing
* Log actual and sim flights
* View when expiring events (History Items) expire instantly on your device
* Calculate duration from OUT-IN or TAKEOFF-LAND times with the tap of a button
* View powerful and comprehensive reports generated by Logbook Pro PC edition right on your device
* Show currency status with colored marker flags indicating current or expired
* View your details summary bar report
* Analyze complete logbook statistics with both totals and percentages
* View FAR 121 limitations with colored markers (requires Logbook Pro Professional Edition or higher)
* View FAR 135 limitations with colored markers (requires Logbook Pro Professional Edition or higher)
* Auto-enter the duration value in other time fields with a single tap
* Customizable cascading time entries for Out, Takeoff, Landing, and In making flight entry quick and easy
* New flight entries can default with prior flight entry data for rapid flight log entry
* Customize the layout to declutter display showing only fields you need
* Simple synchronization
* Device uses colors to identify current and overdue, synchronized or not. No need to purge, the device manages your data smartly
* Instant filter in each data area to show: All Data, Not Yet Synchronized, Synchronized
* Free-form route entry allows a single entry for the entire day; no hassle with picking or searching for airports.
* AutoFill makes populating common time fields a breeze
* Log multiple approaches of each type for each flight
* Log "By Leg" or "By Day" allowing you to collate your entire day into a single flight log entry
* Import Airline Schedules from directly within the app
* Integrate with your device's calendar and sync with your other calendars
* Password protect your app from unwanted access
* App Time Zone and Sync Time Zone support for Local, UTC, or a custom selected "domicile" time zone.
* Check weather quickly on multiple destinations (METAR and TAF)
* Quick increment buttons to easily add/subtract values for fields such as landings, approaches, etc.
* Auto-enter airport identifier in route field with tap of a button
* Get overhead view of airfields using Sky View
* Extremely customizable with a plethora of options to make the app into what you need


✦ Setup Guide:
✦ Documentation:
✦ Cloud Sync Info:

Notes & Requirements:

✦ This app is not a stand-alone logbook, it is designed to work in tandem with Logbook Pro Desktop
✦ Synchronization with Logbook Pro Desktop requires cloud sync. For details see
✦ To enable schedule importer features visit

Logbook Pro is a registered trademark of NC Software, Inc.

How to download Dynamic Signal Analyzer – VR Mobile APK at

VR Mobile is a tool for vibration test and measurement professionals created by Vibration Research Corporation – Innovators in Sound & Vibration. It contains engineering calculators, a light strobe, a noise SPL meter, accelerometer, and remote control of VibrationVIEW and ObserVR1000 portable DAQ. All of this from your mobile device!


Strobe Light and Flashlight
- Strobe your device's screen and/or flash LED from 1 - 30 Hz. Strobing helps one to see objects vibrating too fast for the eye to see.
- Turn your device's screen and/or flash LED into a flashlight; this makes a conveinient flashlight during test setups.
- NOTE: Not all device's LED flash can be controlled by the VR Mobile app.

Connect to Device:
- Connect to nearby ObserVR1000 portable DAQ - setup inputs, record and monitor data.
- Remotely control VibrationVIEW from within the VR Mobile App (while on the same network).
- Start/Stop tests
- View graphs
- Adjust amplitude and frequency

Max Acceleration Calculator:
- Calculate the maximum amount of acceleration that a shaker (from a database or user input) can output based on the mass added to the system.

Unit Converter:
- Convert Acceleration, Force, and Mass units to and from common units.

Sine Calculator:
- Based on sinusoidal motion, calculate Acceleration, Frequency, Velocity, and Displacement by inputting any two of these values.

Shock Calculator:
- Pick between two impact types: Plastic or Elastic, and the pulse type. Shock Calculator will find the remaining two values given two inputs: Acceleration, Impact Time, Velocity Change, and Height Change.

Noise Meter:
- Measure minimum, current, and maximum dB from your mobile device's microphone. Note: A device must have a microphone in order to use this feature.

- Measure minimum, current, and maximum acceleration in each of your mobile device's accelerometer axes.
- Zero out acceleration to calibrate for an uneven surface.

Contact VR:
- See Vibration Research's building on Google Maps (or any other map application installed on your mobile device).
- Call, fax, or email VR directly from the app.
- Watch YouTube videos from VR.
- Visit VR's website.

VR Products:
- View VR's 9500 Revolution Vibration Test Controller, and the ObserVR portable DAQ.

Permissions Explanation:
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: used for Remote Interface option.
android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: used for Remote Interface option.
android.permission.CAMERA: used for LED Flash/Strobe option (does not take pictures).
android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE: used for detecting VibrationVIEW servers for Remote Interface option.
android.permission.FLASHLIGHT: used for LED Flash/Strobe option.
android.permission.INTERNET: used for Google Analytics (disable in app settings).
android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO: used for Noise Meter option.
android.permission.VIBRATE: used for error message.

Note: This application uses Google Analytics to anonymously track usage data within the application, which can be disabled in app settings.

Note: Camera Permission is for camera LED flash control, VR Mobile does not take pictures.

How to install SAM - Scan Attendance Manager APK at

Manage attendance for your small business using your mobile device and QR Codes!

Are you running your own school, club or small business that requires attendance to be managed? Do you find yourself struggling with paper and spreadsheets to track attendance? Do you need to ensure that attendance cannot be tampered with and fraud is reduced to a minimum?

With the Scan Attendance Manager, or 'SAM' app, you can take care of all these challenges plus a whole lot more! SAM lets you easily manage your Students and Classes, generate Student cards with profile images and QR Codes and effortlessly scan Student cards to track attendance. Attendance records can be tagged with GPS location information if your mobile device supports it, and reports, charts and statistics can be saved or shared for use in your existing school, club or business management system, or preferred office application.

SAM also allows you to effortly switch between Customer, Employee, Student and Visitor attendance management modes and provides preferences to customize the SAM app to meet your organization's requirements, such as organization name and app color scheme.

User Guide:

Top Features

1. Scan Attendance

Switch between manual and continuous scan modes for complete control! Scan cards with QR Codes using your mobile device camera to reduce time spent capturing attendance. SAM will tag attendance records with GPS coordinates if your mobile device supports it. "QR Code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED. Note: GPS location tagging can be disabled from the SAM app preferences screen.

2. Manage Classes and Students

Manage your Classes and Students directly on the SAM app! SAM lets you add, edit and delete your Students and Classes and stores all sensitive information in an encrypted format for added peace-of-mind. In addition, SAM let's you specify a Student profile image for improved management.

3. Class and Student Import

Import Classes and Students from a comma-delimited (CSV) file! Simply create and save a CSV file on your mobile device with the following column layout and import the CSV file using SAM's import feature. The SAM app will automatically insert Students and Classes from the CSV import file and attempt to reduce the possibility of duplicate records being created.

4. Generate Cards

Easily generate single or multiple Student cards with QR Codes directly on the SAM app! Save Student cards on your mobile device or distribute Student cards using built-in social sharing features native to your mobile device. If you prefer to use your own Student card generator, SAM will be able to read any QR Code that meets international standards.

5. Generate Reports and Charts

View annual, top and monthly attendance charts and statistics, or view Student lists, attendance detail, Student and Class attendance reports directly on the SAM app! Save reports on your mobile device in comma-delimited (CSV) format, or distribute reports using the built-in share features native to your mobile device.

6. Database Maintenance

Easily backup and restore the SAM app database directly on your mobile device. For extra piece of mind, link SAM to your Dropbox account and backup or restore the SAM app database from your Dropbox account. "Dropbox" is a registered trademark of DROPBOX INC.

How to download Safe+ APK at

This application is designed for the secure storage of private information, such as files, passwords, data for bank accounts and everything else whatever one likes.
All your data and files inside the safe are protected by 256-bit AES encryption: no one can see or listen it (except you, of course). If you decide that your old password is discredited, recode the entire base with a new password.
To create a card, use ready-made templates or create your own. Share and/or set templates of other users.
Set the icons to the cards from preset gallery, download additional packages of icons or create your own.
Securely view embedded images with the integrated viewer: without writing to flash.
Use a simple navigation through the tree or use the quick search for the desired card or file. Move and copy the card between the folders. Customize interface and behavior of the application to fit your preferences.
Any files within the application and outside can be added to the Safe by means of function «Share» or «Send». Create and restore backups of your data directly on your mobile device. Synchronize database directory between multiple devices through cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox,, Yandex.Disk, FTP(S), by a separate module), synchronize with an unlimited number of desktop versions.

* Multilingual support for English, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Italiano, Română, Polski, Русский, Українська
* Fingerprint scanner support for Android 6 and above
* Notifications for any date fields (we'll not let you forget anything!)
* Support for light, dark and black themes
* Manual sorting of lists
* Easy to remember passwords generator;
* AutoComplete of fields with values of the fields of the same type of other cards;
* Personal settings of each folder;
* Fixed compatibility issues with Android L (5.x).
* Template-independent cards
* Import from HandySafe, Pocket, KeePass2, LastPass, Safe In Cloud, SafeWallet, SPB Wallet (via SafeWallet, see HOWTO, eWallet (via SafeWallet, see HOWTO, Password Saver 4.x
* Synchronization to Google Drive, Dropbox,, Yandex.Disk, FTP(S) (separate module)
* User icons can be removed and replaced, downloadable additional packages of icons
* Multiple operations with the objects inside the Safe tree
* Insert multiple files to the Safe with directory structure
* Compact layout of lists
* Copying the cards fields values through the area of notifications or send it to Sony SmartWatch 2
* Insert (upload) files to the Safe from any external application
* Download and upload templates
* Graphic key and embedded PIN-keyboard to open Safe
* The ability to change the size of text in the application
* Support Trash: move to trash instead of immediately deleting
* Built-in image & text viewer
* Favourites / Recent and Frequently viewed lists
* Support of shortcuts to folders, cards and files
* Personal UI settings for each folder


Desktop version for MS Windows XP and above can be downloaded here:
Embedded and custom templates can be downloaded here: (only in Russian for now, sorry)
Additional icon-packs can be downloaded here:
If you have any questions, please review FAQ section:
Please, address your questions and requests to the author: [email protected]

Password manager
Smart extension for SmartWatch 2
Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2 tools
LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

How to download AEOT APK at

AEOT is the quick and simple way to connect you and your home. The app brings together hundreds of smart products — lights, locks, sensors, thermostats, and more. You can control your home or business through this convenient app.

• Live notifications if any changes occur in your connect environment.
• Trigger your lights to turn on automatically with custom time settings.
• Create custom ambiance through our specialty lighting technology.

Use Atlantic EoT services to make your home even smarter and safer:
• Family Friendly: Share your settings with family members to create ease of access.
• Vacation Mode: Have your lights turn on and off in a natural, human pattern to make it look like you’re home when you’re away. Relax when you’re out of town, knowing your home looks lived in.
• Luxe Tech: Working late hours? Coming home well-lit enviorment by syncing your lights to turn on and off with your specific schedule.

Explore other features in the Atlantic EoT, such as Shortcuts, Schedules, and Products, to customize your smart products.

Questions? Talk to a live Atlantic EoT-Specialist at 800-917-9133 or [email protected]

How to install Battery Monitor Widget Pro APK at

With Battery Monitor Pro you can control your Battery status, here are some features:

- Fuel Widget
- Circle Widget, with big numbers
- Neon Gauge Widget
- Alarms and Notifications
- Battery indicator on the notification bar (standard/circle)
- General and Weekly Statistics
- Charts
- Simple and neat interface
- Support for Tablets and Android 7 Nougat

This Pro version has plenty of Widgets personalizations, lots of settings and no ads.

Follow @fsinib on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

How to download AJA DataCalc APK at

The AJA DataCalc computes storage requirements for professional video and audio media.

Designed for video professionals, this application works with all the most popular industry video formats and compression methods, including AJA Raw, Apple ProRes, DVCProHD, HDV, XDCAM, DV, CineForm, REDCODE, Avid DNxHD, Apple Intermediate, 16 bit RGB and RGBA, uncompressed, and more. Video standards supported include NTSC, PAL, 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 2K, 4K and 8K.

AJA DataCalc allows you to change settings and calculate storage requirements in a single screen with simple controls and a clear concise display. Media durations can be entered in units of days, hours, seconds, or even as precise as frames using time code mode. Clicking on results will rotate you through alternative values whether GB or TB for storage calculations or time results in a variety of formats when in TimeCalc mode. Summary information obtained by DataCalc can even be optionally emailed and a Presets feature allows you to save common calculations for speedy reference.

How to install Unit Converter APK at

Easy application for conversion of well known and even less known units that is recommended for use for students of primary and secondary schools.

This version of the application is free and does not offer all features as it's paid counterpart which you can find in the store with a name "Unit Converter CE". With buying the application you support next developement of it or alternatively other projects.

length, weight, volume, temperature, area, time, information, speed, energy, angle, pressure, luminous intensity, force, power, torque, prefixes

English, Czech, Slovak

- unit conversion :)
- own keyboard
- manual / automatic sorting of all categories and units
- more styles of main menu
- setting of precision of rounding results
- the possibility to set the format of view of choice of the units

- view of conversional equations

- the application is not optimalized for tablets
- missing search of units
- some important categories, i.e. conversion of currencies

How to download eModul APK at

eModul jest aplikacją pozwalającą na zdalną obsługę sterowników współpracujących z modułami z rodziny ST-505 oraz Wi-Fi:
• podgląd wszystkich aktualnych parametrów sterownika
• edycja wszystkich parametrów dostępnych z poziomu sterownika (z zachowaniem struktury menu)
• dostęp do historii temperatur
• dostęp do historii alarmów
• możliwość obsługi wielu modułów internetowych z jednego konta użytkownika
• powiadomienia przez e-mail o alarmach sterownika

How to install Bitterlich relascope APK at

The software helps you to estimate the basal area of forest stands. Unlike the usual relascope it is not important on which distance you hold your phone from your eye. There are assisting lines on the screen that help you to count the trees. On the screen you can see the result in m2/ha. Trees, which are thicker than the difference between the lines should be counted as +1 and trees that are exactly the lines between should read +0.5
Supported laguages are English and Estonian

Relaskoop mobiilile. Tarkvara aitab mõõta puude rinnaspindala. Erinevalt tavalisest relaskoobist ei ole mõõtmisel oluline kui kaugel asub telefon silmadest. Kalibreeritud ja töövalmis programmil on ekraanil näha abistavad jooned. Loendamise tulemust näidatakse kohe ekraanil m2/ha kohta. Puud, mis jäävad täpselt joonte vahele peaks lugma 0.5 ja puud, mis ei mahu joonte vahele tuleks lugeda +1.
Tarkvara on inglise või eesti keeles.

How to install Crop Calculators APK at

Crop Calculators is an Android app that lets corn growers calculate grain yields, maturity dates, and silage price adjustments using their smartphone or tablet.

Crop Calculators has three corn crop calculators:

Silage Moisture Cost Adjuster for Corn

-This calculator compares a negotiated price for silage and adjusts the price, taking into account how much moisture is present.
-Simply enter the negotiated moisture and price, along with the actual moisture content, and the adjusted price will be calculated.
-Calculations are cleared when you close the app. To create and share a report of your calculation, use the “Email report” button provided.

Maturity Date Predictor for Corn

-When you enter a tassel date, date ranges for 50% kernel milk and black layer will be calculated.
-If you then enter a frost date, these date ranges will change color to indicate whether the frost will occur before or after the date range.
-Green indicates that the predicted frost occurs after the beginning of the range and you’re in the clear. Red indicates that the frost occurs before the range.
-Calculations are cleared when you close the app. To create and share a report of your calculation, use the “Email report” button provided.

Grain Yield Estimator for Corn

-First, enter the density of your field in plants per 1000th acre.
-The next three inputs are suggested values, but should be adjusted throughout the growing season.
-Calculations are cleared when you close the app. To create and share a report of your calculation, use the “Email report” button provided.

How to install SmartPanicsNG APK at

SmartPanicsNG Allows the user to transmit alarm events to electronic monitoring systems in a simple and efficient way.

SmartPanicsNG can help to quickly resolve a problem by notifying your security service provider about your emergency.

You must inquire about the configuration parameters and activation of the application. Charges may be applied for this function by your provider.

The application has 3 buttons for sending alarms:

The application also allows the user to associate numbers, from their contact list, to be notified at the same time as the security company.

The user may select the desired method notifying their contacts about the alarm (telephone call or SMS).

SmartPanicsNG will be useful when:
• Your safety is threatened (burglary, intruders in your home, kidnapping, etc.).
• You are in a place where you can´t request assistance.
• You have an accident and there is no one around to help.
• You find yourself in an emergency situation and require medical assistance
• You go through a dangerous zone or neighborhood on your way home

SmartPanicsNG allows the user to send an emergency message which will display your satellite position (where available) so that you may be found quickly

SmartPanicsNG also has a “Delayed SOS” button, it allows the user to be prepared by sending the alert beforehand with an option to cancel within a determined time period. A sound notification can be set activated to notify the user one minute before the alarm is sent.
For your safety, the application can be hidden after a Delayed SOS has been sent.

To avoid false alarms from being sent, the application can be locked with a username and password.

SmartPanicsNG takes care of your family and business
Know all the time the postion of the members of your family and employees through
an advanced following function.

Verify if any of your devices has runned an alarm recently.

Create a geofence around your home place, office, your childrens's school or any dangerous zone.
The app could generate alerts if any member of your family or employee gets in or out of the pre defined areas.

Share SmartPanicsNG with your family and friends.
The suggestion function allows your monitoring station to get new data from the new interested to be contacted inmmediately.

* Only use this application if you are in a real emergency situation. (A Test button is available for testing the correct operation of the application).
* Satellite information about your location may be delayed or unavailable based on your location. However, the sent alarm will reach its destination.
* The new features in this version require help from your security service provider. Please contact him to know them
* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

SmartPanicsNG only works when connected to a server of an electronic security company which provides monitoring services.

SmartPanicsNG will be with you at all times, feel safe.
Currently available in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Other languages coming soon.

How to install Product selector APK at

Product selector is a handy tool for view products and do comparison among them.

• Find products that fulfills your requirements
• View and compare technical data
• Access product pages at

Axis product selector includes Axis entire range of network cameras and video encoders. When online, the application updates itself with the latest product information. When offline, you have access to downloaded data.

How to install Mushroom - Mushtool APK at

Mushtool is an application for all the mushroom finders, from amateurs to professionals.

- Identify the mushroom with a great quality pictures.

- Save the places and visit them later.

- Find places to eat and learn how to cook the mushroom with recipes.

- Enjoy learning with an identification mushroom game.

How to install E6B+ APK at

E6B+ performs all the standard calculations of an E6B Flight Computer and provides useful tools like:
Weight and Balance
Altitude and Ground Speed
Leg TimerFunctions include:
Wind Speed and Direction
Heading, Ground Speed and Wind Correction Angle
Course, Ground Speed and Wind Correction Angle
True Airspeed
Runway Crosswinds
Fuel Consumption
Speed, Distance and Time
Density Altitude
Dew Point and Relative Humidity
Heat Index
Fuel and Oil Weight
Weight and Balance
Leg Timer
Flight Instruments (Altitude and Ground Speed)Disclaimer: Use this application at your own risk. The pilot in command is solely responsible for assuring correct data and proper checking of the aircraft prior to flight.Please report any bugs found to help develop this application. It is very important to mention the input you entered. Contact me via email for requests or complaints.

How to install SchattenWurf for Shadowrun APK at

SchattenWurf is primarily designed to be used with Shadowrun 4th Edition and 5th Edition and supports Glitches and the "Rule of Six" (i.e. whenever you roll a 6 the die "explodes").

The SchattenWurf app does not need any permissions on your Android device and is completely AD FREE - and will stay that way.
The dice rolls are generated using a cryptographically strong pseudo random number generator.

- Simple interface
- Quick & easy selection of the number of dice to roll
- Roll log
- Enable "Rule of Six", e.g. for rolls using Edge
- Shows Glitches and Critical Glitches
- Toggle between SR5 & SR4 Glitch rules
- Dice-rolling sounds (Optional)
- Shake your Android device to start a new dice roll (Optional)

The app's design was partly inspired by the iOS app named "SR4 Dice Pool Roller".

How to download Defender Soft Token APK at

If you need to use two-factor authentication to access your business network and resources but don’t want to carry a second device, then this is the solution for you!

The Defender Soft Token when used in conjunction with Defender enables you to use your Android device as a token to enable two-factor authentication to your corporate network and resources.

Note: To obtain Defender please contact [email protected] or visit

How to install Airzone Cloud APK at

Control your Airzone system from any place and at any time thanks to our brand new service Airzone Cloud. It is totally free. Besides, you do not need to have a fixed IP. Control zoning systems, cassettes, splits, fan-coils and underfloor heating.

Your favorite app, now even better!

-Improved performance.

*** Compatible with the new webserver range Airzone Cloud.

This new simple and intuitive version allows you to:

-Save energy and control your consumption
-Choose the temperature that best fits your needs
-Turn on/off the system of any zone or all of them
-Schedule your system
-Change the operating mode
-Personalize your zones
-Extend the service lifetime of your products thanks to error notifications

How to download Alarm Clock 3 - music alarm APK at

Alarm Clock 3 is an easy to use and reliable Music Alarm Clock with 3 customizable alarms, waking you up optionally with alarms or ring tones of your phone or with music of your own music collection. All basic alarm settings are easily accessible with a single screen touch. For testing and checking the sound settings and alarm volumes you can quickly playback the alarms from main screen.

Alarm Clock 3 respects your privacy: Our Music Alarm Clock does not require any rights for internet access and is free of advertising banners!

Features of Music Alarm Clock 3 (free Version): For each of the three alarms you can independently configure the:
- alarm time,
- music title, alarmtone or ringtone,
- loudness / sound volume
- fade in and fade out
- phone vibration
- alarm duration: one title or 1-20 min
- alarm repetition: run the alarm just once or repeat it every day or repeat it on single or multiple weekdays
- enable snooze and set snooze delay: 3-50min
- auto snooze (reasonable for very short music tracks or alarm tones, e.g. with enabling auto-snooze you might let the cock crowing every 5 or 10 minutes in the morning).

Further apps features:
- Switch-off alarms or snooze optionally by double click, by long touch (>500ms) or double long touch (to prevent accidental switch-off).
- The background of Alarm Clock 3 is dimmable from translucent to completely black.
- The analogue clock can be disabled.
- Additional timer setup menu which pops up instead of the Alarm Time setup menu after long pressing the alarm time button. These timers can only be used when the daily or weekly alarm repetition is disabled (setting "Do not repeat alarm" in alarm preferences).
- Simple Widget which shows besides a small analogue clock the alarm times

How to install Network Mapper APK at

A very fast net scanner for network admins that can scan your network in the office and export as CSV via GMail to give you a map of what devices are on your LAN

Includes a portscanner for security audit scans and a MAC vendor database to identify NIC manufacturers

Can detect firewalled and stealthed computers, quite useful if you are looking for a windows/firewall box that you can't see on your network!

Useful if you want to find FTP servers, SSH servers, SMB servers etc on your network and would help you to diagnose faults.

You can save the scan results as a CSV file which can be imported into Excel/Google Spreadsheet/LibreOffice

Built for speed and reliability. Throw anything at it and it should cope (even on a 3G network :-)) If you want a specific feature, let me know!

How to download SeeClickFix APK at

SeeClickFix is a powerful mobile platform for collectively improving towns and cities. Take a photo of a pothole or other problem, geo-locate it and hit submit. SeeClickFix publicly documents the issue and notifies local governments and others who resolve the problem. SeeClickFix works with hundreds of municipal, state and county partners including Houston, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Albuquerque, UDOT and Sac County to streamline service and improve efficiency.

Hundreds of local partners from 1,000 to 3,000,000 in population
Over 3 Million concerns have been documented
86% of those concerns have been resolved

Please note: SeeClickFix uses Google location services.

How to download Panecal Plus APK at

This app is a scientific calculator application for technical work such as information engineering, mechanical engineering, dynamics, measurements, and construction, an essential item for engineers and science students.
Panecal Scientific Calculator can display and correct mathematical expressions. You can use it to check expressions, which enables you to prevent input errors and calculation mistakes. Panecal Scientific Calculator has functions such as editing and recalculating calculation expressions entered in the past, as well as the capability to use variable memory to only change specific values and do calculations.
A cursor is displayed on the screen, and you can tap the screen or push arrow keys to quickly move to the location you want to edit. Panecal allow you to swipe to scroll through expressions, as well as copying and pasting using long tapping, which makes it a strong and flexible application with an intuitive user interface.
[Primary use of this scientific calculator] 
- for information engineers, mechanical engineers.
- for calculation of dynamics, measurements, and construction.
- for science students.
- for a large calculator by using tablet device.
- In case you don't have a scientific calculator on an outing.
- Move the cursor by tapping
- Swipe to scroll through the screen
- Copy and paste
- expressions history
- Binary numbers, octal numbers, decimal numbers, hexadecimal numbers up to 32 bits
- Radix conversion
- M+/M- memory
- 6 types (A-F) variable memory
- Degrees, radians, or grads for angle units
- FloatPt (floating decimal mode), Fix (fixed decimal mode), Sci (index mode), and Eng (index is in multiples of 3) for displaying format
- Decimals and grouping separator settings
- Horizontal screen display
- Vibration and orange coloring as tapping
- Arithmetic operations, inverse trigonometric, logarithmic, power, power root, factorials, absolute values, and percent calculations.
Please note in advance that Appsys is not responsible for any damage or lost profits caused by the use of this software, or any claims from third parties.

How to install Simple Calculator + Graph APK at

A simple calculator with percent, scientific calculator, calculator with memory - all suitable to describe this application has a nice and functional interface, style Material Design, beautiful animation, sliding bar.


-Preview the course of calculation (long click on the button element is or history)
-Basic arithmetic operations
-The root

The choice of measures of angles: radians, grads, degrees.
History of calculations with possibility of choice of insertion of result or expression.
A good set of settings: the ability to choose how to fill the input window, multi-line or single line, disabling hibernation, and others. In the app there is advertising.

How to install testo 330i App APK at

Install our free App on your Smartphone/tablet, and operate your new testo 330i right where you happen to be.
The report, with customer name, photos and your logo, can be sent to your office or directly to the customer as a simple and fast documentation, right after the measurement.

- Complete control of the measuring instrument via Smartphone and tablet
- Easy and intuitive menu guide in the touchscreen
- Track changes using the graphical trend view
- The measurement values always in view during the adjustment of the system.
- Creation of PDF reports or export of measurement values in csv (Excel) or ZIV format
- Report sent as an e-mail straight from the measuring location
- Insert photos of the measurement site and comments into the documentation
- Range of approx. 20 m without obstruction via Bluetooth 4.0 LE

This app can be used with the testo 330i flue gas analyzer only!

How to download Calculator + Widget 21 themes APK at

PRO Calculator + Widget 21 themes
- 21 motifs
- widget
- lockscreen widget features (Android 4.2)
- history stores the last 30 results
- resizeable widget (Android 3.1 and later)
- changing fonts size
- setting precision the expression
- no ads
- percentage


- subtraction
- addition
- multiplication
- division
- parenthesis
- division
- percentage
- square root
- log logarithm
- mod remainder of division
- ln natural logarithm is the logarithm to the base e
- power
- sin
- cos
- tan
- memory copy paste, you can copy and paste for example from SMS
- parenthesis
- vibration
- pi constant
- e constant

- 21 motifs (holo dark and light, purple, green, standard, black transparent, blue transparent, grey transparent, white, sky blue)
- history (stores the last 30 results)
- ability to disable/enable extra bar (Fn, MR, M+, %)
- different decimal separators
- different thousand separators
- changing fonts size
- setting precision the expression
- actions in the history menu (delete, copy equation, copy expression, copy result)
- lockscreen widget (Android 4.2)
- resizeable widget (Android 3.1 and later)
- option show subscripts
- option show superscripts (it shows the current result)
- option vibration

-If the calculator no longer responds to the buttons, remove the widget from the homescreen and put it again into your homescreen.

How to download Right Angle Triangle Solver APK at

Enter any 2 known variables (2 sides or a side and angle) to have this calculator figure out the rest of the missing values.Colored text boxes show you which values you entered while the white one's show the calculated values. On Screen Keyboard makes entering values easy and fast without the android keyboard popping up and down to get in your way.No need to hit calculate because after every key press the calculator will solve for the missing values if enough information is available saving you time and key presses.Thanks to the following people for helping me make it better:

How to install Triange Calculator APK at

Do you want to calculate the sides and angles of a triangle, but you don't know how? Or you don't want to calculate it? Then Triangle Calculator is the perfect app for you. Triangle Calculator uses Sine, Cosine and Tangent. You don't have knowledge, because that has the app. The app calculates all sides and angles of a triangle. Only thing you need to do is to fill two sides or one side and one angle. This is possible through an easily understandable layout where you have to press only on the buttons. The results will be displayed elegantly.

