How to install My Zhulian APK at

My Zhulian – Your effective tool for you to keep track of your business wherever you are at any time. It allows to you to access the latest digital apps and publication for a whole new digital experience. With My Zhulian, now you can use your mobile devices to check your personal sales, perform sales checking, monitor your business income, access the up-to-date information and check the latest happenings about the company or update your personal data anytime, anywhere, all in one app. Besides the convenience, My Zhulian allows you to showcase Zhulian products and opportunities more effectively, therefore it is a great support to you for a more effective sponsoring efforts.

How to install WA Sales Tax Rate Lookup APK at

WA State Sales Tax Rate Lookup
Washington State Department of Revenue 

Use this app to find the sales and use tax rate* and code for any location in Washington. You can look up rates by your current location (using GPS), or entering an address. It’s an ideal tool if you make deliveries to your customers in multiple locations.

*Sales tax rates for lodging and motor vehicle sales and rentals are different than the general rate and are not included in this app.

This app offers features that make it easier to collect and keep track of sales tax
Calculate total amount due
• Calculate the total amount to collect from your customer—sales price plus sales tax—when you enter the amount of the sale.
Save your locations
• Keep track of the locations you’ve looked up by saving them to a list.
• The list includes: date, address, tax rate, location code, confirmation code, effective dates of the rate at that location, and—if you used the calculator—taxable amount, tax due, and total.
• Allows you to add a title to each entry for easier tracking
Share your location
• Email or text a location entry to yourself or someone else.
• The entry includes: date, address, tax rate, location code, confirmation code, effective dates of the rate at that location, and—if you used the calculator—taxable amount, tax due, and total.
• View a location on a map—either your current location (using GPS), or a location you’ve searched for.

How to look up a tax rate
Using your current location
• From the Locate view, tap the Current Location button; the system will find your present location and display the tax rate information*.
Using an address
• Tap Address, key the address into the appropriate fields.
• Tap Search. The system will find your present location and display the tax rate information*.
*Sometimes an exact match can’t be found. You may use the rate the app provides if it’s within 100 meters of the location.
Once you have the tax rate, you can:
• Calculate total amount due by tapping the Calculator tab, key in the sale amount, and tap the Save Icon. You can save or share this information along with the other information in your entry. Follow the instructions below.
• Save it to your list by entering a title (if you want one) and tapping the Save icon.
• View your list by tapping the List tab.
• Edit a title or delete an entry, by holding the entry till a menu pops up, giving you the options to Delete or Edit Title.
• Share it via text or email by tapping the Share icon.

• Save your location and confirmation code! This is your record if you’re audited.
• You can tap the Cancel button if you make a mistake.
• Use the Back button once to return to the last screen, tap back a second time to take you out of the App.
• Use the R icon to return to the search screen.
• Rates can change quarterly. Check back often to get the latest tax rate.

Working together to fund Washington’s future
Version 1.1
2012 - 2014
All right reserved.

How to install MMCCalc APK at

This is the cutting formula application of carbide tools produced by Mitsubishi Materials.
Spindle speed and cutting speed etc. can be automatically calculated by only entering the number.It also supports inverse calculation and evaluate easily.

You can use 9 menus as follows .
1.Millind calculator
2.Turning calculator
3.Drilling calculator
4.Threading calculator
5.Mitsubishi Materials website
6.Web catalogue
7.Telephone consultation(Only in Japan)
8.24/7 online inquiry service
9.Tabels of formula

How to install Coruson APK at

Coruson for Android makes the task of capturing data and sharing information easier by combining the power of Coruson’s reporting, audit and document modules with the functionality and mobility of android mobile devices and tablets.

The app removes the need to manage mountains of paperwork during the reporting and audit processes. Reports and audits are made available on the app and on the move, removing lengthy administration times normally associated with paper based reporting and audit management. Reporting timeframes for mandatory reports can be set, ensuring crucial information for specific fields within a report is captured.

The app provides access to reports which are only relevant to your job role, streamlining the reporting process to make it easier to find the report you need before easily uploading the completed version back into Coruson. By capturing information and being able to report ‘live’ at the point of occurrence it increases the overall quality and accuracy of data for future analysis. The app synchronises with the Coruson server to receive new reporting forms and updates to existing forms.

The audit module allows users to perform and capture audit data while on the move. Audits can be downloaded and performed directly from the Coruson Android app offering mobility to users and keeping audit information in one place, allowing users to quickly answer checklist questions on the fly and raise findings immediately from their device.

The documents module allows users to securely access documentation distributed and controlled by their organisation. Documents can be easily downloaded, acknowledged and stored on the app for convenient offline access. Active document filters created by the users on the web application can be accessed from the Coruson mobile app, allowing users to easily group and download multiple documents for offline viewing.


· Download Coruson reports to be completed on Android devices

· Upload complete reports back to Coruson

· Download Audits to be performed on Android devices

· Upload complete or partially completed audits to Coruson

· Download and view documents controlled by your organisation and store for offline use

· Conveniently acknowledge documents distributed to you

· Synchronise with your Coruson server to receive new reports, audits and documents and any updates to existing reports, audits or documentation

· Capture GPS coordinates of the event you are reporting on

· Add photo attachments to your reports and audit findings

· Users can customise the report screen layout to suit their needs

If you require assistance in deploying Coruson for Android, please contact [email protected] for advice on your organisation’s implementation.

How to install Bizversity - Business Coaching APK at

Are you looking for the best Business Coaching App for Android on Google Play? If so, you have just found it.

Bizversity is the ultimate business app, that gives you exclusive access to the world's best business training, anywhere, anytime.

Best described as the “Netflix for Business”, Bizversity gives you direct access to over 1,000+ videos produced by 250+ leading business experts from around the globe. Experts include; Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Mel Robbins, Seth Godin and more.

So, if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, senior leader, executive or startup, this may very well be the best and most useful business App you’ll ever own. So don't delay, download and start using Bizversity today.

1. Download the Bizversity App
2. Move it to your Home Screen
3. Open & get a quick guided tour
4. Browse over 1,000 business videos
5. Create a Playlist & start learning

Once downloaded you'll be greeted by BRiN, the digital business coach of Bizversity. Through a simple and elegant chat interface, BRiN will guide you through the Bizversity library and along the way she will help you stay motivated and on-track to achieve your business goals.

Next, you'll tap through to our Training page. There you'll find over 1,000+ completely original TV-quality business education videos. These videos cover over 80 different business topics, which are guaranteed to put you on the path to business success.

Starting a Business, Business Planning, Motivation & Inspiration, Product Development, Branding & Design, Marketing & Copywriting, Selling Skills, Website Building, Social Media, Technology Tools, Operations, People Management, Leadership, Personal Productivity, Finance & Cashflow, Capital Raising, Legal Matters, Going Global, Innovation & Strategy, Specialised Industries, Wealth Building, Exit Strategies and more!

So, go ahead and download Bizversity today. You’ll be glad you did!

Now because we’re entrepreneurs too, we built a set of features that fellow business people and leaders will value and even love.

+ Made for Mobile: Now you can access the world's best training. Anywhere, anytime
+ Includes 1,000+ Videos: Access the largest library of videos for business owners
+ Useful Categories: With 80 topics to choose from you’ll find exactly what you need
+ TV Quality Content: Every business video has been created with the highest quality
+ Add to Your Playlist: Find the content you care about and add it to your playlist
+ Edit Your Playlist: Change your mind? Simply re-order your playlist at anytime
+ Remember My Place: Start, stop and start any business video without skipping a beat
+ LearnSwitch: Seamlessly switch back and forth between video and audio anytime
+ Choose Your Speed: In a hurry? Now you can learn business at double (2x) speed
+ Choose Your Quality: Simply tap to reduce video quality and save your data
+ Highly Recommended: See at a glance what content will be of most benefit
+ Global Leaderboard: Challenge yourself and compete with fellow entrepreneurs
+ Share with Friends: Tap one button to share any business video with your friends
+ 10+ Videos Weekly: Brand-new business videos uploaded each and every week
+ 250+ Business Experts: Access the knowledge from hundreds of business experts

So, the business experts are ready and the stage is set. Now it's up to you!

Click on the ‘Get’ button above and within seconds Bizversity will appear on your smartphone or tablet, ready for you to access.

The business experts are ready and the stage is set. Now it's up to you! Click on the ‘Get’ button above and within seconds Bizversity will appear on your smartphone or tablet, ready for you to access.

If you find an issue with Bizversity, please send an email to: [email protected] and tell us what it is so we can fix it right away, as we cannot always respond to reviews personally. Thank you!

How to install Vayoo for Hosts APK at

Only for Airbnb hosts.

-What is the optimal price for your Airbnb listing?
-How does your property compare to others?
-Are you losing money by not having enough bookings?
-Is my occupancy rate lower than similar properties?

Get the answers to these questions in just a few minutes and start pricing your property in the most intelligent way to increase your monthly revenue.

Download Vayoo now and discover why our hosts increase up to 40% their income.

Vayoo subscription consists of a weekly or monthly self-renewing subscription with a 7 day free trial period.

How to install TOTAL for Mobile APK at

TOTAL for Mobile is the perfect mobile companion app for TOTAL on the desktop. With TOTAL for Mobile, you’ll save the most time from field to office and shave minutes off of every report by not having to retype, resketch, and reformat, since all field data and sketches flow into your forms. It’s the best real estate appraisal app yet.


Starting, editing, and sharing your reports between your Android device and desktop is easier than ever before. Whether you start your appraisal reports in TOTAL or from your Android device, the new design gives you instant access to your files from the cloud. And, the updated syncing process makes it easy to choose which files to send on your schedule, instead of sending everything at once.


Your QuickLists sync too, so you’ll fly through data gathering by simply tapping to fill in your canned comments instead of typing.


With TOTAL for Mobiles’s new photo tools, add as many subject photos as you want. Then, the correct photo forms are automatically added to your report in TOTAL when you sync. No more juggling extra devices or extra work organizing and relabeling the photos yourself. TOTAL for Mobile does all the work for you.


Creating detailed sketches is as simple as swiping and tapping with your fingertips. Quickly define lengths, angles, arcs, and areas. Pinch to zoom and pan across the screen. And tap to drop symbols and labels in place so your sketches look complete and professional. Or, you can easily draw your sketch by sending measurements from your Bluetooth-enabled DISTO laser measuring device.


Create audio recordings, notes, and freehand drawings on the fly. They’re added to TOTAL’s Spectrum Workfile when you sync. TOTAL for Mobile also takes advantage of your device’s GPS to create precise maps and give you turn-by-turn directions -- extremely helpful for navigating to your subject and comps.
With TOTAL on your desktop and TOTAL for Mobile in the field, you’ll go paperless. Best of all, it’s absolutely free. Download it today.

To learn more about TOTAL and TOTAL for Mobile, visit


Founded in 1985, a la mode’s mission-critical desktop, mobile and web tools are used by more than 100,000 real estate and mortgage lending professionals located in every county of every state in the U.S. a la mode has been deploying forms on handheld devices, en masse, and routing form-data via the Internet since the mid 1990s. To learn more, visit

How to download Humanforce – Change the way you work APK at

Humanforce helps you change the way you work. Take control of your rosters and timesheets, send messages to managers and colleagues, get work notifications and more.

Managing your work life shouldn’t be difficult. Your shifts shouldn’t be written on scraps of paper. You shouldn’t need to call up, or go in just to know when you’re working next.

Humanforce for Android puts control in your hands and makes planning and managing your work life simple. Wherever you are, whenever you need it.

With Humanforce you can check the roster for your upcoming shifts and manage your availability from your Android phone, helping you plan your weeks better.

Simply clock in and out of your shifts and use ratings and feedback to share how your shift was. Keep connected with colleagues and managers when you need to, and stay in control of your personal information. Plus, Humanforce allows you to view timesheets for your past shifts, ensuring that information is always there when you need it.

Start changing the way you work. Download Humanforce for Android today.

Or talk to your manager about how Humanforce can help your workplace work better.

Humanforce features include:

• Check your upcoming rosters
• Clock in and out of shifts
• View your timesheet history
• View and update your personal details
• Receive messages and notifications
• Rate your shift and share feedback

How to install Weekdone - weekly team reports APK at

What did your team get done this week? What are their plans for the next?
Weekdone is a quick team dashboard with weekly e-mail reports for every manager or team leader.
Used from Fortune 500 teams to small startups for greater team insight.

1. Each employee gets a report reminder once per week.
2. They enter weekly progress, plans and problems.
3. Weekdone compiles the report and dashboard. You get it via e-mail, on the mobile, tablet and web.
4. You quickly review each employee's week, giving valuable feedback.

- Increase productivity and manage everyone’s time and focus better
- Make better fact-based decisions about your team
- Be data driven, not just gut-feeling based
- Monitor each employee’s contribution
- Proactively apply corrective measures and take actions
- Quickly see when an indicator underperforms
- Identify operational inefficiencies
- Evaluate strategic performance against objectives
- Monitor your own performance
- No more endless searching from your overloaded inbox for people’s reports


- Business Insider (
- Yahoo Finance (
- The Economist (
- TechCrunch (


Weekdone dashboard graphs help you understand in seconds what’s the company health score. See who in your team needs more attention and who deserves a pat on the back. Drill down to overdue items, task completion ratio, happiness, problematic issues and task distribution for each person.

Get started with best practices PPP – progress, plans, problems – reporting template used at many top companies. Choose any other ready-made template, like Weekly Snippets, Results - Objectives - Challenges, Sales Report or Solo Productivity. Add an unlimited number of your own section headings or change the default ones.

Employee reports are often like a black hole. People want to know their manager is reading their reports and get some weekly feedback. Weekdone allows you to quickly give weekly personal feedback via comments and additional questions to each person.

Each person gets asked for their happiness and job satisfaction weekly. See the results by person, team and company. Take action whenever you see the happiness drop.

It’s easy to like and comment on each-other’s items, give feedback or ask additional questions.

Not using any todo list app yet? You can use Weekdone as a simple task manager, listing your goals and objectives as plans and moving them to progress. Focus on what’s important and get things done.

- Automatically compiled team and company reports
- Quick and easy to fill in form
- Import items and generate reports from Atlassian JIRA and Asana
- Submit progress via e-mail
- #hashtags to group items together as topics or projects
- E-mail reminders to never forget any deadlines
- Privacy settings by teams and observer role
- Share reports with outsiders like investors, board members and advisors
- View reports by a single person or grouped by a team.
- Find old reports quickly by week or date.

- Access dashboards and reports on your Android Phones and iPhone
- Check and fill in reports on your Android Tablets and iPad
- Get beautiful e-mail reports once per week

E-mail us at [email protected] with any questions.

How to install Startup CEO Entrepreneur App India Funding B-plan APK at

The Startup CEO App offers a complete knowledge for converting your ideas to starting your own startup to making it a profitable company. This app is designed especially for young entrepreneurs, students and professionals, who wish to start on their own someday. All the information is provided by super successful entrepreneurs, investors and incubators, with their complete knowledge about the journey of a startup.

The App will take you through a wholistic Start-Up Journey, starting with idea validation, to finding a co-founder, creating your business plan, forming a team, process of raising funds, and ultimately making a successful company.

To help young entrepreneurs in fund-raising, a list with the contact details of prominent investors (100+) & incubators is also a part of the course.

Startup CEO App is derived from EduRev App, the same app which won the Best App of 2017 award by Google, an honor given to only top 25 apps on Android Playstore.
You can check out the award-winning EduRev App at and the website at
This is with the same vision of Startup India Official App.

For convenience, the app has been divided into following sections:
Validating the Idea
Getting a co-founder
Building a Prototype to Releasing a Product
Registering the Company
Raising the Funds
1st Customer to 100 customers to constant growth
Key Startup Methodologies for Sustainable Growth
Inspirational Selected Content from the Best


Starting a Startup
Validating the Idea
20 Questions to ask yourself to Validate Your Startup Idea
Getting a co-founder
Why is it extremely important to have a co-founder?
10 step process to hire the perfect co-founder by Martin Zwilling
How to Find a Co-Founder by Guy Kawasaki
How to find a Technical Co Founder- 3 step approach
Finding a Co-Founder - by Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Co-Founder PayTM)
Building a Prototype to Releasing a Product Prototype
Inspirational ProductTank Episode
Prototyping: Basic Essential Steps
Why is it extremely Essential to have a Prototype?
Product building Loop
Product Development Cycle - Plan. Build. Feedback. Repeat.
Customer Feedback - Why, How to Get and How to use.
Minimum Viable Product MVP
What is User Experience Design and Why it is Important
UI vs UX (Underrated elder Brother)
Registering the Company
On which type of Registration to choose at which stage
Video on How to Register a Private Limited Company
Registering different type of Companies
Reasons why one should get their Company Registered (In India)
Types of Company Registration in India
Splitting The Equity
4 Years Vesting and 1 Year Cliff
Founder's Equity Split 101
Dividing Equity between Co-Founders
Raising Funds
Complete understanding of Terms Sheet
TermSheet Clauses, Concerns, Structure, Legalities
Types of Funding
A to Z of Funding for Businesses specially Startups
Fund Raising Bible- Article by Paul Graham
Preparing THE Perfect Pitch Deck - From Sequoia Recommendations, Forbes Analysis and other VC inputs
Contact Details of Individual Angel Investors in India Email ids and Contact Numbers Seed Funds and VCs
When and How to Raise Funds
What to Put in Your Pitch Deck or Business Plan by NASSCOM 10,000 Startups
Key Startup Methodologies for Sustainable Growth
Summary of Lean Startup Summary by Eric Ries
Summary of the book Zero to One by Peter Thiel
Top 10 Mistakes that Entrepreneurs make- Journey from Inception to Exit by Guy Kawasaki

(All the contents of the app are free courtesy - EduRev, Jaarvis Accelerator & Chitkara's CEED Incubator.

Any entrepreneur coming from metro or even a village can use this app as reference as per the stage of their own startup. For beginners, it is recommended to study the complete app to understand the process at once. As you mature in your journey, you can come back and look at the part where you are stuck.

Go create a Unicorn!

How to download Luxriot Mobile APK at

Luxriot Mobile is a free Android application that allows you to access Luxriot VMS Servers' live and recorded video streams using your smartphone or a tablet from almost anywhere. This easy to use application allows simultaneous multiple camera monitoring. You are always in control of the situation with Luxriot Mobile.

Key features of Luxriot Mobile:
* Live video from one or multiple cameras
* Play back recorded video
* Video stream quality adjustment for efficient bandwidth utilization
* Multiple Server setup
* Save camera screen layouts
* Snapshot video to share
* Connect using 3G, 4G and Wifi

How to download True Swords APK at

True Swords is your premier source for swords, knives and ninja weapons at rock-bottom prices. From functional anime swords to handmade katana swords, we've got it. Cosplay foam swords from your favorite anime and manga series, Cold Steel knives and swords, medieval long-swords and everything in between. If you're looking for a sword cane or self-defense weapon, we've got that too. All the most popular sword brands like Shinwa, Musashi, Ten Ryu and more. But, we don't stop at traditional ninja gear, we are your survival gear headquarters with crossbows, axes, tomahawks and even gas masks!

With this application you will be able to receive deal alert notifications, shop online, track orders, contact customer service and even stay up to date on True Swords’ social media!

How to download IBM Live APK at

IBM Live brings the IBM event experience directly to your mobile.
The app provides you with an array of features and information, personalized for you, that will enhance every moment of your event experience.
Get the insights you want, the connections you need and maximize your event experience.

With this app you’re able to:
- Stay informed and get updates
- Share your moments
- See what’s going on around you
- Connect and network
- Participate in conversations

Enjoy and have a great experience!

IBM values your privacy. IBM Live will always ask for permission to access certain information or device capabilities in order to provide a richer user experience for you.

Read our Privacy Policy, Terms and other important information in the legal section of our App Store description.

Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

How to download Notate for BlackBerry APK at

IMPORTANT NOTE: Notate for BlackBerry will not operate without the necessary licenses from BlackBerry. Notate has been designed to operate exclusively with the BlackBerry Dynamics mobile application platform.

For information on licenses contact us at [email protected]

Notate helps you get organized and stay productive with functionality similar to Evernote or OneNote provided in a secure enterprise environment.

GET ORGANIZED Capture notes, scan documents, record audio, save web clippings
BE PRODUCTIVE Organize todo’s, action items, and reminders
SYNC ANYWHERE Online/offline access on all your devices
SHARE YOUR IDEAS Collaborate with team workspaces
STAY SECURE Your data remains on your network, encrypted at rest and in transit.

STAY FOCUSED, GET WORK DONE. Notate helps you get organized and stay productive. Start by capturing all your important information. With Notate you can quickly create notes and tasks, edit notes with a rich text editor, take pictures, easily insert images, and attach audio recordings to individual notes.

SAVE EVERYTHING. Collect everything that matters knowing that you'll always be able to find it. Enhance your notes with text styling, bullets, alignment, font selection and text highlighting. Take and add pictures directly from the camera and easily access all of your gallery images. Audio recordings can be added to individual notes and panned during playback. You can also insert web clippings and documents into your notes.

GET MORE DONE with full task management. Organize tasks to help manage your week. Easily set task priority with drag-and-drop positioning. Set reminders notifications for important tasks.

FIND YOUR INFORMATION QUICKLY by organizing your notebooks like folders. Notes and tasks are searchable. Easily search across all notebooks or search for text within notes. The Notate preview mode provides users a quick glance into the note subject matter. Notes are supported with “star” tagging as favorites and most recent edited notes are visible at all times.

COLLABORATE WITH PEERS with shared workspaces. Meetings become more effective with workspaces to share notes, files and action items. Search across all shared content to leverage team knowledge. Email notes as annotated PDF files.

ENTERPRISE GRADE SECURITY Notate securely mobilizes all of your Outlook Notes and Tasks. All information remains secured within your own network. No additional servers are required. Secured by BlackBerry Dynamics, notes are secured with FIPS-certified encryption. No note data ever resides in the cloud and is instead synced and backed up via a secure tunnel to the corporate Exchange server.

Notate helps busy Professionals organize important notes and meetings, improve personal productivity and information sharing.

Highlighted Features:

-Advanced word processor
-Embed images, audio, web clippings and documents
-Todo management with reminder notifications
-Shared workspaces for collaboration
-Syncs with Outlook/Exchange
-Secure enterprise environment

How to download FIELD MANAGER - xarvio™ Spray timer APK at

Get field specific treatment recommendations on your mobile phone with xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER app.

xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER shows you the disease and pest status for each of your fields, it recommends the best date for application and informs you when the effect of your treatment will end.
• Optimise the timing of fungicide applications in winter wheat, winter barley, potatoes and sugar beets
• Optimise the timing of insecticide applications in oil seed rape.
The app is the optimal mobile extension for xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER web application where you define and describe your fields regarding agricultural measures.

Make benefit of the analysis of field specific weather and of important agricultural measures. For every single field xarvio FIELD MANAGER knows the growth stage of your crop, the infection conditions of the most important fungal diseases and the migration and development conditions of pests. Additional xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER knows the protection times of fungicide and insecticide applications for every particular field.

You get application recommendations for better plant protection planning. Make your plant protection more efficient by using the spray timer functionalities and use spray weather recommendations to act in good agricultural practice.

Be always well informed and do not miss important application recommendation with notification service of xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER.
You can retrieve all your planned and executed spraying tasks. At any time you can ask for tank recipes of your planned applications.

Download now xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER and make benefit of field specific optimized plant protection recommendations after you have registered for xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER web application.

How to install CAPI APK at

Confirmit Mobile CAPI is a dedicated personal interviewing and field interviewing module that forms part of the multi-channel Confirmit Horizons platform. It allows you to engage in feedback and research programs in locations that suit your respondents, improving accuracy and boosting respondent engagement.

How to download AWC Span Calc APK at

The American Wood Council (AWC) Span Calculator for Wood Joists and Rafters (Span Calc) performs calculations for all species and grades of commercially available softwood and hardwood lumber as found in the 2012 National Design Specification® (NDS®) for Wood Construction Supplement: Design Values for Wood Construction with March 2012 and March 2013 Addenda. Joists and rafter spans for common loading conditions can be determined. A span options calculator allows selection of multiple species and grades for comparison purposes.

Maximum horizontal spans for joists and rafters are calculated based on the following assumptions and conditions:

· Joists and rafters are oriented to support vertical loads applied to the narrow (1.5 in. thick) face of the member, resulting in strong-axis bending.
· At least three joists or rafters are installed parallel to one another and spaced not more than 24 inches on-center, with properly designed sheathing attached on the top (compression) edge of each joist or rafter.
· Joists and rafters are single-span with adequate structural support at each end. The Span Calculator does not address cantilevered joists and rafters, multiple-span joists and rafters, or spliced joists and rafters.
· For joists and rafters, most building codes specify a minimum bearing length of 1.5 inches on wood or metal and not less than 3 inches on masonry or concrete. These minimum bearing lengths are to be used in the absence of calculated bearing lengths. Consult the local building code for specific requirements.
· Joists and rafters carry only combinations of dead load plus live load (D + L), dead load plus snow load (D + S), or dead load plus roof live load (D + Lr). The Span Calculator does not address wind load or seismic load.
· Buildings in regions with ground snow loads greater than 70 psf should not use the prescriptive provisions of the governing building code without approval of the authority having jurisdiction. Buildings in these high snow zones should be designed in accordance with accepted engineering practice.

While every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the information presented, and special effort has been made to assure that the information reflects the state-of-the-art, neither the American Wood Council nor its members assume any responsibility for any particular design prepared from this Span Calculator application. Those using this Span Calculator assume all liability from its use.

How to download Tableau Conferences APK at

Browse the schedule, create your own agenda, and find out all of details about parties, meetups, and all other happenings. Network with speakers and fellow data people including Tableau employees. This is the place to submit valuable feedback on how we can keep improving your conference experience.

How to download iikoWaiter Pro APK at

Профессиональное решение автоматизации в ресторанах, кафе и барах для увеличения скорости и качества обслуживания.

- Тщательно продуманный современный интерфейс для ежедневной быстрой работы
- Гарантированная работоспособность и сохранность заказов даже при сбоях в сети Wi-Fi
- Кроссплатформенная лицензия на Android и iOS

- Создание новых и редактирование существующих заказов
- Быстрый контекстный поиск блюд
- Быстрое меню для популярных блюд
- Разделение заказа по гостям
- Курсы подачи блюд
- Произвольные текстовые комментарии к блюдам
- Отправка блюд на сервис–печать
- Печать пречека на удаленный принтер
- Отображение статусов блюд и заказов
- Фильтры списков своих/всех заказов
- Поддержка одиночных, групповых, штучных и обязательных модификаторов
- Поддержка стоп-листов
- Push-уведомления о готовности блюд в спящем режиме (требуется интернет)

Для ознакомления введите ПИН-код 2222 и используйте подключение к тестовому серверу через интернет (настройка по умолчанию).
Для настройки и подключения к кассовой системе iiko Вашего ресторана обратитесь к Дилеру iiko или отправьте свой запрос на адрес [email protected]
Вопросы по технической поддержке и пожелания отправляйте по адресу [email protected]

How to download My Day Reminder APK at

A short list of the main functions:
1. Voice input of plans and notes
2. Synchronization with Google Calendar (available in paid version)
3. Up to five sound reminders for each plan
4. Flexible repeat settings
5. Convenient calendar for each month
6. Notes for writing anything
7. Widget for your launcher
8. Set a password to protect your data
9. Creating backup copies (available in paid version)

My Day is a modern scheduler, designed to make it as easy as possible for daily task planning. For this purpose, you can use voice memo input, which allows you to talk to the application, just as if your phone was a real person. Simply say something like "Remind me to buy bread in an hour" or "An important meeting tomorrow at noon." Thus, you can add reminders and save any important information faster than using a regular keyboard.

Scheduler My Day allows you to create plans with signals (up to five reminders for each event) or without them. Even if you do not add a reminder, you will not forget about the essential plan, since we have a widget for the launcher that will show you the agenda. Plans can contain recurrence with a configurable interval, from 1 minute to several years. All plans are visually represented in the calendar, which allows you to see busy status for each day and plan your time more efficiently.

In addition, you can add notes, so as not to lose important information for you. Change the color of the notes to make them more expressive and noticeable.

My Day offers a wide range of reminder settings, starting with the sound of alerts, ending with the duration of the signal. Take control of the application appearance - a dark theme will make your eyes say thank you in the dark. Also, manage the privacy of your data - use a four-digit password or fingerprint scanner (only in the paid version). Moreover, users of the paid version have such useful features as synchronization with Google Calendar and back up with the ability to share them.

Download free version:

If your reminders do not work, then check if third-party applications (like battery savers) are blocking them. In addition, if you use third-party lock screens, My Day may behave incorrectly.

App uses icons8 (

How to download MSA ALTAIR® Connect APK at

Get started with ALTAIR Connect to see real-time gas readings, quickly check instrument status and automatically send alert text messages to let others know of your surroundings. Safety at the speed of now.

• REAL-TIME ALERTS: Automatically send a text message to one or more people alerting them of what gas conditions are immediately present. Setup groups to let one know of gas conditions and the other of instrument status for improved maintenance scheduling.

• CALIBRATION RECORD: Check the status of the last successful calibration and email or save a PDF of this record for digital documentation.

• SAMPLING MODE: Take repeated atmospheric samples and email or save a PDF of this information for digital documentation.

• CONFIGURATION: Make quick changes to instrument settings to ensure your instrument fleet are set with the correct configuration.

