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How to install Fulcrum APK at

Fulcrum is a hosted mobile forms platform that enables you to build custom apps for capturing information from the field. Design your forms using the intuitive, web-based drag-and-drop designer and deploy to your mobile workforce for gathering information like Text, Photos, SpatialVideo, SpatialAudio, Signatures, Barcodes, GPS Location, and more.

From asset management and inventory to environmental observations, field audits, and inspections, Fulcrum can record whatever you need from the field with full support for offline data collection and mapping. Access your live data feed for real time mapping, or export your data and attachments in a variety of standard formats for further analysis. Fulcrum can be used as a standalone location-based data collection platform or integrated with existing services such as GIS and asset management systems.

Customize Your Own Data Collection Forms

- Create your own data collection surveys on the web with our easy-to-use form designer.
- Collect data in standardized formats to your specific needs; save time by replacing paper-based forms.
- Import your own data to update in the field with the Fulcrum mobile app.
- Collect geotagged video or audio for fast, high-quality data collection.
- Scan barcodes and QR codes to easily take inventory and manage assets quickly.
- Geolocate your data using on-board GPS, or link to external GPS units.

Use Online or Offline & Sync with the Cloud

- Sync your custom forms down to your mobile device and push data to the cloud in real-time, or go offline while collecting and sync your data and photos later.
- Attach geotagged photos to your forms.
- Download your imported data to your device to update in the field.
- Generate PDF reports right on your device to print or email.

Share & Collaborate on Data Collection

- Use the web portal to manage field service staff, review collected data, and visualize data on a map to get an up-to-date snapshot of collection activities.
- Share data between mobile collection teams based on customizable roles and permissions you control.
- Assign work to your team members by giving work orders or inspections to specific users.
- Export data in many file formats, including Excel, CSV, KML, GeoJSON, Shapefile, Geodatabase, SpatiaLite, SQLite, and PostGIS.

Mobile Features

Form field types include:

- Text
- Numeric (with range validations)
- Yes/No answer checkbox
- Labels (for instructions)
- Single & multi-choice pick lists
- Photos
- SpatialVideo (video w/ GPS tracks)
- SpatialAudio (audio w/ GPS tracks)
- Barcode/QR scanning
- Date + Time
- Address, with autopopulation
- Hyperlinks
- Digital Signatures
- Calculation and formula-based fields

Other mobile features:

- Collect data offline or online
- Fast form data entry on phone or tablet devices, with the ability to remember previous values for some field types
- Conditional field visibility + requirement rules
- Route to assigned inspections w/ driving directions
- Map or list view
- Search & filter data for easier browsing
- Street, Satellite, and Hybrid map layers
- Save offline map layers to the mobile app
- Use your own custom web map services

How to download [root] adbd Insecure APK at

adbd Insecure lets you run adbd in root mode if your device is rooted.

(Note that if you are running a custom kernel, it is likely that it already implements this functionality)

If you are running a stock (made by the phone manufacturer) kernel on your device, chances are adbd is running in "secure" mode, even if you are rooted. This app lets you run adbd in "insecure" mode, which gives you root access in "adb shell", allows access to system files and directories through "adb push/pull", and lets you run the "adb remount" command to make your /system partition writable.

Of course, your device must already be rooted for this to work. It may not work with "S-ON" devices and locked bootloaders.

This app does not make any permanent changes to your device - a reboot will undo any modification. That's why there is also the option to enable this feature at boot.

Note that if you have USB connected when the app activates or deactivates adbd root mode, you may need to unplug/replug the cable or run "adb kill-server" on your computer before adb will work again.

For discussion and support, see the thread here:

Note that this download is also available from that thread completely for free. You can go there and download it for free, or buy me a beer and download it here from Google Play. It is 100% the exact same program. (No redistribution is allowed though!)