How to install Unit Converter (Pega Pro) - Premium APK at

✓ Built-In real-time Currency Converter and their latest exchange rates.
# 48 unit categories.
# 12800+unit conversions.
# Smart Tools - Bubble Level, Compass, Protractor, Resistor codes, Stop Watch, Ruler, World Time, Date Converter and much more.
# Currency Converter - now supports 162 world currencies with latest exchange rates
# Bit Coin conversion - Latest Bit coin Exchange rates and conversion.
# Has the highest number of unit conversion categories among all other unit converters.
# Now added Financial Calculators and Mathematical Calculators along with other unit converters.
# Time Zone Calculator with day light savings and accurate time differences calculations.
# Has most important conversion tools that are used in daily life including Fuel Calculations, Temperature, Volume, Speed, Weight, Computer Storage, Angle, Power, Viscosity, Force, Energy, Torque, Density and much more…
# Has Engineering conversion tools like radiation, electric resistance, electric capacitance, inductance, inertia, specific heat density, specific heat capacity, and illumination.
# Built-In Calculator to perform basic arithmetic operations on the fly while using the unit converter.
# Supports both Metric and Imperial Units.
# A Feature to add and customize Favourite Units.
# A Feature to add your own Custom Unit Conversions.
# Financial calculators - Loan calculator, Compound interest calculator, Retirement calculator, Service tax calculator, Stock calculator
# Maths calculators -Roman numeral converter, Number base converter, Number series generator, Ratio, Fraction, Proportion, etc..
# First ever Unit Conversion App to feature and support Latest Material design.

How to install Unit Converter Plus APK at

Unit Converter Plus is a simple and friendly unit converter with a clean user interface. Unit Converter Plus has everything you loved about the original Unit Converter and a whole lot more.

Some of the new features include:

* Download Time Calculator - estimate how long it will take to download a file of a certain size with a given bandwidth.
* Currency conversions for 165 countries ( vs 60 in the original).
* Ability to search for unit by name and show all categories that unit is found in **
* The ability to create custom units for nearly every category(**) ( so if a unit is missing and you know the conversion factor you can add it yourself). (**) there are a few categories that do not currently allow for custom units... please email me if you have questions.
* A new Calculator section with a Tip Calculator and a simple 4 function calculator.
* More preference options including setting the initial start up screen (to be able to jump to your favorite section automatically) and the option to show results in scientific notation.
* The ability to search and filter units in the drop-down list.
* Optimized to be faster and more efficient.
* Works with Android 2.3 and has Apps2SD for Froyo (and above).

Please try out and read the 18000+ reviews for the original Unit Converter which has over 1,800,000+ downloads. If you liked the original you will not be disappointed with Unit Converter Plus!

** Tips & Tricks **:

** You can filter the main list of conversions to only show the ones you want by going to Preferences -> Filter Main List. Also, you can toggle the filter on/off with menu item.

** To change or delete "Quick Launch" shortcut, Long Press the icon and a menu will pop-up to allow you to change or remove the shortcut.

** By default when you open the currency screen and it's been over a day since the rates have been downloaded, the app will attempt to download the current rates. You can turn this off by going to Preferences -> Auto Update Currency.

** If you want to delete a particular favorite then on the Favorite conversion list Long-Press the one to delete and a pop-up will allow you to delete it.

** If you would like to copy the output of a conversion Long-Press the result box and a pop-up will allow you to copy it to the clipboard. Then you can Long-Press the input value box and select paste.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me via email: [email protected]

Note: Internet permission is required for currency conversion. The ONLY internet it uses is to download the currency rates.

How to download Unit Converter - Calculator: Metric & Imperial APK at

At Rome Rock App Studio, we are proud to introduce our new mobile app to you: Quick Unit Converter for Android & iOS
… and it is absolutely FREE!

How to install Lifove Bible APK at

(Report issues and suggest new functions in Developer Website below:

This app is a viewer to support "*.lfa" bible data files. Currently, this supports many different languages such as English (KJV, ASV, Darby, YLT) Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Finnish, Portuguese, Thai, Latin, Russian, Japanese, Tagalog, French, Hebrew, Greek, etc.

You can check the chapter you read and add home widgets with your favorite verses. If you want to write a memo for a certain verse, please, long-click the verse, then you can write a simple memo. Please, run this app and enjoy many features to help you read Bible!

Because of copyright issue, some versions are not available. If you want to see more Bible versions, please check the copyright and provide information about the version. Then, I can add more Bible versions. ([email protected])

Multilanguage Bible,Bible,성경, 성서, English, Chinese 圣经 / 聖經, Spanish, Thai, Tagalog, Indonesian, Hebrew, Suomi, Finnish, Portuguese, Germany, French, Japanese, Greek, Latin, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean Bible, Bibla e Shenjtë, БЪЛГАРСКА БИБЛИЯ, BIBLIJA, česko, Bibelen, De Bijbel, PyhäRaamattu, पवित्र बाइबिल, Biblia, Biblían, کتاب مقدس, Myanmarese

How to download Plesk Mobile APK at

Plesk Mobile gives Plesk administrators and their customers mobile access to management of their domains. If you are the administrator of a Plesk server, you can also access a number of server management features. The app requires Plesk 11.0 or higher - and it's free. See the full list of features below.

Domain management features:
* File manager with basic operations
* Embedded simple text editor
* Subscription statistics
* Quick links and ability to open Plesk in embedded web view

Server management features for administrators:
* View the list of services on a server
* View server information: OS, CPU, Plesk version and so on
* View server health: CPU load average, memory consumption, swap usage, etc
* Health monitor events on your smartphone
* Subscribe to Plesk events
* Secret key authentication
* Roll back and retrieve Plesk license key
* Restart a server
* Stop and start services on a server
* View Plesk access and error logs
* Restrict administrative access to Plesk, including particular IPs from access log
* Open Plesk in embedded web view

How to download Applock Pro APK at

This is professional version of Applock, in this version:
- Full features, free up to date & premium support
- Full refund (100% money back guarantee) if app does not work as described
- All ads were removed

Smart app lock, security apps keep safe private photo vault by password pattern!

AppLock is one of the best Android lock app with privacy guard, the best app locker with password & pattern lock screen, smart applock that provide high secure features in the one app.
This is the super applock that will protects your privacy, give your phone All-round protection. 
Privacy your Photo, note, call, sms, email, settings..., all the privacy guard functions for you to ensure your phone security and keep your privacy safe.
With App lock security protection, your privacy is well protected with password lock screen & pattern lock screen

AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, ….. Ensure personal & phone security.
AppLock can hide pictures and hide videos. Hidden pictures and videos are vanished from Gallery and only visible in the photo and video vault. No pin, no way.
App lock has option to enable invisible pattern lock. No more worry people may peep the pin or pattern. Keep safe!

With this secret app lock, you will never worry about something like your kids mess up settings, paying for games! its so cool child lock feature!
The app is perfect app lock that help you to keep your personal security, make protection app from everyone.

- Lock apps with a password, pattern password safe with anyone
- The vault: Safe gallery vault, private photo vault help to hide pictures and hide videos.
- With the image vault & gallery lock, app move photo/video to secret vault by auto-deleting hidden images from the gallery after performing hide photos & hide videos
- Lot of beautiful password lock themes, pattern lock screen themes
- Customized lock screen password theme for the app, make privacy screen with style you wanted
- App block Settings automatically right after app is opened at first screen, help to prevent some uninstall app
- Protect your emails, SMS, call log
- Small app size, low memory usage, power saving & save battery
- Three securities private mode: Lock apps with password lock, pattern lock or DIY. The keypad lock screen with passcode, DIY help you to make yourself keypad lock screen, pattern lock screen using your photo on the gallery
- Option to make invisible pattern on unlock screen, people can not see your pattern lock screen while you are unlocking. More safe!
- Easily to lock phone apps, unlock phone apps easily from an app list by one click
- Explorer more apps and the locker themes from the “More apps” feature.
- Password manager: Change password type between passcode, pattern, DIY and reset password

Features we are implementing and will be available very soon:
- Data security: Delete app data when someone login fails so many times (probably not you)
- Option to hide apps from the phone desktop and open it in the app locker app.

1. How to protect my phone ?
You need to lock at least these apps: Settings & Google Play to prevent someone uninstall the app lock app

2. How to change password ?
To password for apps, open the AppLock, click menu Settings then chose Change password

3. How to stop or uninstalling AppLock ?
You must have password to uninstall this smart app lock, if you forgot passcode you can reset it via security email.

4. I Forgot password, how to find it ?
Enter your security email then click 'reset password'.

Download smart app locker right now, best app protector, app security for everyone.
Feel free to send your feedback to us! [email protected]

The privacy app: We does not collect any personal & device information of yours.

Note: To get refund easily, pls uninstall app within 2 hours after you install the app. Over that time you must contact us.

How to install AnDOSBox APK at

A DOSBox port for Android. DOSBox is a x86 emulator developed by DOSBox Team for playing old PC games.

** First practical DOS emulator for Android **
** Apps of the Week, ZDNet, Sept 2011 **

IMPORTANT: Like other emulators this software requires sdcard access and lots of resources to run properly. Make sure you have > 50MB free memory, and your sdcard can be accessed through /sdcard.

We appreciate any rating, comments and suggestions, but in case you need some answer, please check faq or email us directly.

Regarding GPL please refer to home page.

-Portrait and Landscape mode with/without resize.
-Sound support
-Software and Hardware keyboard input
-Support entering special keys like Ctrl, ESC and Function keys
-Support Virtual TrackPad, Virtual Joystick, and Pen mode
-Support mouse control with physical Trackball or Mouse

Regarding arrows and special keys(like ctrl, alt, shift): AnDOSBox is designed to work with external input solution, seek out and use anything you see fit. We also built an "Extra layout" plugin for our Flit Keyboard. (see AnDOSBox home page for details). For enhanced gaming keypad, please check out our "GameKeyboard" app.

Known Issues
-On some device it failed to call out the software keyboard. In this case, try holding the "menu" hardware key, or turn on (menu->input mode->show keyboard fix).
-In some program sound is broken (stop after awhile) when Speed Patch C is turned on.
-Some devices with physical keyboard failed to input additional characters by pressing Alt+Key. Please refer to FAQ General Usage #1.
-It's said that some high-end snapdragon based devices have poor performance. We never received an official report, please contact developer in this case.

If you have problem running a particular DOS program, please check with DOSBox Team for compatibility before report to us.

How to download WOT Web of Trust- Safe Browsing & Website Blocking APK at

WOT Browse Safe creates a secure web browsing environment as you surf the web by blocking malicious websites. Warning screens alert you to threats such as phishing and allow you to go back to safety. WOT is the required supplement to any antivirus app for total protection from spyware, ransomware, phishing and malware planted on websites.

Blocking dangerous sites for a safe web experience
WOT helps you browse safe by blocking malicious and dangerous links. How does WOT know when a site is unsafe? Site reputation ratings are based on machine learning algorithms and safety ratings by millions of WOT users.

No extra security browser for Android needed
WOT is not a security browser - instead it creates a safe web environment from the browsers you’re most used to: Chrome and your native Android browser. No more hassle - enjoy secure web browsing at its finest.

The perfect mobile security supplement to antivirus
WOT catches threats that antivirus apps cannot. Spyware lurking on malicious websites can snatch up your personal details. Phishing sites can steal your credit card details and identity. Millions of WOT safety ratings allow WOT to spot these threats which an antivirus app simply can’t detect, and prevent your browser from visiting these sites.

Adult content blocking
Want to block adult content as well as mobile security? No problem. WOT Safe Browse can be set to actively blocking porn and other adult sites that aren’t safe for kids.

How does WOT work?
WOT Safe Browse combines machine learning algorithms with hundreds of millions of website safety ratings, creating a safety score for every site. When you browse to any site, the app scans the url and matches it to our database of site security reputations. If the site is unsafe (contains phishing, malware, or other malicious threats), a warning screen is shown on your device with an option to Go Back to safety.

Install now to boost your mobile security and browse safe with WOT!

Get in touch
Help Center:
Contact Us:

Your Privacy is important to us:
We respect your privacy and work very hard to preserve it.
To enable real-time protection and allow us to fully understand website reputations, WOT uses Accessibility services to block harmful and/or adult websites. As part of this process, WOT receives and analyzes browsing data, as described in our Privacy Policy. We do not license or share this data with third parties for the purposes of direct marketing or identifying or targeting of individual users.
By installing and/or using the WOT app, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy:

Millions of users already use WOT for browsing security and safety. Stay safe online and install WOT!

How to download SuperB Cleaner - OEM (Boost & Clean) APK at

Super B Cleaner can boost your phone to make phone faster by 50% and save battery by 20%. Enjoy the best Android and game experience, only at Super B Cleaner.

Albeit only 2 MB, Super B Cleaner is a small but effective memory boost tool and battery extender. It can clean unnecessary background apps to boost your phone and save battery power. With proper management, its one-tap boost can make phone faster by 50% and save battery power by 20%. Favored by users worldwide, Super B Cleaner is one of the best android booster for Android.

Memory Boost

By clean unnecessary background apps and process, this memory booster can free up memory, make Android phone faster, and save battery power. With accessibility, this accelerator can prevent apps from auto restart and therefore provide durable boost effect to make phone faster. No more slow phone.

Battery Saver

After boost, the battery extender can close unnecessary apps therefore greatly save battery power. The memory monitor will show the real time memory usage and list apps that consume much memory (RAM) and waste power. Thus, you can choose to boost when necessary.

CPU Cooler

This accelerator can detect and clean apps that highly consume CPU capacity and cause overheating. By memory boost, it can cool down Android device as fast as possible.

Root Free

This speed booster can make your phone faster without root permission. The memory boost effect is even better than those who require root permission.

Game Boost

After memory boost, the accelerator will make phone faster by 50%. The game experience will be better. Goodbye, the lag phone.

Cleaner Homepage:

How to install SpindleCalc APK at

Construction calculator for figuring spacing for railings and anything else. Enter the length, enter the width of the spindle, enter the maximum space in between each spindle, choose if you want spindles on ends, and enter angle (if doing stair railing) in degrees.

SpindleCalc is a huge time saving construction calculator. No more math just get the numbers and get the job done.
Every space in your railing will be the same giving it a quality look without doing any math.

The layout numbers are x-ahead (meaning if you are laying out from left to right your spindle will go to the right of your measurement) #ladderwalker

How to download PeriPage APK at

Palm-sized PeriPage inkless printer, 3 kinds of thermal papers (plain paper without adhesive, adhesive paper with adhesive tape and label paper) print photos, notes, lists, labels, web pages. OCR, material moments and more functions make your life, study and work easier and more fun.

How to download 360Robot APK at

Qihoo 360 company's artificial intelligence App for hardware one-stop management, supports 360 Robot Cleaning Vacuum, can be online real-time viewing the track, set the exclusion zone and cleaning area, fixed-point cleaning, scheduled appointments and other cleaning. To know more fun features, all in 360 Smart.
Simple operation, convenient interaction and excellent experience.

How to install Bible Memory: VerseLocker APK at

AudioVerse helps you memorize Scripture with a suite of audio and visual tools. Just add your verses to your account and start memorizing!

• Listen to your verses on a loop
• Fill in the missing words from memory
• Organize your verses into custom playlists
• Track your progress with insightful reports
• See where you rank on the global leaderboard
• Collect badges for your progress
• Try saying the verse while viewing only its initials

How to install DeLaval MyFarm Beta APK at

DeLaval MyFarm receive alerts and presents real-time milk production and animal data from your VMS (Voluntary Milking System) or AMR (Automatic Milking Rotary) to your device. Alerts appear even if the app is running in the background.

- Information about your AMS active animals
- Herd milk production data presentation
- Chat window providing easy communication within farm
- Alerts from VMS, OCC, cow traffic and tank
- Possible to set “silent time”
- Open wait area to animals due to be milked


- VMS Baseline 6.0 or higher:
- A secure Internet connection with DeLaval RFC (Remote Farm Connection)
- System configuration settings need updates by certified DeLaval VMS Service Technician
- An device with at least android version 4.0.3


Tested on Android devices:
* Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250
* LG Nexus 4
* LG Nexus 5
* Asus Google Nexus 7
* Asus Google Nexus 7 (2013)


If you want to try the DeLaval MyFarm application without connecting to a real farm then you can connect to the DeLaval Demo Farm:

1. Install the DeLaval MyFarm application.
2. Register your self as user at DeLavals Demo Farm at (this page must be used on computer and not on a mobile device)
3. Your password will be sent to your e-mail box.
4. Log in to the DeLaval Demo Farm in the DeLaval MyFarm application in your Android device with the new user.

How to download Carbon - MTG Tabletop Utility APK at

Carbon is an elegant MTG tabletop utility packed with features:

- Up to 4 Player Support.
- Counters for any situation. (Commander Tax, Damage, Storm, Mana, Etc.)
- Game Timer.
- Game History.
- Random number generator.

How to download EasyAccess 2.0 APK at

EasyAccess 2.0 is a remote access tool for your machine or industrial HMI.
Enable you to monitor or update connected controllers or projects of HMI's.

Note: Another app "EasyAccess 2.0 OVPN Connector" is required for managing VPN connections.

• Monitor HMI's/PLC's/controllers.
• Secure connections.
• Little PC setup required; no router setup required.
• User friendly administrator and client UI.
• Supports pass-through and proxy server

Traditionally, accessing a remote HMI is a convoluted job. Security concerns and tricky network parameters setup makes it difficult for many HMI users. And even with proper setup, access is still quite limited, allowing connection to only one HMI within the remote network. However, with EasyAccess 2.0, this is about to change.

EasyAccess 2.0 is a new way to access an HMI from anywhere in the world. With EasyAccess 2.0, it becomes very easy to monitor and troubleshoot HMI’s/PLC’s that are at a remote location as long as Internet connection is available. As EasyAccess 2.0 already takes care of network settings and addresses security issues, the user can connect easily to the HMIs as if they were on the local network. Moreover, it is possible to have multiple available HMIs within a network.

EasyAccess is also a remote supporting service. Consider the case in which a machine builder sells his machine with a Weintek HMI installed. One of his oversea customers is reporting a problem, which may or may not require inspection by an engineer. The machine builder can remotely connect to the HMI through EasyAccess 2.0 to investigate the problem. The customer needs no extra network configuration and just need to plug in Internet connection. In addition, the machine builder can also update the HMI project, monitor the PLC by Ethernet Pass-through, or even update the PLC program.

How to download Camcut APK at

Camcut mobile app includes a variety of technical calculators which help you to calculate machining values, coordinates, thermal expansion and other calculations related to metalwork. The application also includes many different standardized tables, which have been published with the permission of Finnish Standards Association (SFS). In these tables you can find for example dimensions for different threads as well as general and ISO tolerances. The application's guides include plenty of useful information about most relevant topics in machining, such as G-codes and functionalities of Mastercam. The application is specifically designed as a tool for production workers and other personnel of machining workshops, as well as an aid for metalwork teachers and students. The application is free of charge.

How to install Rotating Sphere Inclinometer APK at

This inclinometer measures roll and pitch, lateral and longitudinal inclination.

It is aimed for measuring roll and pitch of cars and boats and can also be used as a spirit level for leveling pictures on the wall, leveling of hobby constructions etc.


The inclinometer has both an analogue and a digital display
The resolution of the digital display is selectable. Choose either degrees or tenths of degrees
You can continuously adjust the resolution of the analogue display using two of your fingers
You can choose any orientation of your mobile device as zero for your display
After zeroing, small angle changes can be accurately measured
Select portrait or landscape orientation, backgrounds and colors according to need and taste.

Keywords: inclinometer, clinometer, spirit level, leveling, roll, pitch, small angle

Support/feedback: [email protected]

How to download 3G Watchdog Pro - Data Usage APK at

3G Watchdog Pro monitors your Mobile and WiFi Internet data usage:

* Mobile (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS...), roaming & WiFi usage counting
* Advanced data usage prediction
* Billing rules (counts in blocks, ignores uploads, exclude apps, exclude time periods, do not count 2G or 4G)
* Usage history with graph & CSV export
* Usage by application (Android 2.2+, unavailable on Dell Streak)
* Real Time traffic graphs (local, roaming and WiFi)
* Alerts & optional auto-disable of mobile network
* Data usage widget (2 sizes / 5 styles). Mobile network enable/disable widget (Android 2.3 - 4.4).
* Backup/restore with optional auto-backup
* "Holo" user interface
* Account per SIM with auto switch (requires a phone with a SIM - WARNING! may not work well with dual-SIM phones).
* Import settings & data from 3GW free (don't uninstall 3GW free before importing!)

Translated in over 20 languages.


* Doesn't count properly usage on Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A (SM-G906S and SM-G901F) with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Please contact us for a refund, or if you want to help us to fix this problem.

* On Android 5.0+ the "Disable mobile network" function does not work (the mobile data switch widget and the auto-disable feature are both affected). This is because on Lollipop the enable/disable function is no longer accessible to third-party apps.

* Doesn't count properly global usage on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 - this problem affects other data counting applications as well and is caused by a bug on the tablet itself. You may try to check the "Calculate global usage from usage by app" advanced option as a possible workaround (feedback welcome).

* Doesn't count properly global mobile usage on Samsung Galaxy R / Z (i9103) and possibly Galaxy Y. Problems were also reported with the Captivate Glide. Same workaround as for the Galaxy Tab (see above).


If you run into problems and wish to help to solve the problem while giving the community a chance to get a better 3GW Pro, please send a mail to [email protected] with details.

-> See the FAQ at

How to download Programmer's calculator CALC-P APK at

Calculators CALC-P is a programmer for Android.

Base eliminating the hassle of switching modes

Input is done in the key corresponding to each number (Green:Hexadecimal / blue:decimal / pink:binary)

It also simultaneously displays in decimal 16/10/2 done quickly the most frequently used base conversions.

■ Features
+,-,×,÷, AND, OR, ExOR(XOR)
left shift(<<),right shift(>>),NOT,NEG
Change display unsigned (US) / signed (S) decimal Number only.
show last answer (Ans)
Memory (Memory in(Min) / Recall(MR) / Clear(MC))

screen size is 320x480 or more are required for a screen.

The tested HTC bufferfly(JPN HTL21) / android Ver 4.1.1

How to install Programmer's calculator - BitCalculator APK at

BitCalculator - the best calculator for programmers.

This calculator will always be adfree!

Can convert numbers between different number bases (2/8/10/16)

Display shows numbers in binary, hexadecimal, octal and decimal.
Input can be in binary, hexadecimal, octal or decimal.

Different modes:
- 64 bit integer (signed/unsigned)
- 32 bit integer (signed/unsigned)
- 16 bit integer (signed/unsigned)
- 8 bit integer (signed/unsigned)
- 64 bit float (IEEE 754 standard)
- 32 bit float (IEEE 754 standard)

- little-endian and big-endian byte ordering

Supported operations:
- Bitwise and
- Bitwise or
- Bitwise not
- Bitwise xor
- Increment
- Decrement
- Logic shift left
- Logic shift right
- Arithmetic shift right
- Rotate left
- Rotate right
- Modulo
- Negate
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division
- Random number generator

(Bit operations on floating point numbers works as if they were integers with the same bit structure)

- Supports brackets
- Directly set bits on/off

- 4 different color themes (white/blue/red/black)

- Beautiful transitions!

How to download ToDo list - Private Tasks Free APK at

This is free version of organizer app "Private Tasks" which will help to you to manage and organize your life. ToDo list.

You can:
- Write and manage your "ToDo list"
- Add comments and ideas for task
- Set notification for task
- Search tasks
- Protect by setting password for app
- Add user categories
- Send your tasks by email
- Backup your todo list to SD card
- Recovery your tasks from SD card
- Selection sound of notification
- Optimisation for android tablets
- "ToDO list" Widget
- Dark and lite themes

How to download Home Teaching APK at

This app allows home teachers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to keep all their information regarding home teaching in one convenient location. You can add as many families as you like to your home teaching list and save the necessary information about them and the members of each family. Call, text, or email your home teaching families from the app with a push of a button. Email a home teaching report to the person you report to. The email automatically gets filled in with info pulled from each individual family's page so you don't have to write anything. You can add to or edit the email before it is sent if you would like though. This app is an easy way for LDS home teachers to keep track of their visits each month. We'd love to hear your feedback to know what you like, things you would like to see in the app, or if you experience any type of bugs or glitches in the app.

*** Features ***

View all the families you home teach.
- Add as many families as you need
- Select your families from your contacts in your phone or input their info into the app manually
- Automatically saves their phone number so you can call or text them right from the app
- Take a picture of the family that will be displayed on the families page; click on the image to view a larger image
- List their address so you can always have it
- When making an appointment, select the date and time so you can remember
- Mark whether or not you have visited them yet
- Add as many family members as you need
- Delete families by pressing and holding their name in the family list until a delete option appears

View Family Members
- View individual family member by clicking on their name from the list on each families page
- Save their name, birthday, and any notes for each individual family member

Google Maps
- View map with address of the family pinned on map
- address of family must be complete address in order to pin the location on the map
- Map will also show you your current location

Read the First Presidency Message
- Select the monthly message from a list of all past messages in order of newest to oldest
- From the list, you can read, listen to, or download the message

Email Home Teaching Report
- You can the save the email address of who you report your home teaching to each month
- Email from the app and it automatically fills in the email address, subject line, and body of the email
- It writes the email based from the info on each families page
- It says each families name and whether or not you visited them and the date if the visit box is checked

This app is designed and optimized for phone and tablet devices.

Languages this app currently supports: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.
If you would like to help in translating this app into another language, please contact us by email.

How to install Print Formulas APK at

This App is for grafic designers, printers, layout designers, advertising artists, lettershops and all the people interested in weights, length, width, prices, spine width, colors, volume and other technical property of print products.

Plan your design, mailing project and logistic project with the right technical product datas.

The formulary in the print field. All important formulas visible and calculable at a glance. Calculate every important value for your product.

The following formulas are included:
- Number of sheets in shipment
- Price of 1000 sheets into price for 100 kg
- Price for 100 kg into price of 1000 sheets
- Thickness of a innerbook into number of pages
- Calculate innerbook thickness
- Calculate thickness of a soft cover book / brochure
- Weight of a soft cover book / brochure
- Weight of a book with book case
- Calculate paper volume V
- Calculate sheet thickness in mm
- Running meters by diameter
- Running meters by weight
- Weight / Running meters
- Calculate scanning resolution
- Convert picture size mm - pixel
- Calculate filesize
- Calculate golden ratio
- Convert screen ruling lpi - lpc
- Convert inch – mm
- Print project per sheet
- Calculate samples per packaging unit
- Calculate maximum grammage for a product
- Weight of envelope
- Convert RGB to CMYK
- Convert CMYK to RGB
- Convert HKS
- Convert P
- Calculate thickness of a book
- Shingling in mm for brochures
- Calculate consumption of paint

You want even more formulas?
If you have questions or improvement suggestions do not hesitate to contact us at:
[email protected]

Visit us at:

How to install Brivo OnAir APK at

The Brivo OnAir mobile application lets you manage and administer your Brivo OnAir account with your smartphone or tablet. Available exclusively for the Brivo OnAir cloud-based access control platform.

Manage and administer Brivo OnAir from anywhere using your mobile device. This app seamlessly extends our Brivo OnAir access control and video surveillance platform to a smartphone, integrating door control and credential management with live and recorded video in a user-friendly application. Administrators can manage building security on the go, providing peace of mind, operational flexibility and ease of use.

Just download the app and sign in with your OnAir credentials. Administrators can then:

* View live video
* Review events with recorded video
* Monitor activity logs of multiple sites
* Unlock doors remotely
* Suspend or reinstate user credentials
* Create new users and assign them Brivo Mobile Pass
* Take pictures of users that automatically upload to OnAir

The Brivo OnAir mobile application for Android requires a subscription to Brivo OnAir access control. To activate mobile video surveillance an active subscription to Brivo OnAir Video is also required.

How to download Mobi Calculator PRO APK at

Handiness universal calculator with percentage for simple and complicated calculations. Ad Free!

Mobi Calculator is the best Android calculator for everyone who appreciate great usability and functionality.

Working with the calculator brings pleasure, since the interface is thought through to trifles. This is a simple calculator that will suit both schoolchildren, students and in work, and for everyday household calculations.

It's a choice of millions. Never fails its users!

- Ad Free!
- does not require unnecessary permissions like Internet connection, geo-position, contacts and SMS
- well calculates percentages
- classical memory feature (M+, M-, MR)
- multiple string expressions
- big buttons and beautiful themes
- multilanguage
- customizeble buttons on main screen
- realtime calculation
- spends very small memory space
- high accuracy, up to 30 digits
- full featured history of calculations, comments and sharing of calculations
- time calculation
- HEX/BIN/OCT mode, up to 64 bits in PRO-version

It's not "All in one" tool. We appending only really essential features that usable during work and everyday household calculations.

Other features:
- calculation modes: operation priorities, rounding, etc.
- modern Material and battery safe dark themes
- trigonometrical functions, sine, cosine, etc.
- radians, degrees calculations with DMS displaying mode (degree-minute-second)
- logarithmic and other functions
- basic features, square/cube/n-th root, power, percentages

In the PRO-version only:
* Ability to store records of the history (up to 1000, FREE - 50)
* Ability to edit expression with up to 7 lines on the screen (FREE - 5)
* Additional themes (Business, Ice Cream Sandwich)

The list will be increased!

Sometimes we got emails with complaints that Market doesn’t allow to download a purchased application. It is Market’s problem. You should wait and/or try to restart your device.
Please contact Market support or us if you have any problems with it.

Thanks to our translators:
Chinese (Simplified) - Nexus Sun
Chinese (Traditional) - Whale Majida
French - NEVEU Sylvai
German - Breaz Marius
Hellenic - Kaparos Spiros
Hungarian - István Kriskó
Italian - Claudio Percky
Korean - Jo Joon Hee (Gomdolius,
Polish - acosh(i)
Slovak (partial) - Loránt Gerencsér (
Turkish - Burak Çelik (Synertic)
Ukrainian - Vlad Borovik ([email protected])

How to download Easy Calculator APK at

★ For users who only use the calculator function It is an app developed for the calculator by extracting the simple calculator and the general purpose calculator of the integrated calculator.