How to download Sante Barley APK at

This is the official application of Santé International, Inc. Santé Business Owners can use their member account to log-in via this app and gain access to the following:

1. Commission Summary
2. Commission Notifications
3. Disbursement Summary
4. Request Disbursement
5. Shopping Cart
6. Genealogy Tree
7. Reports
8. Events and Training Schedule
9. Account Status
10. Official Announcements

How to download mobile-calendar - Room booking system APK at

Mobile-calendar is a system designed for facility owners, managers and employees. Our Application makes booking convenient and easy. User-friendly interface and multiple functionalities make booking easier than ever before. Mobile-calendar is suitable for various types of accomodation.
If you:
- would like to decrease expenses,
- value convenience in
- value quick service.

Don't wait!!
Start using mobile-calendar app and reduce time-consuming and tedious organizational work. Using Mobile-calendar application allows you access to the booking system through your internet browser (

Choosing mobile-calendar system gives you:
- intuitive and functional booking system,
- free 30-day trial,
- lack of commision from bookings,
- 24/7 access to the system,
- unlimited number of rooms and bookings added,
- ad-free experience,
- secure bookings accessible at all times,
- access to the application through the internet browser and the mobile device.

Further merits of using mobile-calendar include:

-works offline,
-booking back-up security ensures you will never lose your data,
-detection of overlaping bookings as a means of prevention,
-sync of your data so you can use it on multiple devices at the same time.

Our company greatly appreciates user feedback on how to further perfect our services. If you would like to suggest any new functionality that would make mobile-calendar application even more convenient, please contact our team.

Try a free 30-day trial!
After the free 30-day trial expires you may consider choosing the type of subscription that best suits your needs.
STANDARD subscription 24.99zł/ a month.
PRO subscription 29.99zł/ a month.

Our system is available in:
- Polish,
- English,
- Spanish,
- Russian,
- German,
- Italian,
- Portuguese.

In case of any enquiries concerning mobile-calendar, please contact us via:
Email: [email protected]

Terms of service:

How to download SAS Mobile BI APK at


SAS® Mobile BI empowers decision makers with business reports and dashboards anywhere, anytime! SAS Mobile BI, part of the SAS® Visual Analytics solution, enables you to view and interact with reports that can contain a variety of charts, graphs, gauges, tables, and other report objects.

With easy-to-use multi-touch gestures, you can move through the application, filter and drill into data in the reports, and make decisions in the office, in meetings, or out on the road. Business users can interactively explore vast amounts of data with SAS Visual Analytics and collaborate with others via SAS Mobile BI. When reports and data change, the app updates the view ensuring users are always up to date.

SAS Visual Analytics server backend versions 8.2, 8.1, 7.4, and 7.3.

SAS Mobile BI requires the following permissions:
• Modify/delete SD card contents: Enables the creation of temporary files on internal and external storage.
• Full Internet access: Enables connection to remote servers, reports and data downloads.
• Act as an account authenticator: Enables the app to create connections to SAS Visual Analytics servers.
• Manage the account list: Enables the app to list and delete connections that it created.

SAS Mobile BI has been tested on the following devices and versions of Android: Smartphones and tablets with Android 5.0 and later.


• Anywhere you go. You can work with reports whether you are connected or not (offline or online).
• Interactive reports, dashboards and graphs. A variety of reports, dashboards, graphs, and gauges provide the customization and flexibility you need to meet your wide range of business demands.
• Multiple gestures. You can use familiar gestures, including pinch, zoom, tap, and multi-touch.
• Fast. Just as you’d expect – the application provides great response times and a fantastic experience while you work with your reports.
• Secure. Based on user role, sensitive data is not stored locally.
• Access to big data. You have the ability to access big data from the SAS Visual Analytics, powered by SAS® LASR(TM) Analytic Server.

License Agreement:

Your use of this application indicates your acceptance of the terms of the SAS Institute Inc. License Agreement for SAS® Mobile BI Software, linked to below. If you do not agree with these terms, you are not authorized to use the application.

Language support:

Brazilian Portuguese
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

How to download CVRIA APK at

This handy app is the perfect tool for those wishing to stay up-to-date on the work of the Court of Justice of the European Union.
It provides easy access to the latest decisions of the Court of Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal (including judgments, Opinions and orders), as well as the latest press releases.
Also included is the Court’s diary, providing details of hearings, judgments and Opinions for the coming weeks.
For those who need to delve deeper, a search facility provides simple access to the whole of the Court’s case law. Searches can be carried out by case number, party name, date and a free text search.

How to install SC Works APK at

SC Works Mobile

By Geographic Solutions Inc


Looking for a great job in South Carolina? Find your dream job using the SC WORKS Mobile app. Instantly view any job posted to the web directly on your Android device.

Select the latest job openings in your area from nearly 20,000 websites. SC WORKS Mobile has access to:
•National and local job boards
•Federal, state and local government job boards
•National recruiters and all major employers
•Military branches
•Major hospitals nonprofits and newspapers
•Green job boards
•Volunteer sites
•Chambers of commerce

Search by keyword and location (state/city/zip code). See results in either list format or as pins on a map. Focus on specific industries you’re interested in.

Save and share your favorite jobs via email, Facebook or Twitter.

With SC WORKS Mobile’s unique “Jobs Nearby” function you can easily map all the latest jobs near your current location. Search for jobs around your neighborhood or a different location. Simply tap color-coordinated pins to see more information or to apply for a job.

SC WORKS Mobile lets you instantly return to previous searches, recently viewed jobs and your favorite jobs.

Visit SC Works Online Services at

How to install SnagR APK at

SnagR is designed to monitor the progress of complex projects, providing the easiest way to capture field data, automate reporting and visualise sophisticated analytics. Generate and get access to real-time progress information as you move around the site during inspection.

The result is a fast and efficient way of dealing with snagging and inspections.

Main Features:

* Location Plotting (visual approach using plans, elevations, photos and PDFs)
* Defect Management (comprehensive suite)
* Site Inspections (Room data sheets, progress monitor, company standards and recurring)
* Professional Reports (email and print services)
* Mobile Document Repository (reference project drawings on phones and tablets)
* Sync to project websites using wifi or 3G
* Multi Lingual versions available in Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and other languages
* Used by Main contractors, Sub Contractors, CoWs, Consultants – configurable to individual users
* All project data is fully configurable by Project Staff
* Full audit trails showing author and date-time

snagR offers a simple and accessible way of plotting work using visual symbols in exact locations of the construction site. Symbols, descriptions, assignments, photos (with markup), due by dates, signatures and attached documents are used to accurately define the work that has been done or needs to be done.

This plot shows the task reference code, the concerned project members, the task priority and most importantly its location.

How to download AGCO Tech Connect APK at

Tech Connect is a suite of tools focused on the Dealer Service Technician.

PDI provides the dealer the ability to perform machine specific delivery inspections using a laptop or mobile device. Tech Connect PDI will ensure that the machine has arrived in the expected condition free of any defects introduced during the manufacturing process and possible damage(s) caused during transportation.

Support Center is the SOURCE replacement you have been waiting for. Quickly, and easily create and submit incidents to AGCO using Tech Connect Web, or Tech Connect Mobile to get the support you need to get the job done.

Knowledge Objects provides access to all of AGCOs knowledge objects with a streamlined full text search capability

A multiplatform (Web, Android) solution for technical information, inspections, and incident management.

Key Benefits:

· Partial Serial Number Lookup

· Real time notifications of incident updates.

· Capture Photographs and Videos of issues directly from your mobile device (phone or tablet)

· Integrated Knowledge lookup, eliminating the need to search through Knowledge Objects before submitting an incident

· Full Text Knowledge Object Search

· Filter content by Brand, Machine Type, Series and/or Model

· Provide feedback at the Knowledge Object Level

· Tech Connect Supports performing Pre-Delivery Inspections online and offline when an internet connection is not available, eliminating the need to print, process and re-enter data later.
· Mobile device support including Android phones and tablets.

How to download EPAM Connect APK at

EPAM Connect is a mobile application to support global EPAM Feedback, Recognition, Project Status Reporting and Time Reporting processes.
The main functionality of the application:
- Leave Feedback for your colleagues
- Ask for Feedback
- Give a Badge
- Report Time
- Shortcuts to other EPAM applications (Global Menu)
- Get status on your Projects
- Interact with Zoe, a chat bot
The application will also show all feedback requests in your to-do list and display notifications.

How to install busybusy Time Clock - Construction Field Employees APK at

busybusy™ helps smart construction companies track and monitor critical jobsite data in real-time improving productivity & performance. busybusy’s time tracking app helps you track your team’s hours and labor costs by project, employee, or company. busybusy’s management dashboard allows you to monitor employee activity, labor costs, and job progress real-time. Busybusy is the perfect time tracking & job costing app built BY construction companies FOR construction companies.

busybusy’s time tracking app is the easiest way for employees to clock in/out on a daily basis. They can also upload and manage projects notes and photos so everything is documented. Worried about connectivity? With offline mode, remote job sites are no longer a problem.

Key Features
• Easily clock in/out or create manual time entries
• Supervisors can clock in/out for their crews
• Record weather conditions and other jobsite updates
• Track, predict, & minimize potential overtime hours
• Send time & location based reminders to remind employees to clock in/out
• Monitor time & labor costs from a mobile device
• Get safety signatures from workers daily

busybusy’s management dashboard helps owners, supervisors, and office admins know whether the job is being done right and on schedule. It gives you instant access to all timecards, reports, and photos that are safely stored in a secure workspace. Easily see who is clocked in, where they clocked in, and what project they are working on. Track overtime, time off, and even integrate with payroll for faster processing.

Key Features
• Organize your workflow into projects and subprojects
• Add employees and manage employee access
• View reports for job costing and project management
• Export data for sue with your payroll provider or accounting software
• Automatically synchronize your data with desktop versions of Quickbooks

Get support from our easy-going, friendly customer support team who offer online and in-app chat, telephone and email support 24/7. Se habla Espanol.

+1 (855) 287-9287
[email protected]
busybusy™ - Smart Jobsite Data

*** We respect your privacy. Your data is never shared, sold, or used for any marketing purposes, whatsoever.

** Please note that GPS is used to obtain accurate clock in/out locations. In order to provide accurate locations, GPS operates for a short duration in the background after pressing clock in/out. Only the clock in/out, start break, and stop break locations are recorded.

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

How to install Enphase Enlighten APK at

MyEnlighten is the monitoring experience built specifically for the system owner. Delivering at-a-glance verification, MyEnlighten gives you the assurance that your Enphase System is performing as expected.

- Easily verify system health and performance.
- View energy production by month, day, or hour.
- Analyze performance against historical weather data.
- Share performance information on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

How to install Ipsos AppLife APK at

Ipsos AppLife is a research app that allows us to connect with you! Our researchers will be able to chat with you directly, post questions, send out tasks and respond to your answers. To participate you need to receive an invite from us that will contain a login and password.

The Ipsos AppLife app allows us to conduct qualitative research. The app is connected to a closed web environment, where projects can be created, participants and observers can be invited and where Ipsos can view and download the results.

Participants can post different types of responses in a research. For example, text messages, photos with a subtext and videos with or without a subtext.

A research community is possible. In a community, participants can react to each other’s posts. Reactions placed by a moderator are shown in a different color. The moderator can communicate with the participants through the app or through the closed web environment.

Research can create a project online and can ask participants to fulfill a couple of tasks. You can, for instance, give participants one general assignment: ‘Keep track of what you cook for dinner for the next couple of weeks’, but you can also choose to let participants post one photo about a certain topic each week.

To take part in a research, you simply sign in with your email address and received password. You can, for example, receive a password through a market research company or recruitment agency.

This app also works without an internet connection (after downloading the project). This means that participants can, where and whenever they like, take part in a research.

How to download Podium - Customer Interaction Platform APK at

Podium is a Customer Interaction Platform that enables local businesses to communicate with customers via text message. With Podium, businesses can easily answer questions from prospective or current customers, collect reviews on the most important sites, and gain insight into their customer experience. Podium serves 120,000+ users across over 13,000 businesses and is redefining the modern relationship between businesses and customers. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, and founded in 2014, Podium has received funding from Accel, Summit Partners, GV (formerly Google Ventures), and Y Combinator. To learn more, visit

How to install CowManager APK at

With this App the farmer can see which cows in the herd have a temperature, behavior and rumination requiring attention, such as cows that are sick or in heat. The farmer can be alerted by sound or vibration. With CowManager App the farmer is informed 24/7 about the status of every cow in the herd, and of changes as they occur. Agis Automatisering devised this App for the Agis Cowmanager SensOor program.

Monitoring fertility, health and feeding.

How to download JMobile APK at

JMobile™ is a free application for Jeunesse Global Members allowing access to a mobile version of their JOffice™, Business Snapshot, SMS Campaigns, Contact management, People I Sponsor, Signup, Messages, Reports, Alerts, and JCloud™.

How to install MobileNAV APK at

MobileNAV is THE ULTIMATE mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision).

It ensures online and offline work for typical out-of-office ERP activities, like sales, service and project management. Furthermore, it guarantees real-time tracking of your business, for example, in warehouse and production-related workflows.

You can build up your own mobile application without the need of any mobile development knowledge. Each field and functionality is configurable inside NAV, so you can adopt custom modules and even specialized vertical solutions.

Simply said, MobileNAV is a new user-interface for Dynamics NAV, optimized for smartphones and tablets. You can access your real-time data and functionality similarly to desktop clients. Offline capability allows to continue your work even without active network connection.

MobileNAV offers native apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile/CE platforms, so the look-and-feel is far superior to browser-based or cross-platform solutions.

MobileNAV helps your work with the following features:
- Utilize device capabilities: the application exploits the device capabilities via phone, email, browser and map integration
- Built-in barcode scanning: You can read and process 1D or 2D (QR) barcodes, which can be used for filtering or data entry.
- Report or document generation, preview and print: You can generate and preview any kind of report or document in PDF or Excel format of your ERP system; moreover you can print them with a mobile printer.
- GPS tracking and map integration: You can track your colleagues and analyze their daily route.
- Signature capture: You can capture your customer’s signature and link it to sales orders, invoices, shipments or service worksheets.

The capabilities of the application can be tested on our demonstration database. For further information, please contact us.

How to install NLG Agents APK at

For agents who sell products issued by the companies of National Life Group, this app enables you to access critical information about your business on-the-go and on-demand. For example, you will have the ability to search and view your new business records based on Policy Status, Annuitant/Insured Name, Action Required, and Recent Searches. Functionality mirrors what agents have through the National Life Agent Portal with additional access to Agent News that provides critical business and product updates, along with company announcements.

National Life Group is a trade name of National Life Insurance Company (Montpelier, VT) and its affiliates.


How to download CorrigoPro APK at

A powerful new app that connects business owners with commercial service providers through the Corrigo Network, CorrigoPro is the only app you need to:

- Connect with your customers via their smartphone
- Receive requests for service from your customers and respond immediately by tapping the app and adding some text - CorrigoPro does the rest
- Provide real-time status updates to your customers
- Grow your business. Be seen by thousands of local customers searching for your services
- Promote your business directly to customers via their smartphone
- Control all of your company's communications, get everything in one place

Your customers no longer experience phone tag, waiting on hold, dropped calls, no call backs, endless searches on the web or that old paper directory. CorrigoPro puts an end to all of the frustrating, time consuming, and annoying activities of placing a service request the old way and replaces them with a simple app connected directly to you and your customer. With CorrigoPro, everything you need to receive, monitor, and complete a service request is in the palm of your hand and in the hand of your customer.

How to download SmartForce WFM APK at

ShiftHound is the leader in cloud-based Staff Scheduling and Human Capital Management software. Organizations in any business vertical with shift-based staffing needs use ShiftHound to reduce labor costs by preventing overtime, decreasing Employee turnover, and increasing scheduling efficiency, communication, and compliance to right-staffing ratios/HPPD/$PPD. Using ShiftHound, Management and Employees gain back valuable time to do what they do best – provide quality service. Customers choose ShiftHound because of its extremely simple to use interface, quick implementation time, and proven ability to deliver immediate ROI thorough cost savings, increased efficiencies, and better quality of life for their Managers and Staff.

Workforce Management tools include:

Online Staff Scheduling
- Online point-and-click-scheduling, schedule by template for Staff working set, repeatable shifts week after week, and last minute availability.

- Managers can dynamically view schedules in one week, two week, four week or six week formats, with additional customizable display options related to needs, staffing levels and the entire schedule. Important decision-making information down to the Employee level is displayed and can be sorted on this one screen.

- Supervisors can easily oversee patient flow and redirect and allocate resources across their organization using SupervisorViewTM . Staffing and census for each care area is displayed on a single screen giving supervisors instant understanding of staffing and bed availability house wide.

Open Shift Management
- With the use of OSM you can engage your Staff in a positive way to tackle the challenge of scheduling your unit and facility together WITH your staff collaboratively, they request open shifts that they are qualified for and Managers can approve or decline based on important information such as overtime and seniority.

xPPD/HPPD Staffing
- xPPD/HPPD scheduling in ShiftHound is a tool that automates the process and gives you immediate visibility to your staffing levels (under OR over the target) given any census or anticipated census for all job types on your unit.

- A rules-based tool that provides Managers with an additional capability to fill holes in the schedule quickly and fairly, meeting staffing level requirements. The AutoScheduler can create balanced schedules, and includes rules for shift assignment that can be defined by Employee availability and seniority.

- Certain organizations or departments often work as teams or pods and scheduling, tracking, and managing these groups can be very difficult with spreadsheets or outdated scheduling systems. TeamScheduler alleviates the difficulty and time required to schedule teams and streamlines the day-to-day adjustments.
Credentialer™ - Credentialer is fully integrated with the ShiftHound online scheduling application, and gives all concerned parties in the organization the ability to track credentials and related data for all Staff members, including certifications, licenses, etc. – and includes the ability to upload documents and receive alerts for expirations.

Integration Engine
- Making sure that data is in sync and seamlessly shared between HR, Scheduling, and Time & Attendance systems allows your Managers and Staff to focus on their jobs-at-hand instead of double entering and constantly updating the same data across systems.

How to install Dynatrace APK at

The Dynatrace mobile app provides real-time alerts on your Android devices when performance problems are detected in your application environment. As a key component of the Dynatrace application performance monitoring system, the Dynatrace mobile app provides real-time root-cause analysis—from your cloud-based infrastructure all the way down to individual lines of application code—that your developers can use to accelerate problem resolution.

You must have a Dynatrace account to use this app.
To register for your free trial account, visit

All-in-one performance monitoring with artificial intelligence

Dynatrace is a full-stack performance and availability monitoring system that enables your DevOps team to monitor the health of your entire application environment, from the cloud-based datacenter level, to the services that your applications rely on, all the way down to the code-level, Dynatrace monitors it all. With real user monitoring, Dynatrace even provides real-time performance insights into your customers’ mobile and desktop experiences with your application.
Dynatrace uses artificial intelligence to significantly reduce the time required to identify the root causes of system performance problems. Rather than overload you with ambiguous alerts, Dynatrace provides you with complete, pre-analyzed problems that show you both the full impact and the cause of each detected problem.
Artificial intelligence enables Dynatrace to learn the baseline performance of every component in your environment and thereby instantly detect performance problems and their causes. Dynatrace continuously monitors the health of your hosts and network, cloud-based services, hypervisors (including VMware ESXi and Amazon Web Services), and service infrastructure to keep you and your team in control of the health of your application environment.

- Monitoring
- Application performance management (APM)
- Server monitoring
- Real user monitoring (RUM)
- Apdex
- Virtualization monitoring
- Correlation metrics
- Operating system metrics
- Network metrics
- Real user experience metrics
- Synthetic-user monitoring (SUM)
- Production environment monitoring
- Full monitoring of technology stacks
- Hypervisor monitoring (VMWare ESX, Amazon AWS)
- Database monitoring

How to download Chronus - Mobile Mentoring APK at

With the Chronus’ mobile app, you can engage in mentoring, buddy programs, peer coaching, and more while on the go. App users must be a participant of a Chronus based organizational
mentoring program.

Available features vary but may include:

Get Matched: Successful mentoring starts with a successful match. That’s why we created Match IQ Technology available within our app.

* Filter through recommendations to find your best match
* See recommendations of mentors to connect with
* Select your match to begin your mentorship experience

Be Productive: Mentoring doesn’t just happen. With the Chronus app, we will help guide you every step of the way.

* Set goals for your mentorship
* Stay on track with tasks and milestones
* Access help resources as needed

Stay Connected: Effective communication is key to create a productive mentoring experience. With the Chronus app, you are connected anytime, anywhere with your mentor/mentee.

* Message or call your mentor/mentee with a click of a button
* Setup meetings using the scheduling functionality
* Receive push notifications to alert you to new messages and actions

Extend Your Learning Through the Program Community: Beyond your mentorship, there are plenty of ways to extend your learning.

* Share and exchange information in your organizations forums, Q&A section and article sharing
* Engage in program events
* A library of articles, slideshares, documents, video’s and other resources at your fingertips

About Chronus:

Chronus is the leader in mentoring software. Our configurable platform is powering hundreds of successful mentoring programs for some of the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and professional associations. With unique MatchIQ™  technology, a guided experience for participants, and the most configurable platform in the industry, Chronus enables mentoring programs to efficiently scale and drive more strategic value for organizations worldwide. Learn more at

How to install LifeWorks APK at

The ultimate Engagement & Wellness Platform that employees love, featuring:

• An Employee Assistance & Wellness Program (EAP) that enhances your wellbeing with best in class counselling, life coaching and digital content.

• Stay connected to your colleagues with advanced social recognition and a private company network that aligns with your company's core values.

• Treat yourself with exceptional, exclusive and easy to use perks that save you $1,000s a year on shopping, dining, lifestyle and entertainment.

How to download Time Card for Android APK at

Track your time with this time clock. Check in, check out, all on your phone with Android Time Card. Then when you're done, at the push of a button, e-mail your timesheet to yourself in csv format, all with Android Time Card

-Reload history from SD
-Install to SD
-Multiple Timers

-Many Languages
-Import job names & desc

How to install MOTOsafety APK at

The MOTOsafety app is a companion application to the MOTOsafety GPS teen tracking system. This easy-to-use app lets you locate and monitor your teen drive in real time directly from your Android device. This application requires an active subscription to the MOTOsafety service.

- Instant GPS tracking of any teen driver equipped with a Linxup GPS tracking device.
- View a breadcrumb location history. Clickable icons provide speed, direction and stops information. You can also view alerts on the map.
- Map views with both map and satellite options.

How to install PowerDMS Mobile APK at

From policies and procedures to training and accreditation documentation and much more – PowerDMS gives you a single, secure way to manage, distribute and track your most important documents.

Over 2,500 organization use PowerDMS as their policy and procedure software to increase trust and efficiency by simplifying the way they share crucial information and handle their policy management.

The PowerDMS Mobile app is the perfect companion for your team members on the go. They can access all of your policies and procedures from a phone or tablet anywhere there is an internet connection.

With PowerDMS Mobile, you can:

- Quickly access critical documents anywhere you have an internet connection.
- Electronic signature with a simple swipe or fingerprint.
- Full-text search of all documents.
- Replace paper files and manuals with secure cloud storage.

An active PowerDMS license is required to access the PowerDMS Mobile app.

How to install Unicity PH APK at

The Unicity Office app provides the active Business Associate with the most critical functions they need
to successfully build and run their Unicity business on the go.

Features include:
- Enrolling a new Business Associate,
- Product Ordering
- Success Tracker: Your current month
volume and qualification information
in real time -- along with previous
two months of activity -- displayed
in easy-to-read and color-coded
progression bars. Also allows you
to compare your current and past
totals to higher rank levels, giving
you an indication of where you stand
in making those ranks

- Organization View
- News & Updates

How to install DocuWare Classic APK at

Keep your document workflows going and use your documents productively on the move with DocuWare Mobile. Even when you're traveling, with the new app you have access to your workflow tasks and naturally all of your documents in the file cabinet.

In the fully reworked interface you can immediately see all relevant tasks at a glance. And even proven functions such as searching and displaying documents can be executed quickly and easily. New documents such as scanned receipts or downloads can be stored in a DocuWare file cabinet or document tray from any app. Stamp invoices to be approved even when you're on the move – with automatic stamp placement on request.

For DocuWare Mobile a DocuWare version 6.0 or later is required.


- Access to workflow tasks (DocuWare version 6.8)
- Search for and display documents
- Display details of a document
- Access to task lists
- Dashboard for quick overview
- Apply stamps with preview
- Access to a document's files with gestures
- Save documents in file cabinets and document trays (DocuWare version 6.5 or later)
- Simple configuration with QR code

How to install Kyani Vision Group APK at

This app is for members of the Kyani Dream Team, a network marketing super team from all parts of the world. Use this app to get special alerts, access needed documents, view powerful trainings, and use Kyani features within this app.

How to download SureMobile APK at

*Requires SureMileage and SureExpense license. Please visit for more information on how to sign up for our services.*

SureMobile allows access to your personal records in your company's SureMileage and SureExpense instance. Features include:

- Creating, Deleting, Viewing, Editing, Submitting, Posting, and Reposting trip and expenses records
- Get directions and a map to your destination
- Simple interface displays all open records associated with your user
- Account Administration (E-mail and password)

Download the app and get started as a mobile user, today!

How to install GAMMA OTDR APK at

Easy and multifunctional application provides using a smartphone or tablet not only as a convenient optical trace viewer but as full function OTDR, having connected an external measuring module. Flexible interface helps you to characterize the traces due to the manual and auto analyzis modes, the remote control function makes an android device to be a part of a powerfull measuring system.

Supports Bellcore/Telcordia compliant trace format (SOR files version 2.0) according to GR-196-CORE OTDR (SR-4731) Data Standard.

Supports SVPRIBOR optical reflectometers GAMMA series (can be found at,

How to download Mobile Facilities by RealPage APK at

Designed by RealPage, a leading provider of rental housing software, OneSite Facilities is used at more than 23,000 sites and by over 30,000 maintenance technicians. If you are a property manager or a maintenance technician who wants to save time and money, while increasing tenant satisfaction, then this app is perfect for you.

- Use the Mobile app and save time on manually creating inspection reports and boring data entry
- Access data about the units on the go, and avoid having to make multiple trips to the office
- Increase tenant satisfaction by addressing service requests 3X faster
- Save money on data plans with optional Wi-Fi only syncing
- Seamless extension of OneSite

Ideal for Multi-Family, Student, Affordable, Senior and Military housing

With this property management app you can:
- Create and complete Inspections on the go
- Conduct Move in and Move out, and preventative maintenance inspections
- Take and attach photos to inspections
- Create and address Service Requests
- Manage a Make Ready board
- Manage Turn Caddies

You will need a OneSite account to use this app. If you do not have an existing account, contact us on our website to have your account setup.

How to install PHP APK at

Your PHP sales companion. Has in-depth reporting for recruits, points, applications and commissions. Communicate with fellow agents via chat. Other features include :

- Tracking your rank
- Compare your scores against your peers
- Check your current track for promotion
- Magnificent 7
- View Resources and Materials
- Visit PHP Education
- Add a new recruit
- Chat
- Share documents
- View the home office news

How to download SharePlus - SharePoint Mobile APK at

“There is nothing like SharePlus on the market... If you are using SharePoint without using SharePlus you are missing out on a world of possibilities.”
Iain Billington, ICS Engineer, Tonkin & Taylor

What is SharePlus? It’s the smartest way to stay productive on the go and securely work better together from anywhere, with the information you need - be it on SharePoint or Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Network Drives. You choose how, where and when to work as a team – you can access your content offline and sync when connectivity is restored.

SharePlus is the ultimate mobile SharePoint and Office 365 experience for Android devices. Benefit from all the advantages of the high-performing modern mobile workplace:
• Connect to SharePoint, on-premises or in the cloud. No need to install server components or to have special SharePoint permissions.
• Access additional storage services, like OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Plus, you can also access Network drives shared by your colleagues.
• Edit all your content and documents on the go by taking advantage of SharePlus’ seamless integration with external editors.
• Discover information buried in SharePoint with Enterprise Search. Search all your portals and have your content at hand with quick access to Recent Content and Favorites.
• Update your SharePoint content effortlessly, with SharePlus’ behind-the-scenes content synchronization that keeps all your relevant information updated. Your SharePoint content, including Documents, Libraries, Lists, and items can be accessed and edited even while offline.
• Get your team in sync while working on SharePoint, enjoy easy document check in/out and quickly share Discussions, Tasks, Contacts, Wikis, Issues, and a variety of other content types.

Supported SharePoint versions:
• SharePoint 2007
• SharePoint 2010
• SharePoint 2013
• SharePoint Online (Office 365)
• Windows SharePoint Services 2007 (WSS)
• SharePoint Foundation 2010
• SharePoint Foundation 2013

Additional storage providers supported:
• OneDrive for Business
• Google Drive
• DropBox
• Network Drives (Windows File Shares)

SharePlus Enterprise is more than just a mobile SharePoint app – it is a flexible and extensible platform to build solutions that meet all of your connectivity, security, deployment, and configuration needs.

SharePlus Enterprise for Android includes:
• Application Launchpads – Create custom screens with rich dynamic interactions that give you a personalized access to your SharePoint content, even without connectivity. 
• Enhanced Security - Keep your business data private by deploying SharePlus in-house or through an MDM Server
• Centralized Configuration
• Priority Support - in-app or by email

Email us at [email protected] to learn more about SharePlus Enterprise.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]
Have an idea how to improve SharePlus? Submit and vote for ideas at

How to install Upline CRM APK at

Upline Networks
The first platform designed for independent sales and marketing professionals.

Effortlessly build beautiful landing pages, digital business cards, and offers in minutes right from your smartphone.