How to install [ROOT] Custom ROM Manager (Pro) APK at

Custom ROM Manager finds all the ROMs, GApps and other zip files that are downloaded on your device, lets you install or manage them easily. It also helps you visit official sites of some ROMs/GApps from where you can download them or see changelogs.

NOTE: This app does not search the internet for ROMs, GApps and other mods for your device. Although it will help you visit the official sites of certain ROMs/GApps now, it will not download files for you, you will have to do it. Then it will take care of the rest

This app is a standalone app, it does not serve as the key to the free app. If you have the free app and then get the pro app, consider uninstalling the free one.

You get all the usual features from the free version.

Pro Features
No Ads

Ability to remove default to-be-scanned folder entries and add your own - This can drastically increase the scan speed if you point to only those folders in which you keep zip files.

Ability to configure directories which would be ignored during scanning - There are lots folders in which you would not keep your zip files at all, for example you would generally not be keeping your ROMs in your music folder. Add them right away, and these directories will be ignored while scanning, drastically improving the scan speed.

Ability to set minimum size for ROMs and GApps for sorting - By default, ROMs below 150MB and GApps below 50MB are treated as "other zip" files. This thing can hence be configured in pro version.

Ability to configure wipe parameters for zip files quickly selected for installation - There are default sets of partitions which would be wiped when a zip is quickly selected for installation in free versions. A zip file is said to be "quickly selected for installation" if it is swiped (from left to right by default) and selected for installation. This can be configured in pro version.

Left-handed mode - If you use your left hand to use your phone, this small feature can be helpful because it inverts the actions of quick selection of zip, making it suitable for left hand use.

Actions - App will suggest some actions that can get some really useful tasks done in one tap.

Adaptive UI - Look and feel of the app changes when you check certain ROM/GApp section. For example, when you check the LineageOS section, the UI elements of the app changes to dark green color to match the dominant color of LineageOS logo.

Themes - 4 themes (Red, Green, Blue, Orange) lets user personalize the looks of the app according to their preference.

Many under-the-hood optimizations - Results faster scan speeds and responses.

• More features to come soon.

Even more details -

• Root Access is must.
• If you have not flashed custom ROMs before, this app is not for you.
• Only TWRP is supported.

How to download Advanced Root Checker Pro APK at

Advanced Root Checker Pro helps you to check whether the device is rooted or not. This App will run a detailed check in the device to verify the root.

NOTE: This app does not root your device. It does not modify any files in your device. The purpose of this app is to check root information. It also provides detail check regarding root and also information's about the root.
Please note that there is no 100% way to find the root.

Checkout the following details very clearly

★ Root Result
★ Details root check
★ Device name
★ Device Model
★ OS version
★ Root Management Apps
★ Potentially Dangerous Apps
★ Test Keys
★ BusyBox Binary
★ SuperUser Binary
★ SuperUser Exists
★ Read/Write Paths
★ Dangerous Props
★ Root Native
★ Root Cloaking Apps

★ Also check most frequent questions about the root
★ Importance of root
★ Advantages and Disadvantages of root and so on
★ Detail descriptions about all the root terms
★ Detailed and Easy Design
★ Advanced UI

★ Complete Build Related info
★ Manufacturer
★ Brand
★ Model
★ Board
★ Hardware
★ Serial Number
★ Android ID
★ Boot Loader
★ User
★ Host
★ Share the details

and more..

System requirements:
Android Version 4.0 and up
No permissions required

Special Thanks for the Root beer library
Support and Technical Assistance:
You can reach out to the developers via email available at the bottom of this app description. We would be glad to have your suggestions and feedback so that we can improve "Advanced Root Checker Pro" and serve you better.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

How to download Root Checker Pro APK at


This application will allow the user to confirm they have proper root ( superuser ) access and a proper BusyBox installation.

The Root Check mode displays the most important information when determining whether root (superuser) access has been properly installed: standard su binary locations and file permissions, root uid/gid (user id/group id) and SELinux context results, Superuser application installations and version, adb shell default user mode (shell or root user), SELinux Status (enforcing or not), and the System defined PATH.