★ It is a convenient and smart calculator with built-in function that can prevent user's mistakes as much as possible.

- Easy calculator function -

1) General purpose calculator: arithmetic operation, non-percentage trigonometric function calculation

2) Simple calculator: arithmetic operation, percent

3) Provide history management and permanent storage function

4) Memory storage and selection function (M +, M-, MR, MC, MM)

5) Undo and redo function

6) Supports 7 different calculator themes

7) Calculator button sound and font change function

★ The app will be shown at the top of the ad.

How to install Classic Calculator FULL APK at

This application has been designed and engineered for easy operation at any level. The Natural Display and enhanced features makes it versatile and the perfect choice for high school and college students alike.


* Multi-skin
* Copy clipboard
* Percentages
* Memories
* Trig functions in degrees, radians or grads
* Fixed-point display modes
* Configurable digit grouping and decimal point
* Degrees, minutes and seconds.
* Adjustable size digit

How to install Scientific Calculator (adfree) APK at

TechCalc+ contains 12 computing modes in one application + a handy reference section.
Modes included are:

* Basic Mode,
* Scientific Mode,
* 64-bit Programmer Mode (Hex, Oct, Bin and Dec),
* Graphing (save copy of graph to sdcard),
* Matrices,
* Complex Numbers (cartesian, polar, using Euler's identity),
* Quick Formulas,
* Quick Converter,
* Time Calculator,
* Equation Solver,
* Calculus (Derivative, Definite Integral, Taylor Series & Indefinite Integral) - requires Android version 2.3 or higher
* Financial

+ the Periodic Table of Elements!

Features include:

* All Trigonometric operations (radians, degrees or gradients)
* Powers & Roots
* Logs and Antilogs
* Factorial, Modulus & Random Numbers functions
* HCF, LCM, Prime factorization
* Pol() & Rec() Functions
* Permutations (nPr) and Combinations (nCr)
* Statistics
* Fractions Mode
* A wide range of conversion categories and constants
* 20 Memory Registers in each of the calculation modes
* Detailed calculation history
* Extensive Help and Reference
* Highly customizable via the Settings

The reference section includes:

* Physical Laws
* Names in the Metric System
* Mathematical Tables
* Elementary & Linear Algebra
* Trigonometric Identities
* Differentiation & Integration Rules
* Statistics Formulas
* Vector Mathematics
* ASCII, Fractional Bits, Roman Numeral & Number Base Converters
* pH, Interpolation, Body Mass Index (BMI), Percentage, Proportion & Molecular Weight Calculators
* Sigma & Pi Notation
* Balancing Chemical Equations
* Statistics (Grouped Data)
* Numerical Sequences
* Humidity Calculations
* Boolean Algebra Calculator
* Empirical Formula Calculator
* Characteristics of an RLC Circuit
* Feet and Inches Calculator

Please email any questions that are not answered in the Help section.

How to install TRUSTe APK at

The TRUSTe privacy app allows you:
- To notify advertisers that you want to opt-out of behaviorally targeted ads on your mobile device.
- To share information about the types of ads you want to see directly with advertisers.
With our app If you elect to opt-out of targeted ads, you will continue to see ads, but advertisers will no longer target you based on your mobile web and app usage. If you continue to receive targeted ads, you can let the advertiser know what type of ads you do and do not want to see.

Download the TRUSTe App today, and take control of your online advertising experience!

- Added support for user ad interests
- New dashboard for your advertising preferences summary
- Complete UI overhaul
- Change name to TRUSTe

How to download NativeScript Preview APK at

Preview NativeScript components on your device – from basic native UI elements like buttons, switches and sliders, to rich charts and data visualisation UI.

How to install PagerDuty APK at

PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform, turning any signal into insight and action to improve agility and visibility across organizations. Through its SaaS-based platform, PagerDuty arms developers, IT operations, support, security, and business leaders to prevent and resolve incidents for exceptional customer experiences. As revenue and brand reputation depends on customer satisfaction, more than 9,000 small, mid-size and enterprise global customers such as Comcast, Lululemon, Slack, IBM and Panasonic use and trust PagerDuty to maximize their time and increase their business response and efficiency.

PagerDuty for Android enables the following:

Receive unlimited push notification alerts and set custom sounds for alerts.

Easily access and respond to open incidents (acknowledge, resolve, or reassign).
You can also create new incidents directly from the mobile app.

View incident details, grouped alerts, and resolution timelines at a glance.

View your on-call timeline and team schedules. Book overrides for yourself or your teammates.

Access a contact list of all users in your account and their contact information.
Easily loop in responders for additional help with a single tap.

Execute custom actions (like restarting servers, running diagnostics, etc.) on incidents.
A PagerDuty user account is required to use this application.

*A PagerDuty user account is required to use this application.

How to download Space Alert Mission Generator APK at

Note: This is NOT a game, but instead a tool to be used with the board game Space Alert.

Space Alert is a cooperative board game by Vlaada Chvátil. This app will generate random missions to use in the game, or let you play with the original missions that came with the game, including the missions from the expansion Space Alert: The New Frontier.

The app will assist with the walk-through after each mission is completed by keeping a mission log of all the events from the mission.

It is not possible to generate random missions for Double Action cards from the expansion.

See for creating custom text and sounds and also find many others that have already done it for you!

How to download SpaceXNow - A SpaceX fan app APK at

SpaceXNow is a fan made app for the hardcore SpaceX fan who doesn’t want to miss anything SpaceX related It is in no way affiliated with SpaceX, NASA, or any other customers of SpaceX. If you have any questions, feedback or feel something should be removed please contact us @SpaceXNow on Twitter or at r/SpaceXNow on Reddit.

* Missions section for upcoming & past missions
* Stats section for various SpaceX stats and info
* Date/time configuration settings for missions
* Various push notifications with individual settings
* Much more to come (See r/SpaceXNow for planned features list)

How to download Ham Solar | HAP Chart APK at

Ham Solar is using code from Paul N0NBH website. Its requires internet connection.

A Hourly Area Prediction (HAP) Chart feature is also provided by this app. Its specifies the Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF) for HF communications between the base specified and any location on the map. The colors represent the MUF for communications between that location on the map and the base selected.

Thus, if communications are required to or from Minneapolis, a HAP chart for Minneapolis should be used. The other end of the circuit is then found on the HAP chart and the color at that location gives the MUF for that circuit.

Hourly HAP Charts are HAP Charts based on current ionospheric conditions observed with ionosondes in the region of interest. An Hourly HAP Chart is only valid for the current hour due to the highly variable nature of the ionosphere.

It is also helpful to view HAP Chart propagation from the perspective of distant locations. In this manner you can determine if they are able to reach the Midwest with a usable MUF.

If you love this app, please kindly to rate it and give donation to Paul. This app is fully designed by using MIT App Inventor 2. Regards, 9W2ZOW.

How to download Unit Converter Pro APK at

Unit converter Pro is the 6th set of Smart Tools® collection.

This app includes Currency (money, bitcoin) exchange rates. It has no ads, and ads are replaced by useful texts.

There are a lot of unit conversion apps on the market. However, most are inconvenient and difficult to use because of poor and complicated UI.
This app has intuitive and simple UI, that is designed for casual user like you. Trust me. :)

I've sorted essential unit sets for your daily life into 4 categories.

- Basic : length (distance), area, weight (mass), volume (capacity)
- Living : exchange rate, temperature, time, speed, shoes, clothing, hat
- Science : pressure, force, work (energy), power, torque, flow, current, voltage, density, viscosity, concentration, astronomy
- Misc. : angle, data, fuel efficiency, cooking, illuminance, radiation, prefix, binary, time zone, blood sugar, AWG

It shows different unit sets depending on user's country. When you need more units, please send me an email. [email protected]

* Do you want more tools? Get [Smart Tools] package.

For more information, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

★ android.permission.INTERNET : for receiving the latest exchange rates from the servers.

** No internet support : You can open this app without any connection. After installation, open the app 2-3 times with your device connect to WI-FI or 3G/4G.

How to download Liberating Structures APK at

Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn microstructures that enhance relational coordination and trust. They quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include and unleash everyone. They can be applied to a simple meeting as well as a complex project.

Liberating Structures put in your hands many simple but powerful methods that experts use to get everyone fully enganged. Everbody interested in initiating changes can use Liberating Structures to create innovation and compelling results.

This app helps you to get started by providing simple step by step guidance for learning and using Liberating Structures. No prior experience required.

Let's get started!

How to download Glyph Auth APK at

Protect your Trion Account and RIFT login with 2-step verification.

The RIFT Mobile Authenticator is an optional application that provides an additional layer of authentication for your Trion account and helps prevent unauthorized account usage. Every time you launch RIFT, you will use the RIFT Mobile Authenticator to generate a unique serial code to enter into the login screen in addition to your password.

Using the RIFT Mobile Authenticator is easy:
* Load the app onto your mobile device
* Follow the in-app directions to connect the app to your Trion Account
* Sign in to RIFT with a more secure account

In addition to enhanced security, linking the RIFT Mobile Authenticator to your account will earn you the in-game title “The Ironclad.”

NOTE: Please contact Trion Customer Service before removing or reinstalling the RIFT Mobile Authenticator. The Mobile Authenticator must be removed from your account at the account level. If you uninstall or reinstall the Mobile Authenticator before contacting Customer Service, the Authenticator will still be enabled for your RIFT account, and you will not be able to log in to the game.

NOTE: An Internet connection is required for use. For more information about the RIFT Mobile Authenticator, visit

How to download Fiabee APK at

Fiabee provides an enterprise caliber SaaS service for cloud and mobile content management/collaboration specifically designed for SMB and individuals.

"Fiabee for Business" accounts have a Management profile that can manage granular permissions:

• Deny offline caching at the mobile devices.
• Grant read-only permission (can't delete, rename or upload files).
• Deny cloud print permissions.
• Deny sharing permissions for individual files.
• Deny the installation of the Fiabee Android App.
• Remotely wipe the files in the mobile and desktop Fiabee apps.
• Create and manage groups for team working.
• Generate a random password for one use, among other features.

Other features available for individual and SMB users are:

• Print your files from anywhere to any printer using Google Cloud Print.
• Backup your contacts.
• Take a photo and upload it instantly to your account.
• Centralize your photos and files that you have in your social network profiles into one single place (Google Docs, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa).
• (When selected) Automatic bulk upload of all your photos to the cloud any time that a wifi connection is detected.
• Edit from your android device your documents (using any commercial editor for Android) and sync it back to all your devices.
• Select which specific files you want to store locally and keep always synced for quick, offline access.
• Access, share and manage all your files on the go.
• Search across all your devices almost instantly, even when offline.

See other Fiabee apps at

How to download Word Count Notes APK at

Word Count Notes - Simple Free Notes app with Character count!
It is a useful tool if you make memo, drafts, novels, essay, etc..

Do you know how to say "Word Count" in multi languages?
English - Word Count
Japanese - 文字数カウント
Chinese (Simplified) - 字数
Chinese (Traditional) - 字數
Korean - 문자수
Russian - Количество слов
Portuguess - Contagem de palavras
Italian - Conteggio parole
French - Nombre de mots
German - Wortzahl
Spanish - El recuento de palabras
Finnish - Sanamäärä
Turkish - Sözcük sayısı
Swedish - Antal ord
Arabic - عدد الكلمات
Dutch - Aantal woorden
Polish - Contagem de palavras
Thai - การนับจำนวนคำ
Greek - Καταμέτρηση λέξεων
Vietnamase - Số từ
Hindi - शब्दों की गिनती
Czech - Počet slov
Danish - Word Count
Norwegian - Ordtelling
Hungarian - Szavak száma
Catalan - Nombre de paraules
Croatian - Brojanje riječi
Hebrew - ספירת מילים
Romanian - Număr de cuvinte
Slovak - Počet slov
Ukrainian - Підрахунок слів
Indonesian - Jumlah kata
Malay - Count Word

This app uses these icons. Thank you.


How to install NightWatch - Clock APK at

NightWatch - Clock it's the perfect night clock application to install on your device and be used like a digital clock for your bed table.

If you use your phone to wake up with alarm clock, this app allows you to use it like a full alarm clock / watch.

This app has a minimalistic design and allows to be configured by the user and be adapted to his needs (clock color, font size, etc.). When the application run, the clock fits to all the screen. The android bars (navigation and system bars) are hidden with a animated process.

The setting allows you to show the next alarm time on the screen. Also a message if Airplane Mode is OFF (to avoid sleep interruptions and electromagnetics fields).

App features:

- Selectable font size
- Selectable font color (more dark or bright)
- Airplane mode message (optional)
- Next alarm time on screen (optional)
- Works in landscape and portrait mode
- optimized for low energy consumption (more battery time)
- Safe and reliable (without "strange" permissions)
- For free and free of ads (100% free)
- A really dark color (emits low light)
- Compatible with phones and tablets
- Small package size
- Available in english (100%)
- 12 / 24 hour format compatible
- ScreenSaver (captions are moving on screen)

How to download MOTI APK at

MOTI takes advantage of Smartphone technology for the simple and convenient capturing of key variables concerning the condition of forests. The Android application is specifically designed for forestry professionals to capture in an easy, cost effective and reliable manner the key dendrometric variables such as basal area, number of trees per ha, tree height and growing stock, as a single measurement combined in a sample plot, or at the level of a stand inventory with automatic calculation of the error range of the estimations.

MOTI thus provides the solid basis for decision making directly in the forest. For example, this information can be used for tree marking or for planning measures in the context of developing a forest management plan.

The use of MOTI is not only limited to the stand level. Thanks to the possibility of capturing samples, the app can also be used in the context of making simple inventories for a forest management unit.

An Internet connection is not required (except for accessing the Help page).

Advanced features: GPS navigation support, SiWaWa extension (growth model), server support for data backup, camera calibration support, direct data export.

The technical principles and the functionalities of MOTI are described in a book: “MOTI – L’inventaire forestier simplifié par le smartphone” (for the moment only in French). The book is available from Kessel Publishing House (

How to download Climate FieldView™ APK at

Climate FieldView is an integrated digital agriculture tool that provides farmers with a comprehensive, connected suite of digital tools, providing farmers a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed operating decisions to optimize yields, maximize efficiency and reduce risk.

Use Climate FieldView™ year round to make data driven decisions to maximize your return on every acre. We’re your data partner to:
Seamlessly collect and store critical field data.
Monitor and measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on crop performance.
Manage your field variability by building customized fertility and seeding plans for each of your fields to optimize yield and maximize profit.

For more information, please visit or follow the company on
Twitter: @climatecorp

How to download BoosterAgro APK at

BoosterAgro aggregates all the best weather forecasts in one app, exclusively for farmers.

-Multi-Forecast: Farmers have a better idea to decide by comparing different forecasts. (Accuweather, YR, Windguru, Weather Channel, Meteored and Wunderground).
- Weather Station Online: Farmers are able to monitor their fields in real time, without needing to install a weather station.
-Rainfall Calendar: Farmers can keep a record of the last precipitations, monthly accumulative and anual records.
-Historical Records: Farmers can access to an historical record database of rainfalls, min average temperatures and accumulative of the last 6 months.
-Agro-Meteorological Information: Optimal spray and fertilize conditions, dew point, humidity, bursts, direction, gust and wind speed, temperatures, rainfall, atmospheric pressure.

1,000,000 hectares are currently using BoosterAgro. Get it on your phone!

How to install Lux Meter APK at

Measure the ambient illuminance in lux (lx) or foot-candle (fc) with your light sensor.

Simple application to detect the intensity of light. Check and compare the illuminance of different light sources.
With recording function (see below).

The measured values depend on the accuracy of your light sensor. It may differ from real illuminance and between different devices.
The application only works if your device has a light sensor.

* Unit: lux or foot-candle
* Minimum and maximum values
* Diagram with average value
* Adjustable sensor sensitivity
* Calibrate if the sensor's values differ from real illuminance
* Choose your layout color
* More settings
* Application can be moved to SD card

Record the illuminance for up to 16 h 39 min. Select the recording time and the number of recorded values.
The data can be saved or exported (for example via email).

'Internet and network access' are needed to show the ad. Therefore the application is for free. Read the privacy policy to get more information about advertisement and your data.
'Read/modify contents of your SD card' is used to save your recorded illuminance data.

How to install Oventrop APK at

The new app of the company Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG offers design options, information and service all around the Oventrop product range. What could previously only be carried out with the help of programmes at the desk, can now be done with the help of the mobile phone directly on the customer’s premises. The free Oventrop app allows the user to carry out hydronic balancing on site. All work, whether heat load calculation, selection and design of valves or differential pressure regulator dimensioning can be carried out and documented with the help of the app. The output of DIN radiators can be determined, too. The collected data can be sent by e-mail or be printed on the AirPrint printer. All important print documents, such as Oventrop technical data sheets or the optionally available Oventrop catalogue, can now be retrieved in one’s pants pocket.
• Calculation of the energy efficiency classes of packages according to the ErP directives (Lot 1 and Lot 2)
• Rapid heat load calculation according to DIN EN 12831
• Determination of the radiator capacity (DIN radiators)
• Thermostatic valve design
• Double regulating and commissioning valve design
• Differential pressure regulator design
• Project management
• Oventrop catalogue (as an option)
• Technical data
• Oventrop new
• Oventrop addresses (depending on the country)

How to download CrowdMag APK at

This app measures magnetic field and display the data as graph or map in units of nanotesla (nT; one nanotesla equals 10^−9 tesla). Displays Z (downward component), H (horizontal intensity) and F (total intensity) of the local magnetic field vector. Data processing reduces the noise in the data to about 1% of the actual magnetic field. We rotate the magnetic data from the phone’s orientation to the real-world coordinates. Use it for recording magnetic data at a location or over an area. Export your data as a CSV file. Optionally, enable background reporting to help NOAA scientists understand more about the Earth’s magnetic field!

The new addition, Compass tab features a compass dial and level bubble, true North, local magnetic North, magnetic declination from World Magnetic Model, compass accuracy and current solar magnetic disturbance!

Use CrowdMag app as an offline magnetic calculator. Quickly get magnetic variation at remote sites or ships. Calculator gives magnetic variation (declination), dip angle, total field and other magnetic field components for date and location based on the latest World Magnetic Model (WMM2015). The model is developed primarily using data from ESA’s SWARM satellites and it accurately predicts the main magnetic field anywhere on the globe. It also provides the uncertainty and the time change of the modeled magnetic field.

CrowdMag Features:

- Customize recording frequency and location accuracy
- Interactive Google Map showing your magnetic data
- Graph your data as time series
- Check the quality of the data by comparing with WMM
- Export your data as a CSV file
- Enable/disable background reporting
- Clear stored data on your phone
- Optionally share your data with NOAA
- See crowdsourced magnetic data from other users
Compass Features:
-Compass dial
-Level Bubble
-True North
-Local Magnetic North
-Compass accuracy
-Current solar magnetic disturbance

Magnetic Calculator:

- Uses the most recent model (WMM2015)
- Compute Declination, Dip and Total Field and other components for given date and location (2014-2019)
- Autolocate your latitude/longitude
- Uncertainty
- Compass rose on a map
- Export data via email, Google Drive and other options

Visit to see crowdsourced magnetic data. Developers, let us know if you want to contribute magnetic data from your app to NOAA. Keywords: Magnetic Variation, World Magnetic Model, geomagnetism, crowdsourcing, sensor, navigation, magnetic, WMM, citizen, science, NOAA, calculator, compass.

How to download КИПиА: температура APK at

Приложение является аналогом градуировочных таблиц для термометров сопротивления и термопар.
Приложение состоит из двух частей. Первая часть приложения предназначена для работы с термометрами сопротивления. При этом использовался ГОСТ 6651-2009 ГСИ "Термопреобразователи сопротивления из платины, меди и никеля". Метрологические характеристики, нормируемые в соответствии с данной программой, распространяются на чувствительные элементы термометров сопротивления при подключении непосредственно к их выводам и на термометры сопротивления при подключении к клеммам головки в соответствии с указанной изготовителем схемой. Если на корпусе термометров сопротивления с двухпроводной схемой указано значение сопротивления внутренних проводов, то оно должно быть вычтено из значения измеренного сопротивления термометра сопротивления.
Вторая часть приложения предназначена для работы с термопарами. При этом использовался ГОСТ Р 8.585-2001 ГСИ "Термопары. Номинальные статические характеристики преобразования". Значения ТЭДС термопар в зависимости от температур их рабочих концов при температуре свободных концов задаваемой пользователем приложения, рассчитаны по полиномам, аппроксимирующим эти зависимости.
Поправка на температуру холодных концов рассчитывается исходя из того, что напряжение измеряется потенциометром. Если при измерении используется милливольтметр, то появляется погрешность из-за собственного потребления мощности прибором.
Данное приложение является справочно-информационным и не имеет юридической силы, и не может применяться наравне с нормативными документами на бумажном носителе.
Буду рад услышать новые пожелания для приложений из области КИПиА.

How to download BLHeli_32 APK at

This app is for configuring BLHeli_32 ESCs.

The app requires that your device supports USB host mode (OTG).
It supports the following connections to ESC(s):
- USB connected flight controller (FC) that supports BLHeli_32 passthrough
- USB adapter with CP210x, FT232 or CH34x USB to UART device
- USB connected Arduino programmed for BLHeli bootloader

How to install Verifly – Drone Insurance Now APK at

- Indoor flight now supported!
- Drone Racing / Contests flight option
- Limits now up to $10,000,000 !
- Pre-book policies in advance of start date (and receive certificate and policy to show to clients)
- Purchase a second policy before the first expires - book multiple policies at once
- Universal coverage: authorized pilots may purchase insurance near airports, heliports, stadiums, and in controlled airspace.

Verifly delivers on-demand drone insurance for personal or commercial flights in two taps. Policies cover up to a 2 miles around you for up to 8 hours.

Simply choose your take-off point on a map and see an instant price. The app works with any drone up to 35lbs. Enter your name and a credit or debit card and you will receive instant proof of insurance in the app and via e-mail. Don't fly exposed!

Supported drones include the DJI Mavic, DJI Matrice, DJI S-1000, DJI Phantom, DJI Inspire, 3DR Solo, Yuneec Typhoon, Yuneec Tornado, Parrot BeBop, Parrot ARDrone, senseFly eBee, senseFly albris, and many many more. No connection to the drone is required.

- Select your flight area
- View a real-time price for up to 8 hours of coverage
- Register with a credit card - instant approval
- Purchase an aviation insurance policy built specifically for drones - up to $10M liability
- View your policy in-app and via e-mail
- Monitor your policies with a countdown timer and notifications

- Up to $10,000,000 of liability insurance covering injury to people / property damage
- $10/hr starting price - no annual commitment
- Instant approval whether you're flying for fun or commercially
- Purchase coverage in two taps with a name and credit card
- Receive instant proof of insurance in-app and via e-mail

- Up to 8 hours coverage in your selected area, under 400'
- Injury to people, property damage to others
- Use of any drone up to 35lbs commercially or for fun
- Unintentional invasion of privacy ($10,000)
- Unintentional flyaways

Insurance policies arranged through Verifly are underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc. a leading provider of aviation insurance for over 90 years.

Verifly is available in all states except NY and ND. We are working hard to cover NY and ND shortly.

Don't run the risk of flying uninsured, or lose out on plum jobs requiring insurance, see how easy Verifly is today!

Questions or feedback on the Verifly app? E-mail us at [email protected]. We're always looking for suggestions.

Connect with us on:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:

Please note: policy details and terms and conditions are available within the app. Verifly delivers drone liability insurance, and as such the policies we arrange do not insure the drone itself.

Verifly Insurance Services, Inc. is a licensed insurance broker.

How to download Drone Harmony Planner (DJI Mavic, Phantom, Spark) APK at

Drone Harmony's Mission Planner™ lets you create and autonomously fly professional flight plans for your DJI drone with your phone or tablet.

Supported drones:
• m600 + Ronin
• Inspire 2 + X5S
• Inspire 1
• Mavic Air
• Mavic Pro
• Phantom 4 Professional
• Phantom 4 Advanced
• Phantom 4
• Phantom 3 4K
• Phantom 3 Professional
• Phantom 3 Advanced
• Phantom 3 Standard

Supported soon:
• Matrice series (m200, m210)
• Crystal Sky

Drones not yet supported by DJI SDK:
• Phantom 4+
• Phantom 3 SE
• Spark (No automated missions)

Here is how it works:

Step 1. Define the scene
Draw areas of interest (buildings, farm fields,...) and surrounding obstacles (trees, buildings,...) on the map.

Step 2. Choose a plan
Choose among many cinematographic and professional flight plans. Let Drone Harmony tailor your plan to your scene.

Step 3: Review/Adjust Plan
Review the computed plan in 2D and 3D views and adjust it with simple tools.

Step 4: Execute flight(s)
The mission planner automatically pilots your drone according to plan and records data for you. Pause, adjust and resume the plan at any time.

Unique key features include:

Flight planning for professionals
Generate flight plans for many professional use cases with a single click.

Full 3D work environment
Plan and visualize both scene and flight plans in 3D for accurate and predictable results.

Cinematic and fun automatic flights
Generate beautiful flights and selfies by choosing one of many cinematic plans from our mission catalog.

Flight smoothing for stunning videos
Record your flight without any urgency. Then the planner smooths all drone, camera and gimbal movements. Re-fly the smooth plan automatically at any time to capture stunning videos.

Capture accurate imagery faster
Generated flight plans are algorithmically optimized for accuracy and flight time. For every waypoint the location, gimbal and camera angles are computed optimally for capturing and keeping focus of the best part of your drawn scene.

Points of Interest
Use points of interest to easily direct the camera of any waypoint at a specific point in space.

Full control of camera parameters
Adjust your camera parameters to the light conditions, environment and your preferences.

Obstacle avoidance algorithms
Reduce obstacle avoidance to obstacle drawing and let the mission planner compute optimal flights around them.

Adjust your mission during flight
You realize you need a better gimbal angle mid-flight? Simply pause, adjust and resume your mission!

Unlimited mission length (No more waypoint limit)
Go beyond the DJI imposed limit of maximum 99 waypoints for a mission.

Top-Down missions respect elevations
Constant relative ground distance for better 3D models and orthomosaics.

Note: Android <= 4.4 and Intel x86 are not supported, as DJI reports issues for their software libraries with such devices.

To learn more visit our website:
Gain more insights on exciting new features on our blog:
We love to hear your ideas for new features:
You can join the drone harmony discussions on our forum:

Copyright© 2017 Drone Harmony AG. All Rights Reserved.

How to download Altizure for DJI APK at

Altizure App controls DJI Inspire 1, Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 with the help of DJI SDK to capture vertical and oblique photographs. It turns the drone photos into true 3D models and photogrammetry orthophotos online at

The new version enables the large-scale data capturing with the mission management and the continue functions.

Compatible List
* Mavic Pro
* Inspire 1 (X3 / X5 / X5R)
* Phantom 4 Series (4 / 4 Pro)
* Phantom 3 Series (Professional / Advanced / 4K / Standard)
* M600, M100
* A3 / A2 + LB2
* (Testing) Inspire 2
* (Testing) N3 + LB2

* The detailed instructions and tutorials are available at
* The app cannot avoid obstacles. Everest Innovation Technology is not responsible for any accident and damage caused by the app.

Quick Start
1. Specify an area to be covered and the flight height.
2. Review the generated flight paths, the drone captures by itself!
3. Upload your photos to for a fully automated 3D reconstruction, publication, and edition.

Follow us on

How to download Qibla Direction APK at

Qibla Direction app helps muslims to find Qibla direction from all around the world.

The direction of Kaaba in Mecca (Makkah) is pointed out with an arrow on the compass, so that you can adjust your direction before you start your prayer.

Qibla Direction will use your compass to show the Mecca (Makkah) location in 3D Compass (AR Compass)!

Qibla Direction app is a must when you go travelling and find it hard to locate qibla direction. All you need is enable your GPS location, and the 3D qibla compass will show you the qibla direction.

3D Qibla Compass
• Qibla Direction integrate your camera to the app so you can use 3D Qibla Compass!
• To find qibla direction, simply turn your phone around until you find the right qibla direction, or put your device in a flat surface to see the compass.

Augmented Reality enabled
• Use camera to as the background of your qibla compass to make it more 3D!

Map Integration
• See your location and Mecca location in map with Qibla Direction!
• You can see buildings around so you can have a more accurate reference to determine qibla direction!

Globe Integration
• See your location and Mecca location in a globe with Qibla Direction!

Works Offline
• When your device is offline, the app will use your recent location to find qibla direction!

If you have any question or suggestion about Qibla Direction app, please contact us at [email protected] Thanks for using Qibla Direction app!

How to download Compass Qibla Direction APK at

The application of the prayer kiss will help you know where the Qibla is from anywhere in the world. The direction of the Kaaba in Mecca is indicated by an arrow so that you can adjust the direction before the prayer begins


- Find Qibla location anytime. This location is fixed as the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.
- Automatically detects your current location on start. Pull to refresh your location.
- Calculates Exact Qibla direction
- Qibla Compass app can be used indoors
- Can be used to get Qibla direction offline as well (outdoors using GPS)
- No unwanted settings, just get an accurate Qibla direction and degrees from north.


** For accurate direction, always place your device on a flat surface and keep it away from electronic and metal objects.

** The app requires a device with a compass sensor.

** The app requires a clear sky view to work on flight mode.

How to download CartoDruid - GIS offline tool APK at

CartoDruid is a GIS application developed by Instituto Tecnológico Agrario de Castilla y León (ITACyL) thought as a tool to support the fieldwork aiming to solve the problem of disconnected editing of georeferenced information.