Share your content instantly via text or email. Publish to social media in two clicks. Or even broadcast your landing page to every nearby Android phone with our seamlessly integrated Gem bluetooth technology.

Close Sales
Track analytics and demographics on incoming leads. Manage your sales activity so no leads get stale. And monitor all of your key sales metrics from lead generation to closed deal. 100% Automatically.

Integrated Gem Technology

1. We give you a tiny wireless device called a Gem.
2. You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast.
3. The Gem sends your message to every nearby Android smartphone, and Upline will automatically track views and clicks.

Android represents 60% of the North American smartphone market. To receive messages from the Gem, the phone needs Bluetooth turned on.

How to install MyRoute Multi Stop Navigation APK at

MyRouteOnline now brings you the opportunity to use your favorite navigation app, with multi-destination capabilities. Whether you run a delivery company, a trucking business, maintenance or any kind of service that requires multi-stop route planning, you can count on MyRoute to navigate your route, saving time, fuel and money.
You can re-order your existing route, skip any stop, and add or delete destinations.
Use MyRoute to navigate your route. Your route-plan is only a moment away.

Important notes:
MyRoute is free for personal use, with up to 6 addresses.
For Business users, link MyRouteOnline paying account to your app and plan routes with as many as 350 addresses.
No long term commitment and no cancellation fees.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We do our best to save energy and automatically turn off tracking to minimize the use of your battery.

How to install Pivotal Tracker APK at

Pivotal Tracker is a product planning and management tool designed exclusively for modern software development teams. Our Android mobile app lets on-the-go team members know exactly what’s happening at any time, and puts the ability to create or respond to stories in the palm of their hand.

Tracker supports an agile workflow and has been refined and optimized over ten years to provide just the right amount of structure to facilitate team communication and collaboration. Project status, workflow, conversations, and documents are easily accessible to the entire team—in one place—so product owners know where things stand and developers know what to focus on. Because Tracker was designed to be simple to learn and easy to use, product owners can be sure that the data they see reflects the true status of all their projects.

-Team collaboration around a shared backlog everyone can see
-Easy access to notifications and story creation
-Project Analytics show big picture and fine details
-Workspaces show all your work, across all projects and teams
-Automated velocity provides an honest view of your team's future
-More than 140 third-party apps and integrations
-Project history shows everything that's happened

Tracker is helping teams build better software by transforming how they build software—one story at a time.

“The best agile project management tool, period.”
—Kaz Walker, Sr. Developer, Foodee Media Inc.

How to download Klipfolio APK at

Track your most important business metrics and KPIs wherever you are. Get real-time marketing, sales, finance, and business dashboards in the palm of your hand.

Access your Klipfolio dashboards and monitor what matters to you while on the go.

Klipfolio makes it fast, easy and affordable for business users to build and share real-time dashboards – making it possible for them to move from course-correcting once a quarter to continuously optimizing their business. Our online dashboard platform offers the power and flexibility that you need for building effective real-time business dashboards for your team or your clients.

The benefits of using Klipfolio:
- Access to 400+ data sources - try our pre-built connectors or open web accessible resource connector to bring in your data
- Hundreds of pre-built visualizations - with just a few clicks, you can build out entire dashboards
- Mashups - combine multiple data sources into a single visualization
- Freedom to customize - you can add your own logo and themes to customize the look, feel and functionality of visualizations and dashboards

App Features:
- View your Klipfolio dashboards.
- Configure which dashboards you would like to view in the app.

Important Notes:
- Dashboards must be created using the Klipfolio online dashboard platform.
- A Klipfolio account is required.
- Requires Android 5 and above.

How to download RailPASS APK at

RailPASS is a BNSF Railway mobile application designed to create an efficient and expedited gate experience for truck drivers who need to drop off, pick up or locate a shipment at a BNSF Intermodal Facility.

From RailPASS, you can:
• Input shipment details directly through the RailPASS app to avoid having to manually enter information at the intermodal facility kiosk. This feature will reduce time spent at the kiosk by eliminating screen requests and touches – cutting current entrance gate times by more than half.
• Have up-to-date status information on shipments assigned to you once it is in your personalized My Units screen.
• Update Parking: You will have the ability to update your assigned parking location directly through the RailPASS app eliminating the need to call your dispatcher or flag down a yard checker when there is an existing shipment in a designated spot.

How to download Rain Connect APK at

Rain Connect allows existing Rain users to access the information available in the Rain website and Cloud Office in a convenient format for viewing and sharing via your mobile device.

How to install Novade - Construction & Site Operations APK at

Access to the application requires login and password. Please visit our website or contact our team for more information.

Novade provides enterprise apps for building and construction operations.

- Quality: inspections, checklists and handover
- Safety: safety procedures such as Permits To Work or Non Conformity Reports
- Logistics: manage various types of assets – equipment, tools, materials – on multiple sites
- Maintenance: schedule and automate inspections, track repair activities

Applications are used to streamline site processes, facilitate collaboration and improve productivity. The data captured provides insights to real estate developers, contractors and engineering services providers to improve site operations.

How to download NYC Buildings APK at

The NYC Buildings mobile application provides users with many of the Department's most popular search features found on its website in a convenient and easy-to-use mobile app. Information users can search for includes:
• Individual Properties
• Job Applications
• Electrical Applications
• Limited Alteration Applications (minor plumbing work)
The app also includes pertinent contact information for the Department and brings real-time push notifications from the Department to users devices.

For support please visit:

How to install GravityZone Mobile Client APK at

GravityZone Mobile Client application brings your device into the Bitdefender GravityZone, the Bitdefender Enterprise security solution. Security for Mobile Devices module has been designed to reduce administrative burden of managing and controlling compliance of iPhone, iPad and Android devices, even for the most demanding enterprises. The security module for mobiles is part of a scalable, unified security solution under one umbrella for physical, virtualized and mobile environments.

Choosing the right tools to manage mobile device compliancy

Each organization sets their own policies for acceptable mobile devices that are allowed to be connected into organization's internal resources and services according to corporate, departmental or individual security requirements. However, enforcing those policies require the right tools to be in place. While many specialized Mobile Device Management (MDM) products may provide a spot solution, Bitdefender helps Enterprises with more holistic security approach that protects not only mobile devices, but also physical endpoints and virtualized environments. As an Active Directory integrated solution it helps Enterprises to easily manage all users’ devices with consistent policies with actions to be taken in case the device becomes non-compliant, like preventing non-compliant devices accessing corporate services.

The solution has been designed to support controlled adoption of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept by enforcing security policies consistently on all users’ devices. Security features include screen lock, authentication control, device location, remote wipe, detection of rooted or jailbroken devices and security profiles. On Android devices the security level is enhanced with real-time scanning and removable media encryption.

Features & Benefits

- Easy management through a centralized web-based console
- Simple deployment integrated with Active Directory user groups
- Application and updates delivered via marketplace
- Simple device self-registration by scanning a QR code
- Removes the need of users to visit IT helpdesk due to easy self-setup
- Ensures consistent security policies on all user's devices
- Keeps the device safe with real-time scanning
- Scans storage on mount to block malicious code entering from removable media
- Encrypts removable media to keep sensitive data safe
- Allows enterprise-wide policies to be applied on jailbroken devices
- Prevents non-compliant devices from accessing corporate services
- Controls device screen lock and authentication for effective device protection
- Adapts into security needs of both professional and personal life (with profiles)
- Simplifies management of Wi-Fi access point settings
- Locate device on map (from network inventory) to find lost devices
- Lock / unlock / wipe prevents usage of lost devices and data leakage

NOTE! This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

How to download MLS-Touch APK at

*** ATTENTION: This app is EXCLUSIVE to real estate agents and participating boards.

MLS-Touch allows you to quickly access all active, pending, and sold listings from your MLS on your preferred Android device, along with photos, property description, private remarks, listing agent info, listing date, commission, showing instruction, and quick access to your contacts. Use it to show homes, research home values and preview properties, without going to the office!

Other features include:
• Map View
• MLS# search
• Search by address
• Hotsheet for your chosen areas
• Mortgage calculator
• Member directory
• Custom search
• Instant market statistics
• Instant sales comparables
• Email multiple listings to contacts
• Save searches
• Save listings for later use and more!

If you believe this application could be useful to you and your fellow agents, we'd love to make it available to you! Ask someone at your board or association to reach out to us at (888) 765-9223 and we'll gladly take their call.

We’d love to hear from you! Please email your feedback or questions at [email protected]

How to download دخل و خرج : مدیریت مالی ساده APK at

کانال پشتیبانی و آموزش ما: @TaxiApps

کنترل هزینه ها و درآمد ها برای شما هم مشکل شده؟

دخل و خرج برای اندروید هم عرضه شد!
-یک برنامه کاربردی با فضایی جذاب برای ثبت درآمد و هزینه های شما!

در کنار چندین و چند امکانات این برنامه ، برخی از مهمترین هایشان بشرح زیر هستند:

- امکان ثبت هزینه و درآمد ها با تمامی جزئیات و قسمت توضیحات و همچنین عکس.

- امکان اضافه کردن موجودی اولیه(کیف پول نقدی).

- ویرایش دسته بندی ها، کم و اضافه کردن آیتم ها.

- به اشتراک گذاشتن گزارش اطلاعات از طریق ایمیل ، تلگرام ، وایبر ، پیامک و ...

- امکان خواندن پیامک های بانکی و اضافه کردن هزینه ها و درآمد ها به صورت خودکار.

-محاسبه وام بانکی (جدید)

محدودیت های نسخه رایگان:
- این نرم افزار رایگان می باشد و با خرید نسخه کامل آن می توانید از امکان ورود بیشتر از 10 هزینه و 4 درآمد.

دخل و خرج مدیریت و کنترل مالی برای بهبود بخشیدن به زندگی شما.

How to download Agroptima APK at

Agroptima helps you manage your farm with its mobile app and computer account.

With Agroptima it is much easier to record your farm activities whenever you are and get your costs under control. Besides, you can create one-click reports to see the use and margins and help you take better decisions.

Why use Agroptima?
• Save time and money: save up to 2 hours of being in the computer every day thanks to our mobile app
• Access to your data anywhere
• Know how much your farm tasks cost you
• Solve all your questions with our great support team
• A simple way to make your farm more efficient

What can I do with the mobile app?
• Record all your farm activities on-the-go
• Work whenever you are. Even if you do not have internet connection, the mobile app works offline
• Draw your fields in the map
• Easy access to your products, fertilizers, etc. data base
• All your data sync right away

What can I do with the computer account in the cloud?
• Create group of fields per crops, owners etc and modify them in the map
• Set the price of your labours, phytosanitary products, etc so we can compute the cost to every activity
• See your costs, benefits and margin per field, farm, crop etc
• Introduce your machines, tractors, personnel or clients data
• Create and print one-click farm records per field, harvest, phytosanitary use, working hours, etc

Other features you are going to love:
• Know your costs: take better decisions thanks to Agroptima reports
• The only mobile app that works offline
• Best customer support team: we work hard to solve our your questions within 24 hours
• More than one farm? Manage them all for the same price
• Multidevice: Install Agroptima mobile app in multiple devices and cover all your needs
• Functional: Designed by farmers for farmers. Easy to use in conditions of no internet connection, tractor vibrations or low light.


We love to hear from our customers! Send us your comments to [email protected]
Follow us on Twitter @agrotima and Facebook at

How to install Paltel NetGuard APK at

“Paltel NetGuard” is a feature integrated to routers offered by Paltel, and supports routers that provides Superfast net, for more information call 125 .

Paltel NetGuard app allows you to set up and control any device connected on your home network; it allows you to control your network easily and manage your Wi-Fi password, see what devices are online, rename and prioritize the devices for better performance and connectivity, or disconnect the Wi-Fi for specific devices to control the Internet and devices used by your kids and guests.
The Application also provides information and details about your device status, ID, connectivity, devices connected, LAN setting and other insights.

What you can benefit from the application?

1- Manage devices on your home network map
2- Prioritize a device for faster speeds
3- Block any device from the network
4- Disconnect any device from the Internet for a specific time or period
5- See what devices connected to the network and how much speed you`re using
6- Create a special network for your guest with different password
7- Test your network speed
8- Change your Wi-Fi setting
9- Manage and control the usage inside your home.

How to download Anuga APK at

The Mobile Guide for Anuga is the interactive event guide for the event from 07th to 11th October 2017.


The app offers a detailed exhibitor and product directory as well as a floor plan with all exhibitors' stands. Find information about the program or for arrival and departure, as well as accommodation in Cologne.


Find exhibitors by name, country and product groups and plan your visits with favourites, contacts, appointments and notes. Get information about the program. Keep track of interesting program dates with favorites to program dates.


Get notification for short-term program changes and other short-term organizational changes directly to your device.


Matchmaking365 provides visitors to ask questions to exhibitors and to contact and dialogue with potential business partners before and after the event.


The Mobile Guide requires appropriate permissions for "Add to address book" and "Add to Calendar" and will ask for that first time you use these functions. Contact data and appointments are stored at any time only local on your device.


Send email for support to [email protected]


After installation the app will once download compressed data for exhibitors, extract and import them. Please make sure you have an adequate Internet connection and have some patience during this first import. This procedure can take up to one minute for the first time and should not be interrupted.

How to install Electa Live 8 APK at

Teach, learn and collaborate with Electa Live on your Android Phone and Tablet!

Electa Live 8 is a virtual classroom and an online collaboration environment for live online teaching and web conferences with live audio, screen sharing, guided presentations and web tours.

This application enables you to attend, host and interact in eLecta Live virtual classes and web conferences.

With eLecta Live for Android you can:
- Attend full featured eLecta Live sessions from an email invitation or from a link right from your mobile web browser
- Listen and participate in the conversations via the built-in VOIP capability
- The attendees panel enables users to see who else is attending the meeting and what they are doing.
- View the meeting content including slides, pages, images whiteboard markup and pointers.
- View live screen shares from presenter’s computer be it a Windows, Apple or Linux. Zoom shared content.
- View guided web tours.
- Interact within the session through the use of the gestures toolbar and text chat with presenters and participants
- Attend breakout rooms for individual collaboration.
- Playback recorded live sessions.

Don't have an Electa Live Account?
Electa Live 8 for Android lets you join live classes and meetings run by anyone with an Electa Live account. If you want to run your own meetings for others to join from their computers or mobile devices, sign up for a trial here:

Electa Live Website:
Electa Live Support:

How to install BCA Buyer APK at

BCA Buyer lets you search for stock and track the vehicles you are interested in when you're on the move. Take the guesswork out of auction timings with real time vehicle tracking across all BCA sites so you know when the stock you want to bid on is going under the hammer.

Here’s what you can do
• Quickly search for vehicles by make, model, auction centre, sale date and/or vendor
• Never miss the vehicles you want to bid on with an up-to-date timeline and vehicle notifications
• Access detailed vehicle information including guide pricing, vehicle grades and supporting BCA Assured reports (where applicable)
• Track and keep personal notes on vehicles you’re interested in

All this means that you will never miss an opportunity to bid on the vehicles you need.

This is just the start and over the coming months we will be adding more features to the app, based on your feedback.

Getting started:
Sign in using your BCA One Login username and password that you use for Search (Auction View) and Live Online. There is a simple tutorial to help you get started.

Please note; you need to be a registered BCA trade buyer to use this app. If you want to register with BCA as a trade buyer, please visit

Your feedback is important to us.
We want to keep improving the app for you so please share your suggestions. Just go to ‘settings’ and then leave you feedback within the app.

How to download Tempo-Team NL: Vacatures en werk APK at

Met de Tempo-Team app zet je de volgende stap in je carrière. Bekijk je rooster of salaris, zoek vacatures en ontvang berichten van je intercedent.

De Tempo-Team app is beschikbaar in het Nederlands, Engels en Pools en toegankelijk voor iedereen die werkt of wil werken via Tempo-Team.

Wat kun je precies met de app?

Functies als je op zoek bent naar werk:
→ Vacatures bekijken

Functies als je werkt via Tempo-Team:
→ Je werkrooster bekijken en werk accepteren
→ Roosterwijzigingen doorkrijgen via een notificatie*
→ Je rooster exporteren naar je kalender-app
→ Je beschikbaarheid doorgeven (zolang je door Tempo-Team wordt ingepland)
→ Ziek- en betermelden via de app
→ Uren schrijven
→ Opgespaard vakantiesaldo bekijken en salarisbetalingen inzien
→ Notificaties ontvangen wanneer je uitbetaald krijgt
→ Loonstroken en jaaropgaven zien, downloaden, versturen en opslaan in Google Drive of in de cloud
→ Berichten ontvangen van intercedenten en planners

Wil je meer weten over de app of heb je suggesties? Meld het via de functie ‘Hulp en Feedback’ in het gelijknamige app-menu.

*Let op! De app werkt het best met een stabiele 3G, 4G of wifi-verbinding. Heb je notificaties voor roosterwijzigingen ingesteld? Controleer dan je internetverbinding. Als internet niet goed werkt, raden we je aan om je rooster handmatig te bekijken.

How to download Randstad NL: Vacatures en werk APK at

Met Mijn Randstad zet je de volgende stap in je carrière. Bekijk je rooster of salaris, zoek vacatures en ontvang berichten van je intercedent.

Mijn Randstad is beschikbaar in het Nederlands, Engels en Pools en toegankelijk voor iedereen die werkt of wil werken via Randstad Nederland.

Wat kun je precies met Mijn Randstad?

Functies als je op zoek bent naar werk:
→ Vacatures bekijken
→ Aanmelden voor flexibele jobs via Randstad Go

Functies als je werkt via Randstad of Randstad Go:
→ Je werkrooster bekijken en werk accepteren
→ Roosterwijzigingen doorkrijgen via een notificatie*
→ Je rooster exporteren naar je kalender-app
→ Je beschikbaarheid doorgeven (zolang je door Randstad wordt ingepland)
→ Ziek- en betermelden via de app
→ Uren schrijven
→ Opgespaard vakantiesaldo bekijken en salarisbetalingen inzien
→ Notificaties ontvangen wanneer je uitbetaald krijgt
→ Loonstroken en jaaropgaven zien, downloaden, versturen en opslaan in Google Drive of in de cloud
→ Berichten ontvangen van intercedenten en planners

Mijn Randstad is beschikbaar in het Nederlands, Engels en Pools en toegankelijk voor iedereen die werkt of wil werken via Randstad Nederland.

Wil je meer weten over de app of heb je suggesties? Meld het via de functie ‘Hulp en Feedback’ in het gelijknamige app-menu.

*Let op! Mijn Randstad werkt het best met een stabiele 3G, 4G of wifi-verbinding. Heb je notificaties voor roosterwijzigingen ingesteld? Controleer dan je internetverbinding. Als internet niet goed werkt, raden we je aan om je rooster handmatig te bekijken.

How to install Tamigo APK at

Tamigo Android App now allows you to manage most tasks regarding your roster via your Android device – whether you are an employee or a planner.

When you log on as a planner you can:

• Select your different departments
• View texts from the noticeboard/front page
• View the roster day by day forwards and backwards in time
• View offered/vacant shifts in the roster
• View approved absence in the roster
• View your own shifts, if any
• Approve or reject your employees' bids for shifts
• Approve or reject your employees' shift exchanges
• View all absence requests in the department
• View your own absences
• Add new absences for the employees
• View a common employee phone list

When you log on as an employee you can:

• Select department
• View information from the noticeboard/front page
• View the roster day by day forwards and backwards in time
• View an overview of all your shifts
• Offer a shift
• Propose the exchange of a shift with another employee
• Make bids for vacant shifts
• Accept or reject shift exchange
• View your absences
• Send absence requests to the planner
• View a common employee phone list

Try Tamigo
If you are not a Tamigo customer, we would like to offer you a free test access for 14 days. Order it on .

How to download HKTDC Mobile APK at

HKTDC Mobile is the world’s first B2B information and sourcing mobile application
Features include:

1. HKTDC Research – about 2,000 free online research articles produced every year to keep SMEs well informed of industry and market trends
2. Marketplace – source from 120,000 quality suppliers around the world
3. Exhibitions & Conferences – browse the HKTDC trade fairs and events list
4. Product Magazines – 20+titles of product magazine plus dozen of supplements covering a wide spectrum of product categories
5. Video – view professionally produced video for industry and market updates
6. HKTDC Services – see highlights of major HKTDC services

This app is available in English, Traditional Chinese繁體中文and Simplified Chinese简体中文.


Established in 1966, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory organisation with a mission to create business opportunities for Hong Kong companies. We are the international marketing arm for Hong Kong-based traders, manufacturers and service providers. With more than 40 global offices, including over a dozen in the Chinese mainland, the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a platform for doing business with China and throughout Asia.

The HKTDC connects millions of international buyers and sellers through a variety of integrated services, namely its trade fairs, online marketplace and product magazines.

Please visit for more details.

How to download doForms Mobile Data Platform APK at


Why have nearly 1 billion doForms forms been submitted from customers around the globe? Try this app and you’ll see why companies worldwide are switching from paper to doForms. doForms forms are easy to build. And, once you’ve built a form you can use it on mobile devices, embed it into your website, or email the form to anyone in the world with a browser. You can even embed forms into any format that supports a hyperlink.

Accessing your data is easy using the doForms web dashboard. Integration can be done in most cases using our integration service, Sync & Save – no programming required. You can access data right from Excel using our plug-in, which puts doForms right into your Excel menu and allows you to continually check for new incoming forms.

Want to try doForms but don’t have the time to learn something new? No problem. Contact us and we will build you a form for free, show you how to use it and even make changes for you as you start to understand the possibilities. After all your success is our success.


Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

How to download SecurityBrowser for Office365 Nextset APK at

In the "next set security browser for Office365" move in conjunction with the "next set single sign-on for Office365", it is a secure browser. I will provide a more advanced and security access control to detailed Office365.

Single Sign-On with · Office365
Security policy enforcement by, personalized / organization another of the control
And use control of the global IP address / terminal ID Unit
· URL to use site control by the filter
Data download ban / cache & Cookei Clear
· Character of the prohibition of copy and paste
Automatic deletion of clipboard
· Automatic login availability
And printing ban
Address URL bar availability of
· The entire shared bookmark / personal bookmark availability of
Automatic logout function
The acquisition and by the administrator of the user access log
Mail & Calendar New data notification function

The user can to keep doing the registration and terminal application of account that you want to access in advance
Network that is authorized from the next time, if the terminal, ID, without placing a password
Simply by pressing the sign-in button is available each service of Office365, such as e-mail and calendar!

1. launch the app
Tap the "Account Management" in the top screen
2. account management to the display
Tap the "not registered"
3.Account registration display
Enter input to the "e-mail address" to the e-mail address or "Employee ID", "domain"
Enter a password in the "Password"
Check out "log in with this account."
Tap the "registration"
4. Tap the e-mail address that you entered earlier in account management
5. account registration display
Tap the "registration of the terminal information"
6. note of registration of the terminal terminal display
Tap the "registration"
7. Enter your purpose
Tap to "register"
Registration display 8. terminal terminal
Tap "OK"
To 9.Top screen
Tap to "Office365 to sign in to the"

How to install GW Mail APK at

GW Mail is an email client for Novell GroupWise. With this app you get a much better interface than Novell delivers by default through GroupWise WebAccess. This app gives you some of the enterprise features that you would not get with simple POP/IMAP - like access to your Frequent Contacts and GroupWise address book.

Current features:
Read your mail list
Notifications for new mailbox items
Switch folders, move items to folders
Read emails, and delete, read later, properties, etc.
Read attachments using the GroupWise WebAccess viewer
Download and view attachments using apps on your device
Compose emails
Address book searching
Accept or decline appointments, tasks and notes

We highly recommend checking out our free GW Lite app to test whether or not your server works with our apps before purchasing this app.

GW Mail for Android has been tested to work with GroupWise 2014, 2012, 8, 7 and 6.5

We have released our GW Calendar as a separate app. It gives you good access to your GroupWise Calendar with a calendar specific interface.

To send a support request email, please do so from the app. Open the app. From the main page, tap on the Support button in the upper right corner. If you are running an older version of Android, this may be accessed from the menu button. If you are having trouble doing that, you can send an email directly to [email protected] Please include information about your device and the version of GroupWise that you are using.

How to download Eyes:On APK at

Market Force Information® works with hundreds of the world’s largest consumer companies helping them protect their brand’s reputation, delight customers and make more money through location-level solutions.

The solutions provide a robust framework for measuring and improving operational excellence, customer experience, and financial KPI's—these include: mystery shopping, customer experience surveys, predictive analytics, market research, social media, KnowledgeForce® technology platform and more.

Mystery shoppers: Find nearby shop assignments from our mobile app (Eyes:On), complete questionnaires, and upload questionnaires and images from your phone.

Internal auditors: Upload your own questionnaire for your internal employees to complete audits and upload information to KnowledgeForce.

How to download Ipsos iField APK at

Ipsos iField data collection application. The application facilitates interviewer-administered face-to-face interviewing for market research with advanced quality assurance features.

This application is just the data collection component of a fully integrated system, and it can only be used for Ipsos projects.

How to download Offline Surveys APK at

With Sawtooth Software’s Offline Surveys app, you can interview respondents without an Internet connection (CAPI interviewing).

• NOTE: As of January 2, 2018, devices running Android 4.0 - 4.3 will no longer be able to download this app.

• The Offline Surveys app runs surveys created in Sawtooth Software’s Lighthouse Studio. The app supports all of the robust capabilities and custom code you’re used to.
• Surveys look and function the same in the app as they do on a web browser, so all your respondents will have the same experience.
• Downloading surveys and collecting data is easy to do. Begin a survey with just one tap.
• Data automatically syncs with the hosting server once the device acquires an Internet connection.
• Data collected in the app is combined with any survey data from regular web-based responses.
• Any changes you make to your survey are downloaded automatically on all devices.

Learn more about Offline Surveys

Learn more about Lighthouse Studio

+1 801 477 4700
[email protected]

By installing this app, you agree to the license agreement found at

How to install Shift Tracker APK at

Shift tracker is the best way for shift workers to keep track of hours worked and money earned. The app allows you to:

✔ Schedule upcoming shifts. (Up to one year in advanced). Past shifts can also be viewed

✔ Set your payrate per shift to calculate money earned

✔ Create shift templates of your most frequent shifts to help save time

✔ Indicate unpaid break times to get more accurate data.

✔ Customise display and default value options

There is also a premium version of this application available at

The premium version includes great additional features such as:

✔ View detailed statistics about your earnings and hours worked for any time range

✔ Three Android widgets for quick access to information

✔ Set reminders for shifts

✔ Ability to export data to CSV. Perfect for import into Microsoft Excel or for forwarding to payroll!

How to download Муравьиная логистика APK at

Программа автоматизации транспортной логистики - это удобный инструмент логиста и помощник руководителя в управлении предприятием.
Сервис “Муравьиная логистика” сделает процесс планирования маршрутов удобным и эффективным.
Мобильное приложение даёт водителю возможность всегда видеть маршрут, сформированный логистом. Переключаясь в режим навигации, водитель может следовать по этому маршруту. В течении дня маршруты могут изменяться либо добавляться новые - водителю придут соответствующие уведомления, все изменения оперативно отобразятся в его устройстве.
Для работы приложения требуется регистрация на

How to download CleanGuru: CleanBid, CleanQC; Janitorial Software APK at

Janitorial Bidding Software! Janitorial Inspection App!

REQUIREMENTS: CleanGuru Membership is required. First time users receive a 30-Day Membership absolutely FREE at

CleanBid is today's most popular janitorial bidding software, giving cleaning business owners a recommended price and professional proposal for any cleaning job.

It’s easy! Simply give the bid a name, pick a building type (i.e. office, medical) and choose a cleaning frequency (i.e. 3x/week, 5x/week).

If you have a list of measurements you can easily enter them yourself. But, if you don’t, no problem, you can use our convenient EXPRESS feature.

Just enter an estimate of the size of the building to be cleaned and CleanBid EXPRESS will do the rest, loading measurements and tasks for you automatically.


• Pre-Loaded! CleanBid comes pre-loaded with building types (i.e. office, medical, school) and industry-specific cleaning times/production rates, so the software can automatically workload janitorial, office cleaning jobs for you, giving you a calculated time per visit.

• Customize Bids! You’ll love giving building owners and property managers customized cleaning proposals including your company logo as well as a list of references and detailed job specifications.

• Email Verification! When emailing, your proposal will automatically appear as an attachment with a professionally worded cover letter and the prospect’s email address already filled out for you. Plus, we verify the date and time it was successfully sent.

• ‘One Stop Shop’ Client View! You can easily link and view your contacts, appts and bids, as well as work tickets, invoices and inspections - by customer!

• Security! Your online order is placed through, a reliable and secure ordering system, and your bid information is password protected and backed up automatically.

• Consumable Supplies! You can quickly estimate monthly cost of providing poly/paper supplies such as toilet paper & hand towels using our Consumable Products Calculator.

• Work Tickets! You can easily track periodic carpet, tile and window cleaning projects and generate detailed work tickets for your special services or floor crews.

CleanQC is not only an incredible quality control software and easy-to-use janitorial inspection app, it will quickly become your favorite customer service tool for building client relationships and impressing prospects as well.


• Save Time, No Painful Set-Up! Simply choose a janitorial bid or building type (i.e. office, medical) and your customized inspection will be ready to go.

• Easy to Use! Ratings on the quality control inspection are pre-set, so you’ll only need to change them for any areas where you find cleaning issues.

• Lost WiFi? No Problem! You won’t have to cancel or delay an inspection when you lose WiFi. You can keep inspecting the building; your data will be saved and auto-synced when you’re back online.