For the more advanced and technically inclined users, many important details are provided around the Root and BusyBox installation. The application presents all the details needed to properly troubleshoot any Root or BusyBox issues.

The goal of this application is to provide even the newest Android user with a simple method to check their device for root access. This application will also allow the user to verify a proper BusyBox installation.


The application makes it very simple and easy to export the detailed output via email or any other social media application installed on the device. One simple button allows Root (superuser) and BusyBox details to be shared for collaborating or troubleshooting!

This application will test the device for root access. Very simple, quick, and reliable test method to check for root access. The su binary is the most common binary used on Android devices to grant root access. This application will check and verify the su binary location and permissions on the device. This information is generally the most helpful in diagnosing issues with root access.

A common method for resolving issues around properly installing and configuring root access via the su binary is to gather the permissions around the su binary along with the installation location. All this information is quickly summarized in a few seconds by this application. To grant even greater convenience, this information can be quickly exported and shared for assistance in resolving su binary and root issues.

The widget provided along with this application allows easy and constant monitoring of root and busybox installation status. The widget allows the user to setup a timer interval to check for root and busybox status. The widget will always keep the user up to date via on screen widget notifications regarding root and busybox installation and operating status.

Please don't leave negative feedback! Instead, please email me with your feedback, suggestions, and comments! Feel free to email your advanced root/BusyBox results along with your feedback! Thank you!!

How to download Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro APK at

*Most light-weight Root Checker app*

Root Checker is free light-weight app to verify or check if your Android device has proper root (superuser or su) access. This is the most accurate root checking app without any ads.

This app also lets you find out if Busy Box is installed on your android device, it also tells the busy box path.

In addition to root/super user checking and busy box, this app also gives the following build information about your android device -

• Brand
• Bootloader
• Display
• Fingerprint
• Hardware
• Model
• Product
• Serial
• Tags
• Type
• User
• Codename
• Incremental
• Release

Root Checker was made for users to easily check for root user access(super user) on their phones. This will notify users of the above information. This is a simple application that root access by accessing the “su” binary that is installed on a user’s phone when rooting their phone. Also, the application, “SuperUser” must be installed and working properly as well in order for the process to work.

This application provides even the newest Android user with a simple method to check their device for root (administrator, superuser, or su) access. The application provides a very simple user interface that easily notifies the user whether or not they have properly setup root (superuser) access.

With this application, you can easily find out if your device has root (superuser) access. It is a very simple, quick and reliable method to get these info. Root Checker will check and verify that the su binary is located in a standard location on the device. In addition, Root Checker will verify that the su binary is properly functioning in granting root (superuser) access.

A lot of times, users experience issues about the installation path, configuring and gaining root access. The process could be simple for advanced users but for some users, the process is difficult. Regardless of the user's technical skill set, Root Checker, will quickly and correctly verify whether or not root access is correctly functioning. The process of confirming root access is sometimes known by other terms such as, gaining superuser access or gaining administrator access. Root Checker covers all these terms as they relate to one core function, being able to execute commands through the su binary with root access.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please write to [email protected]

How to download Superuser Elite APK at

* This is a license package for Superuser. It does nothing on its own. *

Superuser grants and manages root permissions on your rooted phone. This package gives you access to additional features not available to basic users.

Current extra features include:
- Advanced log management
- Per app notification/logging settings
- Pin protection for Superuser prompt
- NFC tag allow (where hardware supports it)
- Ghost mode
- App list and preferences backup/restore
- Featured Root apps list

Proposed Elite features:
- Settings backup/restore
- sqlite installer/verifier
- Root console
- A widget of some kind?
- OVER 9000!!! (It's a feature, deal with it)

These features only work on the Superuser 3 beta that you will have to download and install separately. Trick is figuring out how to get it ;-)

Support request emails that simply say "Doesn't work" or something to that effect are automatically deleted by our stupidity filter and will not be answered.