In many field areas, mobile coverage is insufficient to work in a reliable way. CartoDruid provides a solution to this problem allowing the visualization on raster and vectorial layers stored on the device and allowing the creation of new geometries (entities), drawing them directly on the screen or using embeded or external GPS.

CartoDruid doesn't requiere previous GIS (Geographic Information Systems) knowledge and it's easy to configure and use. This allows any person to use it to manage fieldwork information and then export generated data to use them in external applications.

What can CartoDruid do?:
- Visualize online Google Maps.
- Use vectorial cartography loaded on a SpatiaLite database.
- USe rasterimaginery loaded on a RasterLite database.
- Consume online WMS services.
- Create new layers on the device.
- Configure filtering on vectorial layers to determine visible geometries based on their attributes.
- Configure symbologies and labels based on SQL expressions (easily).
- Configure searches on layers using SQL queries.
- Configure identification forms based on SQL queries.
- Edit the attributes of a geometry.
- Manually draw geometries: points, lines and polygons.
- Draw and edit geometries based on GPS data.
- Edit geometries using several useful tools: split using polyline, circular split, merge geometries, multipart explosion. Graphically move existing vertices of geometries.
- Create new geometries intersecting layers.
- Automatically save georreferenced data: creating and update dates and others.
- Associate pictures to entities.
- SIGPAC search based on existing downloaded data.
- Length and area measurement tools, defining the measurement units.
- Guided and line based navigation to help the user reach her destination.
- Manage bookmarks.
- Import vectorial data using CSV files.
- Import SpatiaLite databases.
- Export several formats: SQLite, KML and CSV.
- TOC (Table of Contents) management: sorting, symbologies, hierarchical sorting (folders).
- Works with SHP (ESRI ShapeFile) as an exprimental feature.
- Controlling the operations that can be performed on a layer via configuration (overlaps. move vertices. delete entities, identification and edition, ...)

Go visit to see the complete list, download examples and learn how to start!

How to download Инспектор Ж/Д цистерн APK at

Инспектор Ж/Д цистерн калькулятор, который позволит вам высчитать объем продукта погруженного в железнодорожные цистерны разных типов. Таблица калибровки железнодорожных цистерн содержит все типы цистерн: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 24, 25, 25a, 26, 26a, 27, 27a, 28, 29, 30, 31, 35, 35a, 37, 53, 53a, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 96, 97, 100, 101, 105, 106.

Если вам необходимо получить массу для различных видов топлива, которые удовлетворяют требованиям таблицы Volume Correction Factor 54B (Мазут, дизельное топливо, бензин и.т.д. ) текущий объем может пересчитан в массу.

Просто выберите тип вагона и высоту налива продукта в миллиметрах. Укажите плотность в г/см³ при 15, (НЕ ПРИ 20! градусах и НЕ ПЛОТНОСТЬ ПО АРЕОМЕТРУ, взятую на текущую температуру) и температуру топлива, если требуется вычислить вес продукта.

Во избежание недоразумений. Плотность продукта или, как говорят, удельный вес должна указываться при ПЯТНАДЦАТИ градусах Цельсия - это стандартный международный метод расчета. В самое ближайшее время будет добавлен расчет для стандартной плотности при 20 градусах для Российских паспортов качества.

Пример расчета:
Тип цистерны: 52
Взлив топлива: 1230 мм
Температура продукта: 12,7 градусов Цельсия.
Плотность продукта: 0,9085 г/см3 ПРИ 15 градусах Цельсия. Обычно указывается в паспорте качества или, к примеру, вам его выдаст ваша лаборатория.

Тогда, при этих данных в вагоне содержится 27800 литров топлива.
Температурная поправка на данную плотность и температуру: 1,0018, значит, плотность на 12,7 градусов Цельсия составит (поправка 1,0018 умножается на плотность 0,9085): 0,9101

Объем продукта при пятнадцати градусах составит (поправка 1,0018 умножается на текущий объем при 12,7 27800): 27850 литров.

И наконец, вес продукта (объем при пятнадцати градусах 27850 литров умножается на плотность при пятнадцати градусах 0,9085): 25302 килограмма.

Если вы замеряете плотность продукта ареометром прямо в цистерне, оставьте температуру равной пятнадцати градусам и выставьте текущую плотность по ареометру (В таком случае вам не нужна температурная поправка. Вы уже имеете текущую плотность). Это выставит поправку в единицу и вы получите реальный вес продукта.

How to install XPlaneCDU APK at

XPlaneCDU is a remote control interface for the Control Display Unit (CDU) present in X-Plane 11. This app does not provide an FMS, but simply a way to control the existing CDU from an Android tablet or phone. Currently it works with the Zibo Boeing 737 and SSG 747 aircraft.

- X-Plane 11
- Download the ExtPlane v2 plugin from and unzip it, copy the extracted directory into the Resources/Plugins directory
- Zibo's Boeing 738 or SSG's Boeing 748
- Open TCP port 51000 in Windows firewall for ExtPlane
- Multicast support on your network for auto-detection

XPlaneCDU will auto-detect your X-Plane instance assuming that multicast is working. Many routers do not support multicast properly, and so you can tap on the connection text or the CDU screen to configure a manual X-Plane hostname or IP address.

You must have the ExtPlane v2 plugin installed in your X-Plane 11 Resources/plugins directory. This plugin uses port 51000 to provide external control capabilities, so you must make sure that Windows firewall is not blocking it. You must download the binaries for the plugin from - you cannot use the original ExtPlane v1 plugin because it has bugs related to string datarefs.

This application is open source, released under the GNU Public License version 3 (GPLv3) and available from - it is written in Kotlin and shows how to implement the complex screen layout on any device size. The plugin source code is and is forked from the original code at (licensed under GPLv3).

It should be possible to extend XPlaneCDU to work with other aircraft, but it must provide datarefs for the CDU text strings. The default X-Plane 737 does not support this, and every other payware aircraft uses non-standard datarefs. It should be possible to support the Flight Factor 757/767, but they already provide a web-based CDU.

This is an early prototype and I look forward to feedback on any problems. Visit the GitHub page to file bugs

Remember: extract the plugin from into your Resources/plugins directory, and make sure port 51000 is not blocked by the Windows firewall.

How to download CockpitAid APK at

Real-time compass with artificial horizon displaying heading, roll and pitch for vehicles, boats, and planes.

This application displays heading, roll and pitch using the device's internal 3-axis sensors. You can reduce jitter by selecting different data average and update values. You can also lock the orientation of the device and adjust for any offset in roll and pitch.

For devices with internal GPS, the application can display speed, altitude, latitude and longitude. You can enter a waypoint and display its range and bearing.

How to install Pipedata APK at

The Pipedata name has been around since 1996, when it was first applied to the famous Pipedata-Pro. Since then it's blossomed into one of the go-to names in the piping industry with large corporations and individuals appreciating the Pipedata hallmarks of accuracy and up-to date relevant information.

If Zeataline is regarded, rightly, as one of the finest producers of piping database utilities, then this example here, this Pipedata App could be one of their best real world ASME piping handbook systems.

From the way it looks to the way it reacts to the fact that it is free, this release has an air of easy practicality behind it that seems so obvious and predictable in operation. Yet in truth, this App has not been created in the last few months; it is the pinnacle of years of fine work and represents a culmination of logically integrated piping design expertise and software development philosophies.

Based on the latest ASME piping dimensional specifications it shows metric and US customary units and includes audited valve weights, flange weights and all piping component weights.

This release is not limited to but includes the following huge range of data:

Pipe ASME B36.10M/19M - 2004
WeldNeck Flange, ASME B16.5-2013
Slip On Flange, ASME B16.5-2013
Blind Flange, ASME B16.5-2013
Threaded Flange, ASME B16.5-2013
SocketWelded Flange, ASME B16.5-2013
Lapped Flange, ASME B16.5-2013
Long Welding Neck Flange, ASME B16.5-2013
Buttwelded 45deg Elbow, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded 90deg Long Radius Elbow, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded 180deg Long Radius Return, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded 90deg Short Radius Elbow, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded 180deg Short Radius Return, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded Equal Tee, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded Reducing Tee, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded Cap, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded Concentric Reducer, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded Eccentric Reducer, ASME B16.9-2007
Buttwelded Lap Joint Stub End, ASME B16.9-2007
Threaded 90deg Elbow, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Tee, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Cross, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded 45deg Elbow, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded 90deg Street Elbow, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Coupling, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Half Coupling, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Cap, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Square Head Plug, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Hex Head Plug, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Round Head Plug, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Hex Head Bushing, ASME B16.11-2011
Threaded Flush Bushing, ASME B16.11-2011
Socketwelded 90deg Deg Elbow, ASME B16.11-2011
Socketwelded 45deg deg Elbow, ASME B16.11-2011
Socketwelded Tee, ASME B16.11-2011
Socketwelded Cross, ASME B16.11-2011
Socketwelded Coupling, ASME B16.11-2011
Socketwelded Half Coupling, ASME B16.11-2011
Socketwelded Cap, ASME B16.11-2011
Socketwelded Reducing Coupling, ASME Unadopted
Socketwelded Welding Boss, ASME Unadopted
Socketwelded Reducing Insert Type 1, ASME Unadopted
Socketwelded Reducing Insert Type 2, ASME Unadopted
Socketwelded Reducing Insert Type 3, ASME Unadopted
Socketwelded Union, ASME Unadopted
Socket Details, ASME B16.11-2011
Non Metallic Flat Ring for ASME B16.5 Flanges, ASME B16.21-2011
Non Metallic Flat Ring for ASME B16.47 Series A Flanges, ASME B16.21-2011
Non Metallic Flat Ring for ASME B16.47 Series B Flanges, ASME B16.21-2011
Spiral wound for ASME B16.5 Flanges, ASME B16.20-2012
Spiral wound for ASME B16.47 Series A Flanges, ASME B16.20-2012
Spiral wound for ASME B16.47 Series B Flanges, ASME B16.20-2012
RTJ Soft Iron Ring type R, ASME B16.20-2012
RTJ Soft Iron Ring RX, ASME B16.20-2012
RTJ Soft Iron Ring BX, ASME B16.20-2012
Flanged Gate Valve, ASME B16.10-2009
Flanged Globe Valve, ASME B16.10-2009
Flanged Ball Valve, ASME B16.10-2009
Flanged Control Valve, ASME B16.10-2009
Flanged Swing Check Valve, ASME B16.10-2009
Flanged Wafer Check Valve, API 594
Wafer type Butterfly Valves, ASME B16.10-2009
Lug type Butterfly Valves, ASME B16.10-2009
ButtWelded Gate Valve, ASME B16.10-2009...
- and much more, Check it out...

How to install China Train Booking APK at

Easily check real-time train schedules and tickets availability online. Quickly book tickets any time from 12 months to 1 hour before departure. Fast and safe delivery service is really helpful. No credit card fee or hidden charges. Over 90% positive reviews.

The easy-to-use functions in the app, and our outstanding customer service, make China Train Booking App the top train ticket agent in China. From hundreds of traveler reviews, we have received over 80% five-star ratings. Our repeat customers account for over 60%. They speak highly of our service as helpful, useful, outstanding, supportive, and friendly.

Using China Train Booking, you can:
1.Book ticket any time from 12 months to 1 hour before travel.
2.Use delivery service to get ticket at your doorstep.
3.Cancel ticket up to 24 hours before departure.
4.Pay with PayPal, credit cards, Alipay or WeChat.
5.Get help with booking, payment, boarding, and communication via phone and e-mail.
6.Benefit from our professional suggestions to complete your train journey in the next best way if the tickets you want are not available.

How to download GPS Essentials Donation Plugin APK at

Support development of GPS Essentials by purchasing this plugin.

As a goody, GPS Essentials will run ads-free on your phone when this plugin is installed.

Please send an email if you have problems.

Note: You have to restart GPS Essentials to make the ads disappear after installing this plugin.

How to install Digital Field Compass Plus APK at

Premium version of Digital Field Compass with gps. It has all the features of the free app plus :-

★ Shows current location.
★ User selectable coordinate grid.
★ Includes MGRS grid for military use.
★ Over 100 map datums.
★ Auto declination using the GPS.
★ No Ads.

Field Compass Plus is a powerful and simple compass app, with all the data you need on one clear screen. This easy to use Android compass has a unique sighting screen to take and store bearings to help keep you on track.

The app shows your heading on an analogue compass, together with a digital centre panel displaying your heading in degrees.

Your compass heading and bearings are referenced to True or Magnetic North. You can also adjust the Declination for your current location.

Record up to three compass bearings using the three middle buttons on the top tool bar. The bearings can be displayed around the compass and can be used to get a three point compass fix.

Can be used in a marine environment for sailing, boating (now includes pitch and roll fields)

A great compass to use when hiking, hill climbing, walking or for general outdoor navigation and map reading training.

Anyone interested in Orienteering should download this compass app as a backup compass.

Other features: -

Night mode with dimmed red colours.
Orientation field i.e. (N,S,E,W,NE,SW etc)
True North reference option
Declination field, with user configurable value

How to install ForgeRock Authenticator APK at

ForgeRock Authenticator works in conjunction with the ForgeRock Identity Platform to deliver secure, yet easy access to apps and services.
Users can register their phones, using QR codes, to receive notifications or generate One-Time Passwords which can be used to securely log in.
Features include:
- Automatic setup via QR codes
- Support for multiple accounts
- Support for Time and Counter based One-Time Password generation

ForgeRock Authenticator works with OpenAM's "ForgeRock Authenticator (OATH)" or "ForgeRock Authenticator (Push)" authentication modules.

How to download EDF Dom & Corse APK at

L’application EDF Dom & Corse est destinée aux clients de l’Archipel Guadeloupe, de la Corse, de la Guyane, de la Martinique et de l'île de la Réunion.

En m’authentifiant, je peux payer ma facture, relever et consulter ma consommation ainsi qu’adresser mes demandes ou réclamations à EDF.

Sans authentification, l'application EDF Dom & Corse me permet aussi :
• d'être informé des coupures d'électricité pour travaux à proximité de chez moi
• de consulter les numéros utiles
• de trouver l’agence EDF la plus proche de chez moi
• de consulter les conseils de sécurité : recommandations sur certaines situations à risque, conseils de prévention lors de travaux à proximité des lignes électriques, perçage, élagage, ou lors de l'utilisation d'un groupe électrogène.

How to download Battery Manager APK at

Battery Manager, Professional battery doctor for cell phone
【quick charge mode】
Chargeing quickly and to save power. Opening the sleep charging mode in evening, which will directly go into the fast charging mode.
【power saving mode】
Opening power saving mode to save power and extending the standby time.
【Real-time monitoring of battery temperature】
warning when in high temperature to prevent mobile phone from exploding.Then you can have a safe environment in brushing micro-message and other games.
【One step super cool down】
CPU,hardware,screen...All aspects of cooling and memory cleaning to cool down and solve the problem of running slowly.
【Battery loss monitoring and repair】
Monitoring battery loss and battery status to slow battery loss and extend battery life.
【Charging equipment testing】
We will detect the charging device when you start charge.You can replace the charger just one step to protect your battery and slow battery loss,if it does not match.

How to install Gallery Lock Pro(Hide picture) APK at

★ Selected as the App of the Year by Times Magazine! ★

Hide pictures and videos!
"Gallery Lock" hide pictures and videos and it is an app that is absolutely needed for protection of personal privacy. The product is one of the most popular apps in the world and is one of the top 10 apps sold on Google Play.

Like us ? Hit the +1 button.

• Hide Photos & Videos
• Stealth Mode supported : this feature hides a launch icon.
• Watchdog : After 3rd failed password attempt, built-in camera takes photo of attacker.
• Share pictures from Gallery Lock to any applications.
• Cloud Backup supported to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box
• Folders supported.
• Beautiful designs
• Rotate and zoom features
• Slide Show supported.
• Mp3 background music playing supported while slide show.
• A variety of viewing mode.
• Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding, sharing
• Easy-to-use PIN,Pattern access

# (Important!) Before uninstall the Lite version, undo the hide function of the photos and the videos. If you uninstall the program without undoing the hide function or Factory reset of device, the photos and videos will be lost.

# It is recommended that you purchase the app after checking to see if the free assessment Lite version runs properly.

- Call permission : for Stealth Mode feature.
- Take Picture permission : for WatchDog feature

# Method to recover photos when problems occur
If for some reason Gallery Lock does not run, recovery can be made by following the method below.
1) Uninstall Gallery Lock
2) Download Gallery Lock from the Market and install it.
3) Go Setting in the Gallery Lock, Tap "Find/Recover Missing files" menu.
4) The missing files will be recovered to /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/recover path.
5) run default Gallery application and check whether those files are recovered properly.

# If Stealth Mode doesn't works suddenly,
Install apk of link below and tap Stealth Mode Enabler icon and try to call *+pin

# Please send an email for any questions that you have. The developer of the app does not have authorization to reply to comments here.

** This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

How to download FlashOnCall (old ver.) APK at

FlashOnCall (old ver.) is an app with flexible settings that uses flash on your smart phone's camera to notify you about various events, such as messages and incoming calls.

1. Flash on incoming calls
1.1 Customisable flash duration
1.2 Customisable flash frequency

2. Flash on text messages
2.1 Customisable number of flashes

3. Common settings
3.1 Customisable sound mode settings (normal, vibrate, silent)
3.2 Three different modes for various devices.

How to download GSam Battery Monitor Pro APK at

Is your battery draining too quickly? Do you simply want to know how much time you have left before you need to recharge? Then GSam Battery Monitor to the rescue!


• Hunt down those battery draining Apps with the App Sucker
• Always know your battery state and time left estimates with a optional status bar notification
• Overlay the stock battery icon with the icon pack add-on.
• Dig deep into how an App uses your battery - including wakelock details
• Sort your app suckers by things such as CPU & sensor usage, app wakelocks, wake time, and kernel wakelocks.
• Set a custom time reference to see stats over a certain period of time.
• See time remaining estimates based on current and historical usage
• See historical averages for battery life, screen on time, and Doze time - how long does your battery usually last?
• Add a widget to your home screen showing the battery status and time remaining
• Include all sorts of great battery information in your DashClock widget using the included DashClock Extension
• Download or create your own icon themes
• Set customizable alarms for various charge states, temperature, and battery health

The Professional Edition also includes:

• Optimized views for Tablets or other devices with large screens.
• More accurate time remaining estimates for devices such as tablets with long standby times.

For more information including instructions on creating your own Icon Packs, see:

NOTE: Please email me if you encounter any issues with this app.

Permissions: Please see the users-guide for a full explanation of the permissions that GSam Battery Monitor requires:

• Russian (Thanks to Dmitry Chernogaev)
• French (Thanks to Jaworski Johan)
• Italian (Thanks to Fabio Abbà)
• Hungarian (Thanks to István Kriskó (Stefi))
• Czech (Thanks to Matěj Trakal)
• Swedish (Thanks to Pontus Edgren & Göran Helsingborg)
• Dutch (Thanks to ArTsLeOpS)
• Hebrew (Thanks to Michael Sandler)
• Chinese (Thanks to Gavin Fang)
• Turkish (Thanks to Saldıray Günal)
• Polish (Thanks to cvxcvx)
• German (Thanks to Jan Fortein)
• Spanish (Thanks to Carlos Salazar & Broquen)
• Ukrainian (Thanks to Yaroslav Brukh)
• Portuguese (Thanks to João Ricardo)
• Traditional Chinese (Thanks to Andy)
• Armenian (Thanks to Hrant Ohanyan)
• Catalan (Thanks to Josep Rey Cases)
• Slovak (Thanks to Pavol Šrank)
• Serbian (Thanks to Милован Кушаковић)
• Finnish (Thanks to Sami Kuusisto)
• Interested in translating? See

How to download 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro key APK at

The most complete tool to manage your battery: Shows historical data (%, mA, mW, mV and temperature), calculates estimated run-times and battery aging, helps calibrate battery, and improves your battery run-time.

Before you buy this app, please try free version: and check 3C Toolbox:

► Pro version has all features unlocked and no ads
◊ Wide (2x1) and graphic (2x1, 3x1, 4x1) widgets
◊ Export data to System Tuner Pro
◊ Update battery capacity or reference based on measured data
◊ Keep information of unlimited number of batteries (2 in free)
◊ Add history markers manually or automatically on boot, ROM/kernel/battery changes

► Display all information using great looking graphics, fully scrollable and zoomable.

► Use additional packages to show great looking icons in notification bar

► Display historical graphics or battery data on your home screen using widgets of various sizes!

► Triggers alarm based on any battery data

► Manually resets battery statistics on rooted phone

► Calculate remaining time while unplugged or charging (AC/USB/Wireless)

► Calculate actual battery capacity

► Support multiple batteries

► Online help accessible from app

► Export data to System Tuner Pro to analyze which process is responsible for battery drain!

► Special support for Asus Transformer, Padfone, Inno D6000 and HP dual battery devices.

► Special edge support for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Note Edge and S6 Edge+

◊ Lowest battery consumption on the market:

How to install Build Prop Editor APK at



This application makes modifying the build.prop file very simple and quick.

**Quickly backup and restore the build.prop file
**Easily view and edit (root required) the current build.prop
**View a few common build.prop tweaks
**Easily share/export the build.prop

Android uses the /system/build.prop file to store important device information. The type of information stored here ranges from how the device identifies itself with the Google Play Store to screen pixel density. Many tweaks are available by modify the system values stored in the build.prop in order to allow better or custom performance and layout.

Please email me, tweet me or find me on IRC and provide feedback, suggestions and comments. I'm always interested in improving my applications!
Thanks for your support!

How to download Simple Torch - Flashlight APK at

Simple Torch is an easy and fast application

- Lock Button : helps you to keep the flash on even if you touch (Switch button / close button / back)

- Widget ON/OFF flashlight

- Notification to show if the flash is on

- Works even if the screen is locked


How to install IP Network Calculator APK at

This is a network/subnet/IP address calculator for setting up routers and addresses on IP networks. Real-time updating and copy/paste support is included!

A single slider acts as a selector for the CIDR, the netmask, and to scale the # of hosts needed in your subnet network.

The application is useful for subnetting a router in tandem with an Android web browser or just for educational purposes. Education is emphasized by real time updating of network, broadcast, netmask, first and last address of the subnet, and the number of usable IPs in several different formats (dotted-decimal, hexadecimal, octal, decimal, binary and decimal). Also there are basic notes.

There is real time updating of output as you change values and move the slider to change the netmask/mask bit. Touching the output will cycle through several different formats. Long presses will enable menus for copying to the clipboard.

IPv4 functionality is finished.

No ads nor special permissions required! Also, this subnet calculator does not suffer from the common "there's no dot on my number keyboard" problem.

Please email me at: [email protected]

How to download 鲁大师 APK at

手机跑分、验真假、查配置专业工具! 5000W用户选择的手机硬件专家。

How to download CPU Identifier Pro APK at

CPU Identifier is a CPU and hardware information, diagnostic and analysis tool for Android devices. CPU Identifier displays detailed information on the CPU and hardware components of an Android device. It detects the central processing unit, RAM, motherboard chipset and other hardware features of your Android smartphone and presents the information in simple tabs view.

CPU Identifier features -

- System Info : detailed information about your Android OS, runtime, kernel and SDK.

- CPU Info : provides information about CPU architecture, CPU cores with real-time core clock measurements and CPU usage.

- Display Info : reports information about screen resolution, pixel density and aspect ratio.

- Graphics Info : provides information about GPU and video driver.

- Memory Info : detailed analysis of RAM including RAM usage, buffers, cache and swap.

- Camera Info : diagnostic tool for your camera hardware, reports information about picture resolution, lens, focal length and other camera features.

- Storage Info : shows information about storage devices (HDDs, eMMCs, SD Cards).

- Battery Info : detailed diagnostic of your device battery including charge capacity, output voltage and battery temperature.

- Sensors Info : reports information about sensors like accelerometer and magnetometer including range, resolution and power usage.

System requirements :
-Android 4.0 or later.

Required permissions :
-CAMERA : CPU Identifier requires camera permission to show camera information, CPU Identifier does not take photos or videos.
-READ_PHONE_STATE : CPU Identifier requires phone permission to show network information, CPU Identifier does not make or receive calls.

How to download Widgets - CPU | RAM | Battery APK at

CPU Widget is a collection of CPU, RAM and Battery widgets showing live information right on your Homescreen. CPU Widget app contains 4 widgets of 4x2, 3x2 and 2x2 sizes.

1. CPU Widget 3x2 :- shows current CPU frequency, CPU usage and active cores along with chipset name, image and CPU usage indicator.

2. RAM Widget 4x2 :- shows free RAM, cached processes, buffers along with Installed RAM, Usable RAM and RAM usage wheel on your Homescreen.

3. Battery Widget 2x2 :- shows remaining battery capacity, current battery temperature and battery voltage along with charging indicator.

4. RAM Widget 2x2 :- Live memory usage in 2x2 small widget right in front of you.

For feedback and suggestions, choose 'Send feedback' from within the app. For Error reporting and other problems, choose 'Report a problem' from within the app.

System requirements :-
-Android 4.1 or later

Required permissions :-
Internet :- CPU Widget requires internet to check for updates.

How to download PassMark PerformanceTest APK at

We are pleased to announce that PerformanceTest Mobile 2.0 for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and later (API 11+) has been made available to everyone and is available for download and testing. With new tests being added and old test updated, the results from V1 may not be comparable with V2. Ratings may be adjusted as more benchmarks come in to scale with previous scores.

For more information:


PassMark Software, the leader in PC benchmarks, now brings you benchmarks for mobile devices. Fast, easy to use, mobile device speed testing and benchmarking. PassMark PerformanceTest™ Mobile allows you to objectively benchmark a mobile device using a variety of different speed tests and compare the results to others.

*Find out if your device is performing at its best.
*Compare the performance of your device to similar devices with the app and online at
*Measure the effect of configuration changes and upgrades.
*Make objective independent measurements on which to base your purchasing decision.

Twenty-five standard benchmark tests are available in five test suites

Test Suites:
*CPU Tests - Mathematical operations, compression, encryption and more
*Disk Tests - Reading and writing files to internal and external storage
*Memory Tests - Read and Write tests
*2D Graphics Tests - Simple & Complex Vectors and image rendering and filters tests
*3D Graphics Tests - Bouncing ball, helicopter battle scene and space battle

How to download DV File Explorer: File Manager File Browser esafe APK at

File Manager and Folder Manager – Powerful tools to operate your files
 • Sender: Transfer apps, images, files, folders, photos, videos, music, movies without using data.
 • File Manager: Manage your files with cut, copy, paste, rename operations.
 • Built-in viewers and players for different file types: play music/videos, check images and documents easily.
 • USB OTG File Manager: Easy to access your OTG USB devices. Help you to copy and manage files from any USB mass storage device using the USB OTG port of your device.

Remote File Connection – Link your files from anywhere
 • Functions as an FTP client: Manage files on FTP servers just like you manage files on your SD card
 • Transfer to PC: Through your smartphone via WiFi with SMB

File Deliver and File Explorer
 • Root Explorer: For advanced users to explore, edit, copy, paste and delete files in the root partition of phone storage for development purposes. Explore root folders of the system like data, cache.
 • Wi-Fi File transfer: Use your PC to wirelessly edit your mobile files using FTP

Library and Other – Find any and every file in seconds
 • App Manager: Categorize, open, stop, uninstall, back up, your apps.
 • Document Editor: you can easily edit files on the go. Support for every type of text files such as HTML, XHTML, TXT, etc. You can also edit files when the phone is rooted.

DV File Explorer helps you manage all your files whether they are stored in your device's memory, microSD card, local area network, and cloud storage accounts. By default, DV File Explorer allows you to copy, move, rename, delete or share files to and from any of your storages. It also lets you browse and access your files by category.

Welcome to have a try!

How to download Battery Widget Reborn 2017 APK at

Stylish battery widget with advanced functionality. Material theme design perfectly matches Android 4.x.

For full info about the app please visit

Application features
This app provides following functionality:

Battery widget
- circle battery level indicator indicator perfectly fits pure Android design
- resizable on Android 4.x+
- support for both main and external dock battery (Asus Transformer only)

Basic battery info
- Battery Info
- Shortcuts to Power-Summary/Background Sync/Wifi/BT Settings

Status bar notification of battery status
- multiple icon styles
- prediction (estimation) how long battery lasts
- customisable texts in notification area (estimated time left, voltage, temperature, battery health)

Power saving functionality
- automatic power saving mode during the night (simple but powerful battery saver functionality)

Charging and discharging chart

Extended notifications support for Jelly Bean phones
- optional charging and discharging chart
- power related toggles:
- Wifi
- Bluetooth
- Background Sync
- Airplane mode
- customizable notification priority

Additional tools
- Torch
- Settings shortcuts
- DashClock Extension

Specific HW vendor support
- supports Motorola 1% increment
- supports Asus Transformer secondary (dock) battery

Material themed interface on phones with Android 4.0+

Installation and operation notes
- Task Killer or Task Manager may affect this app. Please don’t use them if app does not work as expected
- App is highly optimised and DOES NOT drain you battery
- Known issues are at you can prioritise bug fixes and enhancements there by voting
- Frequently asked questions are at, look there before sending support request
- Due to the limitation of the Android platform, home screen widgets will NOT be available if application is moved to SD card.
- Some devices indicate battery level every 10% due to their kernel design (known ones are: most Motorola devices including Droid and Atrix series, Samsung Moment series). Try to use Motorola 1% hack feature if your phone is among these devices
- In Android 4.0, the system may shrink and dim level indicator icons in status bar.