• Customized Goals MOTIVATE! You’ll like being able to set a challenging but achievable quality control score goal for your cleaners - by customer.

• Follow up is Simple! You’ll like having a detailed work ticket for any inspection with cleaning issues; making follow-up easy and convenient.

• Build Client Confidence AND Impress Prospects! You’ll love delivering or emailing our one-of-a -kind ‘Performance Review' of any inspection, for any customer, at any time – highlighting your quality control efforts in an easy-to-understand, graphical format.

• Instantly Impress Prospects! With a click, impress even your toughest prospect by including a powerful promotional page and sample inspection - right in your proposal, highlighting your use of this janitorial inspection app in your overall quality control plan.

How to download ATTI Shadow Tracker® Mobile APK at

Fast, Easy, and Effective GPS Fleet Management

Shadow Tracker® Mobile allows you to stay connected directly to your fleet through your Smartphone or tablet. This mobile application conveniently offers managers instant insight into the location and status of their entire fleet from the palm of their hand! Quickly view or check your mobile fleet’s current status including when a vehicle is stopped or moving along with the speed and location. View stop and alert history reports for a daily check of your fleet’s progress.

Please note that the Shadow Tracker® Mobile Android application is available free to existing ATTI customers. If you would like to learn more so that you too can enjoy the benefits of Shadow Tracker® Mobile, please contact Advanced Tracking Technologies at (800)-279-0035 or go to

How to download Corrigo Enterprise APK at

Corrigo Enterprise by Corrigo™ is a powerful tool for managing your buildings, equipment, and your customers who rely on those assets.

Corrigo Enterprise is the latest version of what was formerly called CorrigoNet. This version of the mobile app is compatible with Corrigo Enterprise ONLY. It is not backwards compatible. If you use CorrigoNet (e.g.: ver. 7.9 or before), please continue using the separate CorrigoNet app.

Corrigo Enterprise Mobile Feature Highlights:
• My Work Orders – full “tech” operations
• WO Creation
• Improved usability in lists, details pages, creation wizards and elsewhere
• Improved functionality in signature capture, check-in/out, lists and list filtering
• Team Work
• Time Cards

Notes: A subscription is required. It does not work with WorkTrack Service Management, Intuit Field Service Management, CorrigoNet, nor WorkTrack Construction and Crews.

How to install Sessia APK at

Сессия - это мобильный программно-аппаратный комплекс, повышающий эффективность работы дистрибьюторов в сфере прямых продаж.

Ключевая функциональность:
– повышение конверсии "холодных" звонков за счет использования цифровой АТС;
– социальная сеть для информирования пользователей и общения их между собой;
– быстрая регистрация пользователей в сетевых компаниях и упрощение их привязки к гарантам;
– система уведомлений, которая информирует пользователей обо всех событиях в их структуре;
– календарь, позволяющий систематизировать и планировать все мероприятия и встречи;
– автоматизация постановки заданий с использованием индивидуальных бизнес-процессов компаний;
– мгновенная генерация разнообразных отчетов о результатах работы своей структуры;
– обучение новых пользователей и инструменты для отработки необходимых навыков;
– интернет-магазин, в котором с мобильного телефона можно быстро и удобно оформить нужный заказ.

How to download SEW Product ID plus APK at

You need technical information about your drive components from SEW-EURODRIVE?
With this app, you can obtain all the relevant information on your product easily and quickly directly on your iPhone/smart phone – at any time and any location. Just enter the serial number printed on the nameplate or scan the QR code from the DriveTag* label on your product. A picture of the product lets you visually check the mounting position. You can also directly retrieve documents, such as the operating instructions for the relevant component.

Your benefits:
- New: scan of QR code from DriveTag label
- Direct access to important technical data of your product, visual check of the mounting position and retrieval of the specific documentation, e.g. operating instructions
- New: history of your last 25 searches

The app from SEW-EURODRIVE is available free of charge at the App Store.

* DriveTag are functional labels with printed barcodes that contain several data so that a product, for example, can be identified easily. You can order DriveTag individually from us.

For any questions, comments or suggestions please send an email to [email protected]

SEW-EURODRIVE – Driving the World

How to download UP! Machine Repair, Maintenance & Service APK at

Service Requestors: Up! matches your service request to a network of service providers and lets you choose a provider based on availability and cost. Find repair service for the industrial equipment your business depends on fast and avoid the delays and frustration of phone tag and online searches. Whether you have one machine or 1,000, Up! can help you reduce downtime and eliminate the hassle of finding service. When every second of downtime matters, get your industrial machines back up and running fast with the Up! app.

Service Providers: Register with Up! and turn on a 24/7 marketing engine that puts you in front of new opportunities. You get notified whenever Up! users are looking for repairs on the types of equipment you service in the areas you cover. If you’re tied up with other jobs, you do nothing. If you have the capacity, you respond with your availability and rates.

• Free to use for service requesters and service providers
• Service requesters quickly and efficiently communicate their request to a network of service providers
• Choose and connect with a service provider based on price, availability, and skills.
• Service providers get notifications with all the information required to respond

How to install USANA Customer Connect APK at

USANA Customer Connect can help you stay productive wherever you are. This app is the next step in USANA’s journey to make it easier for you to communicate with people and keep track of important information, even when you’re on the go.

This unique lead-management tool was designed specifically with USANA Associates in mind. Here are just a few of the things you can do with Customer Connect:

• Import existing contact information
• Easily sort and categorize contacts based on USANA training programs
• Identify hot leads and likely customers
• Build and nurture important relationships
• Make appointments and set reminders
• Track interactions
• Work offline in areas with no Wi-Fi or signal

With USANA Customer Connect, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips no matter where you’re at. Start working smarter, not harder.

How to download Bain Insights APK at

The Bain Insights app provides instant access to Bain & Company’s most recent publications, videos and infographics. Personalize your app experience by following the industry and business topics that you care about most. Sign up for notifications to get customized updates to your mobile device when Bain publishes new Insights that match your interests.

* Explore hundreds of Bain articles, videos and infographics.
* Follow industry and business topics that interest you.
* Access the custom “For you” feed to find recent Bain Insights that match your preferences.
* Save Insights to your device for offline reading.
* Receive notifications when new, relevant content is published.
* Share Insights with your social networks, or email contacts.
* Search the app, or browse for content by industry, business topic or content format.
* Set your language preferences to supplement Bain’s global English content with Insights in your preferred language.

How to install Nudge Rewards APK at

The Nudge app is designed to keep you connected. Nudge makes it simple and easy to learn about important company news, provide feedback, and share ideas. It makes your job easier and your company better.

Nudges are questions and messages delivered directly to your phone via push notification. Responding to Nudges earns you points and lets you provide important feedback.

Spark is the place for idea generation. Have an idea? Post it in Spark. See a good idea in Spark? Upvote it to get it on your company’s radar.

Buzz is the news feed you need. Stay in the loop with the latest company news. Check back often for updated need-to-know info.

Are you #1 or #100? See how you stack up against co-workers using Rank, your company leaderboard.

Access to the mobile app is restricted to employees of companies who have signed up to use Nudge Rewards.

How to download IamResponding (IaR) APK at

This App is a companion feature to the system, which enables first responders to know who is responding to an incident, where they are responding, and when. This is used by thousands of fire departments, EMS agencies, and incident response entities and teams. The system also includes incident notifications, duty crew scheduling, inter-agency messaging, incident mapping with directions, hydrant and water-source mapping, and much more. This App brings all of the primary features of the IamResponding system to mobile users in the field, in an easy-to-use and access format.

**You MUST be a member of an entity with a current IamResponding subscription in order for this app to work**

For any technical support needs or inquiries, please contact [email protected], or during regular business hours (M-F, 9am-5:50pm ET) at 315-701-1372. We do NOT monitor this page for technical support issues, and we cannot reply to support issues posted as user reviews in Google Play™.

Please Note: If your dispatch messages are not currently processed through your department’s IamResponding system, that is a free configuration that can be done in most jurisdictions, and is included with your department’s IamResponding subscription. Your app will have more complete functionality if we enable that feature for you. Have your local system administrator contact our customer support team at 315-701-1372 to set this up.

How to install Tambero Cattle Management APK at

Access to your free account of dairy and beef cattle software through your Android device.

Improve your farm. Manage your animals and plots, inseminations, health events, feed rations, milk production, fattening, heat detection and stress levels through a completely visual environment especially designed to make your job easier. Including a customized weather forecast for your farm location. farm software includes a complete animal database support, with different species of livestock such as cows, goats, buffalos, sheeps, camels and llamas.

Dairy cattle management.

Beef cattle management.

Agriculture management.

This app requires an internet connection.

World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Latin America (FastCompany USA), Hottest Global Startup of the Year (FORBES Magazine USA), Best Latin American Startup (TechTrailblazers Awards England), Top 10 Latin American Startup (PS10), Mención Especial Fundación ArgenINTA (Argentina)

Other nominations:
Best web-app Argentina (The Next Web), Best Agro Software (Cita Awards Argentina), Innovative Proyect (INNOV.AR Argentina)

How to install Breed Manager by Moocall APK at

This mobile application, developed by Moocall, helps you manage your herd come calving season. Easily input your animals into the app, then gather data around due dates, calving events and the historical calving tendencies of both your herd and the individual animals within. You do not need a Moocall Calving Sensor to use this app, but if you have one, you can also receive notifications announcing imminent calvings, and also conveniently set a ring tone to alert you to a calving event which will work over wifi when there is no phone signal available. You can also manage your device, change associated phone numbers and email addresses and see a history of your calving alerts.

Moocall - perfect for farmers in both the beef and dairy industry who are calving cows.

How to download AssessTEAM - Employee Performance Management App APK at

AssessTEAM is a continuous feedback system including 360-degree reviews, peer reviews, self-evaluations and client satisfaction evaluations. Powerful reports for employee performance are coupled with project profitability delivering data-driven business intelligence to help you reward high performing employees and train those who need help.


Evaluate on the job function
Evaluating your employees on well-defined job functions ensures the input they receive is clear and productive. AssessTEAM includes over 3000 result areas and over 40,000 performance indicators from lines of codes to items serviced built by experienced HR professionals. Use this database of job functions to define the job your employees are expected to achieve and deliver consistent input on how they can do the job better. Our flexible evaluation program accommodates everything from yearly appraisals, project-based evaluations and 360-degree evaluations all within a single account.


Consistent Timely inputs
Employee performance evaluation is a critical element of managing a business. Research has proven that more than 34% of all employees have unsolved questions about their role in the organization, over 45% lack understanding on what others in the organization do and more than 70% admit that they could use more input about their job performance! We deliver clarity of job function with consistent timely inputs about job performance, helping employees reach their maximum potential.


Real-time project monitoring
Confusion on where your profits are coming from can stunt your growth potential. Tracking project profitability in real time is no longer a complex or expensive process. Enhance your profitability by getting actionable real-time intelligence reports built using time sheets and budgetary metrics for accurate profit forecasting. Link employee performance to project profitability, improve profits using actionable data metrics.

With AssessTEAM you will be the first to know when projects are at risk or employees need help. Timely reports that direct you towards greater employee satisfaction and profitability is what we deliver.

Features you will love!

Quantitative employee performance appraisals, peer reviews, 360 reviews, per project and ad hoc evaluations all in the same account, you control how employees are to be evaluated based on the job profile.

AssessTEAM includes over 3000 KPIs or Key performance indicators built by HR professionals from all over the world, setting up evaluations for a range of job titles can be achieved quickly.

Simplicity in method and function from the ground up; most users send out their first employee performance appraisals in a matter of minutes.

We run on the Cloud using world-class big data technologies designed to safeguard data. Strong application level Firewalls protect the system.

Our support team enjoys helping users get the most out of AssessTEAM. Anytime you write to us, expect a quick, friendly and informative response in minutes!

Designed for smart devices AssessTEAM natively supports cell phones, tablets and everything in between for quick and convenient employee evaluations.

Employees understand their jobs, receive clear timely input and have a better understanding of what everybody in the organization is expected to achieve.

We happily sync data with popular project management and timesheet systems like Basecamp. Importing your data is a breeze.

AssessTEAM profitability tracking reports have been proven to improve margins for service-oriented companies by over 45% just in the first year.

Learn more at

How to download RescueCode APK at

RescueCode, the vehicle extrication aid application. In case of a serious traffic accident, every minute counts to save the wounded of cars. That is why firefighters must as soon as possible have a certain amount of technical information on the vehicle.

– Scanner
– Search (sheets list)
– Sheet detail
– ERG detail
– Sheets list update

How to download Oily Tools APK at

With all your hard work you shouldn't have to work hard to figure out what you are earning...

Our innovative application lets you view the current month's estimated earnings with ease.

Oily Tools also provides:

- Commissions
- Current Month
- Previous Month

- Downline
- You browse and search your downline with ease.
- Once you locate a member you can quickly call/text/email them.

- Artifacts

- Integrated YL Search

- Reports
- Custom Reports
- New Members
- ER Orders
- Executive+
- New Rankers
- Accounts on Hold

- Rank Qualification cheat sheet

How to download EXTRA Driver APK at

EXTRA Driver is an all-in-one driver application that complements Elite EXTRA’s routing and tracking system. Everything the driver needs is in one application. The driver signs in as “available” and tracking is instantly started. As soon as a route is dispatched the driver checks for the route and the entire manifest is downloaded to the application, allowing for reporting of arrivals, deliveries and departures even when no data connection is available. The times are captured in real-time and are sent to EXTRA when data is again available. The application is fast, streamlined and eliminates running two applications, increasing driver compliance.

How to install MEDICA APK at

MEDICA - Be part of the No. 1 !

The MEDICA app helps you plan your visit to the fair, providing comprehensive information on the World Forum for Medicine technology in Düsseldorf. The perfect iPhone and iPad integration thanks to offline search, GoogleMaps connection and an interactive map of the exhibition centre allow you to prepare your visit to the fair perfectly.

Interactive Site Map and Hall Layout
iPhone’s optimised site and hall maps provide perfect guidance around the fair grounds. The site offers infinitely variable zoom and all information submitted by exhibitors. Zoom into the individual halls and see all stands. Just click on a stand and all exhibitor information plus the products offered will be displayed.

Mark specific exhibitors and products as favourites and build your own personal list of things to remember, making the MEDICA app into your digital companion as you make your way around the fair.

News, interviews, sweepstakes, videos, fotos - With the MEDICA app you are always up to date. Find out about everything to do with the fair and its exhibitors as well as about the latest developments in medical technology. Exclusive news from the MEDICA editors keep you up to date all the time – before, during and after the fair.

Information on the trade fair
All details revolving around your MEDICA visit to the trade fair are presented in this area in a coherent format. Information on opening hours, admission prices, focal ranges on display, to name but a few assist you in optimally preparing your visit to the trade fair. Thanks to the comprehensive integration of calender and GoogleMaps your iPhone will become a perfect companion guide at the fair.

Trade Fairs in Düsseldorf
Hosting 50 trade fairs at its Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, of which 24 are global premium trade fairs in their sectors, and about 100 of its own events the Messe Düsseldorf Group is among the leading export platforms worldwide. Gain an overview of all trade fairs held at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre including key data on the individual events.

MEDICA - Be part of the No. 1 !

How to install SteelMint APK at

What is SteelMint?
We at SteelMint carefully gather the essential Market Intel from the Iron & Steel sector and build an eagle eye view of the market for you. Our intelligence uses real time data and analyses it to plot essential information such as demand & supply gap, bottlenecks, competition and opportunities in the global steel industry. We have been successfully servicing more than 10,000 clients from across the world for over 7 years now.

What is SteelMint Mobile App?
SteelMint app is a everyday tool for people in the business of steel and related commodities. This app is packed with extremely useful features for your daily steel business needs as well as long term insights into the iron and steel market. After a series of iterations and in-house test runs, the interface has been adapted to be user-friendly and informative. Keeping that in mind, we have added features that will help you receive information quickly and accurately.

Following are some of the basic features of the app:

News Updates
Latest news as it happens on 40+ steel and related products like coal, iron ore, iron pellet, iron ore fines, Mill Scale, steel scrap, HMS, ship breaking, sponge iron, ingot, billet, pig iron, structures like beam, angle channel, TMT, Rebar, wire & pipes, HRC, CRC, ferro alloys like, silico manganese, ferro chrome, ferro manganese, manganese ore, chrome ore and more. Covering both domestic and well as global markets.

Real Time Prices
Spot price of all above products from ingot, billet, pig iron, sponge iron, structures like beam, angle channel, TMT, Rebar, wire & pipes, HRC, CRC, coal, iron ore, iron pellet, iron ore fines, Mill Scale, steel scrap, HMS, ship breaking, ferro alloys like, silico manganese, ferro chrome, ferro manganese, manganese ore, chrome ore and more.

Exclusive Tenders
Latest tenders issued by companies such as BALCO, BHEL, ESSAR, CIL, Jindal, KOPSCO, Indian Railway, Global Ore with options to participate/ get in touch with tender officials directly via app.

Platform for Used Plant and Machinery
Via SteelMint app you can directly post and view leads to buy, sell, rent used plants & machinery on Look for heavy machinery, tools, second hand machinery and plants such as induction furnaces, cranes, industrial lands, conveyor belt, hydraulic press, crushers, rolling mills, integrated steel plants, rice mills, oil refinery plant and thousands others. You can also post your requirement in via app and suitable seller can reach to you directly.

Track SteelMint Events
A regular patron of SteelMint Events conferences? Manage your meetings at the venue before you reach there. Chat with other conference participants and schedule your meeting beforehand. Plus, get all the latest buildups on the conference as well.

SteelMint Event organizes steel conferences, exhibitions, and events which attract delegates from all over the world. Gain knowledge on various topics and network through biggies from the world through these conferences.

How to install Timecard GPS APK at

When it comes to managing field workers and mobile employees, this task can be daunting at times. Numerous job locations, seasonal employees, documenting billable hours, recording breaks are all responsibilities of the employer. How is a company to manage their workforce efficiently and productively without slowing down progress of the workers and/or the project at hand?

Timecard GPS is a mobile time and attendance and GPS Tracking application that works on Standard Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Tablets.

Field Workers are able to log the following data from a mobile device:

• Time
• Attendance
• Jobs
• Tasks
• Sub-tasks
• Cost codes
• Breaks
• Lunch period
• Custom fields (weather conditions, anyone hurt on job?, etc.)
• Supervisor – Team Clock in/out
~ Multiple Photographs & Electronic Signature capture available per job

Management is able to view the location of employees on Google maps from Econz web-based software and real-time job information such as:

• GPS tracking information
• Bread crumb trails
• Speed triggers
• Mileage
• Idle time
• GPS smart fence technology
• Over 20 reports
• Time and attendance
• Job progress
• Hours worked

Companies that use Econz Timecard benefit in the following ways:

• Increased worker productivity
• Decrease in time-theft by company employees
• Manage their workforce more efficiently
• Increase profits
• Savings on everyday costs such as fuel, overtime and administration
• Helps document Federal and State wage-hour laws
• Streamline time and attendance

Timecard GPS offers more than 20 custom reports and Econz stores all data for a 6 month period, including GPS tracking information. Supervisors can log in/out multiple workers on one device at no additional cost. This also includes reports enhancements that allow for display of "at address" of photographs and electronic signatures captured with the application.

Econz Wireless offers a web-user log in capability for internal workers, giving Econz Wireless customers a complete time and attendance system.

Econz Wireless products also integrate into over 100 accounting and payroll packages such as:

• ADP Payroll
• Kronos
• Paychex
• Sage MasterBuilder
• Sage Timberline
• Foundation
• Viewpoint
• QuickBooks
• Over 100 more packages…

Econz Wireless can also do custom builds specific to your Company needs. Please contact our offices to discuss further. If you would like to view our Public SOAP API's please click the link.

Econz Timecard is ideal for small organizations of 5 employees or enterprise groups of thousands of workers .With a 30 day money back guarantee, get started with Econz Timecard and streamline your company's time and attendance needs!

*Note: To enable Timecard to work with your device, your company must have a Timecard organization configured and setup prior to downloading the application. Please contact Econz Wireless at [email protected]

Econz Wireless( est. 1971) - is a Leader in Mobile Data Collection, providing employer solutions for Time & Attendance, Employee Tracking and Wage-Hour Compliance Laws.

How to download NaviGates APK at

NaviGates is an innovative mobile app that enables users to easily search for belt routing diagrams and Gates OE quality aftermarket parts by vehicle category, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), keyword and OE/competitor part number interchange. NaviGates provides application information for virtually every vehicle cataloged by Gates, which includes passenger cars and light trucks, medium/heavy-duty trucks, buses, refrigeration units, farm tractors, lawn and garden equipment, snowmobiles, ATVs and much more. Now with VIN scanning capabilities, the app is designed to save users both time and money by preventing user error and decreasing how long it takes to look up product information.

How to download Fleetio Go - Fleet Management APK at

Fleet maintenance and operations teams can put the power of fleet management software in their pockets with Fleetio Go. Conduct vehicle inspections (DVIR) and perform fleet maintenance tasks, track fleet safety with hardware-free fleet gps tracking, manage fuel logs, vehicles and more on the go!

With a convenience never before given to fleet managers, drivers, mechanics and other fleet personnel, Fleetio Go allows users to instantly update information, track their fleet with gps and access fleet data anytime, anywhere. Looking up an asset is as simple as scanning a barcode!

NOTE: A subscription to Fleetio Drive or Fleetio Manage is required to use this app.

Fleetio Go empowers drivers to be more productive by providing an easy way to inspect vehicles (DVIR), report issues and log fuel from a smartphone or tablet. Users can stay on top of vehicle maintenance with helpful reminders and fleet maintenance history as well as provide details via photos and documents.

Using comments and flexible user permissions, teams can customize access, facilitate meaningful conversations and successfully collaborate on fleet management tasks. Users can also manage multiple fleets within Fleetio Go.

Improve fleet safety and track productivity through the convenience of a driver's smartphone. Fleetio Drive subscribers use Fleetio Go to automatically track trip mileage, stop time, time of day, location and driving behavior data such as speeding, hard braking, aggressive acceleration and phone usage. Data is automatically stored in Fleetio, helping managers to coach driver habits, productivity and reduce fleet costs.

- Barcode scanning & printing for quick vehicle lookup and id
- Pre/post-trip Inspections (DVIR) & issue reporting
- Fleet GPS tracking helps you keep tabs on driving safety
- Driver scoring and behavior monitoring to track fleet safety
- Asset profiles and details for every vehicle make fleet management a breeze
- Service reminders keep mechanics on top of fleet maintenance tasks
- Fleet maintenance history
- Mobile fuel logs make it easy to keep track of fill-ups and fuel economy for every vehicle
- Renewal reminders
- Add photos, documents & comments to DVIR, service and fuel entries
- Security & permissions
- Manage multiple fleets

About Fleetio:
Fleetio helps companies track, analyze and improve their fleet operations. Rather than using spreadsheets or outdated software, Fleetio enables fleets of all sizes to manage everything in a modern, intuitive system. Fleetio offers simple and comprehensive management of all day-to-day fleet operations and data while also providing fuel card and GPS tracking and integrations, all-inclusive support, unlimited account users and online and mobile accessibility.

Battery Consumption:
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Please note that Fleetio Go will only monitor your location if you have previously opted in.

How to install Sycuan Casino APK at

Looking for the most unique and rewarding casino app on the market? Then look no further. The Sycuan Casino app gets you access to your latest personal offers, keep up to date on your players club account, request your win loss statement securely right from the app, view current casino promotions, upcoming entertainment events, dining specials, locate your favorite slot through our interactive map and much, much more.

This is only the beginning as many more new innovations are coming soon so link your Sycuan player club account and begin enjoying the tremendous benefits that can only be received through the Sycuan Casino app.

How to install Truckx - Electronic Logbook APK at

TruckX is electronic logbook app with load timeline! Easy view of HOS elogs with alerts/notifications and manage driver logs for FREE. TruckX is fully compliant with FMCSA and DOT regulations. Print or view roadside inspection in spotty or offline mode.

Say goodbye to paper log!! TruckX allows you to use electronic logs to save time and money.

Edit and correct your driver logs with ease

HOS alerts and notifications works offline

View, print or email 7-day roadside inspection

We have designed the app after talking to many truck drivers and owner operators. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for drivers to use.

Your dispatcher will dispatch load directly to your app.

Supported Cycles
** USA Property 70Hr / 8day (interstate)
** USA Property 60Hr / 7day (interstate)

** California Property 80Hr / 8day (intrastate)
** Texas Property 70Hr / 7day (intrastate)
** Alaska Property 70Hr / 7day (intrastate)
** Alaska Property 80Hr / 8day (intrastate)
** Florida Property 70Hr / 7day (intrastate)
** Florida Property 80Hr / 8day (intrastate)
** Oregon Property 70Hr / 7day (intrastate)
** Oregon Property 80Hr / 8day (intrastate)
** Wisconsin Property 70Hr / 7day (intrastate)
** Wisconsin Property 80Hr / 8day (intrastate)
** Other cycles coming soon. Please be with us

TruckX mission is to bring Transparency, Visibility and Efficiencies to the trucking industry. Truckers move America and we want to do our small part in helping you get there faster!!

We would love to hear your feedback. We are committed to provide you with best and affordable service.

How to install Infinity Taxi: Водитель APK at

Программа для водителей такси, работающих в системе Infinity Taxi. Существенно сокращает время на обработку заказов, увеличивает интенсивность работы.

С помощью приложения водитель получает информацию о доступных заказах службы, принимает решение об их выполнении, управляет состоянием заказа (прибытие на адрес подачи, выполнение, стоянка и т.п.), приобретает тарифные планы, осуществляет быструю связь с диспетчерской и клиентами, инициирует сообщение о тревоге в нештатных ситуациях и пр.

В программе для водителей реализованы таксометр, чат с диспетчерской, всевозможные таймеры, контролирующие выполнение заказа, информация об оповещении клиента о подаче машины, звуковые оповещения голосом о поступлении новых заказов и состоянии работы приложения, интеграция с приложениями Яндекс.Навигатор , Яндекс.Карты, СитиГИД API, и многие другие возможности.

Работа с приложением Infinity Taxi станет намного комфортнее для водителей.

How to install iDrive for Uber APK at

Driving ride share for Uber, Lyft, or another company? Use this FREE app to find out how much money you REALLY make from your driving business.

Turn on iDrive as you start every shift. Use the app to create the tax records you need to claim tax deductible expenses.

Using the rate or a Vehicle Log Book approach? Simply turn iDrive on and off as you drive each shift. The app tracks actual Total Shift Mileage—about double partner-reported fare mileage—ready to use at tax time. It's easy.

Itemizing expenses? Add fuel and all business-related expenses—with a picture of each receipt—to create tax records. iDrive uses entered odometer readings to calculate Business Use % of your car, ready to use at tax time. It's simple.

Understand your business better and make more money: actively manage your driving strategy. Add shift targets, fares, and view the results. See any patterns? What can you change? Where, when, and how you drive affect your profit! You're a pro.

Developed by rideshare drivers, this app is more than a tax recordkeeping tool. Additional features include:

The app needs to work for you. Customize app Settings with your accounting and vehicle details.
• Use Metric or Imperial Units
• App supports multiple currencies
• Use automatic GPS tracking or change to manual odometer entry
• Set tax fiscal year (FY)
- 5 initial settings set local tax rules
- App reports current FY data, change to view prior FYs
- Back up (and restore) entire database by FY
• Define and record information on multiple cars, by each car
• Enter annual/quarterly odometer readings (for Business Use %)
• Car Cost Calculator estimates how much a car may cost to use

View key shift information while you are driving—driving time, $/hr, driving efficiency. Note interesting end-of-shift information—fare type graph, total shift map.

Use these bonus features when you need them.

Take Me Home!
• Lost in a city or suburb? One tap launches a map to get you back to familiar territory!

Find Best Fuel Price List—check for cheap fuel before you fill up.
• Price List automatically updates as local iDrive users buy fuel
• Nearest (50 mi) and latest (7 days) fuel prices recorded in your area
• Tap item (map or list) for map/directions to that station

Important Locations
• Pre-define information for quick reference to rarely-visited but Important Locations
• See a map of all Important Locations and filter by location type
• Get directions to any Important Location

Quick Messages
• Use pre-sets to call or send text or email messages to loved ones

Routinely save data records off your phone to keep tax records safe.
• Export CSV files and receipt images to your cloud account or email
- Work Logs (contain all shift details, including total shift mileage)
- Expense Log (fuel and business-related purchase details)
- Receipt images from your phone's gallery

Routinely export your database to back up the app
• This Backup file can install your existing records on a new phone

If you enter shift time/$ targets and add fare details every time you drive, view these iDrive reports.
• My Money: entering all income and expense creates Profitability and Cash Flow estimates
• My Hourly Rates: shift start/end times calculate average $/Hr (before and after expenses)
• Productivity by Day of Week: fare totals by the day of the week compare productivity
• Shift Targets: compare actual vs. target income and hours history (app-recorded shift data only)
• Driving Efficiency: compare Paid/Non Paid shift mileage by month (app-recorded shift data only)

How to download CMA CGM APK at

CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping group, offers end-to-end business solutions and helps manage all aspects of your transport chain in a real-time, interactive and secure online environment.

The CMA CGM Mobile App further reinforces this offer by allowing you to track and trace your containers, to plan your transport with fast and easy schedule information, and be informed of the latest news from your mobile device in a clear and user-friendly new interface.

► Find your container with Shipment Tracking:
track and trace your shipment, getting a clear understanding of all the steps from the Place of Loading (POL) to the Place of Delivery (POD), including the various transport solutions, vessels and shipping lines on which your shipment is assigned.