How to download [root] Mobile ODIN Pro APK at


Mobile ODIN is the on-device firmware flasher of choice. Just throw those firmware files on your (internal or external) SD card, start Mobile ODIN and flash away.

! Your device must be rooted to be able to use Mobile ODIN. Check the list below to see if your device is supported !

If you use the EverRoot option, Mobile ODIN will root the firmware while you flash it. Checking out that new leaked firmware? No reason to lose root!

Currently supported devices:

Galaxy S:
- GT-I9000/B/M
- GT-I9003/L
- AT&T/Rogers Captivate SGH-I896/I897

Galaxy S2:
- GT-I9100/T/G/M
- SHW-M250S/K
- SC-02C
- AT&T SGH-I777
- Sprint/Virgin/Boost Epic 4G Touch SPH-D710/VMUB/BST

Galaxy S3:
- GT-I9300/T
- GT-I9308
- LTE GT-I9305/T/N
- AT&T/Canadia SGH-I747/M
- Sprint/C-Spire SPH/SCH-L710
- VZW SCH-I535 (unlock bootloader !)
- USCC/Cricket/MetroPCS Galaxy S3 SCH-R530/U/M/C

Galaxy S4:
- LTE GT-I9505
- Sprint SPH-L720
- Canadia SGH-I337M

Galaxy S5:
- LTE SM-G900F
- Oceania SM-G900I
- Korea SM-G900L
- Americas SM-G900M
- Sprint SM-G900P
- USCC SM-G900R4
- Metro SM-G900T1
- Canadia SM-G900W8

Google Galaxy Nexus:
- GSM Maguro/Yakju/GT-I9250
- CDMA/LTE Toro/Mysid/SCH-I515 (no cdma radio flashing)

Galaxy Note
- GT-N7000/B
- GT-I9220

Galaxy Note 2:
- GT-N7100
- LTE GT-N7105
- AT&T/Canadia SGH-I317/M
- Sprint SPH-L900
- VZW SCH-I605 (unlock bootloader !)

Galaxy Note 3:
- SM-N9005
- Sprint SM-N900P
- USCC SM-N900R4
- Canadia SM-N900W8

Galaxy Note 8.0":
- 3G GT-N5100
- Wi-Fi GT-N5110/13
- LTE GT-N5120

Galaxy Note 10.1":
- 3G GT-N8000
- Wi-Fi GT-N8010/13
- LTE GT-N8020

Galaxy Tab:
- Tab 7" GT-P1000
- Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200/L/10
- Tab 7.7" GT-P6800/10
- Tab 10.1" GT-P750/10
- Tab 2 7" GT-P3100/10/13
- Tab 2 10" GT-P5100/10/13

Galaxy 5:
- GT-I5500/B/L/T/M
- GT-I5503/T
- GT-I5508

Flashing with Mobile ODIN does NOT increase your custom kernel flash counter or make the yellow warning triangle appear.

Discussion and support:


You start by starting the app and the app will check your system has everything it needs to continue (like root). It may need to download an additional package, so it is advised to have Wi-Fi available.

Now you should see the main Mobile ODIN screen, listing a set of partitions. Clicking a partition will allow you to select a file from your SD card to flash to that partition. Do not worry about selecting the wrong file - Mobile ODIN will not let you. Separate files (named after the partition) as well as .tar and .tar.md5 files are supported.

From the desktop ODIN you may be used to "PDA", "PHONE", and "CSC" buttons. All three of these buttons have been replaced by the "Open file ..." button. This button will open the file you select from the SD card, and find all the partitions it can flash inside that file. If you select a .tar file containing kernel and modem, the Kernel and Modem partitions will be set up to use that .tar file for flashing.