Voluntere for translations at

Which version to download?
If you like Material Design install either Free or Pro version
- Free flavor contains ads
- Pro flavor is ads free.

Install Classic version if you like Holo Theme
- Classic has two options how to reward developer for his effort: either single payment for Pro functionality or Ad Supported version

How to install System Monitor - Cpu, Ram Booster, Battery Saver APK at

The most powerful System Monitor for Android, including: cpu monitor, storage cleaner,
memory booster, battery doctor, battery saver. You can monitor cpu temperature, cpu frequency, storage usage, memory usage, battery temperature, battery health at the same time. System Monitor provides many kinds of powerful tools, including: ram booster and cleaner, overheating alarm, overheating protection, one tap boost, garbage collection, ram widget, cpu widget, battery widget, floating window. So download System Monitor now, speed up your phone and cool your phone ! Detail feature list:

How to install Bluetooth Firewall APK at

FruitMobile Bluetooth Firewall is the best Bluetooth security app for android. It guards your device from bluetooth hacking & ensures privacy protection.

BlueBorne Vulnerability Detection
BlueBorne Guard: Run the Vulnerability check in firewall and read the instructions before turning the guard ON.


1. Bluetooth Radar View
2. Firewall Alerts
3. Perform Bluetooth scan of your android device
4. Logs all Bluetooth events.
5. Password protect the firewall and it's sensitive data.
6. Option to make chosen remote devices as trusted.
7. Strict Mode

Alerts you when:

1. Local apps try to perform bluetooth actions.
2. Remote bluetooth devices connects/pairs with your device.
3. App with bluetooth capabilities is installed/updated

To get started , install the app ,open it and then exit the app. Firewall will run in the background and guard your device.

Detailed Help included in App.
More Questions? mail us at [email protected]

How to install BTmono - Premium APK at

Everybody: Please don't buy the app under the assumption that a future update will make it work. If it doesn't work now, it's an issue with your handset's firmware that is almost certainly not fixable from the app's side. This whole program is more of a hack than anything else - the function is clearly not officially supported by Google. I can't guarantee that it will work for any given phone and/or BT headset.

Simple app to stream audio to your bluetooth mono headset.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher. Tested on stock HTC Evo 4G ROM (2.2) and CM7 RC1. Leave feedback and ask questions at

- Change your Android's color
- Auto restart after phone call
- Widget!!
- Automatically enable Bluetooth on app launch (user can still choose not to allow this). Make sure your headset is actually CONNECTED before hitting 'On.'
- In-app 'Media Volume' control. Adjust the 'Bluetooth In-Call Volume' using the physical buttons on your phone or headset.
- Ongoing Status Bar notification while the program is running.
- Automatic turn on at app launch available via Menu-->Preferences. Note - if enabled your headset must be connected before running BTmono.
- ICS (Android 4.0) support including use of Holo theme.
- Limited Skype support (if enabled after call is started). Please note - microphone routing is not possible on Samsung phones and may not be possible on GSM phones - sorry.

- Make sure your headset is connected BEFORE clicking 'On'
- To use with Skype you must enable BTmono AFTER starting a Skype call. Microphone routing does not appear to be possible on Samsung phones (without some ugly hacks, at least) because of Samsung's efforts to prevent phone call recording. Microphone routing may also be impossible on GSM phones due to API limitations. Please don't rate the program lowly due to this - Skype support is not the point of this app!
- To reduce static, set the 'Media Volume' slider to max and reduce the 'Bluetooth In-Call Volume' via your phone/headset.
- This version contains a workaround for a bug in Android 2.2 which causes a system crash under certain circumstances. If you are on 2.2, do NOT disable Bluetooth while the stream is running or your phone WILL reboot (sorry - tell your phone manufacturer to move to 2.2.1+).

- Auto turn on BT when widget is activated.
- Volume sliders for audio streams other than 'Media'
- Possible - map headset button to user-definable action.
- Other features?

How to download Secret Codes for all mobiles 2020 : Updated APK at

Secret Codes all mobiles of android mobiles 2019 free include the android secret code of all mobile brands.
Check all android secret codes include Network, WLAN test, Firmware version information, factory tests, PDA, display the IMEI number, Super Mode, Check Update, Reset Device, Unlock the device, Recover Forgotten pattern, Engineering mode, GPS test mode, Machine information, Test Photograph RGB and much more factory reset, sim lock, sim unlock , Phone information Battery history ,Usage statistics and Wifi information, Discover IMEI,Turn off your smartphone, Display device information, Display Firmware Information, Show Wi-Fi Mac Address ,Access the Gtalk service, Access Email Informatio, View calendar events ,Camera Information ,Internal lighting test, Screen Testing, ,Touch Screen Information ,Version of RAM memory ,Bluetooth test and much more.
Is App ko use kr k ap apnay mobile k full controller and engineer ban skty hain. Ap apnay mobile ki kisi b function ko asani say jesay chahen control kr skty hain.

Warning: This information is for experienced users. It is not intended for thieves, basic users or hackers. Please do not try any of following methods if you are not familiar with mobile phones Some codes may not work because their manufacturer does not allow them. Please keep backup data when performing any action. In case of any loss we are not responsible.
Note: This is not official Application of Any cell brand. Download and enjoy!!!

How to install Best Phone Cleaner App 2019 APK at

You have worried about the phone slow performance. Hang or freeze during heavy use like movie watching, playing mobile shooting game or other games? Now you don’t need to worry about the phone slowness issue. Super cleaner is clean and boost the phone and make your phone fast, smooth, reliable and cool. Kill and clean background running apps and process on just one tab and make phone fast as new. Running too many apps in the background makes phone performance low and phone overheat. Overcomes the common phone heat problem and cache memory full problem with this new super cleaner app.

Phone cleaner for android phone
Super cleaner detects heavy resources consuming and unnecessary apps that take too much memory and leads to phone slowness and phone heat. Kill those heavy resources unnecessary apps and free up memory space. More space, more memory makes your phone fast. Speed up your phone and optimized phone performance with this super cleaner app. Slow all phone problems on just one tab.

How does Super cleaner help to Clean up storage & Speed up your Phone & Boost their performance?
>> Clean phone memory on just single tap
>> Phone accelerator & boost performance
>> Boost and speed up phone performance
>> Cool Down phone and prevent phone CPU overheating during multitasking
>> Speed up game speed during game play and get fast and smooth game Play.
>> RAM Booster to accelerate RAM speed by free up storage on RAM

Features of Super cleaner App 2019
CPU Cooler: Cool your phone
Detect heavy resources consuming apps that produce heat and make your phone slow. Cool down your phone temperature and make your phone fast and smooth. Super cleaner heat minimization algorithm is very effective to prevent CPU overheating during heavy tasks like playing games, watching movies. Monitors your phone temperature in real time, so you can see the change from moment to moment. When the temperature is too high

Super Cleaner for phone
Clean and boost your phone by cleaning and killing background running apps and tasks that make phone leggy and slow. Just one tab to clean and boost your phone. Smart optimizer all in one tool to protect your phone

Game Booster: Speed up games
If your are game playing lovers and worry about slow phone performance then super cleaner game booster algorithm is highly effective to give a boost to your games. Add the games that you want to boost and boost your games before launching. This will gives you fast and smooth game play. Boost your device's performance with just one touch. Optimize the CPU, RAM and many other things automatically for Gaming and max performance!
Make your phone fast speedy, clean, optimize, cool , boost , junk clean with one app. One app to totally optimize your phone. Easy to use best phone cleaner app for the android phones and tablet. Super-fast cleaner app helps to enhance phone overall performance. All in one lightweight app that won't hog your Android's memory, so cleaning your RAM and phone storage is easy and fast. Free up phone memory (RAM), speed up your phone to run efficiently, save more battery, free up more space with this single app. Super cleaner also helps to boost battery power by lower down burden from the CPU that takes too much power. Release that memory and extend battery life effectively.

Just download super cleaner best cleaner app 2019 and enjoy fast and smooth phone performance.

How to install Life Counter APK at

Life Counter is a simple and easy way to manage your life during a Magic The Gathering match (or similar games) using your Android phone or tablet.

- Life and poison counters
- Swipe left/right to add/remove 5 life at once
- Possibility to set your starting life
- Multiple beautifully designed backgrounds
- And more to come...

Design by Marie Schweiz (
Development by Nicolas Klein (
Code open source at

How to download Runeword finder for Diablo II APK at

Runeword finder helps you gain an advantage over competing Diablo 2 ladder players by keeping track of your runes and offering a clear list of the runewords you can create.

Key points:
* Simple, yet powerful rune inventory system
* Displays all runewords, the ones you can make and the ones you can almost make
* Swipe through the runeword results
* Advanced filtering of runewords
* Display runeword minimum level requirement
* Lists which items (not just the types) can be used to create the runewords, easing your search
* Contains a quick reference to all Horadric Cube recipes involving Runes as well as rune statistics.
* Searchbar including (English) voice-based search

How to download Euromillions

With this app you can now get the Euromillions results very quickly and easily!

- Check the latest Euromillions draw and related list of prizes
- Consult the past draws (and their prizes)
- You can save your numbers and the app will check to see if they match any of the Euromillions results. Therefore you will always be aware of any potential prizes you may have won!
- Receive optional push notifications to notify you when a new result is available, also when the next Prize value is available and more importantly will inform you have won by checking your saved numbers.
- Share the Euromillions results with your friends and family (Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter etc)
- App is available to use offline to avoid unnecessary data usage
- And there will be more features coming soon!

Please feel free to get in contact, if you have any suggestions or feedback

Good luck! :)

This application does not perform online betting. And this application is not linked to, or affiliated with, or approved by any of the European Operators of the EuroMillions lottery game (for example, The National Lottery, or the SLE).

How to install Transition Zone APK at

Transition Zone is designed to be your go to application for tracking and managing your Dice Masters collection! It is an indispensable tool both during games and every day use as a reference. Features include those listed below!

-View the full card to reference it's text and art

-Quickly scroll through to check out cards at a glance

-Each card listing includes the cost, energy type, affiliations, and die image for easy browsing

-Track the number of each card owned and number of dice for each character

-Export your collection to share with your friends/competitors

-Search through all of the cards using criteria such as universe, set, cost, energy type, rarity, and affiliation

-Create and edit your own teams to keep all of your ideas in one place

-Add entire feeds or starters all at once if you buy in bulk

-Life counter for use while playing

-Self-contained, does not use data.

How to download TestFairy - Testers App APK at

When testing apps in the crowd, you never know what exactly was tested and what exactly went
wrong on the client side. TestFairy solves this problem by providing a video of everything that
happened on the mobile device, including detailed internal metrics such as CPU, memory, GPS,
network, logs, crash reports, and a lot more. The service is extremely easy to use, does not require an
SDK or code changes to the tested app.

This app is a testers app, that can help you download apps for testing and report bugs.

How to install Entergy APK at

Welcome to the new Entergy app, the app for everything Entergy. Whether you're a customer, shareholder, employee, regulator, legislator or stakeholder, we've developed our first official app in a way that offers something for all users.

Manage Your Entergy Account - You're mobile, and we're there for you!...ANYWHERE... ANYTIME. You'll be able to see your balance, make payments, request an extension & more... all in place, at your convenience.

Want to check if the power is on at your home or business? Report an outage? Or quickly check your account balance? The Entergy app can easily send pre-populated text messages and get the information you need!

Want to watch do-it-yourself videos about energy efficiency or read the latest company headlines? Now it's all in one place! Staying informed & "in-the-know" has never been easier.

Interested in learning more about our nuclear facilities? The Entergy app offers easy access to complete coverage of Entergy's latest nuclear news.

The Entergy app is an easy way to stay informed about your account and the company.

How to install IF Checklists - Checklists for Infinite Flight APK at

Do you want to make your Infinite Flight experience more realistic?
IF Checklists offers nine, aircraft-specific checklists for the mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight. From the moment you spawn in, to the very end of your flight, IF Checklists will make sure you don’t forget anything.

Aircraft-specific checklists
IF Checklists offers checklists for every aircraft included in Infinite Flight. No matter if you’re flying the new MD-11 or the Cirrus SR22, the checklists will always be accurate.

Made for Infinite Flight
IF Checklists is made to be used with the mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight. Our app is based on real-world checklists, which we adapted to the needs of the simulator.

IF Checklists Plus
IF Checklists Plus is an in-app purchase which will make your experience even better. It includes the following features:
• Voice feedback
• ATC checklists (available for tower & approach)
• Additional information (including weather updates and maximum operating limit speed for all aircrafts)
• Removal of ads

Well, what are you waiting for? Download IF Checklists now and make your flying experience more enjoyable and realistic!

Connect with us
Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @IFChecklists for the latest news about our app!

IF Checklists is not affiliated with Infinite Flight or Flying Development Studio. IF Checklists is intended for simulated flight only and must not be used in real-world flight situations. We cannot be held responsible for use outside of these limitations. By using IF Checklists, you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, available in the About page in-app.

How to download Lotto Number Generator Ghana APK at

This program offers number generators for Ghana lottos,

Monday Special, Lucky Tuesday, Mid - Week, Fortune Thursday, Friday Bonanza and National Weekly (all the same).

Additionally, you can check lotto (lottery) winning numbers by lotto (lottery) result looking up function, requesting lotto (lottery) result pages from specific lotto (lottery) websites.

1.You can decide to generate lotto numbers or look up lotto results in the entrance.

2.Lotto numbers generation:
(1)First press the lotto button you want their numbers to be generated.
(2)Pick your own numbers and exclude numbers (that you don't want them to be generated) in the bottom of "Rotators Zone". Self picked numbers and excluded numbers will not be generated by number generator. Notice: you don't have to exclude self picked numbers in the excluded numbers sections, the program will do it well.
(3)Start Rotating: In the rotating zone, click the "start rotating" button, or press middle block (keep its background in yellow) then shake your device to rotate all balls (Please hold your device tightly while shaking). If there were no accelerometer included in your device, just use "start rotating" button.
Stop Rotating: Click "Manual Stop" button whenever you want to stop the next rotating ball(Manual), or click "Auto Stop" button to stop rotating balls in turn automatically.(Auto)
Loop Rotating: Slide the middle horizontal bar or input a number into the right field to decide how many times to rotate, then click the "Start Loop" button or press the middle block (keep its background in yellow) then shake your device, to rotate all balls then stop them in turn automatically. While auto "rotate-then-stop" goes on, you can press the "Home" button of the device to leave temporarily to do somthing else, then go back to this program to watch generated numbers statistics whenever you want. If you leave this "Lotto Number Generator" page by pressing the "Back" button of the device or some "non-Home" buttons else, the statistics will be cleared.
(4)After all numbers have been generated,they will automatically be sorted by ascend below. If you want to sort them in another way,you can click either "Ascend" of "Descend" radio button.
(5)You can check the latest 20 sets of generated numbers by switching to the "Records Zone" tab, and decide to list them from new to old or from old to new. Records will always be reserved until you delete them, even though this app is shut down.
(6)You can watch statistics for generated numbers by switching to the "Statistics Zone" tab, and decide to list them by "ball number" from small to big or by "generated times" from many to few. The generated numbers in the statistics zone will not be saved, and will be cleared once you "quit" the "Lotto Number Generator" page.

3.Lotto results looking up:
(1)Press the lotto button you want to look up.
(2)It will link to a specific lotto result page. After some content of the page appeared, you can press "ok" button to close the popped up progress dialog.

[What's New]
v1.0.0: First published version.(2017/12/01)

How to download Mr. QR: Super Cute QR Scanner/Reader APK at





「節約! ぼく、スマホ 〜おじさん育てて電池長持ち〜」もよろしくお願いします!
使用したアプリ等:リバーシ by だーぱん、だーぱんブラウザ、だーぱんきせかえ、なめこ栽培S

QR Code ( キューアールコード )とは?
Quick Responseコードの略で、高速な読み取りを重視した2次元コードの1つ。

How to download Stats Calculator Free APK at

A simple, easy to use statistics calculator for android.

Calculate things such as

- Arithmetic Mean (average)
- Geometric Mean
- First Quartile
- Median
- Third Quartile
- Interquartile Range
- Mode
- Range
- Sample Standard Deviation
- Population Standard Deviation
- Sample Variance
- Population Variance
- Coefficient of Variance
- Kurtosis
- Skewness

Also with this statistics calculator, permutations and combinations are included:

- Factorial
- Subfactorial (or Derangements)
- Permutation
- Permutation with repetition allowed
- Combination
- Combination with repetition allowed
- Indistinguishable Permutations
- Pigeonhole

Other features include

- A custom keyboard highly customized for this application that allows quick and easy input of large lists of data.
- Entering number frequencies (repeated numbers) using the multiplier button on the keyboard.
- Saving & Loading lists of data with ease.
- Dynamic input box that grows as you input data.
- Reference guide to show the formulas for certain calculations (Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, and more).
- Error highlighting if input is incorrectly formatted.
- Factorials, Permutations, and Combinations of numbers up to 1000!
- Supports copy & paste.

Another thing to note is that this statistics calculator is completely ad free. It has absolutely no ads and never will.

Helpful Hints:
- If you have a list with numbers that repeat, try using the multiplier button (the 'x' symbol) on the keyboard. Let's say the number 42 repeats seven times: Type '42x7' instead of typing '42' seven different times.
- Long press the backspace button to delete all previous text.

Pro ONLY features:
- Settings screen that can enable dark mode, touch feedback, sound feedback, and prevent the screen from timing out.
- Root Mean Square, Total Sum of Squares, and Standard Error of Mean added to Descriptive Stats screen.
- Controller on both screens that shows when a calculation is selected.
- Calculations can be reordered, removed, and replaced using the controller.
- Calculation order / removal remains the same even after closing the application.
- Every calculation now has an explanation or general equation that is available using the info button on the controller.
- Calculations can be copied to the clipboard by long-pressing on it
- And finally, quicker updates and better support.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or problems, please send me an email. Thanks! I hope you enjoy Stats Calculator.

How to download Battery Notifier Pro BT APK at

Custom colored status bar numbers to easily monitor battery levels
Battery alarm notifications with features and options not found in other apps
24 free HD add-on themes - Many bright add-on numbers for dim status bars

Help! I Can't Uninstall Your App!

Back in 2011when I co-developed Battery Notifier BT Free (Battery Notifier Big Text at the time) and Battery Notifier Pro BT with my programming partner, there was only one app with the name Battery Notifier which was created by my partner. Now there seems to be all kinds of apps with the name Battery Notifier in them. To be certain you have the original apps, with no ads whatsoever, only download them from Google Play, and make sure the developer is Shkil/larryvgs.

* Notification Priority option (Android 4.1 and up)
* 9 new HD add-on themes including Percent HD add-ons with the percent sign!
* Neon HD add-ons - Fuchsia, purple, yellow, orange or red from 100 to zero
* Animated charging icons - Easily confirm your charger is connected
* Roboto HD and bright ArialXL-b HD 4-color fonts included
* Display colors you want at the levels you want
* No Internet connection means least battery drain
* Charger connection and disconnection alerts
* Wireless charger support (Android 4.2 and up)

"Fantastic app" "powerful battery manager" "clean and simple user interface" "easy-to-use" "definitely worth your time and money" - AppEggs.Com (Editor's Pick)

Compare our battery alert features other apps can’t match…
* Custom full charge notification percentage (70% to 100%)
* Play sound notifications in a loop
* Quiet hours (Mute alarms at certain hours)
* Various vibration lengths
* LED notifications (supported devices)
* Mute alerts (Postpone alarms)
* Repeat intervals (Low and full battery alarms)

* Privacy concerns? - Only three permissions and no ads!
* Battery temp (C or F), health, and "plugged/unplugged since" info in dashboard
* All of the above and voltage in swipe down notification area
* 1% Motorola fix

Posts at
Help! I Can't Uninstall Your App!
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Least Battery Drain Verified!
Recommended Antivirus and Privacy Apps
Some Free Apps Aren't Free

Least Battery Drain Verified! - Go to...

Our Google+ Page

Bright & extra-large HD add-ons for brightest colors possible. 24 total HD add-ons with 50% higher resolution than our previous fonts.

Download in the app or use "bnbt" to search for add-ons in browser at Google Play.
Search for "bnbt" with these shortcuts, or combine with other shortcuts:
HD: hi
Extra-large: xl
Bright: br
Regular icons: md

Love to personalize, but don't want to drain your battery? Because we leave out some things, our app puts the least strain on your battery of any Android battery app. But with things you want, and features you'll use.
According to Androlib stats, now in the top 1% of ALL paid Android apps on Google Play!

Have a problem with Battery Notifier Pro BT 2.1.18?
See our most FAQ at:

If you can't find an answer there, e-mail us at [email protected] and we'll try to help.
Please be aware questions asked elsewhere might be overlooked.
(Please allow us time to respond as we are very busy these days.)

How to install Scan - QR and Barcode Reader APK at


To scan a QR code or barcode simply open the app, point the camera at the code, and you’re done! There is no need to take a photo or press a button. Scan will automatically recognize any code your camera is pointing at.

When scanning a QR code, if the code contains a website URL, you will automatically be taken to the site. If the code just contains text, you'll immediately see it. For other formats such as phone numbers, email addresses, or contact info, you will be prompted to take the appropriate action.


Scan recognizes all of the popular barcode types (UPC, EAN, and ISBN) and shows you pricing, reviews, and more about any products you scan. Barcode scanning requires a newer device in order to work reliably. Cameras on older devices do not provide the resolution or focus required for barcode scanning.


• View a history list and map of all of your past scans
• Toggle your front or rear camera for scanning
• Set a default browser to open websites in
• Scan pictures of QR codes and barcodes from your camera roll
• A switch to turn on your device’s light (if it has one) for scanning in low-light circumstances


Our goal is to make our app the best scanning app in the store. We can’t do this without you. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and need to hear feedback from you. If you have an issue with Scan, please do not write a review of the app saying "it didn't work." This does not help us make things better for you. Instead, please contact us at [email protected] or on Twitter @scan and we'll do our best to help.


In order to use Scan, your device must have a built-in camera. When scanning codes that redirect to online content, such as websites, you will need Internet connectivity.

How to install Standard Calculator APK at

A standard arithmetical calculator designed to be more functional than the default installed model - also includes a tip calculator and a loan calculator, both of which can be accessed from the menu - features of the main calculator include:

* decimal mode
* fractions mode
* running total of each calculation shown as it is entered
* full text of the calculation is displayed as it is entered
* the output text can be set to scroll either horizontally (the default) or vertically
* full text of each calculation is stored in the history
* results of each calculation can be reclaimed from the history and reused in future calculations
* a range of colour schemes to suit different moods

A help section, where the main functions of the application are explained, can be accessed via the menu.

This is an ad-supported app - upgrade to an ad-free version for USD 0.99 (or the equivalent in local currency) via

How to install Battery HD Pro APK at

This is the perfect battery monitor for your phone or tablet. It is simple, beautiful and can be calibrated specially for your device.

- Widget
- Notification bar
- Charge Alerts
- Usage chart

Instantly know how many hours you have left for:
- Listening to music
- Watching video
- Talking on the phone
- Internet Browsing ( WiFi / Edge / 3G / 4G )
- Standby
- Time left to recharge
- Time to use LED Flashlight
- 2D and 3D Games
- Reading books
- GPS navigation
- Video chat
- Taking photos
- Recording videos

If you have a new or rare device, please run calibration tests to share your results with the community and make this app even more precise !

Try it now ! It's simply the best at what it does.

How to download Battery charge sound alert - Smart APK at

You can use music of your choice for the notification.
Save the battery life by using this app.

Please install the app tells you to start running services.
After charging cables to the battery fully charged when the music tells.

★ Announcement ★
- If you have installed a new version of the app, you must run it once to get it to work properly. If Wi-Fi is connected and the app is automatically updated, the app may not work properly. Please run the app once.
Thank you.

[How to use]
1. When your phone is connected to the charge cable, the during-charge screen will be exposed.
2. When charging is completed, music of your choice will be played.
3. You can choose alarm music by pressing and holding on the song on your music list.

- Music stops when the charge cable is separated.
- You can control volume of the music.
- You can set'Do Not Disturb'time.(Silent Time)
- You can use voice notification feature.
- You can use a quick charge function.
- You can check the battery charge on the top of the screen. (Checking this is show remaining Battery life on indicator)

★healthy charge★
Step 1: Quick charge → Step 2: Full charge → Step 3: Trickle charge
As fast charging progresses, you can change settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, synchronization, etc. to speed up charging.
But it does not guarantee charging speed.
When charging is complete, disconnecting the cable or stopping the fast charging, you will return to the previous setting.
It never damages the battery or shortens the battery life.
Keep your battery healthy with safe charging.

★ top of the screen displays the remaining battery
0-20%: red
21-69%: yellow
70 to 100%: Green

Charging complete notification app does not collect any personal information.
It Contains Google admob ads in the app.

[Tips to increase battery life]
- It can reduce the running apps
- Fewer connections (automatic data synchronization frequency)
- Just writing that you can use (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC functionality such as turn off if you are not using all the features)
- Make a few steps down the brightness of the screen.
- Vibration mode and turn (to eat a portion of electricity)
- The ambient temperature affects battery life. Make sure that the battery is also too hot also cold.
- Whenever possible, please charge. Chaewodo battery is full, there is no damage. (Lithium ion batteries)

Please continue to increase the battery life using the above !!

How to download EVA System Monitor APK at

An Evangelion style clock and system monitor. The EVA System Monitor not only runs as a standalone app ,but also runs as a Live Wallpaper. It display system resource usages of your mobile phone including :
1. RAM usage
2. Internal storage usage
3. WIFI enable /disable status
4. CPU usage
5. USB enable /disable status
6. GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/LTE Signal strength
7. The remain power of the battery
8. Temperature of the battery

Version History :

ver 1.0.12 (16) :
- New battery energy indicator.
- Adjust LiveWallpaper displaying position.

ver 1.0.11 (15) :
- Add auto orientation mode.
- Support LTE radio signal strength.

ver 1.0.10 (14) :
- Fix : Compatibility issue with some devices

ver 1.0.10 (13) :
- Add : Toggle Clock Format (12-hour / 24-hour)
- Add : Settings Button (Instead of Android overflow button)
- Fix : Fixes an issue that caused the app crash due to misused JNI.
- Fix : Fixes an issue that may show incorrect numbers of clock time.
- Fix : minor fixes

ver 1.0.9 (11, 12) :
- Add : Toggle Flash Effect
- Add : Keep App running when the screen is locked
- Fix : minor fixes

ver 1.0.8 (10) :
- Add : Colors customization
- Add : Support landscape orientation in wallpaper mode

ver 1.0.7 (9) :
- Bug-Fix : Prevent crash when the app has no permission to access system status
- Bug-Fix : Wrong display position when app started
- Bug-Fix : Compatibility issue in Live wallpaper mode (Adreno 205 GPU, PowerVR SGX GPU)
- Bug-Fix : Wrong information of CPU status / Ringer Volume
- Change the Google play license verification method, prevent the monitor stall at some situation
- Upgrade Android NDK version from r8c to r8e
- More optimized texture size (Reduce the memory usage)

ver 1.0.6 (8) :
- Remove the NERV symbol
- Remove the Notification Icon (Live Wallpaper mode)
- Bug-Fix : some device crashes on push the back button
- Enhanced : CPU status indicator
- Add : Display telephone ring tone volume (Landscape)

ver 1.0.5 (7) :
- Bug Fix : live wallpaper compatibility issue

ver 1.0.4 (6) :
- change the displaying policy of high-width ratio
- change the functionality of back button
- change the texture compression method (reduce memory usage)
- Bug Fix : The displaying problem of the Internal Storage usage value
- Add functionality of indicator of internal / external power supply
- Add Live wallpaper displaying mode (Portrait mode only)
- Add The indicator of the power save function (Live wallpaper mode only)

How to install DocStorer: Photo Notes and Documents Organizer APK at

DocStorer is a mobile app that creates a protected digital archive of your personal files, including documents, notes, cards, and receipts. Take a photo of paper files or upload digital files, and sort in folders for maximum convenience. No more worrying about losing or exposing your personal information.

Is your wallet bulging with receipts, business cards, and credit cards? Do you have trouble keeping track of personal paperwork? What about the pile of files on your desk? Perhaps you strolled by an interesting advertisement on the street, and want to save it. Now, you can store everything from copies of your passport to credit card data on your phone, so you have it when you need it most.

DocStorer files are PIN-code protected and hidden from your phone’s photo gallery.

The DocStorer app turns your phone into a safebox for your files, including:

Clean out all the business cards and coupons cluttering your wallet.

We’re all holding on to receipts we may never need. But, just in case, DocStorer keeps them organized and preserved, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it.

Digitalize handwritten notes simply by pressing the Photo button. From now on your messages will always be available in the highest quality.

Protect your passport data, contracts, agreements, certificates, and other documents with DocStorer’s PIN security, and ensure you have a digital copy on hand in a pinch.

Bank Cards
Are you worried about losing your cards when you carry them with you? Make copies of all your cards on the app, and they will be available to insert your details for online shopping.

Advertisements and Announcements
Come across something interesting as you’re walking? Save the information securely just by taking a photo!

Personal Photos
Not all photos can be stored openly in your phone gallery, where wandering eyes might find them. DocStorer takes care of your most personal stuff.

Here is the solution to your document storage problems.