► Look up specific vessel schedules, voyages, or use our routing finder
Use the CMA CGM App to search for specific vessel schedules, voyages, or use our routing finder. Directly plugged to the CMA CGM’s Information System, the App will provide information and optimised routing solutions picked among more than 200 shipping lines and over 400 vessels calling 420 ports all around the world.

► Bookmark and Share
When using the App, every single search can be bookmarked for an easier management of multiple shipments. Just log back on the App and click on your bookmarks to quickly get all the information you need.
You can also share your search results to keep people informed of your shipment’s status, news, or any other information accessible within the App.

► Stay up-to-date with the latest news
Read all the CMA CGM Group's latest News to stay up-to-date with the Group’s activity. You can easily filter which categories you want to see whether you’re interested in service updates, corporate information, etc.

► Contact CMA CGM easily
Whether you need help or have any question, you can contact our teams easily through the App using our Customer Service Tool.

How to download mQuest Survey market research APK at

mQuest® Survey is a mobile survey app by cluetec GmbH. With mQuest you can carry out Face-to-Face interviews e.g. at fairs or at the Point of Sale, customer intercepts, diary studies or protocols in mystery research offline with smartphones and tablets. The data collected can be transmitted and directly evaluated at any time.

mQuest® supports all common question types of the market research industry as well as photo capture, audio recordings and GPS. It is also possible to use complex filters and branchings, loops and navigable chapters.

The questionnaires are created comfortably with the software QuestEditor on a PC. Results can be exported as SPSS (fully labeled), Excel file or comma separated file. Go to to find out more about the QuestEditor and how to create your own surveys.

The extensive service portfolio of the cluetec GmbH includes equipment rental, questionnaire programming, server hosting as well as national and international on-site support.

This is a free demo version of mQuest with a sample questionnaire. Please contact us for pricing information to use mQuest in your projects.

Further information:
Contact: [email protected]

How to install Бизнес Секреты APK at

В этой книге Вы найдете испытанный план, как стать богатым человеком.

Она расскажет Вам о том, как действовать, и - как действовать немедленно. О том, что помогает человеку всю жизнь идти вперед, устраивать свое счастье и умножать богатство, тогда как другие не могут даже начать.

Эта книга раскрывает Тайну успеха и показывает единственный безошибочный путь преодоления всех преград, достижения всех поставленных целей и обретения успеха, как будто в кино, приплывающего к Вам из вечной реки времени. Эта книга потрясает Вас энергией преобразования жизни и саморазвития. Через какое-то время Вы поймете, почему уверенные в себе люди приобретают огромные богатства и становятся счастливыми, - ибо Вы сами станете такими.

В каждой главе книги рассказывается о том, как успешнее делать деньги, то есть о секрете, который помог разбогатеть сотням людей.


1. Мысль – это вещь !
2. Первый шаг к богатству: ЖЕЛАНИЕ
3. Второй шаг к богатству: ВЕРА
4. Третий шаг к богатству: САМОВНУШЕНИЕ
5. Четвертый шаг к богатству: СПЕЦИАЛЬНЫЕ ЗНАНИЯ
6. Пятый шаг к богатству: ВООБРАЖЕНИЕ
7. Шестой шаг к богатству: ПЛАНИРОВАНИЕ
8. Седьмой шаг к богатству: РЕШЕНИЕ
9. Восьмой шаг к богатству: НАСТОЙЧИВОСТЬ
10. Девятый шаг к богатству: "МОЗГОВОЙ ЦЕНТР"
11. Десятый шаг к богатству: ТАЙНА СЕКСА И СУБЛИМАЦИИ
12. Одиннадцатый шаг к богатству: ПОДСОЗНАНИЕ
13. Двенадцатый шаг к богатству: ИНТЕЛЛЕКТ
14. Тринадцатый шаг к богатству: ШЕСТОЕ ЧУВСТВО

Секрет, о котором идет речь, упоминается в книге не менее ста раз.
Будьте готовы - и секрет успеха раскроется Вам по крайней мере однажды на протяжении каждой главы. Я с большим удовольствием рассказал бы, как Вы об этом узнаете, но не хочу лишать Вас радости и значительных выгод первооткрывателя.

Всякий, постигший и применивший на практике секрет успеха, буквально чувствует, что обречен на удачу. Если у Вас есть сомнения, постарайтесь фиксировать свое внимание на карьере людей, чей успех совершенно убеждает Вас, и сомнения Ваши исчезнут.
Конечно, секрет успеха будет Вам кое-чего стоить, но много меньше истинной цены. Цена эта не может быть названа - за обладание тайной нельзя заплатить деньгами по той причине, что она как бы делится на две части. И одна ее часть состоит в том, что тайна полностью захватывает человека.

How to install 5 шагов к финансовой свободе APK at

Вам знакомо это:

- Чтобы купить что-то стоящее, приходится брать кредиты, или просто обещать себе «потом, когда-нибудь!»
- Как только доходы увеличиваются, сразу же расходы пытаются их догнать? Деньги вроде есть, но как сквозь пальцы…
- Ходить на нелюбимую работу или заниматься нелюбимыми делами только для того, чтобы заработать денег?
- Брать новые кредиты, займы, оборотку, опасаясь за то, как же это потом выплачивать?
- Смотреть вокруг и видеть, как молодые парни зарабатывают больше вас в разы, работая меньше и путешествуя?
- При этом всём перечитывать горы литературы про «богатство», но видеть, как ничего не меняется в вашем кошельке?
- И так далее…

Тогда эта книга для Вас!

© Максим Темченко, 2013г.

How to install FastField Forms APK at

Mobilize your Forms!

FastField eliminates the need for paper, reduces manual input errors and empowers your organization with a complete mobile form solution.

Instantly deploy your forms to a mobile workforce and collect cleaner richer information in real-time from your smartphones and tablets!

With a click of a button, your forms are available to your entire mobile workforce. No printing, scanning or copying!

Capture richer and more robust data through the collection of photos, videos, audio, drawings, geo locations and more!

Easily retrieve your form data through the FastField Data Retrieval APIs or via our Data Access Portal!

Your Forms, Your Data, Anytime Anywhere!

**FastField provides mobile access to your existing FastField forms and requires an account to login.
**For information regarding FastField visit or to signup for a trial account, please contact us as [email protected]

How to download Emergenetics+ APK at

Emergenetics+ enables you to quickly and easily understand the innate ways people think and behave and how you should communicate with them. Emergenetics+ extends the valid insights of the Emergenetics Profile into a mobile environment, providing a more applicable way to understand oneself and work with others.

Emergenetics is a proven way to clearly understand people, as it measures 7 distinct factors of thinking and behavior. Emergenetics has been proven in the workplace for more than 20 years, providing insights to leaders, teams and employees in organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Emergenetics+ is a perfect tool for anyone with an Emergenetics Profile, as it provides a way to:

Build teams using data related to individuals’ thinking and behavioral preferences
Ensure strong communication with tips and tactics for interaction
Compare different people in relation to the way they work, communicate and act
Understand oneself more completely
Collaborate with others around you, using a common language and way of speaking

Emergenetics+ helps you make the most of every interaction.

How to download Vision by Mobile Insight APK at

Vision by Mobile Insight is a real-time field team support, reporting and intelligence application that instantly communicates store visit updates and issues between field and corporate team members, provides scheduling and analysis capabilities, and enables field teams to be more productive. It allows you to get rid of the paper-based or post-call manual data entry and redundant follow-ups, while upgrading to a powerful self-help tool that lets you get reminders, automate your action items, and manage your business on-the-go using your smartphone.

How to install Drivetune APK at

The Drivetune is the smart application which is capable of connecting wirelessly to ABB drives. Using a user-friendly interface you can more quickly and efficiently start-up and tune your drive and application. The appealing dashboard shows intuitively drive status, performance and configuration. Drivetune application makes it possible to connect with any services and data available in the Internet in parallel to online drive communication, providing powerful tool for performing basic start-up and troubleshooting tasks.

• Simple wireless Bluetooth connectivity meaning users won’t need to enter hazardous or difficult-to-reach work areas to access information necessary to help them commission and tune a drive.
• Easy start-up of a drive
• Basic troubleshooting capabilities
• Access to product technical information and support
• Improved user experience
• Compatible with ACS580-01 and ACS-AP-W Assistant control panel

How to download ISCAR IbaQus APK at

The IBAQUS from Iscar contains 5 useful applications for metal cutting operations and a link to Iscar's “Tech Talk” podcasts.
1. The ‘Iscar Tool Advisor’ recommends the best Iscar cutting tools and pertaining cutting data to do a defined job.
2. The ‘Electronic Catalog’ presents all of Iscar’s tools with advanced search fields.
3. The ‘Insert Converter’ displays Iscar's current alternatives to grades and geometries available in the market.
4. The ‘Product ID’ provides the basic descriptive and technical data for a specific insert by entering product ID or scanning the item pack’s QR code or 2/5 Code.
5. The ‘Machining Calculator’ offers a wide range of calculation options such as power consumption, metal removal rate and cutting time that are commonly used by metal cutting engineers, experts or CNC programmers.

How to install TaeguTec TTAPP APK at

TTAPP, which stands for TaeguTec application, contains useful information to help metal cutting professionals choose tools that best suit their needs.
One of the main features of this application is that it is linked to the TaeguTec Tool Adviser software which after inputting key information, selects the best possible tool for your machining needs.
Also, the TTAPP app is linked to TaeguTec’s electronic catalog which lists a plethora of tools and inserts.
This growing and evolving app will have more information added in the near future.

How to download Dr DE - Drilling Toolbox APK at

Do you want to solve drilling engineering problems in seconds? It is easier than ever before to use Dr. DE Lite mobile app, a must-have toolbox app that includes a substantial collection of functions for every drilling engineer and technician.

Bid farewell to flipping through handbooks, textbooks, standards, etc. for answers. This free app, sophisticated yet simple to use, not only saves time and money, but also makes your engineering and sales efforts more reliable and professional.

The Dr. DE Lite app is equipped with 29 functions that are divided into 11 groups.

• Bit Hydraulics
• Casing Centralizer
• Hole Cleaning
• Hydraulics
• Mud Additives
• Pipe
• Pump
• Tank Capacity
• Volume and Capacity
• Well Control
• Unit Conversion

How to install QuickTapSurvey Offline Survey APK at

Create beautiful surveys and forms in minutes! QuickTapSurvey is the only survey app that lets you capture data anywhere, even offline. It’s the perfect solution for customer feedback, research, lead capture, audits and interactive kiosks.

In addition to a great product, we’re a company known for our legendary customer service. Our support superheroes will ensure you have everything you need to meet your objectives.

See why we’re the highest rated survey app, start your free trial today!

1) Sign up for a free QuickTapSurvey account and CREATE a survey online.
2) Download your survey to the QuickTapSurvey app and COLLECT responses anywhere.
3) Analyze, export and TAKE ACTION on survey data in real-time.

- Replace paper forms, surveys and questionnaires
- Make data collection easy, fast and engaging
- Generate insightful reports and take immediate action
- Import surveys from SurveyMonkey and collect offline responses
- Export data to Excel, CSV, Salesforce, MailChimp and other popular tools
- Turn your iPad into a data capture kiosk
- Built by engineers, designed by artists

A QuickTapSurvey account is required to use the app. Create a free account and try it now.

How to install Partizan Device Manager 1.2 APK at

New professional mobile software from Partizan!

All you need to control each your Partizan devices:
- IP cameras
- Access control systems (coming soon)

New features:
1. Totally new design
2. Multi-screen view for camera groups
3. Supporting custom RTSP streams (can support 3rd part cameras or software)
4. NIP-2 is a new generation of well-known service from Partizan. Just type your device MAC address, login and password and enjoy easy access to your device (device firmware update required!)

How to download Hager coviva APK at

coviva brings connectivity to your home !

Used in conjunction with the Hager TKP100A Connected home controller, this intuitive control application will bring you an easy, secured, and seamless experience for your Smart Home.

- Enjoy advanced IP connectivity for your Hager radio alarm (sepio range).
- Easily centralize and control remotely your lights, shutters, and more..
- Bring intelligence to your heating, save energy and gain comfort.
- Empower your home with a selection of innovative connected objects.

Enabled with a valid Hager portal installer login identification, this application becomes a complete standalone coviva installation and configuration tool for electrical installers !

How to download JET Mobile for Android 2.x/3.x APK at

JET Mobile allows direct access to all your call report needs optimized for your phone. JET Mobile will also work on a tablet. The app makes it possible to complete call reports and travel records while at the work site. Your schedule is available to you at any time in both a Week and Month view format. You can easily schedule visits. Simply use the Start and Stop buttons to enter your call report date and time data.

If you anticipate an internet connection will not be available, you can ‘Go Offline’ to download today’s assignments and documents so they are available for you to complete in store. When you have a good internet connection, simply ‘Go Online’ to upload your work. Digital signatures and Evidence are now available in Offline Mode. When multiple assignments are completed at one location, only one signature is needed.

Managers can now make changes from the phone such as view an employee’s calendar and profile, view assignment and travel history, add an unavailability, reschedule, reassign, create and complete audits.

Features Include:
Weekly Calendar
Monthly Calendar
Get Directions
Timesheet Summary
Employee Profile
Offline Mode
More Info - to see work details

Travel Reporting
Digital Signatures
Accept and Decline Opportunities
Add Assignment
Skip Request Capability
Unavailability management
Emulation mode for Managers

How to download Memento PRO License Key APK at

The PRO License Key unlocks all of the pro features of the Memento Database.
Requires Memento Database be installed separately.
Install this PRO key and then exit and restart the Memento Database.

ATTENTION!!! You do not need to enter an activation key. Your copy of Memento automatically updates on the PRO version.

PRO version features:
* No advertising;
* Unlimited number of libraries that can be synchronized with Google Sheets;
* Unlimited number of protected libraries.
* Unlimited number of graphs.
* One entry field may contain multiple number of objects (images, files, contacts, coordinates, etc.).
* All database-related files (images) are backed up.

Memento Database is a highly flexible and customizable personal database management tool.

Main features
* Storing entries with custom fields;
* Sorting, grouping and filtering entries by any fields;
* Memento can display your data in form of a list, table, on a map, and even in a calendar;
* Synchronization with Google Sheets;
* 19 types of fields: – text, integer, boolean, date/time, rating, currency, image, signature, file, audio, contact, calculation, Google Maps coordinate and others;
* Many-to-many relationship between entries;
* Importing and exporting CSV-files / Excel;
* Password protection (encrypt entries using AES-128);
* Charts: Pie, Line, Bar, Columns, Area, Scatter, Stepped Area;
* Mass calculations (aggregation): sum, maximum, minimum, average;
* Reminders;
* Backing up and restoring data;
* Sending entries via SMS, e-mail, and other available services;
* Barcode scanner, creating entries with data and images retrieved from Amazon;
* Search entries in database by barcode.
* Any entry in Memento can be published and made available to your friends or worldwide;
* Online catalog of library templates. Over 3000 templates available;
* You can keeping track of everything.

How to download Safety Inspector APK at

Build your own checklist form templates quickly or navigate through Plinius Public Library to download templates that users have shared. Suitable for all king of organizations like government agencies, fire departments, chemical companies or multi-site organizations. Workers perform their assignments smarter and efficient with Plinius Inspector.

More than a simple checklist ... sync with Plinius server to receive assignments. More than a stand-alone ... Get your co-workers checklist in Plinius Inspection (Desktop).

These are some of the main features:
- Scoring
- Weighting
- Simple and complex questions
- Classify question by categories using sections
- 'Drag and Drop' to reorder questions
- Multiple sections within an inspection
- Exporting more than one type at a time
- Check boxes
- Pick list values to easily customize the answers.
- Signature and location question types to enhance your checklists
- Administrator controls to lock the settings
- Multimedia Gallery
- Comments and review images

Usage of this application is free. Get rid of some limitations like PDF watermark or more images in your inspections getting a subscription. In the application you can see local prices that apply for your region.

How to install GoAudits for Inspections, Audits & Operations APK at

GoAudits - All-in-One App for Auditing & Inspections

GoAudits is a super-smart mobile data collection, audit, checklist and inspection app that works seamlessly across tablet, mobile and desktop in online and offline mode.

Why download the GoAudits app?

We’re audit professionals just like you. Our mission to create something useful started with a decision to solve our own problem.

Our problem: We were frustrated with available mobile audit apps. Every app we used or tested either 1) didn't do exactly what we needed or 2) was bloated with features we didn't need. One tool would do x and y but never z, the next had y and z nailed but just couldn't get x right. We couldn't win.

We knew there had to be a better way so we decided to build our own. And because we solved our own problem, we created an app that we're passionate about. We’re passionate about our tech, our support and our community. Download the app and you’ll see why.

What makes GoAudits different?

1. You can seamlessly access your audits and checklists across multiple devices: mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop. You can even use the app where there is no Internet connection (underground or on remote construction sites, for example).
2. We worked hard on stability and reliability of the app. You won’t lose work because it never crashes.
3. We provide access to intelligent, passionate, rapid 24x7 customer support – you’re never left wondering whether your question will be answered.
4. A picture is worth a thousand words, so we support multiple images per issue.
5. Beautiful, professional, intuitive (and fully customizable) reports and dashboards.
6. We’ve made it super-easy to get started quickly.
Download the app and have your first audit, checklist or inspection ready to go in minutes.

Forget laptop and pen & paper. The app streamlines management reporting and field operations while improving productivity and visibility. Capture all kind of results, take photos with annotations, digitally sign, share with your manager, evaluate the score or publish the report while you are on the move.

Workflow Approval Process routes the form to Supervisor for approval, before sharing with the end client. Our 'Smart' field helps you define complex business targets and measures, so you can benchmark and compare historic findings. The dashboard analytics provide a bird's eye view of your data. Custom branding allows you share reports with your clients in your own brand.

Recommended for
Field Services

Question Types
Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Drop Down List, Free Text Field, Summary, Field Lookup, Comments, Pictures with Annotation, Digital Signature

Data & Process Management
Custom fields Smart fields, Custom scores & formulas, Custom Buttons
Import data, Work by exception, Geo-Location, Approval Workflow
Manage users, groups and clients

Email Notifications, 'Supervisor Approval' alerts,
Edit email subjects & body, auto email-distribution

Consolidated and detailed reports in your own brand
Professional Templates, PDF Reports with KPIs and graphs

Dynamic & Intuitive Graphs with filters & drill-down
Progress status of field operations
Export to Excel/PDF/Images

How to download AgSense APK at

Control and monitor your irrigation pivots with AgSense®. Users can log in to view real-time data and send commands to their pivots. AgSense mobile features a redesigned interface that makes managing your AgSense devices even easier.

------KEY FEATURES------
• Log in with your AgSense username and password.
• View up-to-the-minute data from Field Commander®, Precision Link, TrackerSP, and CommanderVP devices.
• View up-to-the-minute data from soil moisture probes attached to Aqua Trac devices.
• View up-to-the-minute data from Crop Link® devices and send commands to relays.
• Send commands to pivots including START, STOP, CHANGE DIRECTION, and STOP IN SLOT.
• View and edit speed and end gun tables.
• View and edit the main configuration of devices.
• Graphically set the center for circular pivots.
• Graphically set the corners for laterals.
• Schedule multiple timed commands in advance.

AgSense provides farmers with real-time remote management capabilities for many operations around the farm. The AgSense mobile app brings those remote management functions to your mobile phone and tablet.

Log in with your AgSense username and password to access your account. Don't have an AgSense account? No problem! Download the app and log in to the demo account to preview the available features.

View the latest readings from your pivots, see the latest commands that have been sent, and even add notes for yourself or any shared users.

• Current status (ON, OFF, IDLE, FWD, REV)
• Pivot angle
• Water pressure
• Speed percent
• Application rate
• End gun status
• Recent commands sent to the device
• Scheduled timed commands
• Notes

View the current and historical data from soil moisture probes attached to Aqua Trac devices. The historical data is presented in a large, graphical view that's interactive and easy to use.

• Individual sensor data
• Sensor sum values
• Full and refill values
• Battery status
• Signal strength
• Customizable graph views allow you to view only the data you want to see

View the current and historical data from Crop Link devices including sensor data. Switch relays ON or OFF and receive quick feedback of the command status.

• View all analog and digital sensor data
• Send commands to switch relays ON or OFF

Send commands to your pivots with a simple command interface that's easy to navigate and provides quick feedback about the status of each command.

• Stop now, schedule timed stop
• Start now, schedule timed start
• Stop in slot (SIS)
• Change direction
• Change pump state
• Change relay state

Control the speed and end guns of your pivots. Set the speed percent and application rate for your specific needs. View and edit speed VRI and end gun tables in a redesigned editor that includes a graphical representation for your reference.

• View, edit, and send speed VRI tables
• View, edit, and send end gun tables
• Direct upload of VRI prescriptions from agronomic partners
• Easily increment the values of an entire speed table
• Configure table parameters such as name and direction

View and edit the main configuration parameters for pivot devices. This includes the ability to graphically set the GPS coordinates of the pivot center-point.

• Pivot alias
• Pivot type
• Pivot and end gun lengths
• Graphical angles
• Pressure sensor details
• Estimated flow rate
• External devices
• GPS Coordinates

A valid AgSense username and password is required to access certain features.

How to download Endress+Hauser SmartBlue APK at

SmartBlue is a tool by Endress+Hauser for an easy wireless device configuration (e.g. via Bluetooth). SmartBlue saves time due to mobile access to diagnostics and process information even in hazardous areas. With its secure data transmission it is the perfect tool for configuration and maintenance. The integrated Live List helps to get a quick overview of all devices within range.

List of supported Endress+Hauser devices:
• FMR10
• FMR20
• Picomag

How to download Rockwell Automation Product Catalog App APK at

Configure and select from thousands of industrial automation products to meet your application requirements and save those products to a project. This app will guide you to specific products by asking about the product characteristics you need.
Get started by browsing or searching for the Allen-Bradley or Rockwell Software product required. Since no single supplier can do it all, the app also includes complementary products from many Rockwell Automation Encompass Partners.
Rockwell Automation, the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Throughout the world, our flagship Allen-Bradley® and Rockwell Software® product brands are recognized for innovation and excellence.

How to download UIG Toolbox Meetings APK at

The Easiest Way to run your Toolbox Meetings.

The Toolbox Meetings App is designed to automate the planning and documentation of your organisation’s Toolbox (Safety/Tailgate) Meetings. It provides the foreman with safety related topics to choose from and delivers reports to management and attendees proving meetings have been run and people have attended. It delivers 100% proof that meetings took place, who was there, where it was held, and – via the audio recording – what was said.

What does it do?

-Greatly aids compliance whilst automating planning and paperwork.
-Provides numerous safety related topics (including questions for review) for foremen to choose from covering a large number of subjects (continually growing).
-Provides proof to every attendee that they were at the meeting in the form of an emailed report.
-Records audio of entire meeting, stores digital signatures of attendees, automatically determines meeting location, stores group photo of attendees, sends all attendees email confirmation of attendance, sends supervisors and managers fully comprehensive meeting report.
-Identifies and tracks safety related on-site hazards including when the hazard was identified, where it is, what it is and who is responsible for its rectification.
-It eliminates the Foreman from having to process post-meeting paperwork – everything is automated.

Why use this App?

-A foreman can run a fully compliant meeting without any prior planning or preparation.
-Meeting documents do not need to be returned to the office and filed – they are emailed directly.
-If a safety authority ever asks for immediate, tangible proof regarding the organisation’s history of Toolbox Meetings, you can provide it with no excuses.
-This App ensures a culture of safety throughout the organisation is well documented.
-It protects everyone involved. Management can quickly prove meetings are being conducted. Foremen can prove they are effective communicators. Employees can prove they were there.

How does it do this?

-It has a pre-populated list of safety topics that the foreman can choose from.
-It automatically determines where the meeting is being conducted, and what time the meeting begins.
-When the meeting begins, the foremen taps a check-box next to each attendee present at the meeting.
-When the foreman begins to read out the topic text, the App automatically records the audio of the meeting from this point onwards.
-If people arrive late, they can be added as having arrived late (with the time noted).
-If people leave early, they will be marked as having partially attended, but having left early (with the time noted).
-At the end of the topic discussion, the App presents the foremen with a list of questions to ask in order to reinforce the key points of the topic.
-Once the review section is finished, the App asks for any site related safety issues that have been discovered. These details are saved into the App and include when the hazard was identified, where it is, what it is and who is responsible for its rectification.
-If any previous site related issues have been raised at this site, the App will ask if these have been rectified.
-Next, all attendees will need to certify that they have listened to and understood the meeting topic and they will then be required to sign the device as having been present at the meeting.
-Once the signatures have been collected, the foreman uses the App to take a group photo of those who attended the meeting. The photo data includes location, time and date.
-At this point, the Foreman concludes the meeting and the App records the time the meeting concluded.
-Next, the App emails the foreman and management who all receive a fully comprehensive meeting report whilst the attendees all receive a report containing the topic text, review questions and the current status of site safety issues, this report being the attendee’s proof they attended the meeting.

Simple. Automated. Effective. Free to use.

How to download DealerFirst APK at

The DealerFirst mobile application has all the information a HVAC technician needs all in one place. This tools gives quick, easy, “on the go” access to the full support that we offer as a manufacturer:

· Warranty Express: Add, look-up, and manage warranty claims
· Match-up and ratings: Find the right product for the right job
· Product/diagnostic information: Look-up the necessary parts for system that needs repair
· Documents and support: Easy access to product brochures, warranty certificates, IO manuals, and spec documents
· Unit Conversion: Calculate the correct pressure temperature

How to download smapOne APK at

On the smapOne platform mobile scenarios like forms, questionnaires and checklists can be easily and quickly created without programming knowledge and handed out to colleagues, teams or event visitors.
To use these on a mobile device, this app is required. For example, it is possible to participate in a survey or edit a checklist on an Android smartphone.

How to download Wellsite Navigator APK at

Wellsite Navigator allows users to Search, Map, and Route To wellsites in the United States. Simply enter a Well Name / Operator or API number and be provided with turn by turn directions to the desired well. Well information is updated on a monthly basis. Customers are able to access new (updated) well data via an in-app purchase.

The following states are included in the application: Texas, North Dakota, California, Arkansas, Utah, Wyoming, Alabama, Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, West Virginia and Ohio.

Please contact us if you don't see your desired state on the list.

Users can save favorites and view recently searched wellsites. Users are also able to display their favorite / recent searches on the map as well as be able to export / share their favorites with other Wellsite Navigator users.

We work diligently to provide as complete and up to date a product as possible however we are limited by data that is available for each State. Completeness of data varies by State.

How to download Foko Retail APK at

Foko Retail is a private photo sharing app built for retail teams for faster merchandising validation, easy best practice sharing and internal communications. Get insight on all in-store operations, whether you’re managing 5 stores or 500—we’re your one-stop shop for all retail team communications.

- Go ahead, show off a little: capture photos and share your best displays
- Like a photo? Give feedback via likes, comments, and of course, emojis
- What happens in Foko Retail, stays in Foko Retail: form private groups and start conversations around visual content
- Get it all done in one place! Foko Retail integrates with various 3rd party services, such as inventory, POS, social media, scheduling tools and more
- Works seamlessly across all platforms

How to download Lely T4C InHerd - Today APK at

Check which tasks need to be done today.

Today generates a personalised task list based on your agenda tasks and the T4C settings on your dairy farm.

Your tasks are divided over the shifts so that you have a clear overview on your tasks for each shift. When a task is done you just close the task so that all InHerd users on your farm can see this task is done.

How to install Lely T4C InHerd - Cow APK at

Check information about individual cows and set the right actions.

Cow allows you to check cow information about:

- milk production
- milk quality
- feed intake
- health
- activity
- reproduction

You can also set the right actions like:

- routing
- milk now
- health treatment
- dry off
- insemination
- pregnancy check
- abortion
- calving

How to install ProntoForms - Mobile Forms APK at

ProntoForms is the global leader in automating mobile workflows. The ProntoForms mobile solution makes it easy for remote workers to collect data on a mobile device, access company data in the field, and automatically share the results with back-office systems, cloud services, and people. We make it possible for companies to track, analyze, and continuously improve processes.

Platform Elements:

The Mobile Forms App
Automate business tasks through powerful data access, collection and delivery.

Integrations & Workflows
Seamlessly connect and route data across systems, cloud services, and people.

Analytics & Reporting
Track and measure field operations to optimize business performance.

How to download ConnectorMax2 Mobile APK at

ConnectorMax2 Mobile is the perfect fiber connector certification application for AndroidTM devices. Paired with EXFO’s FIP-425B or FIP-435B Wi-Fi fiber probes, this app turns your smartphone or tablet into a complete and fully automated fiber inspection solution. Combining the connectivity and conviviality of your smart device with the freedom of operation of EXFO’s wireless probe removes the last roadblocks in making fiber inspection accessible to anyone. No matter your fiber testing experience, get an immediate and accurate health status of connector enfaces to efficiently pinpoint faulty elements impacting your network performance. All this with unmatched user-experience.
Key Features:
› 100% automated solution: just connect the probe and let it do all the work (FIP-435B model)
› Provides connector endfaces pass/fail analysis based on industry standards (IEC, IPC)
› Screenless single-hand operation: leave your smartphone in your pocket and simply rely on the probe’s Pass/Fail LED indicator to view the results
› Freedom of operation: no heavy platform, no wires and no cumbersome external power pack in your way, ideal to reach hard to access locations (i.e. Remote-radio-head installation)
› Mobile-friendly design with no compromise on performance or functionalities: inspect, certify, save, document and report instantly from your smart device
› Use your smart device to sync with operator server/OSS and comply to existing workflow process
› Perfect solution to perform “on-the-fly” troubleshooting in various applications (FTTA, CO, FTTx, private networks, data centers and more…)

How to install Blip by BrightHR APK at

Free for BrightHR customers, Blip is a clocking system that lets you keep an eye on your staff’s work hours.