Now that we have selected what we want to flash, if you have the Pro version you can proceed to the EverRoot section. The EverRoot options allows you to root your firmware while it is being flashed. Never again will you be without root!

Now that we are all done selecting partitions and configuring EverRoot, we continue to "Flash firmware". Mobile ODIN will gather all the information it needs and perform the flash. Before starting, however, it will check that your battery level is over 50%, and if applicable offer to verify MD5 checksums on the files you have selected to flash. If all is well, it will reboot into recovery mode, and flash the firmware you have selected.

How to install ReberVoice APK at

ReberVoice, is a free application that allows users make free voice, video and IM call on ReberVoice network, through a QR that you receive on Newroz4G box, you can record all your voice calls, transfer calls, hold calls and make conference calls FREE.
Your Newroz4G ID is your phone number on ReberVoice and an automatically syncs with your mobile contact list will be done as soon as you scan the QR.

- Make High-Quality Phone or Video Calls FREE of Charge.
- Message Your Friends FREE of Charge.
- Check Your Account Details such as Call Status, Signal Strength, Balance and Other Features in an EASY Way.
- ENJOY Quick dial feature which allows you to reach your saved contacts Quickly.

How to install احجز طبيبك APK at

إحجز طبيبك :: اول تطبيق للحجز لدى العيادات والمستشفيات والمراكز التخصصية في العراق

يعتبر إحجز طبيبك التطبيق الاول من نوعه في العراق وليس المنطقة، وسيكون اول دليل شامل لأطباء العراق بالاضافة لأمكانية الحجز (إن توفر)، التطبيق يوفر خدمات وميزات كثيرة جميعها مجانية بالنسبة للمستخدمين من اهمها:
- يتميز بسهولة الاستخدام، حيث تم اختزال جميع الميزات بواجهة واحد بسيطة تجمع كل حاجات المريض وتخرج بالنتائج المطلوبة.
- امكانية البحث عن اقرب عيادة، او عيادة يتوفر الحجز المباشر لها، حيث يتميز البحث لدينا بأنه عملي وسريع وسهل التنقل ويمكن الاستفادة من النتائج الاخرى والتي قد لا تتوفر فيها المواقع الدقيقة للفائدة.
- امكانية الوصول للطبيب لموقعه الدقيق على الخارطة
- يمكنك بعد الحجز، العودة لتفاصيل طبيبك دون الحاجة لأنترنت
- يمكنك البحث عن المستشفيات والمراكز التخصصية ايضاً، فالتطبيق يحاول ان يجمع كلَّ المرافق الصحية الخاصة في العراق من اجل الفائدة العامة، وتسهيل الوصول اليها
- يمكنك البحث عن الاختصاص المطلوب، فلدينا في قواعد بياناتنا اطباء بكل الاختصاصات
- يمكنك وضع اعجاب على الطبيب الذي كانت كشفه لك جيد، وهذا يساعد في انضاج الرأي العام نحو الاطباء الكفوئين
- التنبيه : بعد الحجز، سيطلب منك التطبيق اذن تخصيص تنبيه لحجزك لتذكيرك به

الخصوصية ::
للخصوصية مساحة كبيرة من تطبيقنا، فللمريض والعيادة نفس القدر من الخصوصية، حيث لايمكن لأحد ان يعلم عن حجزك سوى المريض والعيادة. لا يتدخل التطبيق بدوره بأي شكل من الاشكال بسياسات العيادات والمراكز التخصصية والمستشفيات او طرق الحجز لديها، فهو حلقة وصل فقط، وكل سوء استخدام او التزام من ايٍ من الطرفين لا يُحسب على التطبيق، بل على العيادة، المركز او المستشفى.

يمكنك اخيراً تنزيل التطبيق ودعوة الجميع لاستخدامه مجاناً والاستفادة من خدماته، فهو التطبيق الاول الذي يجعل من جهازك النقال دليلاً لصحتك ودافعاً لمراجعة طبيبك بسهولة