Entrust the safety of your personal files to DocStorer!

How to install PAcalculate APK at

Over 25 calculators for pro-audio sound reinforcement and lighting, as well as reference info and utilities. A super handy tool for people dealing with PA, sound reinforcement, sound systems, electroacoustics, pro-audio and lighting

- SPL (sound pressure level). Enter sensitivity in dB SPL, power, number of loudspeakers, phase and distance
- SPL sum
- Air absorption attenuation for a given humidity, temperature, frequency and distance
- Ceiling speaker coverage
- Time «» Distance
- Audio frequency «» Wavelength (includes lambda/2 and 2*lambda/3 for line arrays or subwoofer arrays)
- Line Array transition distance (near field to far field)
- dBu «» dBV «» Volts
- Q «» B/W (bandwidth)
- Limiter threshold
- Amplifier gain
- Speaker cable: low impedance, high impedance (constant voltage line, 70V/100V). Calculates energy and level loss, system damping factor
- Electrical and musical calculators that are related to audio. Unit conversion
- Lights: DMX channel, RGB/RGBW/RGBA and CMY
- Reference info:
Pinouts, proaudio (XLR, 1/4", SpeakOn, DB25) and lighting (XLR3, XLR5) and graphs (Fletcher&Munson, microphone polar plots)
- Utilities (inclinometer, flashlight-needs camera permission that can be later revoked in phone settings)

iOS and WindowsPhone versiones are also available

How to download Time Zone Converter and Local Weather APK at

With Time Zone Converter and Local Weather by Fracht you can know current time and weather for cities all around the world.
Just choose your base location, search for city you want to add and see the results!
No need to know all the time zones anymore!

This one screen application makes time zone converting very easy to use.
Our time zone converter offers the easiest way to check time in every time zone.

Are you in Bazylea and want to know the time in New York?
Did you wake up in Sydney wondering if you can call your friend from Dubai?
Maybe you are somewhere in South America curious what time is in Tokyo?

With our application time zone converting is simple and you get your answers right away.
For every city in every country in every time zone.

What makes difference between our application for time zone converting and other applications?
- Design - we wanted to provide you easy to use time zone converter that allows you to effortlessly compare multiple time zones and find the time difference between several time zones just at a glance with good readability and thought out design - as you can see in our screenshots our application is simple, clean and minimalistic,
- Hour difference - not only can you see what time is currently in the chosen city but you can also see how many hours differs you from desired location,
- Name of the time zone - not only do we show the hour difference but also accurate name of the time zone of your chosen location,
- Weather forecast - last but not least on that list - we decided to provide you the current information about the weather in the chosen location. We show you a temperature in Celsius degrees and also you can see the icon of the present-day weather. In case you want to go there soon or you are already on your way. If not, just in case you are just curious.

For the provided features we use Google Places API to quickly be able to identify the expected location. All the calculations for proper time zone are done in the background - you won’t see nor feel anything. Only clear result for the user. Information about the weather are provided by the external API (

If you deal with many different time zones on a daily basis - this application is for you. Time Zone Converter and Local Weather by Fracht will help you to convert time from one time zone to another time zone in the fastest and the most intuitive way. You do not need to know the time zone of the location you are interested in - just choose the location and you’ll get the result right away.

Our Time Zone Converter and Local Weather is one of the best tools for those who often finds themselves travelling, calling friends or family abroad, wondering what time is in different parts of the world and anyone who wants to try it out and check the time zone in different locations.
Convenient time zone converter that immediately answer the question: What time is in...?

Furthermore, we have some other features that may interest you:
Share - you can easily and fastly share the information via facebook, twitter or text message. We prepared short message with the link to download the application. Use it and inform your friends.
Contact - simple contact form. If you have any questions or ideas to bring this application to perfection - write to us!
Rate - you can easily evaluate our application. Use it and share your opinion about this app with your friends.
About - a few words about our company that is an author of this and some other applications which are a part of Fracht Tools package.

Notice that this application is a part of a package of applications known as Fracht Tools. Visit the site: to see and download other applications such as:
Transport and Logistics Dictionary,
World Holiday,
Currency Converter,
Units Converter,
Incoterms 2010.

So now, try out this app as the easiest way to know the time in other cities and time zones!

How to download Autoroid - Automation Device Settings APK at

Apps that launch and exit apps, connect (Wi-Fi, bluetooth, Earphone) events and automatically set the environment you set. You can also change the settings of the phone depending on the time with the scheduling and profile function.

✔ function
- Ability to change settings to user's environment by monitoring application execution
- Automatic termination and retention of other app conversions during app launch
- Time setting function with scheduling notification setting
- Change apps and settings when connecting and terminating events such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
- Save setup profile and change settings at once, and launch launcher support

✔ Possible values
- Set up a Wi-Fi connection
- Bluetooth connection setup
- Screen Brightness
- Direction of rotation (force rotation supported regardless of app support)
- Automatic screen off time setting
- Media volume setting
- Sound mode setting
- GPS and mobile data setup (security setup permission is required using ADB tool)
- Hotspot settings
- Sync setting
- Do Not Disturb setting
- NFC setting
- Adguard, Poweramp Third Party Peristalsis
- Other Root privileges can be changed
- Data backup/restore

✔ Support Event
- Wi-Fi connection / disconnection
- Bluetooth connection / disconnection
- Earphone plugged / unplugged
- Battery charge plugged / unplugged
- Location enter / exit
- Root Command

✔ How to acquire the setting authority to use GPS, mobile data ON / OFF
- GPS and mobile data are secure and require security settings permission. You can not set permissions in the app. You can connect the PC to your phone and use the ADB tool to enter the following command in the command window.
(adb shell pm grant com.kmshack.autoset android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS)

- Reference

✔ If the setting is released during the execution of the app due to the original function when switching other apps, try to solve the problem by ignoring the system UI event and accessing the usage information.

✔ When do you use it?
- You can prevent Wi-Fi from wasting your mobile data by automatically turning on Wi-Fi when you run the YouTube app.
- When you launch the navigation app, you can automatically make the screen brighter and sound louder.
- You can also set the sound to be smaller automatically when you play the game.
- You can set it to landscape mode automatically when you launch a specific app.
- You can also set Bluetooth to turn on automatically when you run music app.
- It is possible to switch to silent mode automatically at work time of company.
- When certain Wi-Fi is connected, it can switch to silent mode.
- You can set volume size and music app when connecting earphone.
- When Bluetooth is connected, you can execute the set app.

This is the app that runs the set up or changes the phone's settings at once through connection events.

Please send bugs and inquiries to the following inquiry mail. Bugs should be written as much as possible so that they can be quickly resolved.

* Accessibility services are used in this app.

✔ Apply for beta testers

✔ Community

✔ Translation support

How to download Notes Safe APK at

Notes Safe app is used to keep your password or important note or encrypted notes. You can use this app as safe notes, safe notepad or locked notepad. This app provide 256-bit AES encryption of database files and backup-restore process. When you open this app you must first enter your password and security question-answer.
Then you can add secret notes.
256-bit AES encryption of database files
Backup database
Restore database
Add separate note title
Create/Edit/Delete Notes
Forget password question
Safe Note
Encrypted Notepad
Safe Notepad
Locked Notepad
Safe Notes
Shopping list
Shopping notes
Work list
Work notes
Lecture notes
Locked Notes
Secret notes
Note safe
Safe note

"For your data security, we keep your passwords encrypted on your phone. We are not responsible for forgetting your password or security issue. If you forget these two, you can contact us. But the solution to the problem depends entirely on the actions you will take. Thank you for your understanding."

How to install Free Flashlightled APK at

Turn your device into a REAL POWERFUL flashlight, It's FREE! ????


Low battery consumptions:
Thanks to the completely black background, pixels will not turn on at all, allowing low battery draining, also you can choose to turn off the light at the closure of the application and you can always keep an eye on battery level!

Smart widget that allows you to turn on the flashlight immediately with just one click

User interface:
Very simple and intuitive user interface with a minimal style and a wonderful, colorful fading effect that will charm you!???? Quick activation with just a click or completely automated at start.

Disco mode:
Amaze your friends and animate your parties with disco mode!???? Your device will become an amazing strobe to make your party memorable!

SOS mode:
Designed for those who use this application for exploration and so on. Start a powerful SOS light signal that will keep you safe from troubles!

Screen mode:
No Flash? No problem, with screen mode your screen will become completely white, giving you a very bright light to light up whatevere you want!

Brightest flashlight evere for you completely FREE! Download now!

Icon made by maxim-basinski from
Icon made by freepik from

How to install MingCalc Calculator APK at

•It uses less memory space than the system-provided calculator, and calculates faster.
•It records the complete calculation process, making it convenient to search for calculation history. Notes can be added to keep accounts.
•Fabulous themes and skins to choose from.
•CustomizablePersonal choices can be made on sounds and vibrations, giving youa pleasant experience.
•HD version is available. Perfect choice for Pad.

How to install ReShare: Share or Save Status for WhatsApp APK at

Have you ever seen a funny WhatsApp Status shared by a friend, and then wanted to share it with the rest of your friends ?

It's not quick or easy is it, especially if you want to save it.

Try ReShare, no frills, no fuss, it just works.

How to download I Can't Wake Up! APK at

Can't wake up?
With this alarm clock you sure will get up on time, thanks to up to eight different Wake Up Tasks which won't let you turn the alarm off until you finish them!
Mind or body stimulation? Or maybe having to actually leave the bed? How about practising foreign language while we are at it?

This application features options that you would expect from alarm clock, like setting multiple alarms, daily repeating or snooze, plus many more, letting you set it up to your liking in almost every way possible:
- Smooth Wake Up – dimmed screen, volume rising, fully customizable
- Quit Block - you tend to unconsciously stop application for phone's settings? Not anymore - Quit Block will prevent you from leaving alarm's screen until alarm is finished
- Snooze Music – choose music that will play during your snooze
- Awake Test – ever woke up just to turn alarm off and go back to sleep? If you fail Awake Test few minutes after finishing alarm, alarm will be started again!
- many music sources – ringtones, music files (.mp3), playlists, shoutcasts or build-in extra loud noises
- starting chosen application after alarm’s finish
- auto turning off during phone calls

Wake Up Tasks:
Math – do some math equations
Memory – find pairs for each coloured tile
Order – set tiles in correct order
Repeat – repeat shown click sequence
Barcode – you have to get out of bed to scan the code placed in bathroom, kitchen or just on your table!
Rewrite – carefully rewrite randomly generated text
Shake – shake your phone until you feel awake
Match– connect word pairs – has build in Capital-Country collection, but you can easily make your own, for example with words in different languages!

You can configure every Method and test it quietly without running the alarm, to set it just the way you like.

Alarm WILL ring after device reboot! However mind, that it won't work if device is off or if you Force Close this application with any Application Manager or Battery Saver app.

Used permissions:
WAKE_LOCK – let’s alarm start when screen is off
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – to load alarms’ information on phone’s boot
VIBRATE – for vibrations
READ_PHONE_STATE – to stop alarm during phone calls
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – for writing backup, users' custom settings and log files
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS – so alarm is able to play on max volume every time
WRITE_SETTINGS – for displaying information about next alarm on lock screen
BLUETOOTH and BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - for option to disable Bluetooth during alarm
DISABLE_KEYGUARD - needed for hiding lock screen on some devices
INTERNET – for shoutcasts/web radios
CAMERA – for scanning codes in Barcode Task
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – for Google Analytics

This app uses the Device Administrator permission - activating application as Device Administrator will prevent you (the user) from quickly force stopping or uninstalling application as a way of skipping alarm (our morning selves sometimes just don't want to wake up). It is also required to enable Quit Block feature. Device Administrator is enabled only after user decides to do it at app's Quit Block settings screen. It can be easily disabled from there as well. Quit Block instruction (available at screen mentioned above) explains in detail how it works and why it needs Device Administrator.

How to install Memo Pad APK at

Memo Pad is a simple and easy use note book application.
The main target is Xperia X10, but it might be also suitable for other devices.

*Frequently asked questions

Ques. I want to switch to a new phone (or reset my phone). How can I backup my notes in the Memo Pad.

Ans. Please see the extra app 'MemoPad Tools', which you can make a full backup to and from the SDCard (or any other external storage embedded in your phone device).

notice: MemoPad Tools does not support all android devices.

notes: As Memo Pad does not require any permission, you'll have to backup your notes manually before uninstalling or you'll lose all your notes. sending notes by email or using share will help you backup your notes manually.

Tested Device
- Xperia X10
- Xperia acro HD (SO-03D)
- Motorola Photon (IS11M)
- Motorola RAZR (IS12M / XT909)
- Sharp IS03
- Nexus7 (2012)
- Nexus5

Ver. 18.6
- Fixed compatibility for android devices
- Fixed several bugs

Ver. 18.5.2 Release Notes.
- Fixed layout for tablet size screen

- Bug fixes.
- Icons has been changed.

Ver.18.5 Release Notes.
- Fixed translate bugs.
- New Font size 'Huge' added.
- Adjust layout for wide screen.
- Enabled to move app to media area, such as SDCard.

*notice: widgets will be disabled if you move the app to an external device, such like SDCards.

Ver.18.4.1 Release Notes.
- Fixed layout bugs for specific devices.

Ver.18.4 Release Notes.
- Adjust and rewrite layouts for compatibility.
- Fixed several bugs.

Ver.18.3.2 Release Notes.
- Fixed crash bug in searching memo.
- Adjust display layouts.

Ver.18.3.1 Release Notes.
- Fixed Widget crash bugs.
- Adjust display in widget.

Ver.18.3 Release Notes.
- Enhanced widget (Now themes are applied to widgets!)
- Fixed some display bugs on widgets
- Added new widget size 'thin' (4x1)

Ver.18.2 Release Notes.
- Language Portuguese(PT) added.
- Fixed translate bugs.
- Fixed several display bugs.

Ver.18.1 Release Notes.
- Fixed crash bugs (which occurs in specific settings)

Ver.18.1.0 Release Notes.
- Added Cursor interface (for users who have difficulty moving their cursor on touch screens by using there fingers)

How to install Remote Pro PowerPoint Keynote APK at

PowerPoint Keynote remote Pro is the most downloaded Bluetooth and WiFi presenter on Android. Improve your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations with this feature rich and easy to use app for Windows and Mac OS X.

Automatic detection of your computer without the need to enter IP addresses with Network Scan.

- #1 PowerPoint Keynote Pro > 15.000 downloads
- Bluetooth and Wifi support
- Presentation preview on phone
- Notes and animation support
- Laser pointer and annotation
- Presentation time
- Go to slides
- Toggle black screen
- HW buttons supported to change slide
- Notes size adjustable
- Multilingual
- IPv6 support
- Video and audio supported
- Optimised for tablets
- Portrait and landscape mode
- Easy connection "network scan"
- Different connection mode
- Audio recording

- Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
- Supports Mac OS X 10.7+
- Supports all powerpoint Office versions
- Supports all apple iWork keynote versions
- Support Bluetooth or WiFi
- Support for all Bluetooth Windows solutions
--- Windows, Widcomm, Toshiba and BlueSoleil

PC Server Installation
- Download from

How to download EDS – encrypt your files to keep your data safe APK at

EDS (Encrypted Data Store) is a virtual disk encryption software for Android which allows you to store your files in an encrypted container. VeraCrypt(R), TrueCrypt(R), LUKS, EncFs, CyberSafe(R) container types are supported.

The program can operate in two modes. You can open a container in EDS or you can attach the file system of a container to the file system of your device (i.e., "mount" the container, requires root access to your device).

Main program features:

* Supports VeraCrypt(R), TrueCrypt(R), LUKS, EncFs, CyberSafe(R) container formats.
* You can create an encrypted Dropbox folder using EncFs.
* Choose among five secure ciphers.
* Cipher combinations are supported. A contatainer can be encrypted using several ciphers at once.
* Encrypt/decrypt any kind of file.
* Hidden containers support.
* Keyfiles support.
* Container mounting is supported (requires root access to your device). You can use any file manager, gallery program or media player to access files inside the mounted container.
* A container can be opened directly from a network share.
* Network shares can be mounted to the file system of your device (requires root access to your device). A network share can be mounted and dismounted automatically depending on the available Wifi connection.
* All the standard file operations supported.
* You can play media files directly from the container.
* You can use a hand-drawn pattern along with a password to get easier access to your container on a device with a touch screen.
* You can setup a database inside the container to store various kinds of information including logins, passwords, credit card pin codes, etc.
* You can use indexed search to quickly find files or database entries inside the container.
* You can synchronize your containers among multiple devices using Dropbox(R).
* You can quickly open a folder (or file) inside a container from the Home screen using the shortcut widget.

You can get more information on our website: .

Please read the FAQ: .

Required permissions:

"Full network access"
This permission is used to play media files, to work with Dropbox, to work with network shares. Media files are played using http streaming with local socket connection.

"View Wi-Fi connections", "View network connections"
These permissions are used to start Dropbox synchonization of a container and to automatically mount or dismount a network share.

"Modify or delete the contents of your SD card"
This permission is required to work with a file or a container that is located in the shared storage of your device.

"Run as startup"
This permission is used to automatically mount containers on boot.

"Prevent phone from sleeping"
This permissions is used to prevent device from sleeping when a file operation is active.

"Google Play license check"
This permission is used to check the license.

Please send your error reports, comments and suggestions to [email protected] .

How to install 1KA – Free Survey Maker APK at

Need a survey maker app for your Android smartphone or tablet? Want to access all features for free? Create a questionnaire or a voting and get unlimited responses with brief reports, statuses, data analysis, para-data and much more!

The 1KA mobile application is designed for all users of our main product, the web application 1KA – OneClickSurvey, which is available at

OneClickSurvey is an open source application that provides support for online surveys. It is an online service (SaaS - Software as a Service) that combines support for the following functionalities:

- Development, design and technical creation of an online questionnaire.
- The implementation of online surveys: support for invitations, publication and distribution of data.
- Compiling and analysing data and paradata.

Overview of the status and results of online surveys

For surveys, created in the 1KA web application, users can check the status of responses, access the preview of the survey, share the URL address to the survey via social networks and review the results through the so-called public links.

Create questionnaires

Users can create a simple questionnaire using three types of questions: Categories - one answer, Categories – multiple answers and Text input. The questionnaire can be activated and shared through social networks. Collected data can be viewed in the results section in the form of interactive graphs. There are also other available features of reviewing the status of responses.

Create a voting

Voting is a type of questionnaire with only one answer, which collects respondents' opinions for or against a proposal, decision etc. With a default question users can carry out a voting with just one click and share it with the voters. The results of a voting are in the form of interactive graphs and available in real-time. The voting question can be freely transformed and edited.

How to install Seeder APK at

Lag reduction for ROOT USERS ONLY!

Many Android tasks run slower than they should for one simple, yet not-so-obvious reason: they consume large amounts of random data from a limited source. Random data is used to generate session keys and unique identifiers, in SSL and wifi, while starting processes, and during inter-process communication.

This data (entropy) runs out frequently, and that causes processes reading from the blocking device (if any) to temporarily stop responding (lag). These processes cannot continue until the Linux kernel repopulates the entropy pool, which takes time. In addition, input events are pulled from the user interface (to refill the pool), which may also contribute to the problem.

Seeder is a service for root users. It assists the kernel in "topping off" the entropy pool by re-seeding it with data from the non-blocking (high performance) random device. Optionally, it can also help alleviate MMC I/O contention by extending the I/O queue, allowing the I/O scheduler to make better decisions, and combine more writes.

On some devices, applications load significantly faster (particularly large ones like Facebook, Chrome, and Youtube), and task switching becomes effortless. Fewer visual "hiccups" occur.

You MUST be running a rooted device to use this application! If you don't know what this means, Seeder will probably not work on your device!

** Note **

This app does not increase raw performance, but rather eliminates some types of annoying lag (ie. applications briefly freezing, jerky scrolling, delays returning to the home screen, etc). The effect seems to be more noticeable the longer the device has been running prior to activating the RNG service.

Google's efforts to optimize newer builds of Android have been substantial, and Seeder has less effect on Android 4.0+ (though many users still report improvement).

Bug reports are greatly appreciated. If you have any trouble with the application, please send an email before leaving a review. If during testing you find that Seeder does not noticeably reduce lag on your device, please email me for a refund!

How to install Password Manager Home APK at

Really completely free ! Cloud and memory card backup / restore, Excel CSV files Import / Export......All of the features are free ! No built-in purchase.No official server to record your password items.
This will ensure that your information is closed and secure!

[Password Manager Home] for Android is very easy to use, allowing you to organize your passwords into different categories.
[Password Manager Home] also allows for the creation of custom categories and fields if the presets don't meet your needs.
Your password information is protected using AES data encryption. Even the master password is encrypted.
[Password Manager Home] support for backup to and restore from Dropbox Cloud or SD card.
[Password Manager Home] full support for Excel CSV files import and export.--->>>Please use [comma] as the field separator
All of the features in [Password Manager Home] are free.Now try it out!

---[Password Manager Home] Interface---
Support for Lock Pattern or Master Password for app protection.

Support for [Tag] that lets you group items together from the different categories.

You can customize the categories and add more required fields.

You can change the list order of categories or items.

Support for English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, or Japanese.Of course, you can also specify the language that you want to use.

Support for Full-Text Search and Fuzzy Query.

You can put frequently used items to [My favorites] group.

Built-in Password Generator.(You can specify the password rules in [Preferences])

Support for Android 2.3 and above.

---[Password Manager Home] Data Protection---
Support for Dropbox Cloud backup and Restore,a Background Process will automatically back up the changed data after exiting the app.

You can specify a limited time for the background backup,when the background process exceed the time limit,it will be shut down.(So that you can save your battery.)

Support for backup to and restore from external SD Card.

Data can be moved to SD card to save valuable internal storage.

All fields are able to use 128-bit encryption, the encryption key can also be customized, do not worry about data leakage.

---[Password Manager Home] Import/Export---
You can export data to CSV files and edit in Excel.Other Excel files also can be saved as CSV format,copy these files to the specified position,you will be able to Preview them in the app and import to database.

The most important thing is all of the features in [Password Manager Home] are free(if you don't mind the small banner ads...)

How to download AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD, Hide and Freeze apps) APK at

AppMgr (also known as App 2 SD) is a totally new design app that provides the following components:
Move apps: moves apps to either internal or external storage for getting more available app storage
Hide apps: hides system (built-in) apps from the app drawer
Freeze apps: freeze apps so they won't use any CPU or memory resources
App manager: manages apps for batch uninstalling, moving apps or sharing apps with friends

Support app 2 sd for Android 2.x~8.x. For Android 6+, read if you don't see the Change button. Some devices may not be supported, visit AppMgr > Settings > About > FAQ for details.

★ Over 50,000,000 Downloads!

★ up-to-date UI style, themes
★ batch uninstall apps
★ batch move apps to external storage
★ notify when movable apps installed
★ hide apps from app drawer
★ freeze apps to a stop state
★ 1-tap to clear all cache
★ batch clear apps cache or data
★ export/import the app list
★ sort apps by name, size or installation time
★ share customized app list with friends
★ support home screen widgets
★ support Android 2 ~ 8

Functions for rooted device
★ Root uninstaller, Root freeze, Root cache cleaner
★ Root app mover

Move apps:
Are you running out of application storage? Do you hate having to check each and every app if it supports moving to the SD card? Do you want an app that automatically does this for you and can notify you when an app can be moved? This component streamlines the movement of apps to on your device's external or internal storage through your device's Settings. With this, you'll have more control over your ever expanding collection of apps. This is crucial to anyone who has memory management issues.

Hide apps
You don't care for all the apps your carrier adds to Android? Well, now you can get rid of them! This component enables you to hide system (built-in) apps from the app drawer.

Freeze apps
You can freeze apps so they won't use any CPU or memory resources and consume zero-battery. It's good for you to freeze apps that you would like to keep in device, but don't want them to run or be uninstalled.

• WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: use to export/import the apps list
• GET_PACKAGE_SIZE, PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: get the size information of apps
• BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: this app uses Accessibility services to automate the function (e.g. clear cache, move apps), optional. It helps those who have difficulty in tapping and complete the task easier
• WRITE_SETTINGS: prevent the screen rotation during the automatic function
• SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: draw a wait screen above other apps during the automatic function

We have been selected as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative design and advanced technology.

Arabic-Mohamed Hany
Bulgarian-Димитър Димитров
Croatian-Bruno Švorinić
Czech-Michal Fiurášek
Danish-Christian Stangegaard Kappelgaard
Dutch-Niko Strijbol
Filipino-Vincent C. V. Estrellado
Finnish-Teemu Paavola
French-Jérémy Roth (JeremX)
Galician-Xesús M. Mosquera Carregal
German-Marc C. Hübner, Wolfgang Dinter
Greek-George Georgiadis
Indonesian-Khairul Agasta
Italian-Luca Trevisan
Norwegian-Mathias Aavik
Polish-Kamil Szymański, Grzegorz Jabłoński, Dawid Zieliński
Portuguese-Altieres Lima da Silva, Luis Barbosa de Assis Junior
Romanian-Stelian Balinca
Russian-Павел Алексеев
Serbian-Branko Radičević
Slovak-Patrik Žec
Slovenian-Matevž Kersnik
Spanish-Tomás de la Puente López, Lahiri López
Swedish-Henrik Andersson
Telugu-Venkat Kamesh
Thai-Pimlada Singsanga
Turkish-Kutay KuFTi
Ukrainian-Михайло Грицина
Urdu-Hafiz Muhammad Moin Ud Din
Vietnamese-Phong Quang PdaViet

If you are interested in helping us to translate this app to your native language, please let me know. Thanks.

How to download Droid Screenshot APK at

Capture, edit and share screenshots on the go
Ashampoo Snap for Android is a fully-fledged mobile application to capture, edit and share screenshots and images on your Android device.Capture screen contents, take photos with your built-in camera or simply load existing images and add stylable arrows, shapes, stamps and texts to get your point across. And when you're finished, share your images through any installed file services (E-Mail, Picasa, Google+, etc.).

Save and store what you see
Imagine you are browsing social media and come across a hilarious post or chat message that could very well be the next epic chat fail. Just take a screenshot and remove sensitive information with Snap for Android and come back to it later.

Record and document unforeseen events on the spot
Don't just rely on your memory alone! Use Snap for Android to record and document unfavorable situations such as car crashes and add arrows and notes to detail the sequence of events that caused them.

Record thoughts and ideas right in your photos
Snap for Android gives you a set of creative tools to draw and write on your images. Enhance your vacation snaps and tell your friends exactly where your room was during your last stay or which places you particularly liked on that beach. Just mark the spots right in your photos with Snap for Android.

Share images with anyone
Use the integrated Ashampoo Web upload and share unique Internet links with others. Your images will be accessible through any web browser and automatically expire after 30 days so your images won't stay online forever. Of course, Snap for Android also supports all built-in sharing capabilities including Facebook and Google+.

•Instant-ready: No manual launching required (background service)
•Notification Bar status messages
•Smart trigger: Screenshots taken through Android-default hardware key combination auto-open in Snap for Android
•System integration: Use "Open with Snap" in other apps, import and edit images through Gallery, take and modify camera snapshots
•Draw arrows
•Draw rectangle/ellipse/line shapes
•Stamps (cliparts)
•Add text
•Crop image
•Scale canvas
•Shadow/outline support: Arrows, Texts, rectangles, ellipses, lines
•Set edited images as wallpaper in launcher
•Supports all installed sharing capabilities (Facebook, Google+, Picasa, Twitter etc.)
•No ads
•Image scaling supported
•AshWeb upload: Upload images to AshWeb and share unique links
•Enable/disable Notification Bar messages
•Many additional stamps/cliparts


How to download Glary Utilities APK at

Glary Utilities for Android 3.2 is now accessible on your Android phone. It lets you quickly clean, optimize and boost your android device by sweeping all that slows it down. This all-in-one cleaner APP can quickly boost your android phone's performance just by clicking Quick Clean. It Frees up system RAM, Boosts Memory, Cleans Junk and also helps you keep your privacy in an efficient way.

Main Features include the following:

Quick Clean:
--Ability to kill the caches and residual files quickly.
--Speed up your phone function effectively.
--Ability to end the individual applications.

Junk Files:
--Shows the list of applications that having system cache.
--Shows all the residual files which could be cleaned.
--Ability to auto clean caches at time intervals like (every 3 days)
--Cache file size auto reminder which could be set to space usage like (50 MB,100MB)

Task Killer:
--Shows list of running tasks with their RAM and CPU usage.
--Ability to kill the individual applications and end multiple tasks.
--Task Reminder will remind users when the memory usage is high.
--Ability to auto kill background tasks effectively.

APP Manager:
--Lists all the installed applications with their size and version.
--Ability to uninstall a certain program within the APP.
--Delete the backed up programs or reinstall them.

--Remove the history of all installed browsers, mail clients and other credentials.
--List all the call logs and messages and ability to delete them

Power Management:
-- Shows the total battery percentage and current status.
--Lists the battery usage of all the programs.