Your employees use the app to scan a QR code - a type of barcode -
when they arrive or leave work. Each time they scan the code, Blip will register them as clocked in or out.

Just download the app and generate an easy-to-print QR code. Print off as many as you like and dot them around your workplace where your staff can see them.

Blip makes it easy for you to see the hours your staff work - here’s how:
- Check when your team get in and leave work - wherever you are.
- Export data and save as a spreadsheet in a click.
- Put your staff in control of logging their hours to take the pressure off you.

How to download Axonify APK at

NOTE: to use this app you’ll need an access code provided by your employer.

The Axonify mobile app gives you convenient access to the knowledge and learning you need for peak on-the-job performance, anytime, anywhere. It allows you to complete the personalized daily training created by your organization, play games and challenge co-workers to earn points, and redeem them for cool company rewards.

The Axonify app allows learners to:
- Complete personalized daily training, play games, and earn and redeem rewards
- Quickly find job aids and resources needed to perform job duties
- View a personal report card that shows your achievements and knowledge growth over time

The Axonify app allows administrators and managers to:
- See actionable insights on employee knowledge and behaviors at the company, team, or
individual level
- Log employee behavior and workplace physical inspections that will then automatically
trigger additional training for employees
- Complete their own personal daily training

About Axonify:
Axonify is the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform. It combines an award-winning approach to adaptive microlearning, with innovative knowledge-on- demand capabilities and the entire experience is gamified, driving high levels of participation. Axonify is designed to meet the modern learning needs of employees and businesses alike.

Call us today at 1-855-AXONIFY or visit

How to install Quartix Vehicle Tracking APK at

This app allows mobile users of the Quartix vehicle tracking system to view their vehicles in real time while on the move. The app is free to download, but can only be used by Quartix subscribers. It has three key features;

Vehicle list, to give a summary of all the vehicles to which the user has access, and their present location.

Live tracking, to show the latest location of a chosen vehicle in real time, as well as other vehicles in the area. The vehicle can be selected to be ‘followed’ by the app, and the map screen will automatically be updated.

Trip data, which shows the trips carried out on any day over the previous 6 months.

Driving Style, for Infoplus customers a daily driving style report covering speed and acceleration and braking behaviour.

How to install StartSmart APK at

StartSmart® – официальное мобильное приложение Корпорации «Сибирское здоровье». Образовательная платформа создана специально для Консультантов, чтобы рассказать о самых важных шагах начинающего предпринимателя, раскрыть секреты ведения бизнеса вместе с Компанией и помочь выстроить правильную стратегию развития.

С помощью StartSmart® вы сможете:
Просматривать весь существующий контент (статьи, видео, PDF-файлы, презентации
и прочее).
Добавлять понравившиеся материалы в избранное.
Быстро освоить планирование продвижения и организацию трафика.
Составить четкий бизнес-план.

Неавторизованным пользователям для просмотра доступно ограниченное количество разделов.
Для авторизации в приложении необходимо воспользоваться логином и паролем, которые вы получили вместе с регистрацией в Корпорации «Сибирское здоровье» на официальном сайте или в Центре обслуживания Компании. Подробнее о регистрации и расположении Центров обслуживания Компании можно узнать на сайте Представленная информация актуальна для территории России.

How to install Cropio APK at

Cropio is satellite field management system that facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land. The System provides real-time updates on current field and crop conditions, determines vegetation levels and identifies problem areas, delivers precise weather forecasts.

Cropio application was designed for agronomists and management of agricultural companies. It gives the access to main information about fields, satellite images, status of agricultural works, current weather data, field status reports, etc. Once synced, application could work offline, without Internet access.

Also, Cropio application gives ability for agronomists to create reports for their fields (with photos and text notes) that could be synced with Cropio site.

Cropio application is free, but available only for Cropio Users ( If you are interested in Cropio service — please, contact our sales managers (

Cropio main service functions:
— real-time vegetation monitoring;
— field zoning and problem area identification;
— fertiliser and seed distribution mapping;
— reporting and notification system;
— databank and historical information;
— integration with GPS monitoring system, monitoring of agri operations;
— productivity estimate;
— weather forecast and information.

How to download SentriKey Real Estate APK at

Open and manage SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockboxes.

- Instant access and showing notifications when Internet service is available
- Uses your current location for easy selection of lockboxes assigned to a listing
- Get one day codes, where applicable
- View access logs
- Assign a lockbox to a listing
- Remove a lockbox from a listing
- Use your SentriCard® with the app to access lockboxes when out of Internet service area
- Change your default lockbox settings
- Third-party integration with property service allows viewing of property details after opening the key door

Features for Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockboxes*:
- Open lockboxes directly from SentriSmart™ (no code or SentriCard required)
- Release the shackle
- Take ownership of lockboxes
- Assign owned lockbox to no owner
- Reset the settings on a lockbox**
- Customize the settings on a lockbox***
- Turn Call Before Showing Mode on or off
- Turn Contractor Mode on or off
- Automated (crowd-sourced) lockbox transfers**
- Automated (crowd-sourced) lockbox settings updates**
- Open Bluetooth lockboxes with SentriSmart via Bluetooth even when Internet service is unavailable

* Requires Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockboxes (Bluetooth® 4.0) capable iOS device
** Requires firmware version 26+ on the lockbox
***Requires firmware version 33+ on the lockbox

How to download Forms On Fire - Mobile Forms APK at

Forms On Fire is a customizable mobile forms, offline data collection and workflow system that is reliable and secure. Mobile data collection, workflow, notification and reporting have never been easier. Mobile forms that work. Beautifully!

What you get:
--a mobile app to easily collect information directly on your smartphone or tablet, whether you are online or offline
--an intuitive online dashboard for mobile assignments with drag n’ drop form design tools and display interface
--the ability to integrate with hundreds of systems out of the box

--easy-to-learn, easy-to-use drag n’ drop design tools
--in a hot minute, you can create powerful and stunning mobile forms, including data collection forms
--check out our catalog with over 140 pre-built forms
--finished forms look exactly like your existing forms and take advantage of your skills in Word and Excel
--take advantage of our expertise and hire us to build your forms

Dynamic functionality that enables a multitude of scenarios and use cases. Rich data capture controls include:
--audio & video
--image capture, annotation & sketching
--GPS, mapping & navigation
--barcode & NFC Scanning
--signature capture
--date & time
--data lookup from your systems
--email PDF, Word, Excel

Using our advanced dispatch and workflow, you can assign and dispatch tasks in real-time to your mobile staff. Get instant notifications in the office from those “on-the-go” via email using our really simple template system that takes advantage of your knowledge of Word and Excel.

--integrate with your database systems
--Integrates with hundreds of industry and cloud systems
--Hot Sync system synchronizes to/from your databases
--formats include CSV, Excel, JSON, PDF, REST, Text, Word, XML

--all forms including their complex logic and reference data works offline
--two-way automatic data synchronization each time you connect
--partially completed forms can be saved offline for later completion

Need your own private server either in the cloud or behind your firewall? No Problem!

--Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas
--Field Service Management
--Food Service & Safety
--Healthcare & Social Services
--Hospitality & Retail
--Professional & Business Services
--Real Estate & Property Management
--Transportation & Warehousing
--Utilities, IT & Telecommunications

How to install SmartDok APK at

SmartDok is an application for the contractor business. You will need a license to be able to use this App. In this app you can register: manhours, machinehours, material consumption, fill out checklist, send pictures, sending complaints to Byggmakker and much more.

How to install GDRFA Dubai APK at

This application provides you access to the most frequently required services of Dubai Immigration.
As a Dubai citizen or resident sponsor, you can
o Apply for a visit visa for your relatives
o Use the smart gates at the airport with the app if you are registered already for the gates
o Apply for a residence entry permit for your family members (Wife and Children)
o Apply for new residence for your family members (after they have arrived in the UAE with a residence entry permit)
o Renew residence permits for your family members
o Transfer your residence to your new passport
o Check your residence and entry permit status
o Apply for fee refund for refused applications and warranty refund for entry permits
o Apply for canceling resident for any sponsored under your sponsorship
o You can generate the “travel status report” and the list of people you sponsor (“sponsor and sponsored report”)
As a Dubai citizen, you additionally can
o Request a new or renew your UAE passport
As a tourist arriving in Dubai, you can
o Extend your on arrival visa
As a company registered in Dubai, you can:
o View the list of individuals your organization sponsors
o Generate sponsor and sponsored report
You can also find the location of Dubai Immigration (GDRFA) office locations, should you need it.
You can also get an answer for any legal concern related to Dubai immigration rules and policy.

How to download NetMotion Mobility® APK at

NetMotion Mobility® is an intelligent VPN that provides optimization, WAN acceleration, and adaptive policy controls for all major desktop and mobile platforms with the most reliable connection of any mobile VPN.

• Keeps mobile workers productive by reducing data consumption, accelerating application performance, and preventing dropped connections.
• Empowers IT organizations with full visibility and control over mobile security and user experience.
• Slashes support costs associated with mobile connectivity problems.
• Accelerates return on investment for mobile initiatives without rewriting applications or business processes.

All Mobility clients require a licensed Mobility server in order to work. Visit for more.

How to install ClubCentral- by ForeTees APK at

The ForeTees app (a.k.a. ClubCentral) is intended for members and staff of private clubs only. This app will require login credentials that you will only have access to if you are a member of a private club that uses the ForeTees Reservations System and has enabled this app. Please check with your club if you are not sure this is the correct app.  

The ClubCentral app is a powerful communication tool that also provides fast and easy access to the club’s reservations center and other member-only areas. Members will stay up to date on what is happening at the club and have the ability to easily register for events, tee times and much more.

How to download M-Files APK at

M-Files® is a powerful and dynamic enterprise content management (ECM) and document management solution that solves the problems of managing, finding, tracking and securing information in companies of all sizes.

The M-Files Android application lets you access your M-Files documents anytime and anywhere – even when you’re on the go or not connected to your office network. The application enables you to find documents from your M-Files Vaults via powerful search functions and various, customizable views, as well as to view and approve documents and workflows.

To be able to utilize the Android application you need to have an M-Files system set up and to possess the required access rights. To get started, you need an M-Files server address and login credentials.

How to install Real Estate : 101 APK at

At some point in your life, you'll probably reside in apartment of some sort. Maybe you'll head off to college after high school and choose to live in a dorm room. Or maybe you'll acquire an apartment with a few roommates while you deal with university life. Either way, you'll get the full-on experience of living in an apartment building. Trust me when I tell you that this will get old after a while. Before too long, or maybe even by the time your college career is complete, you'll be pondering a house of your own. That'striaght; a place where you don't have to fork out oodles of cash for rent every month. A nicer abode that allows your personal touch and additionally enables you to invest your hard-earned money, as opposed to blowing it every month on ridiculous rent charges. Yes indeed, it's time for real estate investing.

We've all noticed 90% of fortunes made through Real Estate Investments. The truth is that an investment can be a tad dicey if you don't have a clue what you're doing. As always with real estate,it is highly recommended to first look at the location of where you wish to purchase/invest. This can tell you a great deal about the home's resale value and capability. More than likely this one will fade within the next two to three years. Then housing prices will be back to normal. Keeping that in mind, if you do consider real estate investing in a great and desirable area, then you will more than likely make a wise investment at this point. Since housing costs are down, it's no doubt a buyer's market. Essentially this means that you can likely purchase a nice home for much less than what it would normally cost. Within a few years or so the value of the property will increase. Therefore if you plan on living in the home for a decade or so, you can expect to make a good profit when you decide to sell.

This Real Estate for Beginners app will assist you in:
☛ Terminologies
☛ Types of investments
☛ Factors to consider before Investing
☛ Risks and challenges
☛ Different Strategies
☛ Building an empire in Commercial Real Estate etc.

How to install Doggy Logs - Dog Walk GPS Tracking APK at

Offer a premium GPS tracking service and increase trust with your clients by keeping them connected to their furry friends!

Track your dog walks and automatically email or text the dog owners a summary afterwards! Show them where you went with an interactive map including photos, notes, distance and time. Your dog walk emails can be branded with your own logo and business information.

Features include:
• GPS track your dog walks
• Check-in mode for house visits
• Group walks with multiple pick ups and drop offs. Each dog's walk time will be tracked individually.
• Notes (during or after a walk)
• Photos
• Checklists
• Pee & Poo buttons
• Tag photos and notes for dogs - owners will only see the information for their own dog
• Email notifications with your own logo and branding
• Text message notifications
• More customization available on our website:
• A fun and easy-to-use interface
• Free for up to 2 dogs

At Doggy Logs we love animals and want to keep people connected with their pets. We offer dog walkers a fun solution to make that possible!

How to install Linxup APK at

The Linxup app is a companion application to the Linxup GPS tracking system. The easy-to-use app lets you locate and monitor your fleet vehicles directly from your Android device. This application requires an active Linxup tracking device and account.

- Instant GPS tracking of any vehicle in your fleet equipped with a Linxup GPS tracking device.
- View a breadcrumb location history for each vehicle. Clickable icons provide speed, direction, and stops information.
- Map views with both map and satellite options.
- View detailed reports of your vehicles' activity.

How to download SketchCut PRO - Fast Cutting APK at

SketchCut PRO - Fast Cutting. The application for automatic calculation of cutting drawings of parts from flat sheets.

The app is designed with the features of cutting sheet materials (particleboard, MDF, glass, plastics, wood panels, etc.) both in the manual and on the machine.

Full version SketchCut. Without advertising.

The application functions are available:

- choice and change of cutting parameters (sheet size, blade width, offset from the edge of the sheet, etc.);

- edging (two types of edges);

- order information (order, material, order date, availability date);

- automatic cutting of sheets in accordance with the selected parameters;

- three different algorithms for calculating and optimizing layouts - to select the best option of cutting;

- automatic calculation of the area of parts and pieces, cut length, the length of the edges;

- display of the results in the .PDF file for printing;

- storing a list of parts and the cutting parameters on your Android device;

- metric system and Imperial units, with a simple conversion.

How to download HelperLibrary幫家館 APK at

Platform connecting Employers with Helpers !
Domestic Helpers, Drivers, Part time cleaner, Maternity Specialist, Babysitter

HelperLibrary Consultants sees the need for a smart and efficient APP for easy helper and employer search…….therefore stepping forward from tradition and launched the world’s first revolutionary mobile APP connecting everyone anytime, anywhere in 3 convenient languages!

Why our service?
• A global platform connecting employers and helpers directly 24hrs
• 6 main household job categories
• Job Alerts and Inter-active Automatch function
• No Placement fees
• One stop shop for all helper needs for a family or company

Simple procedures for Employer :
1. Fill in work requirements
2. Message or Call helper directly
3. Video or in-person interview
4. Found match ? Go for “Direct Hire “ processing packages

Benefits for Employer
• Efficiency from smartphone or PC
• Wide database on local and overseas helpers
• Whole family can select together
• Unique Auto-match function
• Build in message system for interview

Benefits for Helper
• Interactive auto-match function provides option to find ideal employer
• Option to contact all ideal employers proactively
• Job search and interview not restricted on holiday anymore
• Easy to upload

Simple procedures for Helper
1. No placement fee
2. Fill in personal details and work experience
3. Check “Job Alert confirm interest “yes or no”
4. Employer will contact you or
5. Message employer directly
6. Interview

Infact, you’ve got choices! That is the HelperLibrary Spirit !

How to download Kronodesign® APK at

A handy mobile tool to mix and match different decors, colors and textures that helps you to choose the best combination of Kronospan’s materials any time, anywhere.
It is the perfect guide to visualize your ideas, apply your favorite designs into different living areas in the moodboard section and recreate the interior style you like.
With the Kronodesign app we bring panels to life, and life to panels.


- Offline catalogue of the decors from the Global Collection. Enlarged full-screen view.
- Intuitive navigation and detailed filters by collection, type of product, texture and application, providing you with fast search results anywhere and at any time;
- Predefined range of moodboards to visualise your interior design ideas;
- Additional information about the core materials for each decor;
- Recommended decors combinations;
- Ability to save your favorite decors and download your moodboard in a high-resolution;
- Ability to save your creations in a project and edit them again later or send them by email;
- Optimized for all Android 4.2 devices and above;

How to install Spontania Mobile APK at


Join Spontania High Quality Videoconferencing meetings from your Android device. With Spontania Mobile, you can extend your Spontania desktop experience to your Android device. Join any meeting from anywhere. Receive video and see documents or applications in real time. It works over any type of network (3G, 4G or WiFi) with small bandwidth consumption and great quality.

Download Spontania Mobile for free and bring remote collaboration to a new level of productivity.

All Spontania Mobile users will enjoy:
- Multipoint video (receive up to 4 concurrent videos)
- Multipoint VoIP audio-conferencing with advanced echo cancellation
- Multi-Chat text
- Document and application sharing
- You zoom and view controls for shared applications
- Easy connection process

Android 2.3
Processor: ArmV7 or higher. Also models compliant with this architecture will be accepted.

Q: How can you join a meeting?

A: There are two ways: First, when you launch Spontania Mobile, you will be asked toenter the Spontania Server URL, your name and the meting session ID. A simple click of the 'Connect' will bring you to meeting.
Second you can access the meeting via your WEB browser. Click the link that will take you to the Spontania meeting webpage, enter your session ID and user name for that meeting, click on the 'Join' button and you will enter into the meeting.

Q: Can I create a meeting from an Android device?

A: For the time being, Spontania Mobile only allows you to join existing meetings. Meetings are created from you PC or MAC.

Q: How can I create a Spontania account?

A: Please, visit .

For more information about Spontania Mobile visit:

How to install My Learning APK at

My Learning gives you a direct access to digital learning and provides a continuous access to courses and resources. Thanks to this application, you will have everything you need right on your mobile device.

Key features:

Access your courses on a mobile-friendly user interface
View resources, online or offline
Ask questions and share your experience with your peers
View feedback given by your facilitator on assignments or assessments

About CrossKnowledge
CrossKnowledge is one of the world’s leading distance learning providers. Our solutions enable fast workforce empowerment and global strategic alignment, guaranteeing a unique learning experience for the individual and a real return on investment for the organization.

** The My Learning app is designed for the use of CrossKnowledge clients and requires authorized CrossKnowledge credentials.

**Important: If you are a CrossKnowledge client experiencing trouble logging in, contact your CrossKnowledge administrator.

How to install Mi Diario de Consumo APK at

Kantar WorldPanel application to register out of home individual consumption.

Mi Diario de Consumo 2.2 has a new and exciting, modern app design with the focus being your engagement. New features include:

- Redesigned for an even better user experience
- Explore high-resolution images with new pinch-to-zoom
- Visually engaging, full-width question images
- Access settings faster with a new modular menu system
- New dynamic question instructions guide users step-by-step through to activity completion, thus limiting need for pop-ups and interruptions.

How to download OpenCart Mobile Assistant APK at

Feel stressed leaving your OpenCart store off-hand during your vacation, meetings or conferences? Are you carrying laptop everywhere you go, repeatedly searching the answer for bothering question in your mind - ‘What’s going on at my store?’
With OpenCart Mobile Assistant on you can be on the move and have access to the real-time store data reports at your fingertips. Using it you can monitor key details on your products, customers and orders from your Android device wherever you are.

NO laptop, NO browser ... and NO investment needed.

- No charges, FREE application to access store data
- Highly intuitive user interface
- Quick way to see your store statistics
- A clear sight of detailed reports on your OpenCart data in your pocket
- Native Android and native OpenCart app

• Quick lookup of necessary products, searching them by ID, SKU or Name
• Ability to get notifications on orders made during predefined period of time, filter them by status, change it right from mobile phone or tablet
• Be notified about new customers, orders and change order status
• View clients registered today/this week/month/year or any period
• Browse store statistics smartly visualized by means of diagrams
• Wide filtering possibilities for faster results viewing in application widget
• Control data at multiple OpenCart stores

1) Install OpenCart Mobile Assistant
2) Connect to your OpenCart store
3) View reports on products, clients and sales anywhere

- INTERNET: used to get the latest content from your store
- CALL_PHONE: to call customers right from the app
- CAMERA: for barcode scanning
- WAKE_LOCK: keeps the processor from sleeping when a message is received
- C2D_RECEIVE/C2D_MESSAGE: used to receive Push messages
- GET_ACCOUNTS: to identify users across multiple devices
- BILLING: to enable additional features

Mobile Connector is compatible with MijoShop. You can use it to connect Mobile Assistant to your MijiShop store

IMPORTANT! In order to connect OpenCart Mobile Assistant to your store you should install Mobile Assistant Connector module.
In order to get advantage of the latest features of the module, make sure that you are using the most recent version. You can download the latest version of Mobile Assistant Connector module at:

Remember to change default login and password.

See full documentation at:

Join Mobile Assistant Beta Group to test, discuss and suggest new features and improvements before they’re released -

*** In case you have any questions or issues contact us at [email protected] ***

Keep your finger on the pulse of the events with FREE OpenCart Mobile Assistant!

How to download WebHR APK at

WeHR - Web Human Resource is a Cloud based HR System. WebHR Android is a supporting app for WebHR.

WebHR is an indispensable tool for HR; it is reliable yet affordable application not just for an HR Manager, but for each employee in the organization. WebHR will become an essential tool of Human Resource in the organization and it aims at creating true paperless work environment. WebHR will not only save money to the organizations, but will also boost productivity, save space and make inter and intra-office communications fast, reliable and more efficient.

"WebHR assists in managing the organizations' most important asset - its Human Resource"

WebHR is currently used in over 160 countries world wide by thousands of organizations to manage their HR.

WebHR converts human resources information into a digital format, allowing that information to be added to the knowledge management systems of the organization. The result of this is that HR data can be turned into useful information that can cater the needs of any other department within the organization. In analyzing organization wide resource usage this data can prove valuable. Data related to the time usage of the workforce can enhance the decision making abilities of management, allowing the HR department to form an integral aspect of strategy formation for the organization as a whole.

How to download Thryv APK at

As a business owner, sometimes it’s not easy to run your business unless you’re always tied to your desk. So are you ready for the new normal?  The Thryv® mobile app lets you easily manage your business no matter where you are. 
So now, while you’re waiting for your super large mocha coffee with whipped cream, you can also:
· Manage and sync contacts from your phone into your Thryv
· Schedule or accept customer appointments in real-time
· Check out reminders for upcoming events
No matter where you are, we’ll help make it easier to run your business. So take a moment to enjoy your coffee, because your business is still at hand with the Thryv mobile app.
Must be a Thryv client to utilize the Thryv Mobile App Subject to Dex Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How to install EXIDE Battery Finder APK at

Select the correct battery for your vehicle with the all new fast and easy-to-use Exide Technologies Battery Finder app for Android.

With the new Battery Finder app, you can easily find the correct replacement battery for your vehicle anytime, anywhere!
In addition to cars and trucks, you can now find the right battery for your Motorcycle too!

Thanks to the various search features, battery selection is made easy by simply entering any of the following vehicle information: Plate/registration number, vehicle make and model or the original battery part number. This includes EXIDE part numbers and some other well-known battery brands.

After each battery search, you are provided with useful information to help you select the most appropriate battery depending on your typical use. This also includes information such as battery specifications, pictures and alternative fitments.

This powerful app has been developed from Exide’s comprehensive application database, usually only available to professionals, which includes original fitment data for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy trucks and motorcycles.

It’s simple to use and accurate – download it and give it a try!

How to download Endress+Hauser Operations APK at

Download the Endress+Hauser Operations app and get mobile access to up-to-date and comprehensive information about your installed Endress+Hauser instruments - wherever you are, whenever you need it.
The Endress+Hauser Operations app allows you to quickly download specific documentation such as operating instructions and technical information for your Endress+Hauser field instruments. Get quick and easy access to up-to-date product information and device details e.g. order code, availability, spare parts, successor products for old devices and general product information. Simply enter the serial number or scan the data matrix code on the device.

Endress+Hauser is a leading supplier of measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry.

How to install Kilshay APK at

Kilshay cleverly groups together your favorite Offers & Catalogs on a daily basis in Kuwait & The UAE; helping you make better decisions that save you time and money.


Don’t like spam? Well neither do we- so filter out the clutter and only look at retail categories you’re interested in.


Be it inspiration for a new living room, research for that new sports car, or the best deal on an TV -with over hundreds of Offers, we can help find what you’re looking for.


Staying up to date with new promotions, sales, new collections, new store openings etc. etc. etc. can be exhausting. Instead, follow your favorite brands/products and we’ll do all the work for you!

Features & Functionality

•Dual Language (Arabic/English)

•Select and Filter offers from 17 different retail categories

•Sort Offers by what’s Popular, Close By, New and Near Expiry

•Flip through multiple pages of Flyers & Catalogs

•Click on hyperlinks and get redirected to respective websites.

•Watch videos.

•Search for products/brands that have Offers

•Search for stores on our location map and get directions from your current location

•Access store specific information: current offers, street address, phone number, opening hours and email address

•Follow products/brands and receive alerts on any new activity

•Schedule a Test Drive with a click of a button

•Program reminder notifications for saved pages

•Share Offers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, email & more…

How to download Gensuite Mobile APK at

Unlock the power of Gensuite anywhere – not just on your desktop!

Gensuite cloud-based IT solutions help you manage business compliance processes and management systems for Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) and Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing, and Product Stewardship. Our 65+ integrated Web applications are fully Mobile-enabled, enabling users to achieve operational excellence and risk management seamlessly and across the enterprise spectrum of operations.

To learn more about how to get started with Gensuite Mobile, visit us at

How to download Секреты Успешной Жизни APK at

Жизнь имеет свои секреты. Эти секреты и определяют наше качество жизни, счастье и успех. Каждый рождён быть счастливым и успешным, но не каждый знает, как этого достичь. Это приложение откроет луч света на самые важные вопросы способные перевернуть вашу жизнь, сделать её более яркой и продуктивной, добиться поставленных целей и найти “Что же такое счастье”.
На страницах этого приложения вы найдёте советы от всемирно известных людей, воплотивших свои мечты в реальность. А также ключевые ответы на вопросы в таких направлениях, как: Саморазвитие, Успешность, Продуктивность, Тайм Менеджмент, Бизнес, Взаимоотношение и ещё множество других полезных техник и практик в различных сферах нашей жизни.

How to install TrackNext | Delivery Routing & Tracking APK at

Enable the delivery associate to perform their tasks with precision, expertise, and aplomb through this versatile and intuitive application which helps delivery associate to plan their day as they streamline their schedule, optimize delivery routes, deliver on-time, optimize service time, electronically validate authenticity of deliveries, capture feedback, and decrease the overall turnaround time for all the deliveries performed.

Retail, eCommerce, FMCG, courier, manufacturing, logistics & transport, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage are a few industries that have benefited from TrackNext and its resource engagement and management capabilities.

LogiNext’s flagship product Mile helps enterprises schedule deliveries, plan delivery sequence, allocate trips, track resources, optimize delivery routes, and ensure quality delivery fulfillment with suitable feedback capture, electronic proof of delivery, and subsequent analytics generated post successful completion of tasks. The operations manager can utilize ‘Mile’ to streamline the entire last mile logistics of the company. TrackNext, working with Mile, helps cover all tracking and optimizing scenarios to
create a consolidated planning and management system for the enterprise.

With TrackNext, the delivery associate can:
- Systematically follow the optimized delivery schedule
- Locate addresses with the exact directional and traffic-avoiding suggestions
- Optimize their routes as they pursue their order deliveries
- Receive instant messages from the managers in case of order updates
- Interact and chat amongst other delivery associate to avail ground-level information
about the destination
- Reach delivery destinations on time
- Validate all fulfilled deliveries by taking ePOD at location
- Record valuable customer feedback
- Mark the current delivery as successful and move on to the next delivery

With TrackNext, the operations and logistics managers can:
- Enhance tracking visibility for all moving resources
- Utilize the quick reaction time enabled through the application to handle service
- Record accurate service and delivery time for better planning and forecasting
- Track the availability and activity of delivery associatee
- Record all delivery validations and customer feedback in real-time

Some striking features within TrackNext include:
- Delivery Route Optimization
- Customer Location Mapping
- Digital Pick-up/Delivery Run Sheets
- Centralized Reporting Module
- ePOD/e-sign (Electronic proof of deliveries/Electronic signatures)
- COD (Cash on Delivery)
- Barcode Scanning
- Field Force Attendance Management
- Fleet Management
- Fleet Tracking
- Field Service Automation

About LogiNext:
LogiNext leads the field workforce and logistics optimization solutions market with its industry bench-marked products for last mile, field force, on-demand delivery, and linehaul express management.

With more than 150 enterprise clients across North America, Middle-East, South and Southeast Asia, LogiNext has been accepted as the fastest growing SaaS enterprise in logistics and field service optimization space.


This mobile application is proprietary software of LogiNext Solutions Private Limited and is bound by End User License Agreement as given on . By downloading and/or installing it, the User acknowledges that they are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement and are in possession of a written consent of LogiNext Solutions Private Limited for the authorized use/download. The entire application and related software and databases, including but not limited to, information regarding LogiNext’s products, data, images, software, applications, specifications, libraries, utilities, services, technology, business, are Copyright Information of LogiNext Solutions Private Limited.

How to download RapidFunnel APK at

RapidFunnel is an affordable and effective way to inspire your team to generate an endless supply of qualified leads, while systematically initiating ongoing conversations with your prospects about the products and services they need from you.

RapidFunnel is a simple, easy to implement app that allows your team to effortlessly initiate customized email campaigns, or personalized resources, with your target customers with the tap of a button on their smart phone.

How to download FWapp APK at

FWapp is a mobile application network, created in partnership with Ministry of Manpower, for all Foreign Workers who are both currently residing in Singapore and for all who are interested in employment opportunities in Singapore. FWapp was designed with the key purpose of helping all our Foreign Worker friends to live and work happily in the country that we all share, Singapore. We at FWapp want to assist all Foreign Workers with every aspect of their lives.

FWapp currently supports the two key functions, critical to every single one of our Foreign Worker friends, which is to give feedback to Ministry of Manpower as well as finding jobs. We at FWapp hope that all our Foreign Worker friends will be able to rely on this mobile application, specially designed for you, to enjoy living and working in Singapore.

Find Job through us. Legally, easily, securely, protected.

Get correct MOM information.
Feedback to MOM directly here with your issues

How to install Zenput APK at

Zenput's mobile app allows both field and store level teams to manage tasks and fill out forms directly from their mobile device to improve their restaurant or retail operations.

With Zenput you can easily:
- Complete any task from a daily checklist to an annual audit
- Take photos alongside any questions
- Identify areas for improvement by seeing real-time analytics within your summary
- Review daily, weekly, and monthly store performance
- See an activity feed of all the work happening at your store
- Have a library of your company's forms to be able to quickly fill out at any time

Note: to use this application, you would need to have been invited ahead of time by an admin from your company

How to download Trade-A-Plane APK at

The world’s largest aviation resource since 1937, Trade-A-Plane gives you access to everything that keeps you flying with its new Android app.

Every issue of Trade-A-Plane has thousands of ads that feature aircraft for sale, including jets and helicopters, as well as aviation products and services. You’ll find airplanes like Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Mooney and Piper.

Products and services include avionics, engines, headsets, flight training, hangars and much more. It’s all here: Garmin GPS and updates; Bose and David Clark headsets; Continental, Lycoming and Rotax engines; as well as McCauley and Hartzell propellers. Real estate too, including foreclosed homes for sale. All of this can now be easily accessed with the Trade-A-Plane app!

With the detailed search functionality available on our website, the Trade-A-Plane app allows you to find listings for Aircraft, Engines, Parts/Products, Real Estate, Services and Companies—and sort the results using various criteria. You’ll get complete listings with all of the information seen on our site, including photos, videos and documents, as well as a variety of contact options for the seller.

Trade-A-Plane app features:

◦ Search listings for Aircraft, Engines, Parts/Products, Real Estate, Services and Companies.

◦ Select specific search criteria (i.e., Category, Sub-Category, Make, Model, Price, etc.).

◦ Sort the results by various criteria and view detailed listing information provided by the seller, including photos, videos and documents.

◦ Search by Listing #

◦ Favorite Listings--You can now bookmark listings by marking them as a Favorite.

◦ Save Searches--Search criteria can now be saved on the app to allow for quick and easy access.

◦ View upcoming aviation events.

◦ Get quick access to the Trade-A-Plane contact information.

How to download Lead Retrieval & Mobile CRM APK at

Your exhibitors and sponsors can capture and follow-up on sales leads generated at a event, trade show, or conference. (Works offline)

The Boomset Lead Retrieval & Mobile CRM app gives exhibitors the ability to measure results against sales or event objectives. Demonstrate efficient use time, energy and budget when exhibiting at an events.

Event organizers are in control of various settings for lead distribution and data.

Features include:
- Share a single lead retrieval license with multiple devices
- Take notes and prioritize leads
- NFC-compatible for session scanning (based on hardware)
- Export leads with Touch ID from the app

Fully integrated with Boomset's event solution platform, including:
- Guest List app
- Integrated registration platforms
- On-site badge printing
- Boomset in kiosk mode for self check-in
- Confirmation emails
- Reporting

Event organizers can cover the cost of lead retrieval licenses or choose to have exhibitors/sponsors buy directly from the app. Talk to a Boomset representative for more info.

How to download Commissions Inc for Agents APK at

The mobile companion app for your CINC account. Manage your leads on the go, and quickly get in touch with your home seekers.

-Lead push notifications so you can instantly get in contact with new buyers
-View all of your leads and 1-touch to view details
-Call, Text, and Email your leads right from the app
-Filter, Label, and sort to manage leads
-Keyword search to find leads
-Add lead notes that instantly sync with your agent dashboard

How to download Pelipost - The Photos-to-Prison App APK at

Do you have an incarcerated loved one? Pelipost makes it easier than ever to stay connected. Share your special moments by sending beautiful, full-color 4x6 photos directly from your smartphone. Pelipost ships directly to your loved one in any city, state, or federal correctional facility in the USA.

We've shipped over 350,000 photos and counting!

How does it work?

Upload your digital photos from your gallery, Facebook, and Instagram to the Pelipost app.
Input your loved one's mailing address and click SEND.
We print and ship DIRECTLY to your loved one's facility, arriving about 3-5 BUSINESS days. Always with FREE SHIPPING.

All photos sent are beautiful, full-color 4x6 prints, professionally processed by our experienced customer service team.

No more trips to the store for photo prints.
No more trips to the post office for postage.
Earn rewards for every $1 spent with our PeliPOINTS Loyalty Program.

Just SMILE, SNAP, AND SEND with PELIPOST. It's that easy!

Don't take our word for it. See what some of our customers are saying about Pelipost:

R. Valenzuela
"Great service! My loved one receives every picture I send them and it is soooo easy!!! Thank you pelipost seriously you helped me and my loved one have better and brighter days…"

L. Vargas
"Very happy with this app. Was a little unsure at first so I emailed the company and they were very helpful. Answered my questions. Tried it last week. Sent photos to my husband in Corcoran who got them a few days later. Will use again and again. THANK YOU!"

J. Kingsley
"I love this app. Makes it easy to send private pictures without awkward face to face pickups in stores. It takes care of everything - printing and mailing. You just choose the pictures. You can also edit, add text, stickers, draw on the pictures, add filters, etc before sending."

Questions about our service? Issue with your order?

Our award-winning Customer Support Team is standing by to help you resolve your issue. Send us a message at [email protected] or chat with us LIVE in the Pelipost app. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

How to download Güntner APK at

Our Güntner Refrigeration Engineering App offers refrigeration engineering know-how in the form of news, information and handy functions.

News: Current information about Güntner

Material recommendation: Displays the chemically and technically best material combination for a large number of common refrigeration engineering applications

Refrigerant slide: Display of the pressure-temperature correlation for common refrigerants; including ODP and GWP values

Converter: Offers the conversion of a large number of refrigerating parameters such as pressure, temperature, thermal conductivity and so on to every unit globally used

Service Documents: The entire media diversity from Info brochure to operating instructions, sorted by languages and units, ready for download!

Contacts: Each contact data of the External Sales Team as well as the Service and Spare Parts departments

Feedback: Direct line to the Güntner App contact person

How to download Enlighten Manager APK at

The power of Enlighten in the palm of your hand. Enlighten Manager provides sophisticated mobile tools to monitor and manage Enphase PV systems.

Enlighten Manager enables full performance monitoring and management of multiple systems from any online device.

- Run detailed performance analysis and reports.
- Compare production across multiple systems against previous days, weeks or months.
- Identify and diagnose performance variations.
- Monitor installations in progress.

How to install CloudShop:POS онлайн-касса для 54-ФЗ APK at


Приложение CloudShop:POS теперь работает и на смартфонах. CloudShop:POS — только самое необходимое для работы кассира. Дополнительное приложение предназначено для небольших торговых точек, учет продаж в которых ведется при помощи сервиса CloudShop. CloudShop:POS позволяет ускорить процесс оформления продаж, работа кассира становится более удобной и эффективной.

Основные функции:
- Оформление продаж и возвратов покупателям;
- Добавление новых клиентов в базу;
- Расчет сдачи;
- Работа со скидками;
- Сканер штрих-кодов с возможностью подключения внешнего Bluetooth-сканера;
- Печать чеков на сетевом чековом принтере;
- Журнал документов (отчет по кассе) за последние два дня;
- Сверка баланса, перечисление выручки в банк и другие инструменты для управления движением денежных средств.

- Быстрая синхронизация с базой. Владельцу всегда доступен отчет по кассе и другие типы отчетов в приложении CloudShop и веб-версии.
- Не требуется покупка дополнительного оборудования.
- Приложение интуитивно понятно – вам не потребуется дополнительное обучение персонала.
- Возможность офлайн-работы с ранее загруженной базой товаров и клиентов.
- Быстрый поиск клиентов по ФИО, номеру карты, номеру телефона, e-mail.
- Быстрый поиск товаров по штрих-коду, артикулу, категории, названию.
- Постоянный доступ к актуальным остаткам товара в торговой точке. Есть возможность скрыть товары с нулевым остатком.
- Удобная работа со скидками. При оформлении продажи кассир может предоставить клиенту скидку, размер которой ранее определен владельцем магазина. Если клиент имеет персональную скидку или покупает акционный товар, сумма будет автоматически рассчитана с учетом скидок.
- Удобная работа с категориями – каждой товарной категории может быть присвоен свой цвет, вы можете выбрать, товары из каких категорий будут отображаться в приложении.
- Ваша клиентская база и финансовые показатели в безопасности - информация хранится на облачных серверах и надежно защищена.

Внимание! Данное приложение подойдет вам только в случае, если вы уже используете облачный сервис CloudShop.

Сегодня крупный бизнес использует для работы дорогостоящее оборудование, такое как мобильный pos терминал, терминал сбора данных, pos система, кассовый аппарат. Индивидуальным предпринимателям и владельцам малого бизнеса можно использовать для работы кассира обычный планшет или смартфон и приложение CloudShop: POS. Ведите учет продаж и складской учет, осуществляйте закупки и перемещения товара, используя мобильное приложение CloudShop или веб-версию. Работа торговых точек может быть организована с приложением CloudShop:POS. POS система позволит кассиру осуществлять основные торговые операции, как это делает обычный кассовый аппарат. Приложение не заменит мобильный pos терминал, но заметно ускорит оформление продаж. Любая розничная продажа осуществляется за пару кликов.
Вам не потребуется дорогостоящий терминал сбора данных для сбора, обработки и передачи информации о товаре - весь необходимый функционал предусмотрен в CloudShop:POS. С ним работа кассира станет более удобной и эффективной. Теперь работа торговых точек, складской учет и клиентская база находятся под вашим контролем.
Желаем успехов в бизнесе – пусть с нами он достигнет новых высот!

О разработчике
Компания CloudShop поддерживает и развивает облачный сервис, помогающий малому бизнесу вести учет продаж и получать данные для принятия правильных решений без особых затрат. С каждым обновлением в приложениях появляются новые возможности, а работать с ними становится еще проще и удобней.
Следите за новостями и задавайте вопросы:
Или напишите нам на [email protected]

How to install TVH MyTotalSource APK at

TVH Parts is the global leader in the sales of parts and accessories for lift trucks, aerial work platforms, sweepers and scrubbers and other industrial in-plant vehicles. TVH has a database of 21 million known part numbers and a permanent stock of 600 000 references of more than 240 makes such as Toyota, Linde, Jungheinrich, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Clark, Hyster, Nissan, JLG, Haulotte, Genie, Doosan ... TVH MyTotalSource offers you the possibility to request offers, place orders, manage lists and scan bar codes of references, enabling you to easily inquire about or order parts. When requesting an offer, you can immediately see the price, the lead time and a photograph of the requested part. From the offer you can very easily order the references. Via the lists you can create and manage your own lists with favourite part numbers. The scan module offers you the possibility to scan in bar codes of your part numbers with your smartphone or a Bluetooth scanner. This way you no longer need to input the references manually. The app is available in well over 20 languages. To use TVH MyTotalSource, contact TVH to request your login and password: [email protected]

How to install Movilizer APK at

Movilizer is the Cloud for Field Operations to drive Enterprise profitability at large manufacturing and services companies. The Movilizer Cloud acts as a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and interconnects field employees and mission-critical processes across company boundaries.

You can either build your own apps and connectors from scratch or use our many out-of-the-box solutions. The apps are built from a single source code you develop and run on different platforms as native, HTML5 or hybrid applications and with full offline/online capabilities.

Movilizer is independent of the back-end system in use and enables you to use free existing mobile scenarios. Create mobile scenarios of your own or integrate agile certified enterprise back-end systems like SAP,, Microsoft or Oracle.


- Built app and connectors from scratch or re-use out-of-the-box
- Deploy and run anywhere
- Full offline/online synchronization
- Effective User Experience
- Mash-up of source systems
- Exceed industry standards
- HTML5 integration
- Track & Trace

How to download Thaitrade APK at is the official B2B e-Marketplace, operated by Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand. It is an online channel for worldwide buyers to trade with quality and high standard Thai suppliers. With its cutting-edge technology and partnership with local and global B2B e-Marketplaces, provides not only e-commerce solutions but also offers offline trade promotion support such as business matching, sourcing service, worldwide supporting office etc. mobile application keeps you up-to-date with access to’s website on the go, monthly product highlights on, videos on channel, e-newsletters and much more. You can even register to become a member via this mobile application to explore thousands of quality Thai products from trusted and verified suppliers.

How to download e-estekhdam APK at is the most popular recruitment website in Iran.

With this mobile app you can browse thousands of job across the country.

You can also register in e-estekhdam to search the job ads based on job position or education field and receive related job ads as notifications based on your preferences.

In case of encountering any bug or problems contact us via [email protected]

How to download Heritage Parts APK at

Browse and buy OEM commercial kitchen parts directly from Heritage Parts. Search for parts by manufacturer or product number and buy at the click of a button. Product manuals, guides, part lists, and more can be saved in the Manual Library and accessed offline. Live Chat is also available for real-time, expert advice and support.

How to download Lely T4C InHerd - Signals APK at

Know when a robot stopped milking.

Signals warns you in the following occasions:

- More than 10 cows have no milk time at one teat
- The dead milk time exceeds the time set in T4C.

Milk time and dead milk time are monitored per quarter. The notifications list displays the time of the notification and the milking robot involved.

How to install Nimonik Audit APK at

Your Solution for Corporate Compliance Audits for Safety, Quality and Environmental Issues.

Easy-to-use, Nimonik Audit helps teams of internal and external auditors around the world to inspect and correct issues more efficiently. Nimonik Audit contains over 1500 Free Quality, Safety and Environmental checklists based on industry standards from 65 countries and 25 industries.

Nimonik Audit will help you audit and inspect your facilities with an easy to user interface and team audit tools such as corrective actions and NCRs, audit schedules and rich comparative reports for management in PDF, Word and Excel. Over 20 000 internal and external auditors around the world rely on this app.

Top 5 Features our clients Love:

* Free training & support;
* Schedule and Assign Audits;
* Issue corrective actions (NCRs) to staff with deadlines and follow-up;
* 1500 Free EHS and Quality audit templates and checklists;
* Generate beautiful reports in PDF, Word, Excel; and
* Easily manage Team Audits!

Our 1500+ free checklists include ISO 9001, Automotive Quality, Food and Beverage Quality Inspections; Safety Inspections based on CFR 1910 OSHA Checklists and OHSAS 18001, Environmental Audits with ISO 14001, medical device standards, health checklists, Crane Inspection Checklists, EHS legal compliance for the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and over 60 countries around the world.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information and a free personal demonstration.

How to install GoTalent - Job Personality Test APK at

Evaluate personality strengths and weaknesses of candidates, team members or even yourself in under 12 minutes. Highly accurate and scientifically validated, GoTalent is the ideal app for recruiters, hiring managers, talent managers, entrepreneurs and CEO’s.

With GoTalent, you can get a full overview of a candidate’s job personality traits and character.
Building your career? GoTalent helps you discover your key career personality traits.

Created by psychologists, GoTalent helps you see the personality behind the CV, which means you can significantly accelerate the hiring process, preselecting candidates that you really want to see at the interview stage.

How GoTalent works

When it comes to job personality assessment, GoTalent streamlines the entire testing process, making it quicker and easier than ever to preselect the best candidates for a particular role.

• Download and install – Whether you’re a recruiter or a candidate, GoTalent is easy to set up and intuitive to use.
• Automatically invite candidates for testing – As a recruiter or hiring manager, you simply input the email addresses of applicants you want to test and the app does the rest, automatically sending out invites.
• Psychometric testing – Candidates install the app on their own device and answer a series of multiple choice questions to generate an assessment profile.
• Review the results – When a candidate completes the psychometric questionnaire, the manager automatically receives the full personality profile broken down into a range of insightful categories.

From start to finish, the whole process can take less than twelve minutes and you can use GoTalent for any number of candidates and team members.

GoTalent Personality Metrics

GoTalent’s psychometric engine measures a host of key job personality traits and character qualities that can help you make the right decision when it comes to employment and selecting people.

The GoTalent 17 key personality traits:

1. Ambition
2. Persistence
3. Integrity

4. Planning & Organization
5. Confidence
6. Stress Tolerance

7. Warmth
8. Collaboration
9. Influencing Others

10. Imagination and Creativity
11. Analysis and Problem Solving
12. Flexibility

13. Inspirational Motivation
14. Mentoring
15. Task Focus
16. Monitoring Performance
17. Passive Leadership

The GoTalent app evaluates all these personality traits to help you identify the best candidates in the early stages of the recruitment process without the need for interview.

The GoTalent app is one of the easiest pre-employment assessment tools for recruiters and hiring managers looking to identify the best candidate for a role. Even more, it’s also incredibly useful for job candidates who want to carry out a self-assessment of their own character traits to discover the best career options for their personality.

Make recruitment simpler than ever with GoTalent – the app that knows the right candidates for the job.

GoTalent has been created by the Dutch firm Online Commerce Group.

How to download shopl - Simple Time Clock & Attendance APK at

shopl is the time & attendance management and retail collaboration software which enables employees at shops to work more conveniently and efficiently.

As a first step, Time Clock & Attendance function is ready. Stop using paper and Excel and start shopl instead!


01. Clock in & out with one touch
- Able to clock in/out and set away mode with just one touch. (All you need is only smartphone. No extra hardware needed!)

02. Identification by Face-verification
- Credible Face-verification technology is applied for accurate identification

03. Check my clock in/out history
- Able to view my clock in/out history at anytime


01. Real-time monitoring of clock in/out status
- Able to view the clock in/out status of staffs in real time

02. View individual staff info. and clock in/out history
- Able to check individual staff info and clock in/out history such as on-time attendance rate and number of lateness & no-shows

03. Easy setup & real-time monitoring through Dashboard
- Easy-to-use PC Dashboard is provided. Able to monitor the real-time attendance data and download in Excel

shopl improves employee engagement in the shop which positively impacts business performance. Try it Now!

How to install Service Fusion APK at

View your daily schedule, update statuses of jobs and estimates, create new ones, view customer details, service agreement terms and details, inventory stock levels in multiple warehouses/vans/trucks + more.

How to install Primerica Event App APK at

Primerica Events is the official mobile app for all Primerica events, including the Primerica Convention.

This mobile app allows you to:
* View schedules, explore sessions, and find networking events.
* Curate your own personal schedule for easy conference attendance.
* Access location and speaker information at your fingertips.
* Post updates to sessions, keynotes, and exhibitor booths.
* Interact with a realtime feed of all event activity.
* Expand your professional network!

Features of the App:
* Update - a quick way to share photos, comments, and which session you’re attending
* Activity Feed ­ the realtime pulse of the event. See what people are saying, view photos from the event, and find trending sessions and topics.
* Agenda -view the full agenda and related information (session time, room number, speaker info, etc)
* Users -see who’s at the event, and connect with them on the app
* Exhibitors - find exhibitors and sponsors, and leave comments or ratings

How to install MZone Fleet Manager APK at

The Mobile Fleet Manager Application allows users to take advantage of the data that is captured with our MHub devices. Together with the MZone web application, this Mobile version allows users to access vehicle data and statistics away from the office.

The application is able to provide real-time trip data with visibility of all exceptions generated for the trip, with fuel consumption statistics. When viewing a fleet group, reports allows easy ratings of drivers and vehicles for better resource allocation.

How to download Safety Reports Inspection App APK at

Safety Reports is a comprehensive Inspection Management System that allows you to inspect with confidence! Checklists are customizable and compliance driven. They reference applicable regulatory standards for a variety of industry groups! Checklist include 1926 Construction, 1910 General Industry, CalOSHA Construction & General Industry, FMCSA/DOT, MSHA, Maritime and more!

The Safety Reports application automatically generates professional reports that include a cover letter, photos and recommendations. If you’re a safety consultant this app will cut your report writing time by as much as 75 to 90 percent!

Safety observations are collected using a smartphone or tablet and the app even works in Offline mode! Inspection data can be accessed for trending and analysis allowing you to identify areas where compliance is lacking. Analytical reports allow you to filter the data to help you drill down to where the issues are occurring. The data is objectively scored and is a great tool for administering Safety Recognition Programs.

Negative observations/violative conditions can be tracked using our “Electronic Corrective Action Tracking System” to help ensure they get closed out in a timely manner.

In short, Safety Reports is a cost-effective, customizable solution that’s simple to use!

How to install InteleTravel Training APK at

This is the most convenient way to access your exclusive InteleTravel Agent tips & training!

We live in a mobile world! Most of us get our content from our phones or other devices, even when sitting in front of a computer or laptop. InteleTravel Thursday night training conference calls are changing. That's right! For over 20 years we have had our Agents dialing in on Thursday nights to the same phone number and listening to our radio show with tips and special guest Suppliers. Well you can delete that phone number in your phone book now & download this great app! That means that you can get the same great training, tips, advice, motivation & Supplier interviews by just subscribing to this app. Listen to our new show each and every week!

With this app you are always connected to the latest episodes and the show. Quickly star episodes and save them to a list so you can easily enjoy them over and over! This app has a Car mode too! Rotate your phone to display larger playback controls. It is the best and most convenient way to access InteleTravel training.

InteleTravel Training app contains the following features:

* Car mode,rotate your phone to display larger playback controls
* Streaming access to play episodes from anywhere
* Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back catalog
* Playback resume (when interrupted by a call or other distraction)
* Quick access to all the contact methods for the show like call, email, web, Facebook, and Twitter
* Playback controls like continuous play, Speed 1x, Repeat Off, and Sleep Timer

Thank you for downloading this app and learning more to earn more!

How to download ISS HSE APK at

As a service provider, people are at the heart of ISS’s business. Most of our employees serve in the front line of our business and therefore they are our most valuable resource. This is why the health and safety of our staff have been made a top priority in our management principles.

We strive to protect the personal health and safety of our workforce, recognizing that healthy business performance is delivered through healthy people and safe processes and equipment. We therefore use a systematic approach to health, safety and environmental management in order to achieve continuous improvement in quality and performance. By setting standards, improving on goals, managing and evaluating arrangements and by documenting our performance, we make sure that the quality is warranted.

Within the framework of the HSE app ISS effectively develops its HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) management in order to support our values, codes of conduct, vision and policy. The goal is to enable a systematic and consistent approach to the HSE across the ISS Group.

The following functionalities are available in the ISS HSE app:

Report incidents
Within ISS, we have a separate system for reporting incidents (unwanted events). This system is available at: The main objective of the incident investigation is to prevent recurrence of similar
accidents or incidents by identifying root causes and recommending remedial

ISS Safety Rules
With over 500,000 employees worldwide, aligning our attitudes and behaviors are important to develop the safety culture we want at ISS.

We therefore developed the ISS Safety Rules as the first step in developing this culture, therefore these rules are also included in the HSE app. The ISS Safety Rules cover 10 activities that are common across the ISS world.

ISS operates in more than 50 countries and our employees come from over 150 countries and speak many languages. The challenge is to ensure that our employees understand the safety culture we wish to embed in our operations. For these reasons we developed an animation film covering each of the ten ISS Safety Rules. Each clip covers a specific rule and has key messages embedded in them. The objectives of the film are to make these Rules more accessible and understandable. The film is without voices, ensuring that language is not a barrier for understanding the rules.

Last Minute Risk Analysis
A Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) is a brief risk assessment performed just before starting work. The LMRA checks whether all risks have been recognized and that adequate control measures have been taken. The app makes it easier for employees to perform an LMRA.

Using the app, the meaning of a symbol can be traced. By answering three questions about form, color and the type of image the app automatically searches the symbols that comply with these characteristics (eg bans, commandments, warning and hazardous properties of substances and mixtures). By selecting the corresponding symbol a brief explanation of the meaning is shown.

In our commitment to a safe working environment HSE news can reinforce the desired behavior of employees in our safety culture. The app is periodically used for the HSE campaigns we carry out.

How to install Lely T4C InHerd - FarmBeats APK at

Check the performance of your herd and milking robots.

FarmBeats is a high level performance indicator for milking and feeding. It also allows you to monitor the T4C KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) related to herd- and robot performance.

How to install VinSolutions Connect APK at

Never leave your customer’s side by taking the full power and potential of VinSolutions’ Connect CRM everywhere you go. VinSolutions Connect Mobile puts all activities and opportunities in the palm of your hand so you can always be moving with your customer along the road to the sale.

Built from the ground up, the new Connect Mobile brings a fresh, streamlined interface managing and completing daily tasks, allowing your team to focus on the customer anytime, anywhere.

• New appointment calendar view for users to view and manage upcoming sales appointments.
• New streamlined interface to manage and complete daily tasks more efficiently.
• See tasks and activities quickly with Salesperson and Manager dashboards.
• Stay in touch with customers and opportunities anytime, anywhere.
• Start showroom visits, create customer notes, appointments, leads and log customer calls – all in the palm of your hand.
• Receive push notifications for CRM alerts to stay on top of urgent tasks.
• Use your phone’s camera to quickly add customer and vehicle information.
• Search and filter through inventory from anywhere on the lot.
• New API framework for added speed and stability.

How to install Azadeans APK at

AZADEANS is a mobile application designed specifically for AZADEA Group employees. The application provides you with access to services on the go, in the palm of your hands. Informative and practical, the AZADEANS app encourages interaction and enhances real time internal communication, enabling inter-organization dialogue and engagement.

How to install Ed APK at

Simpler & smarter workplace learning.

Ed is the learning management system (LMS) designed for today’s digital habits, delivering engaging and effective micro-lessons directly to your users devices, anytime, anywhere.

Ed not only has one of the most modern LMS platforms ever created but also utilizes micro-learning with gamification, which means content is broken up into easy digestible bite sized pieces and then reinforced with an engaging game. These features combined are perfectly suited to mobile and today’s professionals, and what’s more it’s clinically proven to have better retention too!

Ed LMS, the future of learning.
To discover the powerful LMS of Ed, check it out:

How to download Agile Planning Poker APK at

The Planning Poker is a consensus technique created in 2002 by James Grenning and made popular by Mike Cohn.

Widely used by Agile Development Teams which combines specialist opinion, analogy and disaggregation in an approach to estimate, generating fast and realiable results.

This app has a set of decks for your planning poker sessions in agile projects. With animations and highly customizable.

★★ Features ★★

★ Two types of cards visualization (Gallery and Overview).
★ Swipe and animations.
★ Possibility to hide the chosen card.
★ Choose between two themes (Light and Dark).
★ Multiple types of pre-defined decks (Fibonnaci, Modified Fibonnaci, Hours and Sizes).
★ One personal deck, with customizations.
★ Emoji's :3
★ Custom card colors.
★ Keep screen on when using the app (Configurable).
★ Shake to reveal hidden card.
★ Tablet support.
★ Free, no ads and no undesired permissions.

Feedbacks are welcome :D

How to download Discover Forever APK at

Discover Forever is a training and recruitment tool that gives you access to videos and presentations from Forever Living Products on demand. Now, you'll be able to share the Forever opportunity anytime, anywhere especially with the offline feature.

​​* View and share videos and PDFs to help you grow your business
​* Add your most visited content to Favorites for easy access
* Download content to view offline
* Share content with others through social media, email and text
* Easily share, shop and find information on Forever's featured products

How to download TeslaModbusSCADA APK at

SCADA solution based on Modbus TCP and UDP protocol for Android.Our idea is to do a quick visualization between an android device and industrial automation applications and equipment based on Modbus TCP and UDP protocol. All additional information you can find in the site:

How to download FactoryTalk® TeamONE™ APK at

FactoryTalk® TeamONE™ enables value for every industrial role by breaking through all barriers of friction for industrial users to be more productive.

With ease of use, collaboration & sync as the core pillars; FactoryTalk® TeamONE™ delivers the ability for industrial users to be more productive anywhere on the factory floor. FactoryTalk® TeamONE™ comes in with a series of ‘on-node’ app based modules that perform specific functions like trending, device health, incidents and team collaboration - all that work instantly after your download. There is no server to setup or 'friction' for you to realize value - just download and go! You can connect to other people and directly to devices (currently supporting any Ethernet IP devices in the Device Health module and parameter reading within the Trend Module with the Allen Bradley Powerflex 525 & 755 drives) without the need of an OPC server in between. Depending on a module’s feature set, it can either operate in a connected to cloud or offline/disconnected to cloud/device state – even a mix of these states.

FactoryTalk® TeamONE™ helps meets your companies objective of increasing productivity by delivering an easy to use friction-less app with more features/modules planned to be added in the future.