How to download KimMinKyum Keyboard for Korean APK at

● Features
- Simple and Typing Error Free Keyboard
- 12Key Korean Keyboard in Conformity to Neumeric Keyboard
- No Ambiguity in 12Key Keyboard
- Hanja, Emoji, Emoticon

When you are beginner of KimMinKyum keyboard, please refer to [Help]. Major Functionalities are as follows. (*=Specialized Function)

✔ Text Entry
- Korean
* KimMinKyum Keyboard, Qwerty Type Korean Keyboard
- English
* bp Keyboard, English Qwerty Keyboard
- Special Char
* in Korean Mode, in Sp Char Mode
- Entry by Drag
- 漢字
* 漢字 Dictionary
- Emoji

How to download Easy Unrar Unzip & zip (noads) APK at

****** Easy Unrar Unzip & zip without ADS ******
****** New format : RAR 5 and 7zip Support ******

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip allows you to extract rar and zip files easily. It has a browser to view files on your phone or your tablet. Supporting all versions of rar files, archives protected by a password and multi-part archives. Get simple zip compression, multi-part compression and AES encryption. Easy Unrar & Zip enables archived content display without decompression. Save time by selecting files and extracting them. Then open the files directly in Easy Unrar & Zip. Whole movies can be extracted and opened in a matter of minutes.

Expand your access and save time with this versatile app.

Extraction time is very fast :

E.g. for extracting a movie (710 MB rar compressed) with several devices generation :

- Asus Memo Pad FHD 10 (Intel Atom 1.6GHz): 1 minute 14 seconds
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (ARM Cortex A9 1.0GHz) : 2 minutes 8 seconds
- Samsung Galaxy S I (ARM Cortex-A8 1.0GHz) : 3 minutes 16 seconds

How to install SQLite Editor APK at

Allows you to edit and delete records in any SQLite database on your phone. For root users, lists all installed apps which have local internal databases. You can then select an app and edit any of its databases.

Fully integrated with Root Explorer. When browsing files in Root Explorer, selecting a database file automatically launches this app instead of the database viewer that is built into Root Explorer.

Non-root users can browse and edit databases on the SD card.

Data is displayed in a smooth scrollable grid and records can be filtered on any field value.

To quickly get to regularly accessed databases you can either add them to the bookmarks list or look on the recently accessed tab.

How to install Screenshot Easy Pro APK at

Screenshot Easy Pro lets you take screenshots on your tablet, phone or other Android device the easy way! Use the easiest screenshot app to not only take snapshots but also view, edit or share them directly.

★No internet permission required★

Depending on your device you can use the following triggers:
• Hold 'Power button' and 'Volume-down button' for 2 seconds
• Hold 'Power button' and 'Home button' for 2 seconds
• Overlay icon
• Notification icon click
• Shake
• Camera hardware button
• Long click search hardware button
• Custom shortcut
• Widget
• Locale, Tasker plugin support
• Power connect/disconnect

This screen shot app will capture screens on Android 4.0 and higher, devices with root and some not rooted devices.

How to install Pixcel APK at

An application that manages devices in Vodafone Stores via Vodafone's CMS.

How to download Phone Security - Booster & Cleaner APK at

Speed Booster - Phone Booster - Cache Cleaner - Network booster just one Tap

Lookout protects smartphones, tablets, applications, mobile fleets, and more.
Providing comprehensive risk management across Android devices to secure against app, device, and network-based threats while providing visibility and control over data leakage.
Speed Booster - Phone Booster - Cache Cleaner - Network booster is the best Speed Booster, turbo Cleaner, battery saver and CPU Cooler.
Save your battery power and optimize phone usage with just 1 Tap, longer the phone battery life up to 80% in Advanced Saving mode.
Speed Booster - Phone Booster keep your phone clean, safe, fast and security! Save battery! Go speed up your phone!

How to install Servers Ultimate Pro APK at

Now you can run a Caddy, CVS, DC Hub, DHCP, UPnP, DNS, DDNS, eDonkey, Email (POP3 / SMTP), FTP Proxy, FTP, FTPS, FTPES, Flash Policy, Git, Gopher, HTTP Snoop, ICAP, IRC Bot, IRC, ISCSI, Icecast, Lighttpd, LPD, Load Balancer, MQTT, Memcached, MongoDB, MySQL, NFS, Node.js, NTP, NZB Client, Napster, Nginx, PHP, PXE, Port Forwarder, RTMP, Remote Control, Rsync, SIP, SMB/CIFS, SMPP, SMS, Socks, SFTP, SSH, Server Monitor, Styx, Syslog, TFTP, Telnet, Time, Torrent Client, Torrent Tracker, Trigger, USB/IP, Unison, UPnP Port Mapper, VNC, VPN, Wake On Lan, Web, WebDAV, WebSocket, X11, XMPP server!

★★Normally you pay 0.99 or 1.99 for one server, here you get over 60 servers and network tools for this low price!★★

Start a server easily on the 'Simple' tab or go advanced and add users, allowed IP's, start/stop rules and more! Multiple servers can be run at the same time! No root needed, exceptions mentioned below.

★★Over 18 network tools!★★

Server limitations
- VNC Server: doesn’t work on most devices.
- Email: one instance only.
- ARM based: Caddy, VPN, Port forward, MySQL monitor, Nginx, Traceroute
- Root needed: Port forwarder, VNC, VPN, SMB Native

★★Includes a PHP Server!★★

- Permission for SMS: start/stop rules
- Permission for coarse location: wifi selector tool

★★Light or dark Holo theme!★★

A few general features
- Encryption for settings and password login support!
- Tasker and Llama support!
- Start / Stop servers using WIFI / SMS / call / power or cronjob rules! Or use the 'Trigger Server' for more!
- Set a port, network interface to listen on, backlog, logging, etc. If rooted set a port below 1024.
- Widget support!
- More!

★★Change your device to a NAS Server, dedicated server and/or honeypot!★★

Network tools
- Remote Control Client
- IP Calculator (IPv4 / IPv6)
- Port Scanner
- MySQL Monitor
- Whois
- Raw socket (TCP / UDP)
- Command line
- Ping
- Network speed
- Key generator
- HTTP Headers
- Wake On LAN (WOL)
- Lookup (DNS, IP, Host, Mac to Vendor)
- Traceroute
- UPnP Port Mapper
- More!

★★Remote control support!★★

- Caddy Server
- CVS Server
- DC Hub Server (Direct Connect Hub)
- DHCP Server
- DHCP Proxy Server
- DHCP Relay Server
- UPnP Server (works with DLNA devices)
- DNS Server
- DNSMasq Server
- Dynamic DNS Updater: DDNS services ChangeIP, DNSdynamic, DNSexit, DNSMadeEasy, DNS-O-Matic, DNSPark, DtDNS, DynDNS, easyDNS, eNom,, Joker, Namecheap, No-IP, ZoneEdit
- eDonkey Server
- Email Server: POP3, SMTP
- Flash Policy Server
- FTP Proxy Server
- FTP Server
- FTP Root Server
- FTPS Server
- FTPES Server
- Git Server
- Gopher Server
- HTTP Proxy Server
- HTTP Snoop Server
- ICAP Server
- Icecast Server
- IRC Bot
- IRC Server
- ISCSI Server
- Lighttpd Server
- Load Balancer Server
- LPD Server (Printer Server)
- Memcached Server
- MongoDB Server
- MQTT Server
- Multicast DNS Server (Bonjour)
- MySQL Server
- Napster Server
- NFS Server
- Nginx Server
- Node.js Server
- NTP Server
- NZB Downloader Client
- PHP Server (optional PHPMyAdmin and more)
- Port Forwarder
- Proxy Server
- PXE Server (Network Boot)
- Remote Control App Server
- Rsync Server
- RTMP Server
- RTMP Proxy Server
- SCP Server
- Server Monitor
- SFTP Server
- SIP Server
- SMB / CIFS Server (Samba)
- SMPP Server
- SMS Gateway
- SOCKS Server
- SSH Server
- Stomp Server
- Styx Server
- Syslog Server
- Telnet Server
- Test Server: Echo, Discard, CHARGEN, QOTD
- TFTP Server
- Time Server
- Torrent Downloader Client
- Torrent Tracker Server
- Trigger Server
- Unison Server
- UPnP Port Mapper
- USB/IP Server
- VNC Server
- VPN Server
- Wake On LAN client (WOL)
- Web Server
- WebDAV Server
- WebSocket Server
- X11 Server
- XMPP Server / Jabber Server

Useful for penetration testing, IT specialists, students and more!

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How to install WolOn - Wake on LAN APK at

WolOn is a simple and lightweight application which will help you turn on or wake your computer from your home network (Wake on LAN) or over the Internet (Wake on WAN).
Wake on LAN (WoL) is an Ethernet computer networking standard that allows a computer to be turned on or awakened by a network message. WolOn doesn't serve ads and all app's functionalities are free to use and will remain so. Consider reading Help section of the app for a better understanding of how WolOn works.

★ Features ★
• Turn on or wake your computer from your home network using Wake on LAN
• Turn on or wake your computer over the Internet using Wake on WAN
• Trigger Wake on LAN and Wake on WAN packets automatically when phone gets connected to a specific WiFi network (Restrictions introduced in Android 8 will prevent this functionality to work on devices with Android 8 or later)
• Scan the local network to find available computers
• Get notified when Wake on LAN or Wake on WAN packet was sent automatically
• Use widgets to wake your computer directly from your home screen
• See status of your computer (can be used only for LAN devices)
• Pleasant and minimalist Material Design UI
• Help page will explain you what you have to do to activate WoL capability on your computer and how to setup your home router.
By using Wake on WAN functionality of WolOn to wake your remote computer only when you need it you can considerably reduce your energy bills.

★ Available localizations ★
• English
• Romanian
• German - translated by Johannes Müller

★ Permissions info ★
• Internet, WiFi state and network state permissions are used to wake computers over phones internet connection and check phone's current data connection state.
• Billing permission is used for donations. You can donate using in-app purchase. WolOn app is free of charge, doesn't serve ads, doesn't have paid functionalities and will remain so.

How to install NEMA Configuration Guide APK at

Find the receptacle or plug configuration you need. Quickly identify an unknown NEMA configuration. Just plug in what you know and view all matching results.

Perfect for electricians and electrical professionals in the field or at a jobsite.

Summit Electric Supply’s NEMA Configuration Guide puts over 240 NEMA configurations at your fingertips. This app helps you quickly and easily identify your device so you can move on with your project. Search by NEMA configuration number or enter known information such as voltage, amperage or poles to filter for matches. Tap on an icon and view detailed specifications. Use the handy plug/receptacles cross reference option to quickly find matching configurations.

• Filter by specifications such as amperage, voltage rating, phase, wires, poles, grounding and more
• Compare configurations by image
• Quickly jump to the matching plug/receptacle
• Over 240 configuration illustrations
• Search by NEMA number
• View circuit wiring diagrams

How to install Text Analyzer Pro APK at

Text Analyzer is a free and simple to use text analyzer tool for counting words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs in your text that you can type, paste, or just take a picture of it. To analyze the photos, we use Machine Learning Kit provided by Google to analyze the text from the image.

This app is designed to increase your productivity and make your life easy. The app is an effective tool to analyze your essay paper before submitting or for any other platforms that do require the word limit.

Snap a photo of your text and get a detailed breakdown

Copy paste
Copy and paste the text

Count as you type
Get the real-time count of words, characters, sentences, or paragraphs while you type

Detailed Statistics
- Reading time between different levels
- Number of unique words and their frequencies
- Average length of words and sentences
- Graph Normal Distribution of words
- Text difficulty level
- Text uniqueness

How to download Photid - Professional passport photo editor APK at

Photid is a professional passport photo / visa photo making app. It applies 12 kind of algorithm and 35 kind of compliance testing to make sure your passport/visa photo is qualified for official demands.

Photid can:
-Easily corp and edit your photo
-Provide passport/visa photo templates more than 69 countries
-Get you best passport/visa photo in 20 seconds
-Take photos whenever you want

In this app, passport/visa photos can be taken from the camera or loaded from album and the program will automatically generate trimmed photos for you.

Pls note we are not responsible for the correctness, accuracy, timeliness of passport/visa photo templates. Please check if the template is acceptable before you use it.

How to download Macro Deck - turn your smartphone in a macro pad! APK at

Macro Deck turns your Android device into a powerful tool to execute macros and shortcuts on your Windows PC to imrove your productivity!

For this App you need an extra software on your PC!
- Download Macro Deck Server:

- Themes
- Twitter integration to post Tweets
- Connect over WiFi
- Fully customizable macros
- Create explorer shortcuts
- Create multimedia shortcuts
- Mute/unmute your microphone
- Create keyboard shortcuts to control other applications (such as OBS Studio, etc.)
- Create shortcuts to open other applications
- Use your own icons and labels on the buttons
- Export the layout to use it on an other computer
- Create infinite folders and change these on the fly
- Automatic updates

Please note:
- the App and the server are in a very early development state. In future updates I'll add new features and fix bugs.
- english translation is maybe not 100% correct.

How to download Amiga Forever Essentials APK at

Amiga Forever Essentials for Android installs officially licensed system ROM files to run Amiga OS versions 1.2, 1.3, 2.04, 3.0 and 3.1 in emulated computers like the Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200. Bonus content like Workbench 1.3 and First Demos disk images allow you to enjoy memorable classics such as the 1984 Boing demo.

Amiga Forever Essentials unlocks the potential of different Amiga emulation apps designed for Android, making it possible to play thousands of Amiga titles. We worked together with the developers of UAE4All2, UAE4Droid, AnUAE4All, Omega 500 and other apps to make sure that Amiga Forever Essentials system content is autodetected (no manual file copying or configuration needed). At least one of these apps is required to start an Amiga emulation session.

After installation, run Amiga Forever Essentials to copy or update the Amiga system files.

How to install 陰陽師懸賞封印筆記 APK at


*~~~ 特點~~~*

- 採用橫向及縱向的設計介面
- 能夠同時選擇3個式神
- 詳細的資料
- 每個式神也有推介的關卡
- 資料可以用訊息提示輸出(只支援Android4.1或以上)
- 可用式神名稱和線索尋找

*~~~ 資料內容 ~~~*

- 包括了探索副本1至25章
- 妖氣封印
- 御魂
- 秘聞副本(更新至海怪的温柔)


How to download Perfect App Lock Pro APK at

★ Google TOP 20 application.

Perfect App Lock! lets you protect any applications you want with a password or a pattern. You can lock: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, email, pictures, camera, USB connection, calendar, messenger, and any apps you choose.

Like us ? Hit the +1 button.

*Android 5.0 Lollipop compatible*

# Features
1. Lock any apps by using pin or pattern
2. Screen Filter support: Effectively manage screen brightness of individual apps
3. Rotation Lock support: Prevents unwanted screen rotation on each apps
4. Watchdog : After 3rd failed password attempt, built-in camera takes photo of attacker.
5. Lock WiFi, 3G data, Bluetooth, Sync, USB (MTP is not supported)
6. Lock Home Screen, Lock Outgoing Calls, Lock Incoming Calls, Lock App Install/Uninstall
7. Time, WiFi based locking policy supported.
8. Fake Popup : Displays fake error message when locked app is launched.
9. Minimum resource used
10. Remotely start service using SMS command
11. Gesture, Pin, Pattern, Text password supported.

- Call permission : for Stealth Mode feature.
- SMS permission : for Remote Control feature (You can start applock service via SMS)
- Take Picture permission : for WatchDog feature

* Service restart required after each updates
* 'Outgoing call' permission is required for Stealth Mode
* 'SMS' permission is required for SMS command
* If you have two or more launcher, you must select one as default
* Perfect Applock does not support smaller screen sized phones such as HTC wildfire
* If you need bulk purchasing (100 - 200 copies or more), please contact us via email. We will send execution file (apk) once payment transaction is completed using Paypal. APK file allows simple installation on many devices.
* If you would like to support in translating (Eng to your language) this app, feel free to contact us. Also, please let us know if there are any incorrect English use on our app.

** Android 5.1.1 Lollipop 100% Compatibility.

** This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

How to download MACO Service APK at

MACO Service is an application that enables users to make quick search of the meaning of error codes that may appear when there is a malfunction in “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd” Air conditioning system, and the possible cause of the malfunction.
In additional this application enables you to scan unit’s QR code and search the meaning of error codes depending on the model type.
The application covers “Mitsubishi Heavy industries Thermal System, Ltd” Air conditioning systems:
RAC: Single split & Multi split, PAC: Inverter & Non-inverter, KX: KX6 & KXZ series

How to install Super Backup Pro: SMS&Contacts APK at

The fastest data backup tool on android!
You can backup Apps & Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to the SD card/Gmail.You will never lose your data again!
This is the Ads free version of Super Backup

Dark Theme will come back soon!!!

★Important Notice #1
If your phone has inbuilt storage, the default backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not the external.
This is because the phone reports the storage that way.
If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone, please make sure default backup folder is in your external SD card before doing it. If not, please copy the entire backup folder ("SmsContactsBackup" by default)to your external SD card

★Important Notice #2
Since Android M, access bookmarks from 3rd application is disabled, so Super Backup can not backup and restore bookmarks.

-Backup apps to SD card
-Backup all app download links of Google Play
-Backup & restore app's data(need root)
-Batch restore apps from SD card (need root)
-Backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card
-Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from SD card
-Can select SMS conversations to backup
-Delete the backup data on SD card
-Schedule automatic backups
-Auto upload scheduled backups to your Gmail or Google Drive
-Can download backup files from Google Drive
-Show last backup count & time
-User can change backup folder path in Settings

About Permissions:
These permissions are used to backup & restore your SMS

These permissions are used to backup & restore your Contacts

These permissions are used to backup & restore your Bookmarks

These permissions are used to backup & restore your Calendars

These permissions are used to backup & restore your Call logs

- Italian- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta
- Portuguese- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta
- Korean- Thanks to 장승훈
- Hungaria- Thanks to Balu & Hevesi J.
- Turkish- Thanks to Fatih Fırıncı
- Arabic- Thanks to Falcon Eye
- Polish- Thanks to Alvin Świtała
- Russian- Thanks to Сергей Приклонский
- Czech - Thanks to Renek

How to download Cube timer APK at

Application cubist measure their times in different categories with official scramble championships, is a clock made for Speedcuber.

- All the modalities championships (Rubiks cube, 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 3x3x3 Blindfolded, 3x3x3 Fewest Moves, 3x3x3 With Feet, 3x3x3 One-Handed, 4x4x4, 4x4x4 Blindfolded, 5x5x5, 5x5x5 Blindfolded, 6x6x6, 7x7x7, Rubik's Clock, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Skewb, Square-1)..
- Scramble taken from official generator championships.
- Inspection time with alert sound.
- Add your categories.
- Increase font size of the scrambler.
- Several averages with explanation.

- Graphics (all time, last session, per day, per month, ...)

- Time of History.
- Add time manually.
- Sort by date and time
- Options: +2s, DNF, delete.
- Share times.
- Last session.

- Screen championships around the world.
- Export / Import all your time.

- Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.
- Spacebar to external keyboards

Tags: cube, magic, time, magic cube, cube clock cube time, speed, graphic

How to download Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 PRO APK at

Analog clock as application, live wallpaper and widget. Clock supports 12/24 time format and dispaly month and day of the week according too current language.
There are two types of appearance: solid and gradient style. You can start application by touch on widget. Use long touch to call menu for application.


* Size of the clock (you can resize widget too);
* Show second hand;
* Show the current date, month and day of the week;
* Show digital clock;
* Show battery charge;
* Select background, primary, secondary, hands and text colors;
* Gradient style, select gradient color;
* Font;
* Change logo text;
* Horizontal and vertical alignment for live wallpaper only;
* Keep screen on for app only;
* Custom time zone;
* Set an image as background ( fit to screen, put to center, fill as pattern);
* Time to speech by double tap or by interval: 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

How to install UKeyboard APK at

Application Supports 6.0+

**** In case you don't see text it simply means your device don't support the character set. ****

*** If you are unable to see language suggestion by Keyboard please download fonts available in settings. ***

** Download the fonts from keyboard interface **

* Now Support offline conversion (Cache Supported) -> You will need internet for the first time to write a world -> More you use better it gets! *

Multilingual keyboard (Including the Indic Languages).
A unique keyboard which provides the facility to use transliterate ( A facility by which you can write your native language using English keyboard. )

Application supports a wide variety of options

You will be able to see the text in above mentioned languages in the suggestion field, so that you can choose the correct one. But once selected (Manually or by pressing space bar) it will be responsibility of the application to support that language on which you are working.

Please remember... font support is provided by the devices, so if you are unable to see a particular font then it means the support for that language is not available for your device.

Please let me know if any particular language is not showing in suggestion section.

In case you don't see text it simply means your device don't support the character set.

Application uses Internet "It connects to Google Server" - I will recommend you not to use this while using your credit / Debit cards as i am also not sure about the caching of Data by the server.

Request you to put some constructive comments... which can help application evolve... :)

Please read the blog to know installation process :

*********** CHANGES*******
# Updated permission to read FONTS
# Updated Settings UI
# Experimental feature "Key Shortcuts"
# Updated Emojis for new and old device
# Fixed language not appearing issue even after downloading font.
# Fixed Issue for Gingerbread when downloading language pack.
# Reduced application size from 24MB to 900KB
# Download your fonts from menu in Ukeyboard settings page.
# Bug Fixes
# More colors to choose
# Languages added so can see in suggestion even if phone do not support the font.
# Added Hepatic feedback.
# Added keyboard customization support.

How to download Friendly Password Safe APK at

How many usernames, passwords and pin codes do you have to remember?

With the Friendly Password Safe you can easily organize all your usernames, passwords and secret notes in one place. And, unlike most password managers that require internet, sdcard or cloud permissions, this one does NOT REQUIRE ANY PERMISSIONS AT ALL.

It is now known that intelligence agencies steal our personal keys stored or transmitted through the internet, so strong LOCAL encryption is of paramount importance.

The Friendly password safe:

- Does NOT show advertisements
- Does NOT require internet access or cloud support
- Keeps data locally (can't even access you SD card)
- Is simple to use, does not try to pose as an "organizer"
- Utilizes the latest in strong encryption and in multiple layers
- Requires no android application permissions at all!
- Supports white/black and newer holo themes
- Works on a wide range of android devices (from android 2.1 phones to newer tablets)

Important Tips:

- Tap to edit entries, LONG tap to delete them (confirmation will be shown)
- Categories and their icons are editable. Define your personal categories early, so you can organize your entries
- Password changes are recorded (password history is maintained)
- By pressing the [FILTER] button, you can easily find the entry you are looking for, based on its category.
- Since the app does not use ANY android permission at all, it CANNOT save/sync your data to the internet. This is a security choice... not a flaw... unless you trust remote servers keeping your data !
- Users with rooted phones are prone to attacks (on all applications, not just this one). Rooting your phone without extensive linux knowledge compromises security.

How to download Volume Slider Like Android P Volume Control APK at

Volume Slider is Like Android P Volume Control, its like Volume control Widget recently introduced in first developer preview of Android P.
Its like a new vertical volume control to adjust volume in android P and onward updates.
Volume Slider allows exactly the same Volume control widget for all android devices from android 4.1+ on wards.

No wait for official android P support for your device. install Volume Slider app and have a similar experience for controlling volume for your phone.

App shows floating volume control like android P and its floating volume control that runs above all running apps and games, so without leaving your running app, you can easily increase or decrease volume of game or app.

App reviews by android popular websites:

App brings the new volume control look to any Android 4.0+ device. The app also adds a bunch of customization options for the volume slider. You can put it in different places on the screen or put it in the notification shade if you’d prefer. Don’t wait for Android P to get the latest features

Android Headlines
App called Volume Slider-P Volume Control – brings the aesthetics of that tool to any Android device running version 4.0.3 or newer, give this app a shot for anybody looking to capture that Android P feel just a bit earlier than others

Droidviews, android police and many more
How to Get Volume Slider on Any Android

To make volume adjustments a bit easier, App lets you raise or lower your volume level by simply swiping down the notification of your screen.
Its Volume Toggles at Volume notification and also have Volume control Widget, so you can instantly change and control volume levels form your home screen and quickly adjust the current volume levels of alarm, media player, voice call, ringer and system notifications..

◇ P like Floating Volume Panel with default duration for it.
◇ Volume Slider Position on screen to reach out the seekbar easily
◇ Color for Volume Notification bar and for Widget too.
◇ Color option for Toggles icon on notification bar
◇ Install and explore more..

Volume Slider Widgets are very similar of Volume Toggles in Notification bar and provide the same functions.

Please note that the following permissions are required to use the app (the function/reasons are provided in brackets):

✔ Accessibility Permission(this permission required only if you want to override hardware volume keys, app still works without this permission)
✔ Do Not Disturb Permission(Android 7+ devices require this permission to change the volume level to 0 or increase it from 0)
✔ System Overlay Permission(Floating Volume Control panel runs on top of any running apps and it require this permission)
✔ Run at startup (restore settings after startup)

NOTE: Starting from Android version 4.1.x (Jelly Bean) in the standard firmware channels "System", "Alert" and "Ringer" are tied.
They can not be set separately. This is not the reason to blame the app.
At the same time, in some versions of firmware (e.g. in Samsung), these channels are NOT tied. Therefore the App have the opportunity to display and to adjust them separately, if possible.

Please visit for more details.
If you like the app, don't forget rate 5 star ★★★★★ or review.
for issues and suggestions please email us at [email protected]

Please help us to translate app to reach more people.

How to download Status Bar Info APK at

Status Bar Info allows to display the current information about the system resources directly in the status bar. You can easily track up such system resources as:

- Download/Upload Network speed per second (Kbit/Mbit, KB/MB, Mbit or MB)
- CPU load (in %) and CPU temperature
- Free and used RAM (in MB/GB or in %)
- Free phone memory (in GB)
- Free memory on SD card (in GB)
- Temperature and battery voltage
- Battery charge


- in addition to system resources you can display the current day and month in status bar.

- detailed info about more than 150 processor models: Type, Year, Memory Interface, Frequency, Cache Info, Feature Size, GPU and many other parameters.

- tracking the information about processor, battery, RAM etc. without leaving current application.

- changing of the update interval. The information can be updated every 1, 3 or 5 seconds.

- easy and quick. The application includes a convenient menu curtain to select the system resources.

- additional useful information about phone specifications can be found on the main screen of the app.

How to download Cute Emoji Keyboard Premium - GIF, Emoticons APK at

Don't Miss Black Friday Deal of the Year, 75% OFF on Cute Emoji Keyboard Premium Version. Enjoy No ads and more customization options for you. Hurry up and get it now!

Cute Emoji Keyboard Premium - GIF, Emoticons is the best emoji keyboard for Android with up-to-date emoji, GIFs, custom wallpaper, word prediction and swipe typing. Cute Emoji Keyboard Premium - GIF, Emoticons supports emoji & emoticons like throwing up, wizard, zombie, giraffe, and tons more Android 8 new emoji. Also you can send classic emoji like unicorn, Taco, Nerd Face in various emoji style with Cute Emoji Keyboard.

How to download Hydraulic CALC APK at

Hydraulic CALC pro
Version Information : 1.80

I am developer of Hydraulic CALC and professional engineer of water supply and sewage system.

This application was developed mainly to provide a swift access to a variety of formulas, theories and coefficients related to hydraulics for civil engineers, especially working in the field of water supply and sewage system.

Every single formula in the program was employed with meticulous care, but as errors might exist, subsequent examinations are recommended.

The accuracy of the program will be continually updated as well as the types of formulas provided.

- flow section property : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic
- hydraulic radius
- continuity equation : velocity / discharge
- ref : specific weight
- ref : density
- ref : dynamic viscosity
- ref : kinematic viscosity
- ref : surface tension
- ref : modulus of elasticity
- ref : vapor pressure
- ref : enthalpy of vaporization (1.60)
- ref : specific heat (1.60)
- ref : thermal conductivity (1.60)
- ref : prandtl number (1.60)
- ref : volume expansion coefficient (1.60)
- ref : specific gravity
- ref : roughness height

- hydraulic mean depth
- manning formula : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic
- ref : manning roughness coefficient
- normal depth : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic (1.50)
- kutter formula : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic
- froude number
- critical depth : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic (1.50)
- hydraulic jump (1.60)

- reynolds number : dynamic viscosity / kinematic viscosity
- hydraulic diameter
- entry length (1.70)
- hazen–williams equation : discharge / head (1.70)
- ref : hazen–williams roughness coefficient
- darcy–weisbach equation : discharge (1.70) / head
- darcy friction factor : laminar flow
- darcy friction factor : turbulent flow : colebrook–white equation
- darcy friction factor : turbulent flow : swamee–jain equation
- darcy friction factor : turbulent flow : alternatively
- minor loss : entrance
- minor loss : submerged discharge
- minor loss : sudden contraction / sudden expansion
- minor loss : gradual contraction / gradual expansion
- minor loss : bending / elbow
- ref : elbow loss coefficient (1.50)
- minor loss : valve
- ref : valve loss coefficient (1.50)
- discharge in parallel pipes (1.60)

- weir : rectangular : full width (1.60)
- weir : rectangular : side contractions (1.60)
- weir : rectangular : francis formula
- weir : triangular (1.60)
- weir : triangular : kindsvater-shen equation
- weir : broad crested (1.60)
- side overflow weir : discharge / head (1.70)
- orifice : velocity / head
- underflow gates (1.60)
- pump : pressure to head
- pump : mass flow to volumetric flow
- pump : net positive suction head : head
- pump : net positive suction head : pressure
- pump : head / power / torque / temperature rise
- pump : specific speed at BEP

- rational method : peak discharge
- ref : runoff coefficient
- time of concentration : US FAA
- time of concentration : kinematic wave
- ref : manning overland flow roughness coefficient
- time of concentration : kerby
- ref : kerby retardance coefficient
- time of concentration : kirpich
- ref : kirpich adjustment factor
- time of concentration : izzard
- ref : izzard retardance factor

E-mail : [email protected]

Please send me any opinions, bug reports or suggestions about this application.
Those will be reflected in the following updates.