Check out the 3 minute intro video, Increase Productivity By 33 Seconds Per Hour With FactoryTalk® TeamONE™ at

How to download Gartner Conference Navigator APK at

• The new and improved Gartner Events Navigator lets you access, browse and manage your event agenda on the go. Think of it as your mobile event concierge, putting the value of the event right at your fingertips, online or off — whether you’re at your desk, traveling to or from the event, attending sessions on-site or preparing your trip notes.
• Access your event agenda anytime, anywhere. Leave your laptop in your hotel room. Quickly search and browse event content and manage your agenda right from your mobile device.
• Get up-to-the-minute event updates. Receive the latest event updates, including session or room changes, availability changes, alerts and more.
• Network with Peers: Opt-in to the Attendee List and find/message other event attendees directly through the app. Join in to session based discussions and exchange ideas and comments live with peers during sessions and while in the event lounges.
• Access session documents and add your notes. Access documents from any session and add your notes directly within your mobile app.

How to install Workfront APK at

With Workfront’s new mobile app, marketing and enterprise teams are better able to manage their work, regardless of whether they are in a meeting, out of the office or on a train commuting to work.

Our mobile app allows you to:
* View and update all the tasks and issues you’re working on.
* Create and assign new tasks.
* Review and approve work requests and documents.
* Collaborate on work assignments.
* Log time, review and adjust hours, as appropriate, ensuring the accurate allocation of time is captured and reflected for reporting and billing purposes.
* Access a comprehensive company directory for personnel and contact information.

Simply put - the Workfront mobile app helps your organization better optimize your team, time, and work.

Our app requires that you login with your Workfront login credentials (username, password and unique URL). If you have trouble logging in, please contact your Workfront administrator.

How to install OnBase Mobile APK at

An OnBase® ECM Solution is required.

OnBase Mobile provides workers with easy access to OnBase documents and processes at their convenience, or while they’re on-the-go. By extending OnBase solutions to mobile devices, organizations can decrease document processing times, while simultaneously increasing worker productivity.

Features available are dependent on the OnBase Application Server version. Using familiar touchscreen gestures, users can:

Version 10.0.1 or greater:
- Browse and access Workflow at their convenience
- View, zoom and navigate multi-page documents and keywords
- Execute Workflow Ad-Hoc tasks
- Add, view, edit and delete OnBase Notes

Version 11 or greater
- Execute searches with OnBase Custom Queries

Version 12 or greater:
- View, Edit, and Save E-Forms and Unity Forms
- View Workflow related documents

Version 12 SP1 or greater:
- Create new E-Forms and Unity Forms

Version 13 or greater:
- Upload photos
- Filter and sort Workflow queues

Version 14 or greater:
- Barcode support for Unity Forms

Version 15 or greater:
- Custom URL Integration Points
- Default Keyword Support for Upload

How to install Networx Pros APK at

Wherever you go, keep constant control of your Networx account - for free. We've built the Networx Pros App to help you maximize your account and get the most out of our service.

Drive your business and close more jobs with these brand new features:

*Manage current clientele
*Get push notifications for leads so you can contact prospects instantly
*Call and email your leads with a single click
*Optimize your online profile
*Contact our support team

Networx. Putting your business in the palm of your hand.

Not yet with us? See what you're missing at

How to download Tradify APK at

Over 5,000 tradespeople across the world trust Tradify to manage and grow their businesses every day.

Tradify makes invoicing, quoting and scheduling easy and integrates seamlessly with existing accounting solutions – anywhere, anytime.

“Tradify is a great value-for-money system that will cut your hours in the office and streamline your business.” David Alexander, property management

Tradify saves our customers an average of 460 hours and $24,500 every year. Find out why:

THE COMPLETE TOOLBOX: An end-to-end solution to support your business - from quotes and scheduling, right through to job management and invoicing.

SERIOUS SAVINGS: Run the whole business from a single interface. There’s no setup fee and you can leave any time.

KEEP ACCURATE ACCOUNTS: Make your accountant’s day – push invoices and purchase orders directly to Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB.

MANAGE YOUR MOBILE WORKFORCE: Our mobile app allows every member of your team to see their day at a glance. You can communicate job information between the office and field, and even send quotes and invoices from site.

EASY TO GET STARTED: Our customers love how easy it is to get Tradify up and running in a matter of minutes.

Our feature rich platform is ideal for tradespeople with between 1-100 vans on the road. Our customers come from many different trades, including;

● Electricians
● Plumbers
● Builders
● HVAC technicians
● Appliance repair technicians
● Painters
● Landscape design and garden/lawn maintenance
● Property maintenance firms

As well as Locksmiths, Security Specialists, Glaziers, Pest Control, Marine mechanics and plenty more.

● 24/7 global support in English from our customer service team via email or phone.
● Our Help Center has an huge range of help articles, setup guides, video tutorials, training, and tips & tricks to become a Tradify expert.


“Excellent program and worth every cent. 10/10.” – Jason Green, FNG Electrical.

“I’ve used a few other software systems ... but when you compare pricing and ease-of-use, Tradify is a key winner for my business.” – James Turner, plumber.

“Like most Tradies I struggle with keeping track of job details, I was disorganised. Tradify has helped me organise my entire workflow from the beginning right to the end of a job - it's just great!” - Jarrod Steel, Steel Electrical

How to download Swapcard - Smart Event App APK at

Ideal for business people, entrepreneurs and business developers who want to succeed.
Swapcard facilitates your meetings during professional and business events. With Swapcard, each event you attend will enable you to multiply enhanced targeted contact opportunities with quality professionals.



· Matchmaking on events: the App suggests those people with common interest that you should meet. This is generated thanks to unrivalled matchmaking algorithms. Ahead of any event, Swapcard offers you organising optimised meetings' agenda which will benefit your company. Think about previous events you attended without being able to meet those you wanted to, with the App, this will not happen anymore !

· Chat: Suggesting people is not enough. Enjoy a chat to create a first conversation with your encounters. Above all, do not stay on this chat, go and meet them all!

· Oh and we almost forgot: Access the list of participants, exhibitors, speakers and program.



· Scan card: free and unlimited scan is a great way to never lose an opportunity again. Our fast and accurate scan will read all your business cards to create a contact. Gone are the long evenings entering contacts in your CRM. Drink a coffee instead.

· Enrich your contacts: having a contact is good, knowing everything about them is better. We automatically enrich your profiles with public data. Photo, interests, skills … .

· Share your profile: During a meeting, share your profile by e-mail, sms and even with social networks. The person who will have the chance to receive your contact information will be able to add you to his address book. You will be surprised how easy it is...



· Tags and notes: After a meeting, assign a tag to your contact to find it more easily. Add a note to remind you of a conversation or an important detail ...

· Export of the contact: A relationship take everything are meaning and enter your address book. Simply export your contacts for your smartphone, an Excel file and even your CRM. Your contact will never be lost again. Another winning opportunity!

Sharing teams: Who is in contact with whom? A question too often asked. Your contacts are shared on your Swapcard team. Time saving.

Some events in October: Startup World Cup & Summit, Hello Tomorrow, Reavie, Tech Run, World Forum for a Responsible Economy, Autonomy, TechnoMontreal, and many more!

How to install Real Trends APK at

¡Aumentá tus ventas en Mercado Libre! Te ofrecemos herramientas de análisis y gestión para que reacciones en tiempo real y optimices tu negocio.

¿Qué puedo hacer con Real Trends?

- Responder preguntas hasta 20 veces más rápido con plantillas predeterminadas
- Enterarte de todo lo que hacen tus competidores y reaccionar a tiempo
- Agilizar tu gestión diaria con nuestro Publicador Masivo
- Analizar todo lo que sucede en Mercado Libre y aprovechar nuevas oportunidades de negocio
- Mirar en un sólo lugar las métricas de tu cuenta y decidir en tiempo real
- Controlar el posicionamiento de tus publicaciones y obtener consejos para mejorarlas
- Manejar tus mensajes en una sola pantalla y agilizar tu operatoria con mensajes automáticos

¡Probá 30 días gratis nuestra plataforma!

How to download StagePool Jobs & Castings APK at

The best job app for actors, singers, dancers, crew and media creatives. Daily new jobs, castings and auditions all over Europe. An excellent complement to your StagePool account - now on your Android device!

Publishing thousands of productions and job offers monthly, StagePool is the best chance for performers and crew to find their next job!

StagePool offer you:

· individually optimized job search
· faster and easier job application
· notifications on job matches (optional)
· personal CV and Sedcard with photos and work samples
· your next dream job directly in your account
· Europe's biggest crew- and performer directory
· exclusive member coaching and customer service

How to download HelloToby –Discover Local Services & Entertainment APK at

HelloToby helps you hire qualified service pros from 600 different services including handyman, tutors, personal trainers, photographers and app developers, for FREE. For small businesses and freelancers, join more than 30K+ pros who were introduced to 70K+ customers and successfully grown their business through HelloToby.

Since launching in 2016, we have delivered 120K+ business introductions to our service pros and helped businesses and freelancers turn hot prospects into real business profits. Hire service pros on HelloToby with confidence, our service pros have a combined service rating of 4.8/5.0 on average.

How to find new customers?
1. Sign up and browse through warm leads for FREE.
2. Pay a small fee to connect with interested customers.
3. Contact the customer directly and convince the you are the right hire!


- Choose from over 600 services.

- Saves 99% of time doing research! Let pros come to you for your need.

- Compare up to 4 pros for FREE!


- Access to over 50,000 customers across the region.

- Commissions-FREE!
- Easy to use, Actionable and Measurable
- Flexible work schedule 


“[HelloToby] understands your needs. It’s like talking to a real person.” - Ming Pao

“Look for a locksmith, plumber, yoga teacher all in one single APP” - Apple Daily
A new kid on the e-business block, filing the service O2O gap” - HKTDC
Changes the traditional way to find services by agencies” - HKET

How to download Xactimate ® APK at

Xactimate mobile is the first fully realized mobile estimating app. It allows professionals to build an estimate from start to finish from their Android phone or tablet, and it works seamlessly with Xactimate’s online and desktop platforms.

For customer support, visit the eService center:

System Requirements

* A device using Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) - 7.0 (Nougat)

* A periodic internet connection is required to sync; the application can be used offline

* An Xactware Cloud account

Xactimate Mobile for Android has been tested on a number of devices. For the best application performance, Xactware recommends the following Android devices:


1. Google Pixel C
2. Nexus 9
3. Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2
4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7)
5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7.0)
6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4)
7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S (10.5)
8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0)
Please Note: Dell tablets are not supported.


1. Google Pixel
2. Google Pixel XL
3. Huawei Google Nexus 6P
4. LG G5
5. LG Google Nexus 5X
6. Samsung Galaxy S6
7. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
8. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
9. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
10. Samsung Galaxy S7

Why only these devices?

Developed by Xactware, a Verisk company

How to install Home Inspector Pro Mobile APK at

The mobile home inspection software companion to Home Inspector Pro. Sync ALL your templates from your favorite Mac/Windows home inspector software to your Android phone or tablet. If you do not currently use Home Inspector Pro, download it from and register as a Free user so you can test the program out, or use the test account information already in the app when you install it.

Collect all your inspection data on site, take photos with your device and instantly slot them into the report and use voice recognition or the keyboard to input data. Since you can download all your templates from the desktop to your Android device you have access to thousands of narratives in your residential, commercial, mold, radon, septic, pool, fire door, accessibility (and more) templates!

We have developed the best home inspection report software for Mac & Windows, Linux and now Android to allow you to quickly and efficiently perform home inspections. Our home inspection software designed in cooperation with home inspectors who were tired of other programs not living up to their expectations. Home Inspector Pro is currently being used in at least 19 countries and 9 languages that we know of (English, Czech, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian and German).

View several dozen templates shared by other inspectors through our message boards.

*Take photos with your device and insert.
*Use voice recognition, keyboard or handwriting recognition.

How to download Linqq - Professional Networking Platform
 APK at

Linqq is a professional networking app, whose prior inducement is to connect people who are driven with a purpose. We profoundly focus on the three P’s, which are; Productivity, Possibility and Personality. Unlike other platforms, we are not entitled on showing the number of connections, rather we perceive meaningful professional connections, which would help your business to grow immensely.
With Linqq, you can explore varied opportunities like; meeting new people who are a specialist in their respective fields, discuss the job or freelance opportunities, obtain a venture capital financing, examine business strategies, find people with different startup ideas, and so much more!
The pre-eminent motive of Linqq is to cater to the needs of professionals and helping them find possibilities which could be massively favourable to them. When your ideas counterparts with someone else, your ‘could be’ automatically becomes your ‘would definitely be’.
We aspire and intend to make Linqq an extensive global network, which plays a prominent part in making professionals meet. The ideation behind Linqq is to get professionals acquainted with each other, which are spread across heterogeneous geographical regions. At Linqq, we prominently focus on building a network of diverse people. We aim at procuring different and affirmative professionals at the right time and place, henceforth enabling brighter insights to your requirements.

Our chief features:
Create your profile, and share informative things about yourself and your work experiences.
We find matches according to your location and interests, thus eliminating the wastage of people’s time.
Find people who are looking quintessentially for you, to turn your ‘can happen’ to ‘will definitely happen’.
Express yourself by choosing the automated options, or simply type whatever is in your mind.
You will be specifically searched according to your skills, and interests, and therewith connecting to the right professional match.
At Linqq, we want to inspire people from the inspired, and thus accelerating their growth. So, Linqq it up to discover new opportunities.

How to download BrightTALK APK at

Get information relevant to your career whenever it's most convenient for you. The BrightTALK app lets you find and view recorded videos and webinars through your own personalized knowledge feed.

- Stream content via WiFi, 3G or 4G
- Download content to view later

Use your BrightTALK account to log into the app or create an account on BrightTALK today. When you sign into the app, the channels you have subscribed to will be available for viewing and will automatically update with the latest content.

You will not be able to attend live webinars and videos on the mobile app, but they will be ready for viewing through the app just minutes after the live version concludes.

Browse BrightTALK to find more channels that interest you and access thousands of webinars and videos relevant to your profession and interests. You'll be able to take advantage of having professional knowledge at your fingertips wherever you go.

About BrightTALK

BrightTALK provides webinars and videos for professionals and their communities. Every day thousands of thought leaders are actively sharing their insights, their ideas and their most up-to-date knowledge with professionals all over the globe through the webinar and video technologies that BrightTALK has created.

How to download Asynchronous Motors Tools demo APK at


Probably the most complete implementation of the Google Play market, it is a app aimed at helping those who work and study in the field of electrical windings induction motors, pump maintenance, plant engineering.
Inside you you will find many wiring diagrams, as well as several calculators for all occasions (such as calculator of data winding asynchronous motors and calculator section cables/power factor correction).

In a unique application are contained several features:
⭐︎ an archive with more than 200 single and three phase asynchronous motor patterns with information details, constantly updated.
⭐︎ new tutorial schemes for connecting external parallel, double, triple, quadruple, etc...
⭐︎ utilities 'Archive electric motors' with which to store the data of the motors you have created or repaired.
⭐︎ calculator "Converting unit of measurement - Length -"
⭐︎ calculator "Converting unit of measurement - Power -"
⭐︎ new! Calculator "Unit of measure conversion - Volume liquids -"
⭐︎ calculator of slot fill factor
⭐︎ calculator for the calculation of the capacitor more suitable for converting a three phase asynchronous motor in single phase, with the connection diagrams.
⭐︎ utility "wiring diagrams cam switches" containing the wiring diagrams of the most common cam switches
⭐︎ "wiring diagrams - terminal motors -" with all major connection diagrams for the terminal blocks of single and three phase asynchronous motors.
⭐︎ calculator "Detects information three-phase asynchronous motors"
⭐︎ calculator "Calculate size pulleys and belts"
⭐︎ Widget to be placed on the home screen of your device with the copper wire sections (touch the table to advance the wire list).
If the table does not result formatted correctly, hold the widget for a few seconds and resize it horizontally as until it is perfectly readable.
The widgets in the Android system can be used only if the application resides on the internal memory of the device.
⭐︎ calculator of capacitors for mono-phase motors
⭐︎ calculator of the maximum current drawn by the motor
⭐︎ calculator "Conversion asynchronous motors."
In addition to the modification of the data rewind according to the voltage and hertz, you can now change the engine speed and the slot pitch.
⭐︎ calculates the coils and coil wire diameter, for rewinding of three-phase asynchronous motors in a few steps. Now with the new Simple Mode / Advanced. Possibility of automatic calculation of the maximum power available by setting the field "linear density". Find utility in the "computers".
⭐︎ in the "calculators" you can find the table sections of copper wire
⭐︎ convenient calculator parallels both internal and external.
⭐︎ function calculates electrical cable
⭐︎ function computing electrical power factor correction
⭐︎ you can calculate the absorption of a single-phase motor, three-phase and DC, useful installer to calibrate the motor protection (to perform the calculation enters into 'search engine' and click on calculator)
⭐︎ automatic search radial ball bearings with one or two crowns (the most commonly used in electric motors) having the name, one or more measures of the same.
⭐︎ type of search engine based on the IEC and NEMA standard measures with a description of the available power (in kW) and other useful information.
⭐︎ and more..

You need a direct connection to the internet for the function circuit diagrams induction motors

*** Look out ***
This is only a test version of the first version of the app, with reduced functionality or incomplete.
If you buy the full version, please remember to delete this version and install the full version (Asynchronous Motors Tools)

How to download smg360 APK at

For SMG clients with a valid username and password, the smg360 reporting app provides real-time, dynamic access to customer feedback and other data sources for the purpose of taking fast action on insights that improve brand experiences and drive customer loyalty. The smg360 reporting app is available in over 40 languages.

SMG (Service Management Group) partners with more than 450 brands around the globe to create better customer and employee experiences, which drive loyalty and performance. SMG uniquely combines technology and insights to help clients listen better, act faster, and outperform competitors—evaluating 200 million surveys annually, across 130 countries.

How to download Value Proposition Canvas APK at

The Value Proposition Canvas makes explicit how you are creating value for your customers. It helps you to design products and services your customers want.

Build better Value Proposition Canvas.
This application combines the speed of a napkin sketch with the smarts of a spreadsheet. It enables you to map, test, and iterate your value proposition ideas – fast.

With the Value Proposition application you will be able to sketch your value proposition canvas using the practical methodology from the best-selling book, Value Proposition Design by Pigneur & Osterwalder.

The app is based on the Value Proposition Canvas, a widely practiced visual template pre-formatted with the six blocks of a Value Proposition (Products & Services, Gain Creators, Pain Relievers, Customer Job(s), Gains, Pains).

This application aims to help all entrepreneurs to organize and build their Value proposition using the famous Canvas.

You can build your model automatically and share the canvas via email, facebook or any installed application !

How to install JobFlare for Job Search – Play Games. Get Hired. APK at

Play games to show off your brainpower, stand out to employers, and jumpstart your career with JobFlare. Our brain games measure the key qualities employers look for, and your scores highlight your potential to great companies hiring smart candidates.

It’s time to make the job search engaging, efficient, and fun. Play games that test and demonstrate your abilities, improve your score, and earn stars that represent your hireability. Put your brain to the test with games that highlight your abilities to help land your next job.

Our job finder locates companies hiring near you. Send your application directly to employers in-app, and show off your strengths with your brain games scores.

Get hired with JobFlare and launch your career!



• Six brain games challenge your mental fitness, math skills, and verbal aptitude.

• Brain teasers and puzzles highlight your cognitive ability, the #1 predictor of job success.

• Keep playing to improve your score, earn stars, and impress employers.


• Find job postings in your inbox.

• Expand your job search and explore new jobs with employers in your area.

• Send applications directly in-app! JobFlare’s quick and easy application moves your resume to the top of the stack.

We made JobFlare because we understand that it’s hard to get hired. It’s not easy to find a job with a light resume and limited job experience. JobFlare gamifies the pre-employment test and replaces traditional recruiters with a new way to career search. Find jobs hiring for smart people just like you.

Level up your career search and play your way to your next job — download JobFlare today!

Have questions or comments? Visit us at or reach out at [email protected]

How to download MySilca APK at

With the new app from Silca, you can keep the entire expertise and experience of your Key
Partner at hand, anytime, anywhere. Plenty exclusive contents will be easily accessible from
your smart phone to provide you updates and useful tips in your daily activities.

Push notifications will alert you in real time on latest updates and new products releases.
Overview of the top-notch products with comprehensive and easy to consult contents:
leaflets, manuals, video tutorials, FAQs.
Smart tools: Electronic Key Catalogue and the Vehicle Key Finder Pro have been
integrated in the app to grant you prompt access to the most extensive key database in the
world and guide you through the duplication of vehicle keys.
Multilingual: available in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

How to download BE2U APK at

This is an app developed for the usage of BE International's members. Features available are as below:

a) Member Profile: To view and edit profile details
b) Member Registration : To register new members
c) Member Purchase : To purchase through apps
d) Purchase Listing : To check purchase history and status including delivery details
e) Announcement: To view latest announcements post by BE International

How to install SMS Business Card I Mobile Online Business Card APK at

After a conversation with a new client sends your "mobile business card" with thanks for the call and with your contacts on sms, WhatsApp or Viber, in one click without adding a number to the phone book

Operating modes:
1) It is possible to cancel the message sending after the call, if the call did not come from the client.
2) Do not send SMS business cards without your confirmation.
3) Choose which template will be sent to the client in two clicks.

Double your sales (reduce advertising costs).
Up to 57% of potential customers usually lose your phone number after the first call, if they do not get a business card from you. And make their purchases from competitors. Many of them do not even know about your website.
Install the application and send to each new customer your business card via SMS automatically with the application "SMS Business Card".
Every new potential customer who called you for the first time (or you called him) will get your phone number and address of your website!
SMS business card is an opportunity for the client:
1) to record your contacts or send them to a friend. Call you back by simply clicking on the number in the message;
2) to find out more about your product by the link on your site and make an order;
3) to learn more about your current promotions.
The advantages of using the application "SMS business card" for business:
1) creates a wow-effect;
2) increases customer loyalty;
3) the second touch with the client - brings closer to the transaction;
4) doubles sales;
5) raise the SEO position of your site (interested customers follow the link in the SMS).
It is possible to compile 3 different types of SMS business cards templates:
1) For incoming received calls. EXAMPLE:
Thank you for contacting
"My company" Ltd.
Description of goods and services
[email protected]
Tel .: +1(917) 470-****
2) For incoming missed calls. EXAMPLE:
I could not answer your call, but I'll certainly call you back.
"My company" Ltd.
Description of goods and services
[email protected]
Tel .: +1(917) 470-****
3) For outgoing answered calls. EXAMPLE:
You had a call from:
"My company" Ltd.
Description of goods and services
[email protected]
Tel .: +1(917) 470-****
SMS business cards are sent automatically from your phone number according to your tariff plan. We recommend you connect an SMS-package or full unlimited SMS from the operator.
^^ Free forever
^^ Premium features available for the first 14 days
^^ Or you can purchase a subscription for 1 month or 1 year in the application menu: "Premium"
1) On a phone with 2 SIM cards, assign one of the SIM cards to send SMS by default and put it in the first slot.
2) If the application stops working in the background, add it to the exception in the battery settings and power saving mode. (Disable application optimization).
3) On some devices, you need to switch the power saving mode to "Performance"

How to install TelMe (PeopleHours) APK at

Become a tester :

TelMe is a companion app for PeopleHours that allows you to view the following information*
o Past, current and future scheduled duties and events
o Pay rates for duties
o Holiday entitlement remaining, taken.
o Messages sent by managers and responses
o View assignment instructions
o List of qualifications held
o List of equipment and uniform issued
o Company web links

You can also book On, Off duty and make welfare / check calls as well as submit incident reports with photo attachments.

(*Not all functions may be available as they are set by your employer)

NOTE : This app will ONLY work if your employer uses the PeopleHours schedule application and service from Gallinet Limited and further provides access to the TelMe functions. All support for this app is provided by your employer only. We do of course welcome feedback and future development suggestions from all users and you can write to [email protected]

User Manual :

How to download ROAR Augmented Reality App APK at

Welcome to ROAR, a revolutionizing augmented reality platform. Merging physical world with the digital, ROAR mobile app delivers truly compelling experiences to both individuals and businesses. For users, this is an instant search & real-time digital content. For business, ROAR is a truly innovative marketing instrument for promotional and advertising campaigns.

How to use it?

Check the best Augmented ROARs on the web gallery ''. Launch ROAR app ‣ Point your mobile device at the marker ‣ Discover Augmented Reality and share experiences with your friends

ROAR Editor:
Visit the web AR Editor '' ‣ Start creating your own amazing ROARs ‣ Launch ROAR app ‣ Scan your marker ‣ View enhanced digital content and enjoy!
! No programming skills are needed !

Why do you need ROAR? ROAR is an easy-to-use tool to discover augmented reality. It is also a valuable tool for product promotion and ad campaigns.

• Searching items, researching their characteristics and even buying them — this is what ROAR is all about
• Long-lasting search or calls to friends for advice is not an issue any longer — just scan with ROAR
• Online or offline resources with customer reviews and feedback — ROAR is at your service
• Exciting WOW experience — use ROAR, use AR

Wondering how augmented reality technology could boost your sales and deepen engagement with your brand? ROAR adds value effectively promoting your products and augmenting your brands in an authentic way. ROAR will:
• Truly shock and awe your retail customers with engaging content
• Target the right customers with the promotions and recommendations
• Launch one-of-a-kind advertising campaigns with innovative and engaging content
• Monitor your campaigns performance through real-time reports and analytical reports
• Visualize your brands bringing greater value and identity

For any questions or business inquiries, please email us at [email protected]

How to install Appian APK at

Appian empowers business users to monitor, collaborate, and take action on the go, enabling your mobile workforce to stay connected to key business processes and enterprise data.

Appian’s leading Business Process Management and Case Management Suite delivers mobile access to event notifications, forms, tasks, information, reports, content, and ad-hoc collaboration.

Appian provides:
Mobile access to the Appian platform
Mobile task management
Collaborative activity feed
Enterprise data discovery
Offline forms processing
Access to enterprise reports and analytics

This application requires authorized access to an instance of Appian.

If you are not currently an Appian user, contact us today to start.

How to install MySmartContact APK at

Take Control of Your Contacts

MySmartContact is the best way to handle, manage and reach out your friends, clients, business partners, and family.

Using MySmartContact, you can forget about lost contacts or forgotten events. You and those you care about, will always be updated of any changes in each other’s lives.

According to your personal preferences or professional needs you can get the most out of a vast list of features, including:

Phone book management
• have your information always and seamlessly updated to your contacts;
• have all your contacts’ information timely and verified;
• send your phonebook to the cloud to keep it safe and sound;
• synchronize contact lists across all your devices no matter which platform they run;
• maintain phonebook free from duplications, empty contacts and other useless trash;
• manage your contacts in a simple and fast way;
• add contacts easily from followers list or from global search within Smart cloud;
• swap your contacts freely with other app users;

Business cards care
• have the information in your business cards timely updated to your contacts;
• have all your contacts’ information in their business cards always and seamlessly updated and verified;
• create as many business cards as necessary;
• make your cards public or private and give access only to a specific group of people;
• exchange e-cards as QR codes between users and/or corporations at shops, meetings, trade shows or seminars;
• share e-cards via SMS, email, social media or just inside the app;

Notifications distribution
• see who is following you even if he/she is not in your contact list;
• keep your followers always up-to-date with contact information you decide to share with them;
• be always notified of your contacts’ important events like job promotions, birthdays or movings;
• be the first to know about best promotions, sales and personal offers from your preferred supplier.

Get even more magic with MySmartContact
• While being abroad, set your Preferred Number, that you want to be reached, and your followers, customers, or potential clients will contact you with the right number. They will instantly get your updates as well as you will see all the changes made by your contacts.
• If you want to reach out to your contacts, to show your care or just to congratulate with some event, write and send Greetings at any time and on any occasion.

Smart people are smart in all ways. Let your contacts be smart as well.

To get more details check our website or contact us by [email protected]

Did you like it? Leave comments, subscribe to our Facebook page (, and share with friends! MySmartContact is always up-to-date.

How to download Cortex XDR Agent APK at

Traps for Android is for existing Palo Alto Networks users and requires an activation key.

Traps for Android app extends the anti-malware protection and prevention capabilities of Traps™ to your mobile device. Traps leverages the Palo Alto Networks Threat Intelligence Cloud, which receives millions of samples each week, to access threat data about malware. Using this data, Traps automatically blocks malware apps from running and notifies you about the threat.

How to download EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere APK at

EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere is a file manager with data encryption capabilities. The application provides all necessary operations to efficiently process files and folders. Any files can be encrypted in order to protect them from unauthorized access when they are stored on a device or in cloud storage (data at rest) or transferred via open communication channels like the Internet (data in motion).

Key features:

1. Support of local and cloud storages. All necessary operations for files and folders in local (device, SD card) and cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, MagentaCLOUD) storages. Download, upload, open (in other applications) files. Copy, move, rename, delete files and folders, create folders etc.

2. Single and multiple files and folders operations. Processing all files in selected folders, including files of direct and indirect subfolders.

3. Encryption and decryption of files. Encryption key generation is based on the password. Support of various encryption key lengths (1024, 2048 and 4096 bits) and encryption types (mobile and permanent). Password, length of the encryption key and encryption type are defined by user. Encryption parameters can be provided "on-the-fly", while performing encryption and decryption operations.

4. Favorite files and folders. Quick and direct access to necessary files and folders. All operations on favorite files and folders can be performed directly in Favorites section.

5. Automatic control of decrypted files. Quick and direct access to decrypted files and folders. Operations on decrypted files and folders can be performed directly in Decrypted section. One-tap encryption of all controlled files on leaving the application.

6. Optimized user interface for tablets. Two panel layout for better presentation of data and quicker navigation in storages. Hierarchical representation of folders on the left panel. Contents synchronization upon navigation in both panels.

7. Cancelling of long-running operations. User can track the progress of long-running operations and cancel them at any moment without a threat t