How to download X Home Bar - PRO APK at

Want to feel like you go the last iPhone X or replace a broken home button?

This app adds an iPhone X lookalike home button at the bottom of your screen.

This new home button is very simple. Just swipe up, left or right to launch a selected action.

The available actions are:
_Recent apps
_Pull down notification panel
_Pull down quick settings
_Start a selected app
_Take a screenshot
_Lock the screen
_Start the power menu
_Open Google Assistant
_Open last app

/!\ If your device has a navigation bar (Home, Back and Recent apps buttons) on the screen, the button will be above the navigation bar! /!\

Permission :
_Read Phone State => Needed (and only used) to load applications list because of some manufacturers limitations.
_Write Internal Storage => Save screenshots in the device.

This app uses Accessibility services.\n\nAccessibility services are used to start several actions (start multi-task, pull down notification panel, pull down quick settings, open power menu, simulate back). These actions can help people that need to use their phone with only one hand to start actions that are not easy to do with only one hand (for example pull down notifications). Accessibility services are only used to these actions.

How to download Mage Scanner for Magic: The Gathering APK at


--Known Issues, sorted by priority--

■ The current scanner has problems recognising old-framed cards
■ Some prices are missing or wrong
■ Android 4.4 is not supported anymore


Snapcardster builds the most powerful tools for magic fans. Scan your magic cards using your phone camera and organize your magic collection in decks and folders.

Whether you’re a casual player, tournament grinder, store owner or online marketplace. Snapcardster's intuitive and feature-rich application is more than an app. It's your magic companion for daily mtg.

Building a precise and fast scanner for magic cards needs a lot of time, energy and especially lots of images to teach the machine learning.

Whenever our scanner didn't recognize your card you can help us by submitting the correct name and set to improve the scanning technology.

▌Snap cards faster with these BENEFITS:

★ Save Time

Scanning cards is the most convenient way to digitize trading cards and 80% faster compared to manual insertion.

★ Save Money

Find the best offer nearby. Local trading without commission and shipping costs saves up to 30% on each card.

★ Peace of Mind

Your collection is what we care about. We're checking daily for the best price and notify you, if someone nearby has what you need.


- Powerful Import Tool to add .csv, .txt, .dec and more!
- Manage Wants and Offers
- "Tinder" nearby magic cards
- Daily Prices by for US
- Daily curated MTG news
- Connect with players, judges and friends with Instant Messages
- Local Trading allows you to find the best trading match in your area
- Organize your cards in decks and folders. Share them with friends
- Paperless Tournament: Send your deck list to your judge with one click
- Gather Snapcoins
- Compete with others with global highscores

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Share us with your #mtg friends:
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Follow us on Twitter:


Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and their logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC. © 2017 Wizards. All rights reserved. is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. may use the trademarks and other intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast LLC, which is permitted under Wizards' Digital Marketing Asset Policy. For more information visit their website at (

How to install Simple Calculator APK at

Simple calculator which is easy-to-use for your daily calculation needs.

It's a convenient and useful tool to have in your device.

Apart from the basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; this calculator has percent and backspace (DEL) functionality as well.

On top of this, it looks pleasant to the eye too, with its dark buttons and brightly colored numbers and operators.

How to download Rotation Control (License) APK at

License for Ultimate Rotation Control

Buy this license if you want to continue using Ultimate Rotation Control after the 7 days trial period.

The one and only rotation control app that can REALLY LOCK your screen in ANY orientation and also FORCE the automatic orientation to override app specific settings.

The "Forced Auto" mode for example is very handy on tablets where some apps force portrait mode while you are holding the screen "upside down". It also allows using the launchers of for example the HTC (One X/One S) Sense 4, Samsung Galaxy S3 Touchwiz and Google Nexus 7 in landscape mode.

This 7-day trial version allows you to fully evaluate the app before having to buy it.

- True orientation lock
- Forced automatic rotation
- Per application settings
- Two widgets and a status bar notification with shortcut buttons for easily changing your rotation preference
- Ability to create shortcuts to specific modes
- Optimized for Android 1.6 (Donut) all the way to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
- Can act as Tasker / Locale plugin to automate your screen orientation setting

Supported modes:
- Auto: normal automatic mode, not overriding app preferences
- Forced Auto: automatic mode, but overriding other app preferences!
- Lock: truly locks the screen in the current orientation
- Portrait: truly lock the screen in portrait
- Landscape: truly lock the screen in landscape
- Reverse Portrait: truly lock the screen in reverse portrait
- Reverse Landscape: truly lock the screen in reverse landscape
- Auto Portrait: automatically select between portrait and reverse portrait
- Auto Landscaoe: automatically select between landscape and reverse landscape
- Manual: normal manual mode, not overriding app preferences

- This app does NOT require root access.
- Certain applications might not display properly when forced to work on portrait/landscape. You can set a per application preference to normal auto or manual mode to workaround these
- Auto and Reverse Portrait and Landscape supported from Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)
- Status bar notification direct shortcuts supported from Android version 3.0 (Honeycomb)

How to download Fronius Solar.web pro APK at

With the Fronius Solar.web PRO app you get a professional, comprehensive overview on the data of your PV system(s) with Fronius inverter(s).

Features of the PRO version:
- Watch the current values and the complete archive data of your PV systems
- Keep the overview by visualization of several systems at a glance
- Compare your systems with each other
- Show pictures of your PV systems to your friends
- Locate your systems on the map
- Get extended information about the PV systems
- Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

To use the app for viewing your own PV system data, your system has to be registered at the online portal Fronius Solar.web (within the setup wizard of the app or on After installing the app on your device, you can constantly keep an eye on the current energy yield, CO2 savings, earnings and the archive data of your PV system.

The demo mode provides you with a sneak peek at what the app can do.

How to download KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key APK at

This is just a PRO Key, you will need Kustom Live Wallpaper app too!

Make your Android Launcher look unique with Kustom the most powerful Live Wallpaper creator ever! Use its awesome WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to create you own designs and display any data you need, at once, and with wonderful animations too! If you were looking for Rainmeter or Conky on Android, this is it! Need just widget but as powerful? Check out KWGT.

Unlock the following extras in KLWP by purchasing KLWP Pro Key:
- Remove the ADS
- Support the dev!
- Unlock import from SD and all external skins
- Allow exporting skins to SD and creation of APK preset packs
- Save the world from alien invasion

With Kustom you can create customized Digital and Analog Clocks (with seconds hand), Animated Patterns, Live Map background, Weather Widget, Material Wallpaper, Text Wallpaper, sophisticated CPU/Memory meters, randomly changing images, scrolling images, gyroscopic effects, astronomical data and much much more. Imagination is the limit.

Launcher support
Animations works only on launchers that fully supports the Android standards, so for example Google Now Launcher and Nova Launcher are fully supported. Some others might have problems, the only known launcher with issues right now is GO Launcher (and this cannot be fixed by us).

You get:
- Some skin to start with and some Komponent (a Widget in Kustom)
- Text with custom fonts, colors, sizes and effects
- Shapes like Ovals, Rects, Arcs, Triangles, Exagons and more
- 3D flip transformations, curved and skewed text
- Gradients, shadows, tiling and color filters
- Zooper like progress bars and series
- Layers with overlay effects like pro image / photo editors (blur, clear, xor, difference, saturation)
- Touch actions / hotspots on any object you create
- PNG / JPG / WEBp Image and SVG (scalable vector graphics) support
- Google Fitness support (segments, calories, steps, distance, sleep)
- Animations such as fading, scaling and scrolling based on screen position, accelerometer, touch, events...
- Magnetic sensors / gyroscope support for wallpaper motion or objects animations
- Complex programming language with functions, conditionals and global variables
- Change Wallpaper based on time, location, weather, anything!
- Dynamic download of content via HTTP (live maps, weather and so on)
- Google Fitness support (segments, calories, steps, distance, sleep)
- Native music utilities (current playing song title, album, cover)
- Weather with wind chill, feels like temperature and more
- RSS and free XML / XPATH / Text download
- Tasker support
- A huge amount of data to display such as: date, time, battery (with duration estimation), calendar, astronomy (sunrise, sunset, illumination, stardate), CPU speed, memory, countdowns, WiFi and cellular status, traffic info, next alarm, location, moving speed, rom/device info and much more)

How to download Power Widget APK at

Power Widget offers some very nice and useful toggles.


Info: On some devices it might need a restart before Power Widget appears in your widget list.
If you had the free version, uninstall it once you installed Power Widget.

With Power Widget you gain quick access to most of your important settings.

And most important it is highly customizable. Change background transparency, the order of your toggles or even how much toggles you put on your toggle bar is completely up to you.

Airplane (Please note that toggling airplane mode on/off is no longer possible as of Android 4.2.)
Bluetooth (only 2.x)
Lock Pattern (<2.2)
Brightness Toggle
Brightness Slider (with auto for 2.x)
Sync (only 2.x)
GPS (link since 2.3)
2G/3G (link since 2.3)
Stay awake
Always On
Screen Timeout
Wifi Lock

Note: If you had the free Power Widget version before, please uninstall it to get rid of the notification messages.

How to download Smart Touch (Pro - No ads) APK at

This is Pro version of Smart Touch. It is included all function from Smart Touch as below without any ads.

Smart Touch is an easy touch, assistive touch tool which using a powerful floating ball on the screen to use frequent shortcuts, functions or application quickly and easily.
Smart Touch also provides one hand feature to perform physical key easily.

It supports some other useful features such as: Screen shot (Screen capture), Screen Recording, Ram booster (Ram Cleaner). You can also quickly access to all your favorite shortcuts, favorite applications, games, settings and quick toggle too.

In another hand, Smart touch seems to be a type of Smart Intelligent Assistant. It is very useful for big screen smart phone.

Assistive Touch for Android
- Virtual Home key
- Virtual Back key
- Virtual Power key (Android 5.0 up)
- Virtual Volume key, quick touch to change volume and change sound mode
- Virtual Recent Panel key
- Virtual Volume Up/Down key
- Ram booster and clean memory.

Quick Access (Quick launching)
- Easy touch to open your favorite application
- Direct opening application from circle menu
- Direct opening shortcuts (Direct calls, Direct message, Direct contact...)
- Direct to control quick settings

Advanced tools
- Easy touch to screen recording, supporting attached image or fron camera (included audio form mic, media system) (Require Android 5.0 and above)
- Easy touch to screen shot ((Require Android 5.0 and above)
- SOS signal

Quick settings
- Rotation setting button
- Open Notification
- Location on/off settings
- Wifi on/off settings
- Airplane mode settings
- Bluetooth on/off settings
- Flashlight on/off settings
- Data settings
- Sound control
- Ringer mode
- Setting access key

- You can change icon of Smart Touch with many pretty icon, totally free with more than 40 items
- You can change icon of Smart Touch with your image (from gallery or camera)
- Customize size and alpha of floating ball
- Drag and drop to change position of action
- Able to customize the number of actions (the maximum is 10)
- Able to add more actions from screen

- Supported languages: English, German, French, Thailand, Spanish, Russian

Sensitive Permission
- This app uses Accessibility services
It is for physical disabilities, Smart Touch provides powerful single hand features, you can use one hand to operate the phone, switch apps easily, replacing the navigation hard keys, which can hardly be controlled by one hand. Please be assured that Smart Touch will not collect any of your private information, it is only for performing global action such as BACK, RECENT, POWER.

- BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: This app uses the Device Administrator permission which is only used to lock screen (pressing sort key instead of physical power button) and turn off the screen of your device.

- CAMERA: To turn on Flashlight and shortcut to snap photos.
- CALL_PHONE: Add contacts to Action so you can make calls. It is for Direct Call shortcut not from our application inside.

- To prevent the app stopped by OS:
System Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Add apps >Smart Touch > Checked Don't optimize (From Marshmallow)
- If your brand is XIAOMI, please execute the following below:
you must go to security ->choose permission -> permission -> SmartTouch and turn on pop up window. Follow up, you go to security -> Permisson -> AutoStart -> turn on SmartTouch.
- Open app->uninstall menu if you can not uninstall the application. It is due to policy of google when you want to use Lock Screen feature because it requires Device Admin permission.
- Screen shot (Screen capture), Screen Recording is only supported Android 5.0 up

If your phone meets some above notes, please do not give bad review. It is not our bug, it is a limitation from Android technical. Please contact to our developer for helps.

How to download Notification Cleaner & Blocker & Heads-up Off APK at


If you are tired of too many notifications coming up at the same time?
If you are mad at your messy notification bar?
If the crowded notifications affecting your productivity?

Notify Blocker, A powerful and efficient notification cleaner and manager. you can use it to solve up problems.

Notification, it's a very important feature with Android system, every app can send notifications to inform the user, some important event happens.
For example, your friends send you a sms, or a facebook request send it to you, or a whatsapp message, But some app misuse this important feature, they send notification contains ads. or it just want you to open the app and do nothing.
You can uninstall the app, but if the app is useful for you. you can use Notify Blocker to manage the notifications.

1. Features :
★ No ads for 3 days and more days
★ Set any time to block junk notifications
★ Notice of blocked notifications on time
★ List of blocked notifications so you don't miss anything
★ Collect annoying notifications to make phone more efficient
★ Support blocking heads-up notifications (between Android 5.0+ and Android 8.0)
★ Show notification history logs
★ One tap to clean all of the junk notifications
★ Minimal apk Size, Minimize Memory Usage and Battery Saving
★ Stable, robust, safe, fast
★ Without Root and ONLY necessary permissions required
★ Material Design
★ Free

2. Grant Notification Access permission:
Notification Access must be enabled for Notify Blocker in order to block notifications.
When it is disabled, the app will guide you to the settings to enable it. Don't worry, the app will not collect and upload any of your privacy in the notifications.

3. View blocked notifications:
All of the junk notifications are put together in the Notify Blocker. Click Notify Blocker on the notification bar you will enter the main screen and find all blocked notifications. You can also launch the Notify Blocker to find them.

4. Customize the blocking rules:
If the default blocking rules can't meet your requirements. Please goto [Notify Blocker-> Settings -> Select Block App] to change the rule of specific app.
To block heads-up notifications, click the application and follow the prompts.

5. Possible problems
If your devices installed some apps like Clean Master etc, the app may do not work. You can add the app into their white list manually.

6. Tell us what you think about Notify Blocker
Just Send us email: [email protected]

Download and enjoy it. Small, but powerful.

How to install Calculator Vault - Hide Photo and Gallery lock APK at

Calculator Vault is Fastest and most secure private gallery Hide your personal picture from system Gallery. It will secure your privacy safe on android devices. Calculator Vault , the best calculator vault&photo hider&photo lock app, security hide private photos&videos. Hide the selected picture to Vault, hide them from system Gallery.

Calculator Vault is Unlock picture from Vault when you don't want to lock and hide them. Calculator Vault is Try this amazing functional safe gallery and hide pictures so that hidden pictures not visible in photo gallery.

Calculator Vault is a fantastic privacy protection app to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos and any other files that you do not want others to see.

Calculator Vault app open only by secret code that is set by you other wise it functional as simple calculator. Use this calculator vault to hide pictures, hide photos, hide videos and use safe gallery inside app Import and hide pictures, hide video from photo gallery.

Calculator Vault is Try this amazing functional hide pictures & videos so that hidden pictures not visible in photo gallery. Calculator Vault can hide its app icon and keep your privacy absolutely safe. Calculator Vault is Capture photos and record videos from camera by this application and hide photos and video inside app.

Top Features :-

Hide Pictures & Hide Videos :
Your photo, video, audio and file will be secretly stored and can only be viewed in this app after a numeric PIN is entered.

Uninstall Protection :
Calculator Vault app from being uninstalled from kids or strangers.
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Inbuilt Image Viewer and Video Player :
Support Inbuilt Image Viewer to view pictures.
Support Inbuilt Video Player to play videos with any media player installed in your phone.

Replace app icon :
Gallery Lock app icon magically disappears and gets replaced with a secret icon calculator.

Share to Hide :
You can directly hide pictures and videos from phone gallery or SD card by sharing to Calculator Vault app.

Frequently asked Q&A :-

1. Forgot password. How can I reset it?
A -To reset password you have to open our Calculator and enter 11223344 and press Equal button. It will open password reset screen with secret question set by you, answer it correctly and set new pin.

2. I uninstalled this app and again installed. Can I get my locked pictures back?
A - You need to unlock pictures before uninstall. Files are not available in new install.

3. How to use Safe Gallery Vault for the new users?
A - Open the Safe Gallery app, set a calculator password, and then bind your mailbox, get the verification code through the mailbox, enter the correct code to enter the home page and photo locker, you can upload photos and videos in the Gallery Vault !

4. What if I do not have a private Gallery vault?
A - Calculator Vault is a professional photo lock you can use the function of exporting files to transfer photos to other devices.

contact us: [email protected]

IMPORTANT: Your privacy is important to us! Calculator Vault Application does not copy or store your photos and videos.

Tag :- safe gallery, photo lock, private photo, private video, hide photos, hide videos, gallery lock, safe photo, safe video, best 3D gallery, photo effect gallery, live best video, excellent 3D style, 3D album, gallery pro, Gallery Vault, gallery private.

How to install Screen Off and Lock (Donate) APK at

**Please consider the donate version (with more functions!) if you like this app or support my apps development. Thanks!**

**To uninstall the app, please go to the setting page and click the "Remove device administrator" button**

With over 2 million of users and over 30 languages support, Screen Off and Lock is the No.1 screen off application in Google Play Store.

Screen Off and Lock allows you to switch off your devices from:
1. Launcher shortcut
2. Launcher widget 1x1 - 4x4, resizable in Android 4.0+ (Also available in lock screen for Android 4.2+)
3. Notification
4. Floating button over all apps! (Double tap to use it)
5. Search button (if your device has it)

Other features:
1. Screen off animation (including the most famous Old TV style)
2. Screen lock/unlock sound effect
3. Screen off vibration

For those who cannot see the screen off animation even the app is reinstalled, please follow the procedures below:
Android 4.x: Go to "Setting > Developer options > Transition animation", and then select 1x for this option.
Android 2.x, Make sure you selected the option "All animations" under "Settings > Display > Animation".
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

How to install Bandster - Band Management APK at

With Bandster you can organize a rehearsal or gig on the go. You know who in the band is unavailable so that you can contact them directly. You know when the whole group is available so that you can say 'Yes' to an event planner fast.

Key features:
• Automatically updated band availability
• Lets you know who is unavailable in your group, so that you can contact that musician directly for alternate availability or change of plans
• Safely input your private events that make you unavailable for a gig in your own calendar and Bandster will let all your bands know in an instant!
• Band hotline for instant communication and date/time confirmation
• Personal and band scheduling management for events
• Unlimited band profiles, networked band member schedules and instant communication for gig and rehearsal band scheduling.
• Unlike other group scheduling apps, this one networks every member’s calendar with that of the group’s.

What is Bandster?
• Band manager software
• Band organizer
• Schedule organizer software for gigs and rehearsals
• Band schedule and event organizer app
• Band calendar
• Event planning app

Who is Bandster best for:
• Bands (duets, trios, quartets)
• Solo Artists
• DJ s
• Orchestras
• Choirs
• Band Managers
• Band Agents
• Performing groups, such as circus, theater, dance, art performance, and more
• Hobbyists that work in groups
• Teams
• Event organizers
• Event agencies
• Local meetups
• Long-Term projects

Any feedback? We would love to hear it, so we can make Bandster better!
Contact us at:
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: bandster_hq

How to install Pima Federal CU Mobile APK at

The Pima Federal CU Mobile App is a free mobile decision-support tool that gives you the ability to aggregate all of your financial accounts, including accounts from other financial institutions, into a single, up-to-the-minute view so you can stay organized and make smarter financial decisions. It is fast, secure and makes life easier by empowering you with the tools you need to manage your personal finances.

Multi-Account Aggregation: View all of your financial information (balances, transaction history, merchant spending averages) in one place for on-the-go organization.

Alerts & Notifications: Set alerts for low funds and be notified about upcoming bills.

Add Tags, Notes, Images & Geo-Information: By enhancing transactions with custom tags, notes or photos of a receipt or check, you have the ability to stay organized and find exactly what you’re looking for when searching through your finances.

Contact: Locate ATMs or branches and contact Pima Federal CU Mobile App customer service directly from the app.

The app utilizes the same bank-level security that protects you when you’re on Internet Banking. The app also features a unique 4-digit passcode setting that prevents unauthorized access.

To use the Pima Federal CU Mobile App App, you must be enrolled as an Pima Federal CU Internet Banking user. If you currently use our Internet Banking, simply download the app, launch it, and login with the same Internet Banking credentials. After you successfully login to the app, your accounts and transactions will begin updating.

How to install PC Matic APK at

PC Matic is always on the lookout for incoming threats to your Android device. Your system is safe with Real-Time Protection as well as On-Demand Scanning. Install apps with peace of mind - PC Matic will protect you! Available for PC Matic Home accounts only at this time.

Note - This application requires a PC Matic Home license to activate.

- Real-Time Protection: PC Matic scans apps as they are installed for any signs of bad behavior.
- On-Demand Scanning: Optionally scan every existing file on your device for viruses - including system files.
- Scheduled Scans: Adjust your scan schedule to your needs. Schedule scans hourly, daily, weekly, or not at all.
- Web Portal: Manage your device from the web! View stats and scan history from any computer.
- Whitelist: If PC Matic detects an app that you use as being potentially harmful, you can whitelist that app so that it won't be scanned in the future.

NOTE: PC Matic requires access to your phone state in order to uniquely identify your device.

How to download Stream Play APK at

This is the Android player mainly made for Screen Stream Mirroring application.

It provides following main features:
- Live stream: Play live streams
- Recording: Record while you play a stream
- Video player: play your recorded streams
- Network discovery (from Android 4.1): automatically discovers "Screen Stream Mirroring" devices on network
- Stream bookmarks management

It can play and record many streams formats:
- Protocols : RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, ...
- Video formats: MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, TS, ....
- Codecs: H264, MPEG-4, AAC, MP3, ....

Provides settings to enhance playing:
- control latency
- hardware acceleration
- use internal or external player
- etc...

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you need support.

How to install PhotoVault (Hide Pictures) APK at

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you might experience a problem that after you enter your password, the app crashes right away. If you run into this, just go to your phone settings, find apps, and then find and then check if “storage” permission is chosen. Enable that will fix this force close problem.

Update: Lollipop external sd card support. If you have android 5.0 devices, starting up PhotoVault will be prompt to grand permission to write to your sd card. In the browser screen, click menu (three dots on the top right corner), then choose "Show SD Card" (your device might be something different). Then on the top left corner, click the three lines, then choose "SD Card" (your device might be something different). Then click the bottom of the screen "SELECT SD Card". If you have questions regarding how to use this, please contact us ([email protected])


With PhotoVault, privacy is no longer an issue. You can show your photo gallery to all the friends, family, and strangers on the bus that you want because the embarrassing, the secret, the private photos are all hidden from view, tucked away in your Private gallery. In fact, when in Public mode, those hidden photos aren't even part of your photo gallery--their very existence is hidden. And more than just hidden from other people, they're hidden from other apps.

You can even set PhotoVault itself to open in Public mode, so it appears just like a standard photo gallery to any who might pick up your Android or be looking over your shoulder. Until, that is, you enter the password.

You, of course, have complete access to the photos in your Private gallery. You can manipulate them; share them via e-mail, messaging, Facebook, and other social networks; give a slide show; and more. You can do anything with them that you can with those in the Public gallery. The photos are easily transferred from Public gallery to Private gallery and back again with just a long-click on the photo's thumbnail.

If you ever have any questions on how it all works, there are instructions in the app and links to online support and FAQs. Best yet, the developer is actively working on PhotoVault, adding new features and taking requests.

Never be nervous about the privacy of the photos on your Android again with PhotoVault installed.

It is best in this category. The key features are:
- Hidden Mode (hide app icon) feature.
- Simple hide/unhide one picture at a time by long hold on the picture thumbnail.
- Multi-select to hide/unhide group of pictures
- Multi-select to delete group of pictures
- Simple hide/unhide a whole folder of pictures by long hold on the folder
- View single picture in full size on both public and private side.
- Slideshows on both public and private side
- Share picture on both public and private side
- Organize private pictures into different folders.
- Create your own private folders.
- Set app into Public mode, which disguise the app as a regular gallery, no private pictures showing. And no password is asked till click on menu->"Change Mode" to enter password to enable all features

There is no other app on the Market can do all of these.

Remember to visit our website to find more tips and tricks.

If you like this app, please do leave us a positive feedback at the Market.

Want to hide videos, checkout VideoVault. And to hide text messages, checkout SmsVault (for Android system earlier than 2.0) or SmsDroid (for Android 2.0 or later).

- If you lost pictures after upgrade, remember to run rescue missing private picture tool
- Contact us if you have any questions. We can't respond to problem through the market reviews.

Let us know if you have any questions!

How to download MyAquarium Fish tank manager APK at

MyAquarium is a freshwater fish tank manager that helps you for remind when to renew the water and useful hints for take care of you fishes.

MyAquarium is a expert system that uses a rule engine to infer and recommend actions to be done, based on all available information and helps you to get the best way to take care of your fish tank.
For example, it indicates you what is the best moment to renew the water, how much water at minimum to be renewed, and when should to clean the filters.

MyAquarium has a internal fishes database that works off-line with the basic information about the most common and popular fresh water species. Also offers a plants database included with the most popular plant species for all freshwater aquariums.

The application also notifies you when a maintenance has to be done: MyAquarium helps you to remember when to renew the water of your fish tank and the periodicity of the water changes. Also proposes recommendations according your fish tank volume, light watts, lightning hours, etc.

The expert system uses all the available information about your aquarium and performs a inner calculation for determine the general healthiness of your aquarium.

This application is continuously improved and upgraded and it's open to users comments and suggestions.

How to install Find Lost Phone APK at

Find lost phone is multi-functional anti-lost/antitheft application available on Google play store. This application allows users to be free of fear of losing their phones. These days everyone is living a life in their mobile phones. Losing a phone means losing your private and professional life.

Find lost phone enables its users to find the location of their stolen/misplaced phone in multiple ways by sending only a single SMS.
• Locate lost phone
• Buzz Lost Phone
• Lock lost phone
• Locate stolen phone on SIM change.

Locate lost phone feature of Find Lost Phone application allows its users to get the location of your misplaced phone. All you need to do is to send a simple SMS in the following format

Locate#xxxx or locate#xxxx

With a single SMS sent from any available phone, Find Lost Phone’s users can buzz their misplaced phones even if they are on silent mode. SMS format should be strictly followed as below

Buzz#xxxx or buzz#xxxx

When in a situation that you need to lock your home screen so that no one can go through your phone in case you have misplaced it. Users of find lost phone can do that by simply sending an SMS in the following format from any available nearby phone

Lock#xxxx or lock#xxxx

Where “xxxx” is the code set by the find lost phone user

In case your phone is stolen and the thief has not changed the SIM Find Lost Phone users can use the above features to get location, buzz or lock the stolen phone but in case the thief has changed the SIM in the phone. Antitheft feature empowers its users to get the location of the phone where the thief has taken it with him.
For this feature to be fully functional Find Lost Phone users need to follow steps given below

• Activate Application
• Add a contact number of the trusted person
• Select what information you want to get along with Location of the stolen phone which includes

• IMEI Number of the phone
• Code that you have set


1. Set Code:
Find lost phone users have to set a 4-6 digits code. 12345 is set as a default code but users can change them at any time.
This code should be known to the people you trust. Users can send the code to their own email or to the email address of a person you trust. (WE DO NOT SAVE THE CODE SET BY USERS Therefore, it is recommended that you send it to your email address or keep it safe anywhere else).

Set Ringtone:
A default ringtone is set for Buzz Lost phone feature but in case of user need to change the ringtone they can select any ringtone from their mobile devices. Make sure the ringtone to be loud enough so that you can find it in case of the misplaced phone.

How to Uninstall:
To uninstall the App, you must deactivate the app security first.

I-Click "Tap to Deactivate" at home page of "Find Lost Phone" OR
II-Phone Settings > Security > Device Administrators, uncheck "Find Lost Phone".

Only users having devices with Android OS 6.0 and lower have to follow this step in order to uninstall the application from their phones.

NOTE: Code set by the user in this app is exactly as important as your passwords therefore, we highly recommend you to keep it safe from strangers.

How to download SpaceXLaunches APK at

SpaceXLaunches helps you keep track of upcoming and previous SpaceX launches, the cores and capsules, as well as giving you a lot of information regarding their vehicles and launchpads.
SpaceXLaunches is not affiliated with SpaceX.
SpaceXLaunches has been developed using the r/SpaceX API.

-Quick overview for the next launch, with a countdown and a local time.
-Notifications 15 minutes before a launch.
-Tracking previous and upcoming launches, with a lot of information, and links to the webcast, presskit, reddit campaign thread and reddit launch thread.
-Overview of the various vehicles (rockets and capsules) and launchpads in use by SpaceX.
-Tracking cores and capsules.

How to install MobileTech Tool APK at

The MobileTech Tool for Installers is for Authorized Dealers only. To learn more and apply for free to become an dealer, please visit

Designed for on-site Installers, MobileTech helps you install and troubleshoot security systems. MobileTech includes essential tools that help to increase installation accuracy, decrease installation time, and reduce the need to call technical support.

Note: For customer privacy, some features are only available while an installer is physically on site. Also, only features corresponding with the Dealer Website login's permissions can be accessed.

If you need assistance or would like to share an idea, please email [email protected] or provide feedb